Hey There!

Update (Nov 16th, 2008) On April 3rd, 2008 I was booted out of the CS program (with a degree of course). I am currently employeed as a code monkey / troublemaker in the silicon valley. Here are some tags associated with me at this point: enterprise search, search relevancy, social search, web 2.0, social networks, education, India, mobile apps, blogging, data massaging. In my intersts in education, i (along with friends) have created a portal for students intersted in higher education in the US - please visit kaaledge.com

Nice of you to drop by! If you dont already know, I am Rahul Thathoo, Masters student in the Computer Science Department at The Farm!(Stanford University)

So if you have more time to waste, then feel free to browse the rest of the site to know more about me. In case you feel you dont have much time right now, you are wrong, I mean how hard can it be to squeeze out 5 minutes from your busy schedule Mister BusyMan! or Miss BusyWoman! Stick around, who knows we could have more in common than you think!

Notice the sweat - apart from the women, the summer is hot in India!