Wonyeol Lee

My advisor is Alex Aiken. I'm currently a researcher at KAIST, working with Hongseok Yang to serve alternative military service.

Research Interests


  1. Reparameterization Gradient for Non-differentiable Models
    Wonyeol Lee, Hangyeol Yu, Hongseok Yang
    NIPS 2018

  2. On Automatically Proving the Correctness of math.h Implementations
    Wonyeol Lee, Rahul Sharma, Alex Aiken
    POPL 2018

  3. Verifying Bit-Manipulations of Floating-Point
    Wonyeol Lee, Rahul Sharma, Alex Aiken
    PLDI 2016

  4. A Proof System for Separation Logic with Magic Wand
    Wonyeol Lee, Sungwoo Park
    POPL 2014

  5. CT-IC: Continuously activated and Time-restricted Independent Cascade Model for Viral Marketing
    Wonyeol Lee, Jinha Kim, Hwanjo Yu
    ICDM 2012 (Journal version)

  6. Edge Detection Using Morphological Amoebas in Noisy Images
    Wonyeol Lee, Seyun Kim, Youngwoo Kim, Jaeyoung Lim, Dong Hoon Lim
    ICIP 2009 (Journal version)