Call for Contributions

Robotics research is quickly moving its focus from robots that can work in place of humans to robots that can collaborate with humans. This trend has been supported by emergent needs both in service and industrial robotics, for instance, elderly people needing physical help for their mobility or blue-collars requiring a reliable and accurate co-worker, and by the recent progresses in robotic hardware and software technologies that allow a safer physical Human-Robot Interaction (pHRI). All of these use-case require safety concepts embedded in core features of robot controllers. The proposed full-day tutorial focuses on safe control techniques in three different phases: (1) planning, (2) collision avoidance, and (3) physical contact. An overview of basics and advanced techniques for each core topic will be given by a tutorial talk, followed by talks about ongoing high-quality works. In this way, we intend to take stock of the state of the art and encourage a fruitful and inspiring exchange of ideas and stimulating discussions that provide the basis for novel approaches and guide future research.

We solicit contributions in the form of extended abstracts in ICRA paper format (LaTeX or MS Word) to be presented at the tutorial as posters. Outstanding contributions may be selected for oral presentations.

The topics of this Tutorial are, but are not limited to:

  • - Planning for safety
  • - Collision avoidance
  • - Sensing for safety
  • - Impedance/force control
  • - Safety inspired motion control
  • - Collision detection and isolation
  • - Collision reaction
  • - Real-world applications of human-robot interaction

Submission deadline: April 15

To submit your contribution, please email a single PDF file (possibly with a link to a video) to fflacco(a_t) by April 15.