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News & Travel

  • Dec 11-12, 2019: In Washington DC to present at an NIA-sponsored National Academies of Sciences workshop on mobile technology for adaptive aging
  • Oct 17-18, 2019: In NYC for Brown Institute all-hands for outgoing and incoming grantees
  • Aug 6-9, 2019: In Southampton at the Inbodied Interaction summer school
  • June 2019: Over the moon that in fall 2020, I’ll be joining the faculty at Dartmouth's School of Engineering. Will be shaping and building out programs in human-centered design and data analytics, continuing to focus on social impact applications in health and education as an affiliate of interdisciplinary initiatives like the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health (CTBH) and Digital Applied Learning and Innovation Lab (DALI). Yaymax ^_^
  • May 2019: Our proposal about voice interfaces to support CS education has been awarded a Brown Institute Magic Grant!
  • May 4-9, 2019: At CHI'19 in Glasgow for the Inbodied Interaction workshop and to support Shruti's talk of our paper on invisible illness communication on social media and Jaime's talk about our paper on visual encodings
  • Feb - May 2019: On-site faculty position interviews & visits!
  • Nov 5, 2018: Well wow, so honored to have received a Best Paper Honorable Mention and a Diversity & Inclusion Recognition at CSCW
  • Nov 4-7, 2018: At CSCW'18 to run the Social Issues in Personal Informatics workshop and present our paper that formalizes a social ecological model of the interpersonal aspects of mental health management
  • Sept 1, 2018: NIH/TRIPLL has funded my grant proposal to develop technology for measuring, modeling, and predicting individualized pain patterns in everyday life!
  • Aug 14, 2018: Our proposal to label commonsense knowledge as a byproduct of family-centered learning activities has been funded by SAIL-Toyota!
  • June 28, 2018: Our "Hybrid Physical+Digital Spaces" and "Motivating Mobility" teams both became finalists and have been funded by Stanford's Catalyst for Collaborative Solutions to Grand Challenges!
  • June 24-28, 2018: Headed to HCIC, where the theme this year is AI & HCI
  • Apr 21-26, 2018: At CHI'18 in Montreal to present our papers on self-tracking in the context of mental illness and tangible UIs for pain reporting
  • Jan 18, 2018: Our work on online pain disclosures accepted for presentation at Technology, Mind & Society!
  • Nov 5-7, 2017: At Rising Stars in EECS
  • Sept 18, 2017: First day at Stanford! Beyond excited :)
  • Sept 11-15, 2017: At UbiComp'17 in Maui as a co-organizer of the 2nd annual Mental Health: Sensing and Intervention workshop
  • July 13, 2017: Our book chapter on Circadian Computing now available!
  • May 5-11, 2017: At CHI'17 in Denver to present our full paper on novel smartphone interfaces for self-reporting pain, a workshop paper on design opportunities for chronobiology-aware health technologies, and to take part in the Computing and Mental Health Symposium
  • Apr 14, 2017: Interview with Geri and me is out in PeriodiCALS magazine
  • Apr 6-7, 2017: At the Consensus Conference on Pain, Aging, and Mobile Health Technologies in NYC
  • Dec 13, 2016: Successfully defended my dissertation \o/
  • Sept 12-16, 2016: At UbiComp'16 in Heidelberg, SVing and presenting a workshop paper about game-based personal informatics, while Saeed presents our full paper about mobile sensing of alertness
  • Sept 8, 2016: Best paper award at MobileHCI :)
  • Sept 6-9, 2016: At MobileHCI'16 in Florence to present a workshop paper on technology-supported management of bipolar disorder and our full paper connecting smartphone app use with alertness levels
  • May 8 - 13, 2016: In San Diego, SVing at CHI'16
  • Feb 26 - March 2, 2016: In San Francisco, SV Co-Chairing at CSCW'16 while Brian presents our paper about factors affecting one-time online community contributions
  • Feb 11, 2016: Check out today's webinar about our work on assessing circadian rhythms of alertness!
  • Jan 29, 2016: CeRI getting coverage
  • Dec 20, 2015: Heading back to home-sweet-home Cornell after a fantastic quarter at UW
  • Sept 5-12, 2015: In Osaka at UbiComp'15 to present a full paper, poster, and participate in the Doctoral School
  • Aug 29, 2015: Heading out to the University of Washington for the fall quarter to work with Julie Kientz and James Fogarty on circadian-aware personal informatics tools
  • Aug 11, 2015: Thesis proposal passed!
  • June 28 - July 3, 2015: Headed to HCIC to present a boaster about building theory-guided personal informatics & intervention technology
  • May 28, 2015: A-exam passed \o/
  • May 15-17, 2015: In NYC to student volunteer at the UbiComp'15 PC meeting
  • March 14-18, 2015: In Vancouver, Webmastering and SVing at CSCW'15, where Saeed will present our paper on using geolocated Twitter images to measure societal sentiment
  • Jan 28, 2015: Our proposal chosen as one of five award recipients in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Agile Research Project competition!
  • Oct 8-10, 2014: Grace Hopper in Phoenix
  • Sept 15-17, 2014: SVing at UbiComp'14 in Seattle where Saeed will present our paper on detecting circadian rhythms through phone use patterns
  • Aug 23, 2014: Back to Ithaca after a super summer Google internship
  • Aug 6, 2014: Speaking at the Stanford HCI Seminar today about our work on creating Regulation Room, an online civic participation platform
  • May 19, 2014: In Mountain View, starting my 14-week internship at Google today
  • Apr 26 - May 1, 2014: In Toronto at CHI'14 to SV, help run the Biological Rhythms and Technology Workshop, and present our paper about how Twitter data can reflect aspects of the smoking cessation process
  • Apr 4-6, 2014: Our MoodRhythm team selected to participate in the Hacking Medicine Hackathon, happening this weekend in NYC!
  • March 3, 2014: In Cambridge to speak at the Harvard Berkman Center about our work developing technology for online civic engagement
  • Feb 15-19, 2014: In Baltimore, SVing at CSCW'14
  • Oct 2-5, 2013: In Minneapolis at Grace Hopper
  • Aug 24, 2013: Back to Ithaca after an amazing MSR internship
  • Aug 7, 2013: Speaking at the University of Washington DUB talk series today
  • May 28, 2013: First day of my 13-week internship at Microsoft Research in Redmond
  • May 13, 2013: Best paper award at Web of Linked Entities 2013!
  • May 13-16, 2013: At WWW'13 in Rio de Janeiro to present our paper and poster about a social semantic web approach to named entity disambiguation
  • Apr 27 - May 2, 2013: SVing at CHI'13 in Paris
  • Apr 4-6, 2013: In Boston at the 2013 CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop
  • May 5-11, 2012: In Austin to SV at CHI'12 and participate in CHIMe
  • Feb 2-8, 2012: iConference'12 in Toronto
  • Jan 30, 2012: Awarded one of ten 2012 Microsoft Graduate Women's Fellowships!
  • Jan 18-20, 2012: In California at the 2012 Google Grad CS Forum
  • Jan 1, 2012: Neeeeew website!

I'm a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Computer Science department at Stanford University, where I'm a member of the HCI group and supervised by James Landay. In Fall 2020, I'll be starting as the Charles H. Gaut & Charles A. Norberg Assistant Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth College, where I'll direct the Empower Research Lab. I am actively recruiting master's and PhD students as well as postdoctoral scholars who share my desire to design, engineer, and study the impact of technology to support the wellbeing of people and the planet. If interested, please reach out via email (Elizabeth.L.Murnane@dartmouth.edu) in addition to formally applying: https://engineering.dartmouth.edu/academics/admissions/graduate. Graduate applications are due January 1, 2020; postdoctoral candidates will be considered on a rolling basis.

Broadly speaking, my interests lie in human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, personal informatics, and social computing. The overarching goal of my research is developing technologies that empower people in managing various aspects of their daily lives and wellbeing, on both personal and collective levels. I am particularly compelled by applied research aimed at addressing societal challenges in areas including health, civics, education, and sustainability.

I received my Ph.D. in Information Science from Cornell University, where I was supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and advised by Dan Cosley, Geri Gay, and Claire Cardie. Before graduate school, I co-founded and spent four years as the lead engineer of an MIT CSAIL spin-off that built interactive visualization tools to help software developers make sense of complex codebases. Prior, I received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Computer Science from MIT, where my undergraduate research focused on information visualization and conversational agents.

Please poke around the rest of my website for more detail about my research projects and publications or for a copy of my CV. For more information or to discuss anything you find interesting, including collaboration opportunities, feel welcome to get in touch: emurnane@stanford.edu.

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