Btor2 , BtorMC and Boolector 3.0


We describe Btor2, a word-level model checking format for capturing models of hardware and potentially software in a bit-precise manner. This simple, line-based and easy to parse format can be seen as a sorted extension of the word-level format Btor. It uses design principles from the bit-level format Aiger and follows semantics of the Smt-Lib logics of bit-vectors with arrays. This intermediate format can be used in various verification flows and is perfectly suited to establish a word-level model checking competition. It is supported by our new open source model checker BtorMC, which is built on top of version 3.0 of our SMT solver Boolector. We further provide new word-level benchmarks on which these open source tools are evaluated.

Computer Aided Verification - 30th International Conference, CAV 2018, Held as Part of the Federated Logic Conference, FloC 2018, Oxford, UK, July 14-17, 2018, Proceedings, Part I