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Aiken/Widom Family Travel List and Photos

Here's a list of our more substantial vacation travels, in reverse chronological order dating way back to 1988 when we started traveling in earnest. A few photos from each trip through 2006 are linked to their description. In 2007 we began writing travel blogs ("travelogs"). Separately, Jennifer has written a set of blogs in conjunction with her sabbatical-year instructional odyssey teaching free courses in developing countries.

Where, When, WhatPhotos and Travelog Links
Switzerland and Guatemala
Christmas/New Years 2023/24
Skiing, trekking, tourism
Travelog: Zurich and Davos, Switzerland
Travelog: Guatemala Highlands
Davos photos (23)
Guatemala photos (76)
Sierras "50 to 80" on Skis
Winter 2023
Multiday backcountry skiing
Alex's travelogue and route guide
Socotra Island (almost) and Seychelles
Christmas/New Years 2022/23
Hiking, sailing, scuba diving
Travelog: Attempting to reach Socotra Island, Yemen
Travelog: The Seychelles - Mahe and sailing the outer islands
Abu Dhabi and Seychelles photos (96)
The Azores
Early summer 2022
Hiking, trekking, surfing, scuba diving
Travelog: The Azores Part 1 - Sao Miguel and Santa Maria Islands
Travelog: The Azores Part 2 - Pico, Faial, and Sao Miguel Islands
Jennifer's Azores photos (81)
Tim's Azores photos (23)
Reunion Island
Christmas/New Years 2021/22
Trekking, hiking, scuba diving
Travelog: To Reunion Island via Paris
Travelog: Grand Traverse of Reunion Island
Travelog: Saint-Leu, Reunion Island
Reunion Island photos (94)
French Polynesia
Mid Summer 2021
Scuba diving
Travelog: French Polynesia - the Tuamotus
Tuamotus photos and short videos (64 + 12)
Early Summer 2021
Hiking, tourism
Travelog: Greece - Athens and the Peloponnese
Greece photos (62)
Djibouti and Switzerland
Christmas/New Years 2019/20
Scuba diving, skiing
Travelog: Djibouti
Travelog: Swiss Alps
Jennifer's Djibouti photos (60)
Tim's Djibouti photos (37)
Jennifer's Switzerland photos (34)
Sierras Backpacking
Summer 2019
Pacific Crest Trail from N. of Yosemite to S. of Lake Tahoe
Jennifer's photos (29)
Madeira and the Canary Islands
Christmas/New Years 2018/19
Hiking, tourism
Travelog: Madeira Island
Travelog: La Palma and La Gomera, Canary Islands
Jennifer's photos (51)
Tim's Madeira photos (18)
Sierra High Route
Summer 2018
Long-distance cross-country hiking
Alex's travelogue and route guide
Switzerland (and a bit of Italy)
Summer 2018
Hut-to-hut hiking
Travelog: Switzerland and the Tour Monte Rosa
Jennifer's photos (43)
Myanmar (Burma)
Christmas/New Years 2017/18
Scuba diving, trekking, cultural
Travelog: Thailand en route to Myanmar
Travelog: Myanmar's Mergui (Myeik) Archipelago
Travelog: Myanmar's Big Four (and a short trek)
Jennifer's photos (139)
Tim's photos (49)
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Austria,
Liechtenstein, Switzerland

Summer 2017
Pot pourri
Jennifer's photos (41)
Oman and Iran
Christmas/New Years 2016/17
Tourism, trekking, canyoning, Dubai stopovers
Travelog: Dubai and Oman's Musandam Peninsula
Travelog: Qeshm Island, Iran
Travelog: Muscat, Jebels & Wadis of Oman
Jennifer's photos (99)

Sri Lanka and Maldives
Summer 2016
Teaching, touring, scuba diving
Travelog: Sri Lanka
Travelog: The Maldives
Jennifer's Sri Lanka photos (48)
Jennifer's Maldives photos (37)
Tim's Maldives underwater photos (18)
Sweden and Russia
Summer 2016
Kungsleden trekking, Stockholm & Saint Petersburg
Travelog: Saint Petersburg, Russia, en Route to Northern Sweden
Travelog: Kungsleden Trek Part 1 - Abisko to Singi
Travelog: Kungsleden Trek Part 2 (Singi to Kwikkjokk) and Stockholm
Jennifer's photos (60)

Cape Verde
Christmas/New Years 2015/16
Sailing and hiking
Travelog: To Cabo Verde via Lisbon
Travelog: Santo Antao Trekking
Travelog: Cape Verde Sailing
Jennifer's photos (70)
Tim's photos (21)

England and Scotland
Summer 2015
England Coast-to-Coast Walk, Scottish Highlands & Isle of Skye
Travelog: London, St. Bees, and Start of England's Coast-to-Coast Walk
Travelog: England's Coast-to-Coast Walk, Days 5-13
Travelog: Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, and Scottish Highlands
Jennifer's photos (92)

Venezuela and Panama
Christmas-New Years 2014/15
Trekking, Angel Falls, Scuba diving
Tim 19, Emily 17
Travelog: Panama City en route to Venezuela
Travelog: Roraima Trek (and transits)
Travelog: Angel Falls, Ciudad Bolivar, and Caracas
Travelog: Coiba Island via Panama City
Jennifer's photos (70)
Tim's photos (18)

Glacier, Yellowstone, and Tetons National Parks
Early Fall 2014
Tim 19
Jennifer & Alex's photos (39)

Papua New Guinea
Summer 2014
Scuba diving, Mt. Wilhelm, highlands, Australia stopovers
Tim 19, Emily 17
Travelog: En Route to Hoskins, Papua New Guinea
Travelog: Kimbe Bay, New Britain Island
Travelog: Papua New Guinea Highlands
Travelog: Epilogue - Sydney and New South Wales, Australia
Jennifer's photos (123)
Tim's photos (58)

Baja and Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro)
Christmas-New Years 2013/14
Trekking and scuba diving
Tim 18, Emily 16
Travelog: Sierra de la Laguna, Baja California Sur
Travelog: Cabo San Lucas and Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro)
Jennifer's photos (94)

Early Fall 2013
Tim 18
Jennifer & Alex's photos (28)
Tim's photos (23)
Ladakh (Indian Himalayas)
Summer 2013
Trekking and Stok Kangri climb
Emily 16
Travelog: Leh in Ladakh, India
Travelog: Ladakh Trekking
Travelog: Leh, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi
Jennifer's photos (136)

Indonesia - Lombok & Komodo
Christmas-New Years 2012/13
Scuba diving and Mt. Rinjani climb
Tim 17, Emily 15
Travelog: To Lombok via Bali
Travelog: Mount Rinjani
Travelog: Flores, Rinca & Komodo, Bali, and Singapore
Jennifer's photos (123)
Tim's photos (49)

Summer 2012
Trekking and camper
Tim 17, Emily 15
Travelog: Iceland's Interior and Coast by Camper
Travelog: Reykjavik, Laugavegur Trek, and Fimmvörðuháls Pass
Jennifer's photos (77)
Tim's photos (31)
Palau, Micronesia and Island of Hawaii
Christmas-New Years 2011/12
Scuba diving and hiking
Tim 16, Emily 14
Travelog: Mauna Loa trek en route to Palau
Travelog: Palau, Micronesia
Travelog: Palau and Tokyo
Jennifer's photos (99)
Tim's photos (41)
Western Mongolia
Summer 2011
Trekking and mountaineering
Tim 16, Emily 14
Travelog: To Western Mongolia via Ulaanbaatar
Travelog: Western Mongolia Trek, part 1
Travelog: Western Mongolia Trek, part 2
Travelog: Ulaanbaatar and Beijing
Jennifer's photos (137)
Tim's photos (46)
Indonesia - West Papua & Ambon
Christmas-New Years 2010/11
Scuba diving
Tim 15, Emily 13
Travelog: Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua
Travelog: Sorong - Papua, Ambon - Spice Islands, and Hong Kong
Jennifer's photos (108)
Tim's photos (62)
Summer 2010
Mt. Meru & Mt. Kilimanjaro climbs, safari
Tim 15, Emily 13
Travelog: To Moshi, Tanzania via Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Travelog: Moshi and Mt. Meru
Travelog: Mt. Kilimanjaro
Travelog: Safari to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti
Jennifer's photos (95)
Tim's safari photos (57)
Christmas-New Years 2009/10
Scuba diving, hiking, and rainforest
Tim 14, Emily 12
Travelog: Kota Kinabalu and Mt. Kinabalu Climb
Travelog: Sipadan Island Diving
Travelog: Borneo Rainforest and Seoul, Korea
Jennifer's photos (100)
Tim's photos (114)
Galapagos, mainland Ecuador, Peru
Summer 2009
Five weeks, wildlife and trekking
Tim 14, Emily 12
Travelog: En Route to the Galapagos Islands
Travelog: Isabela Island
Travelog: Santa Cruz Island
Travelog: San Cristobal Island
Travelog: Quito, Otavalo, and Mindo
Travelog: Huaraz, Peru and the Huayhuash Circuit
Jennifer's Ecuador photos (96)
Tim's Ecuador photos (43)
Jennifer's Peru photos (84)
Tim's Peru photos (32)
Christmas-New Years 2008/09
Scuba diving
Tim 13, Emily 11
Travelog: Cabilao Island
Travelog: Southern Leyte
Jennifer's photos (101)
Tim's underwater photos (40)
Year Off
June 2007 - August 2008
Ultimate "trip of a lifetime" with its very own web page
Tim 12-13, Emily 10-11
See Travelogs page
South India
Christmas-New Years 2006/07
Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala
Tim 11.5, Emily 9.75
Street scene, Alleppey, Kerala
Wild elephant in Kabini River, Nilgiri Preserve, Karnataka
Treehouse accommodation, near Bandipur N.P., Tamil Nadu
Snake charmer with spectacled cobras, Kochi, Kerala
Houseboat towing dugout water taxi, Backwaters, Kerala
Summer 2006
Trekking and rainforest
Tim 11, Emily 9.25
Childrens parade, festival week, Cusco
High camp (15,600') at Pampa Japonesa, Salkantay Trail
"2000 steps" segment of the Inca Trail
Machu Picchu -- classic view
Jungle bridge crossing, Manu Biosphere Reserve, Amazon Basin
  (See another jungle bridge crossing 6.5 years earlier in Belize)
Yine fisherman, Manu River, Amazon Basin
Christmas-New Years 2005/06
Sailing, rainforest, and trekking
Tim 10.5, Emily 8.75
Ko Hong Island, Phang Nga Bay
Cheow Lan Lake, Khao Sok National Park
Treehouse accommodations, Khao Sok National Park
  (See more rustic version at same lodge 13 years earlier)
Elephant trek, Khao Sok National Park
Market, Chiang Mai Province
Trekker's Lodge, Lahu Village, Chiang Mai Province
Sea of Cortez, Mexico; Arizona & Southwest Colorado
Summer 2005
Sailing, scuba diving, and camper
Tim 10, Emily 8.25
Anchorage, Isla San Francisco, Sea of Cortez
Moonrise over Isla San Francisco, Sea of Cortez
Scorpionfish, Sea of Cortez
Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado
Anasazi Ruins, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
New Zealand
Christmas-New Years 2004/05
Trekking and camper
Tim 9.5, Emily 7.75
Waterfall, Milford Sound
Routeburn Valley from Routeburn Track
Emily Peak from Lake MacKenzie, Routeburn Track
Emerald Lakes, Tongariro Crossing
Rainforest trail, South Island
Seychelles (via Paris)
Summer 2004
Sailing and diving
Tim 9, Emily 7.25
Classic Seychelles vista, La Digue Island
Coco de Mer forest, Valle de Mai, Praslin Island
Brown Noddies, Cousin Island
Lionfish, near Mahe Island
Scorpion fish, Ile Saint-Pierre
Whale shark with remoras, near Praslin Island
Christmas-New Years 2003/04
Sailing, scuba diving, and rainforest
Tim 8.5, Emily 6.75
Snorkeling with pelicans (and our boat), Ranguana Caye
Jaguar Temple, Lamanai ruins
Ruins of Hard Luck Charlie's house, New Haven lagoon
Scorpion fish, Belize barrier reef
Late Summer 2003
Tim 8, Emily 6.5
Vista near McCarthy, Wrangell St.-Elias National Park
Near MacLaren Pass, Denali Highway
Stream crossing, Denali National Park
Root Glacier, Wrangell St.-Elias National Park
French Polynesia
Early Summer 2003
Sailing and diving
Tim 8, Emily 6.25
Our sailboat, near Tahaa
Fog over Bora Bora
Hiking, Tahiti
Moray eels, Tahaa
Manta ray, Bora Bora
Blacktip sharks, Bora Bora
Chile and Argentina - Patagonia, Iguazu Falls
Christmas-New Years 2002/03
Tim 7.5, Emily 5.75
Cuernos del Paine, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Fitzroy and Cerro Torre, Argentina
Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Emily with gaucho, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Tim & Emily doing a tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Australia - Whitsundays, Kakadu
Summer 2002
Sailing, scuba diving, and hiking
Tim 7, Emily 5.25
Our sailboat in Nara Inlet, Hook Island, Whitsundays
Hiking on South Molle Island, Whitsundays
Floodplain, Kakadu National Park
Feisty crocodile, Adelaide River
Clownfish, Whitsundays
Thailand and Malaysia
Christmas-New Years 2001/02
Sailing, scuba diving, and rainforest
Tim 6.5, Emily 4.75
Ruins at Ayuthaya, Thailand
Tim & Emily with two monks, Bangkok, Thailand
Sailing near Turatao Island, Thailand
Lionfish, Butang Islands, Thailand
Feather star, Butang Islands, Thailand
Kingdom of Tonga
Summer 2001
Sailing and diving
Tim 6, Emily 4.25
Our sailboat, Vavau island group
Blue lagoon, Vavau island group
Village feast, Vavau island group
Sea of Cortez and Copper Canyon, Mexico
Christmas-New Years 2000/01
Sailing and hiking
Tim 5.5, Emily 3.75
Anchorage, Isla San Francisco, Sea of Cortez
Copper Canyon with some Indian dwellings
Chihuahua el Pacifico and confirmed train fanatic
  (See budding train fanatic 4-1/2 years earlier in Switzerland)
River sunset, El Fuerte
Norway - Fjordland and Lofoten Islands
Summer 2000
Tim 5, Emily 3.5
Village, Lofoten Islands
Hiking, Lofoten Islands
Sand dune sliding, Lofoten Islands
Foggy tarn, above Andalsnes, Fjordland
Belize and Guatemala
Christmas-New Years 1999/00
Tim 4.5, Emily 2.75
Rainforest bridge, Cockscomb Basin jaguar preserve, Belize
Mayan ruins, Xunantunich, Belize
Mayan ruins, Tikal, Guatemala
Canadian Rockies
Summer 1999
Tim 4, Emily 2.5
Valley of the 10 Peaks, near Lake Louise, Alberta
Alpine Meadow, Alberta
Rest stop above Jasper, Alberta
Arizona and Utah
Spring 1999
Tim 3.75, Emily 2
Descending the Grand Canyon, Arizona
Slot canyon, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Utah
Hiking by a hoodoo, Bryce Canyon, Utah
Slickrock, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Utah
Costa Rica
Christmas-New Years 1998/99
Tim 3.5, Emily 1.75
Birdwatching in the cloud forest, Monteverde preserve
Monkey jumping
4WD stuck in mud, near Dominical
Summer 1998
Camper and ferry
Tim 3, Emily 1.5
Ptarmigan Lake, Kenai Peninsula
Harding Icefield, Kenai Peninsula
Mt. Healy overlook, near Denali National Park
Alaska railroad (and train fanatic)
Australia - Melbourne to Sydney
Christmas-New Years 1997/98
Tim 2.5, Emily 9 months
On the tarmac after a long flight, Sydney airport
Under a waterfall, Blue Mountains
Kangaroos, Wilsons Promontory National Park
Lorikeets in gum tree
No. California - Trinity Alps, Shasta, Lassen
Summer 1997
Tim 2, Emily 4 months
Summit of Mt. Lassen
Wildflowers, near Mt. Shasta
Snack break, near Trinity Alps
Kauai and Island of Hawaii
Christmas-New Years 1996/97
Tim 1.5
Waimea Canyon, Kauai
Lava, Big Island of Hawaii
Sunset, Kauai
Swiss Alps
Summer 1996
Town-to-town hiking
Tim 1 year old
Alps, near Zermatt
Alpine glacier, near Zermatt
Swiss train and budding train fanatic
  (See confirmed train fanatic 4-1/2 years later in Mexico)
New Zealand - South Island
Christmas-New Years 1995/96
Tim 6 months old
Franz Josef Glacier
Sperm whale, Kaikoura
Orcas, Kaikoura
Rainforest swamp, Westland
Tasmania, Australia
Christmas-New Years 1994/95
Freycinet Peninsula
Tasmanian traffic jam
Palau, Micronesia and Island of Hawaii
Summer 1994
Scuba diving and hiking
Rock Island, Palau
Anemone and clownfish, Palau
Gray shark, Palau
Manta ray, Kona coast, Big Island of Hawaii
Ascending Mauna Loa, Big Island of Hawaii
Trinidad and Tobago
Christmas-New Years 1993/94
Mostly diving
Waterrfront cafe, Tobago
Squirrelfish school, Tobago
Cowrie on seafan, Tobago
Costa Rica and Cocos Island
Spring 1993
Scuba diving and rainforest
Monteverde cloud forest preserve
Rainbow over small island, near Cocos Island
School of jacks, Cocos Island
Manta ray, Cocos Island
Borneo, Thailand, and Nepal
November-December 1992
Third "trip of a lifetime"
Seven weeks, mostly diving and trekking
Descending Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo
Waterfront, Semporna, Borneo
Boat, Sipadan Island, Borneo
Treehouse accommodations, Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
  (See more upscale version at same lodge 13 years later)
View of Machapuchare, near Pokhara, Nepal
Annapurna I, Nepal
Himalayan moonrise, near Annapurna, Nepal
Bamboo forest in snow, near Annapurna, Nepal
Street scene, Kathmandu, Nepal
Plaza, Bakhtapur, Nepal
Butterfly fish, Sipadan Island, Borneo
Lionfish, Sipadan Island, Borneo
Leopard shark, Sipadan Island, Borneo
Nudibranch, Sipadan Island, Borneo
Anemone and clownfish, Similan Islands, Thailand
Seafan with crab, Similan Islands, Thailand
Soft coral, Similan Islands, Thailand
Spring 1992
Scuba diving and rainforest
Alex and coral
Seafan and pipefish
Chan Chich jungle lodge
Baja and Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Fall 1991
Mostly diving
Don Jose dive boat, Sea of Cortez
Sunset, Sea of Cortez
Moray eel, Sea of Cortez
Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji
November-January 1990/91
Second "trip of a lifetime" (few photos)
Six weeks, mostly diving and camper
Palmerston rainforest, Queensland, Australia
Kea, Milford Sound, New Zealand
Stream, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
River, Fjordland National Park, New Zealand
Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands
Summer 1990
Scuba diving
Stingray City, Grand Cayman
Hammock, Cayman Brac
Cozumel, Mexico
Fall 1989
Scuba diving
Underwater sponges, Cozumel
Night dive, Cozumel
Mayan temple, Chichen Izza, Yucatan
Temple stairs, Chichen Izza, Yucatan
Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands
Christmas-New Years 1988/89
Honeymoon and scuba certification
Shipwreck flotsam, Grand Turk
Georgetown, Grand Turk
Four Islands of Hawaii
Summer 1988
First "trip of a lifetime" (few photos)
Four weeks celebrating Ph.D.s
Kalalau Valley, Kauai
Lava flow, Big Island of Hawaii
Many short trips around California
and beyond
Hiking and backpacking - Sierras
Atop Half Dome, Yosemite
   Again 12 years later: Tim and Alex; Jennifer and Emily
Approaching Clouds Rest, Yosemite
Approaching Kearsarge Pass, Kings Canyon NP
Descending Glen Pass, Kings Canyon NP
Ascending Round Top Peak, near Carson Pass
   (not as precipitous as it looks)
Spiller Creek Canyon, Hoover Wilderness
Vogelsang Lake, Yosemite
Cathedral Lake, Yosemite
Bighorn Plateau, Kings Canyon NP
Meadow near Colby Pass, Kings Canyon NP
Hiking and backpacking - other
Mt. Shasta Summit Plateau
Sunrise from summit of Mt. Fuji, Japan
Slot Canyon, Death Valley
Hiking near Mt. Rainier, Washington state
Lupine and poppies, Ventana Wilderness
Pico Blanco, Ventana Wilderness
Pinnacles National Monument
Backpacking with baby, Castle Rock State Park
Camping on (foggy) Angel Island
Rainbow over Ayala Cove, Angel Island
Barracuda school, Channel Islands
Garibaldi (and Jennifer), Channel Islands
Cup corals, Monterey Bay
Joshua trees, Mojave Desert
Coreopsis in bloom, Mojave Desert

Other Aiken/Widom Travel Pages

Quite some time ago I (Jennifer) wrote an essay on Adventure Travel with Children Under Four. It evolved into an article about our family travels by Alice Cary that appeared in the Great Outdoor Recreation Pages online magazine ( Subsequently I wrote two addenda to the original essay: Adventure Travel with Children Ages 4-6, and Bareboat Cruising with Young Children. Since then, I'm afraid my writings have not kept pace with the ages and travel activities of my children.

Here's a list of off-the-beaten-path travel favorites and a travel quote I really like.

Alex and Jennifer