Jeff Z. HaoChen

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I'm a first-year PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University, affiliated with Stanford AI Lab. I am fortunate to be advised by Tengyu Ma. My current research interests broadly lie in machine learning, particularly deep learning.

In the past, I have had the opportunity to work with Suvrit Sra on convex optimization, and with Roger Grosse on optimization for neural networks.

Before Stanford, I was an undergraduate at Yao Class led by Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao at Tsinghua University.

Shape Matters: Understanding the Implicit Bias of the Noise Covariance
Jeff Z. HaoChen, Colin Wei, Jason D. Lee, Tengyu Ma
preprint, 2020 [PDF]
Random Shuffling Beats SGD after Finite Epochs
Jeff Z. HaoChen, Suvrit Sra
ICML, 2019 [PDF]