Mr. Histogram

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This little program creates a histogram from a bunch of numbers. It's ideal for a teacher who needs a quick way to make histogram of scores to show the class (i.e. "the curve").

Copy the exam scores from a spreadsheet or wherever and paste them into the text area at the lower left. The program ignores whitespace and everything else, just pulling the numbers from the text. With the data in, experiment with the "buckets" slider and other options to see your curve look one way or another. The Save Image button saves a histogram.png file for publishing.

The program is in the file MrHistogram.jar -- download it to your computer (it's only 21 KB). Double click the MrHistogram.jar file to run it (you'll need to click some "Ok" button as your computer warns you that you are downloading and running a program from the Internet). The program requires Java (a free download) but not the Java Browser Plugin which has been a source of security problems. Note that the Oracle Java installer defaults to install the toolbar which is effectively malware, so you need to be very careful to uncheck that option (and ask every Oracle employee/sales rep you run into why Oracle persists in this terrible practice).

Version 1.1 May 2013. This is free software and may be redistributed. Originally this was a Stanford CS108 homework, but I got a tons of use out of it to make my own exam histograms, so I decided to add a couple features and publish it. Enjoy!