Roshan Sumbaly

About Me

I graduated from the Computer Science department at Stanford. I did research on porting some earth science applications onto GPUs, as a Teaching Assistant for Data Mining & Information Retrieval and Web Search courses, and as an intern at Yahoo working on PNUTS.

Back in India during my undergraduate studies at BITS Pilani, I interned at Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Indian Institute of Science and Hewlett Packard Labs.

I graduated and moved to LinkedIn where I contributed to systems (key/value, streaming, scheduling, OLAP, feed index), data tools (a/b testing, forecasting) and growth data products. Towards the end, I was leading the team powering newsfeed and social gestures platform.

I moved onto Coursera where I helped start 2 new business lines and eventually was leading all efforts around growth and infrastructure.

I'm now at Meta where I've helped build out various applied research organizations - ranging from ones focusing on detecting misinformation to giving superhuman abilities on AR glasses to underlying platforms that power all of the above perception models. My latest endeavor is around training foundation models for our Generative AI efforts in-house.