Hi! I'm Lucjan,
currently I am visiting the Applied Cryptography group led by Dan Boneh at Stanford University.

About me

I am a visting assistant professor at the department of computer science at Stanford University and a research group leader at CISPA (Germany). My main research area is cryptography. Some of the topics I work on are:
  • cryptography for constrained devices (smart cards, etc.),
  • digital signatures.
I got my PhD in Computer Science at the Institute for Computer Science Polish Academy of Sciences in 2016.

Recent Publications

Full list on DBLP or Google Scholar

Michael Backes, Lucjan Hanzlik,
Amir Herzberg, Aniket Kate,
Ivan Pryvalov:
Efficient Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Cross-Domains
without Trusted Setup
Mirosław Kutyłowski, Lucjan Hanzlik
Kamil Kluczniak:
"Towards Practical Security
of Pseudonymous Signature
on the BSI eIDAS Token"
Michael Backes, Nico Döttling,
Lucjan Hanzlik, Kamil Kluczniak,
Jonas Schneider:
"Ring Signatures: Logarithmic Size,
No Setup -- from Standard Assumptions"
Lucjan Hanzlik, Yang Zhang,
Kathrin Grosse, Ahmed Salem,
Max Augustin, Michael Backes,
Mario Fritz:
"MLCapsule: Guarded Offline Deployment of Machine Learning as a Service"
Michael Backes, Lucjan Hanzlik,
Kamil Kluczniak, Jonas Schneider:
"Signatures with Flexible Public Key: Introducing Equivalence Classes
for Public Keys."

eprint version

Michael Backes, Lucjan Hanzlik,
Jonas Schneider:
"Membership Privacy for
Fully Dynamic Group Signatures"


lucjan.hanzlik [at] stanford [dot] edu

Stanford University
Computer Science Department
353 Serra Mall, Gates 488
Stanford, CA 94305