Courses that are no longer offered (as of my graduation) are struck through. The course numbers are accurate as of then.

Course #TitleInstructorTerm (1-8)
3.091Introduction to Solid-State ChemistryD. Sadoway1
6.001Structure and Interpretation of Computer ProgramE. Grimson2
6.002Circuits and ElectronicsJ. Lang2
6.003Signals and SystemsD. Freeman4
6.004Computation StructuresS. Ward3
6.012Microelectronic Devices and CircuitsC. Fonstad4
6.033Computer Systems EngineeringF. Kaashoek, B. Liskov4
6.034Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceT. Lozano-Perez4
6.170Lab in Software EngineeringD. Jackson, R. Miller3
6.187Robocraft CompetitionN/AN/A
6.815Digital & Computational PhotographyF. Durand6
6.857Computer and Network SecurityR. Rivest5
6.867Machine LearningT. Jaakkola7
6.981Teaching Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceD. Jackson, S. Amarasinghe8
6.991Research in Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceF. Durand8
6.UATPreparation for Undergraduate Advanced ProjectT. Eng6
6.UAPUndergraduate Advanced ProjectF. Durand7
6.THMMaster of Engineering Program ThesisF. Durand8
14.01Introduction to MicroeconomicsJ. Harris2
15.A17Decision MakingD. Ariely1
17.32Environmental Politics and PoliciesS. Meyer2
17.881Game Theory and Political TheoryR. Puglisi5
17.901Political Science Internship & ResearchN/A6
18.100Analysis IP. Etingof1
18.101Analysis IIV. Guillemin3
18.310Principles of Applied MathematicsD. Kleitman5
18.404Introduction to Theory of ComputationM. Sipser5
18.410Introduction to AlgorithmsE. Demaine, M. Sudan5
18.425Cryptography and CryptanalysisS. Micali6
18.440Probability and Random VariablesC. Toth4
18.504Seminar in LogicE. Rosen6
18.701Algebra IA. De Jong1
18.702Algebra IIA. De Jong2
18.821Project Laboratory in MathematicsD. Vogan, B. Poonen7
18.901Introduction to TopologyG. Lusztig2
18.905Algebraic TopologyO. Plamenevskya3
24.00Problems in PhilosophyS. Haslanger1
24.118Paradox & InfinityA. Rayo3
24.242Logic IIV. McGee4
24.251Introduction to Philosophy of LanguageR. Holton6
SP.776Humanitarian DeminingB. Linder, A. Heafitz4
STS.005Disease and Society in AmericaD. Jones7