Jonathan Laserson, PhD, Stanford CS

I received my PhD from the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, advised by Daphne Koller, and a member of her group. My research interests include probabilistic models, Bayesian inference, Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods, and nonparametric priors over domains with unknown complexity.

In my PhD, I worked with high-throughput sequencing data from diverse biological environments. I built a sequence assembler that receives short reads from genomic DNA and returns high-probability assemblies. My main research focused on the immune system. I wrote a tool that identifies clones of B cells from millions of short reads taken from healthy or malignant tissues. For each clone, the tool draws the mutation tree, giving the user a big-picture view of an individual's immune system.

Before Stanford I studied in the Technion (Israel), where I received an undergraduate degree in both Computer Science and Mathematics, and later a Master's degree in Computer Science. I was also in the Techinon's Excellence Program. During my Stanford years, I was an intern in Google Inc. and IBM Research. For my most recent resume, please visit my LinkedIn page, here.


contact: joni at cs stanford edu