En Route to Athens, June 18-19

Every book or article on a "Big Family Adventure" starts something like this: After years of dreaming, months of planning, weeks of preparation, and days of last-minute panic, we're finally off! That's pretty accurate. We've been planning this trip at some level for about seven years -- it's a little weird and a lot exciting to finally be embarking. Fortunately, our departure was not particularly panicked. Despite Jennifer's quick conference trip to Beijing last week, overlapping Alex's conference trip to San Diego not to mention the kids' last few days of school, we were able to regroup over the weekend and get packed and out the door in relative calm.

As seen in the photos, we had no trouble fitting our carefully-tuned 3½ months worth of gear into four backpacks and four daypacks, with spare room for critical purchases (i.e., kids' souvenirs).

We weren't without a few departure-day crises: Emily woke up with a sore throat and slight fever, Tim's iPod had discharged mysteriously overnight, Emily's feet had grown mysteriously overnight making her recently-purchased Keen sandals questionably tight (we even contemplated an REI stop on the way to the airport), and our first flight was moderately delayed. Nevertheless we made it to Athens without major obstacles, and the trip begins!

For anyone interested in a detailed photographic record of our departure, Hector documented the event, in addition to kindly driving us to the airport. Photos here

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