Adium Icon

Status Icons

Status icons are small images displayed to the left of each contact on the Contact List and message tabs. These icons convey the overall status of a contact.

Default Status Icons

The default status icons are:

  • Online - Green gem
  • Idle - Yellow gem
  • Away - Red gem
  • Offline - Gray gem
  • Unknown - Blue gem
  • Invisible - Clear gem with red x
  • Typing - Yellow pencil with dots
  • Has Entered Text - Gray pencil without dots
  • Unviewed Messages - Chat bubble
  • Mobile - Curved lines

What is Unknown status?

Unknown status is used when Adium doesn't know the status of a contact. Depending on the IM service, strangers and invisible users may display a status of unknown.

What is "has entered text" status?

"Has entered text" status is used when a contact has entered text into their message window but is no longer typing.

Status Priority

When multiple status icons are applicable, an icon is chosen in the following order: Unviewed Messages, Typing/Entered Text, Mobile, Away, Idle, Online/Offline/Unknown.