Mengqiu Wang

Mengqiu Wang (王孟秋)

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I graduated in Spring 2014 from the PhD program in the Computer Science Department of Stanford University. My advisor is Prof. Chris Manning, and I work in the NLP Lab at Stanford. Here is a picture of me and Chris at the graduation ceremony :) Other members of my dissertation committee are Dan Jurafsky, Percy Liang, John DeNero, and Lester Mackey.
Prior to Stanford, I was a CS master's student at Carnegie Mellon University,
working with Teruko Mitamura and Noah Smith on Open-Domain Question Answering.
You can find my resume here.


Ph.D. in Computer Science Stanford University 2007-2014 (on leave:
M.S. in Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University 2005-2007
Exchange student University of Texas at Austin 2003-2004
B.S. in Computer Science University of Otago 2001-2004
B.App.S. in Telecom
(1st class honours)
University of Otago 2001-2005

Work Experience

Fellow XSeed Capital 2013.2-2014.3
Software Engineer Twitter Inc. 2010.6-2012.1
Data Scientist Alibaba Cloud Computing 2009.5-2009.12
Data Scientist Intern Facebook Inc. 2008.6-2008.9












CMU 11-761 Language and Statistics I course project report, with Amr Ahmed and Yi Wu, Detecting Fake Articles from Real Articles, 2006
Winner in both soft measure and hard measure
CMU 11-762 Language and Statistics II literature review project, A Survey of Answer Extraction Techniques in Factoid Question Answering, 2006


QA Dataset for EMNLP-CoNLL 2007 paper
Same dataset was used in Michael Heilman's Tree Edit Model paper, a detailed description of the dataset can be found in this appendix

Professional Activities

PC member CoNLL '14
PC member COLING '14
PC member ACL '14
Reviewer NLE
Reviewer JAIR
PC member EACL SRW '14
PC member ACL '13
Reviewer SIGIR '13
PC member AIRS '12
Reviewer YCCL '12
Reviewer SIGIR '12
Reviewer EMNLP '11
PC member COLING '10
Reviewer WWW '08
Reviewer EMNLP-CoNLL '07
Reviewer IAT '05