Keith Coleman <>

Center for International Security and Cooperation

Stanford University

I am a CISAC affiliate with William Perry's Preventive Defense Project, and teach an interdisciplinary seminar on computer security policy. I am also a Stanford computer science alum (BS'02, MS'04), and a Product Manager at Google.


Autumn 2006-7 MS&E91si: U.S. National Cybersecurity

Autumn 2004-5 MS&E91si: U.S. National Cybersecurity

Spring 2003-4 MS&E91si: U.S. National Cybersecurity

Other computer security and policy courses and research opportunities at Stanford.

Archive of past projects

The Stanford Archery Team, which I founded as a student.

OnCall, a market-based system to dynamically manage large server clusters (presented at IEEE ICAC 04 in New York).

A live selection of recent blog posts and articles on my work at Google.

A movie I made years ago while learning Macromedia Director.

Resume and webpage that used to reside here.

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