Wireless 6-DOF Tracking Device

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We present a real-time hand-held 6-DOF tracking device (mouse) using inertial MEMS sensors.

This device uses accelerometers and gyrometers to estimate its 3-d location and 3-d orientation. This information is transmitted to the computer. This device can be used, for example, to conveniently navigate in a 3-d virtual world. In the image on the right, we use to control a tool on the screen.

In Use Parameter Estimation of Inertial Sensors by Detecting Multilevel Quasi-Static States,
Ashutosh Saxena, Gaurav Gupta, Vadim Gerasimov, Sebastian Ourselin,
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3684, KES 2005. [pdf]


Device controlling a 6-dof tool on computer screen.

(The videos and images are copyrighted by CSIRO ICT Centre.)