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I am a CS PhD at Stanford University. I am advised by Prof. Stefano Ermon. Previously, I was an undergrad learning mathematics at Stanford University. I am interested in machine learning, computer graphics and arts.

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Stanford University
Sep. 2020 - Now, Computer Science PhD
Stanford University
Sep. 2016 - Jun. 2020, Mathematics B.S.
• With distinction


(*Equally contributed to the project)

Selected Computer Graphics Projects

  • Rendering Cotton Candy on the Cup

    Grand prize winning project for the 2018 Rendering Competition. Modeled and built the scene Cotton Candy on the Cup in PBRT, a computer graphics rendering system. All the models in the scene are built from scratch. Composed the final scene and tuned the final image.

  • Rendering and Building the Beauty and the Beast scene

    Modeled and rendered the 3D scene Beauty and the Beast in the given ray tracer. Built and textured all the 3D models (e.g. violin, rose, cloth, books, water, etc) from scratch. Composed the final scene and tuned the final image.

  • Hair Simulation in Blender

    Modeled and simulated hair motion in Blender.

Selected Coursework

  • Math Courses:
    Differential Topology, Galois Theory, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, Complex Analysis, Analysis on Manifolds, Mathematical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Analysis.
  • CS Courses:
    Computer Graphics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analysis of Algorithms, Computer System.

Honors and Awards

  • Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship, 2022
  • Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship, 2022
  • Stanford CS348B Rendering Competition, 2018: Grand Prize


I am a fan of arts and 3D animation. I also love music, especially movie soundtracks.