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The Fast Research Interface Library intends to provide a simple user interface to the KUKA Light-Weight Robot IV and hides all communication and set-up issues behind interface. It is only an interface and it does not contain any control functionalities. Without much installation efforts, access to different controller interfaces of the KUKA system is provided:

The Fast Research Interface Library runs on a remote PC node with is connected to the KRC (KUKA Robot Controller) via an Ethernet connection. In intervals of 1 to 100 milliseconds, UDP packages are periodically sent from the KRC unit to the remote host. These packages contain a complete set of robot control and status data (e.g., joint positions, joint torques, drive FRIDriveTemperatures, etc.; cf. FRI User Documentation). The remote host (e.g., with QNX Neutrino RTOS) has to instantaneously send a reply message after the reception of each package. A reply message contains input data for the applied controllers (e.g., joint position set-points, joint stiffness set-points, etc.). This way, users become able to set-up own control architectures and/or application-specific controllers for the light-weight arm as it is often desired at research institutions.


The Fast Research Interface Library is available for

Software Overview

The Fast Research Interface Library can be used in two different ways:

  1. The class FastResearchInterface provides access to all functionalities offered by KUKA. This class has a simple structure, but it consists of a rather huge number of methods.

  2. Based on the class FastResearchInterface, a set of classes has been designed in order to provide an easy-to-use and easy-to-start-with API with all necessary functionalities while hiding all API-irrelevant parts of the library. The base class for this controller interface is the class LWRBaseControllerInterface. Derived from this class, users can select among interfaces for

The following section briefly describes how to get started with the robot and this library.

Quick Start Manual

This section gives a very brief overview about all required steps for quickly getting started with the Fast Research Interface (see also FRI User Documentation).

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