Henrik Marklund

marklund [at] stanford.edu

PhD student in Computer Science

Hey! I'm a first-year PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University, advised by Ben Van Roy. I'm broadly interested in machine learning and I am currently focused on two areas: (1) the alignment problem, and (2) developing a new framework for thinking about and evaluating continual learning.

During my Master's in Computer Science at Stanford, I worked on distributional robustness and was advised by Chelsea Finn. Before that, I worked in Andrew Ng's research group, applying deep learning to healthcare. I continued that line of work as a research fellow in Pranav Rajpurkar's group at Harvard Medical School, where I focused on creating multi-institutional datasets for medical imaging (see MAIDA). I grew up in Sweden and finished my undergraduate degree at Chalmers University of Technology.

My main interests outside of AI are playing music with friends and meditation. I'm also interested in education and during college, I co-founded Knowly, an ed-tech company focused on making corporate training more effective. More recently, I worked at Inspirit AI, a company giving live online courses for high school students in artificial intelligence and computer science.

If you want to chat, please reach out! I'm always happy to meet and discuss research, machine learning, meditation, or anything else.


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