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Time--Data Tradeoffs by Aggressive Smoothing
John J. Bruer, Joel A. Tropp, Volkan Cevher, Stephen Becker

[number, maximal, random, apply, increase, fact, experiment, set, procedure] [algorithm, proposition, total, case, result, bound, optimal, order, phase, sequence] [work, based, learning, applied, geometry, achieve, accurate, additional] [sample, figure, parameter, average, measurement, supplemental, data, amount, gaussian] [recovery, matrix, sparse, vector, dimension, exact, condition, sparsity, norm, rank, suggests, siam, numerical, ambient, point, nonzero] [inverse, signal, panel, observed] [problem, smoothing, statistical, size, convex, cost, method, dual, rlip, normalized, linear, regularizer, solve, primal, computational, error, excess, smoothed, aggressive, constant, optimization, descent, regularized, assume, gradient, geometric, convergence, large, complexity, relative, min, arg]
Bounded Regret for Finite-Armed Structured Bandits
Tor Lattimore, Remi Munos

[number, asymptotically, structure, interval] [regret, arm, bound, algorithm, optimal, ucb, bandit, expected, return, ern, logarithmic, action, lower, case, proof, thompson, best, setting, lai, general, lemma, max, chosen, gap, cumulative, choose, optimistic, bubeck, suffers, depend, leung, learner, minimum, unknown, agrawal, tze, bastien, choosing, bounded, herbert, upper, met, studied, advertising, main] [structured, work, learning, bounding, unit] [log, figure, parameter, true, sampling, sampled, expectation, robbins] [improved, second, union, analysis, small] [depicted] [theorem, problem, assume, function, constant, large, example, machine, note, suppose, stochastic, complexity]
Best-Arm Identification in Linear Bandits
Marta Soare, Alessandro Lazaric, Remi Munos

[set, number, needed, identify, selection, consider, discrete, high] [arm, allocation, strategy, stopping, design, optimal, static, best, phase, bandit, oracle, algorithm, logn, conference, budget, bound, max, notice, case, reward, mab, adaptive, unknown, previous, pulling, suboptimal, hlb, study, space, discarding, criterion, expected, sequence, setting, gap, focus, difference, learner, studied, minimum] [learning, performance, well, additional] [sample, estimate, parameter, uncertainty, sampling, international, allows, figure] [condition, corresponding, cone, matrix, point] [directly, experimental, observed] [complexity, linear, problem, min, arg, empirical, direction, theory, implemented, objective, estimation, discard, term, quantity, corresponds, machine]
Learning to Optimize via Information-Directed Sampling
Dan Russo, Benjamin Van Roy

[set, random, ratio, entropy, consider, binary, paper, experiment, solution, high] [action, thompson, regret, optimal, ucb, algorithm, expected, bandit, reward, bound, probability, gain, upper, type, period, studied, customer, policy, chosen, online, assortment, cumulative, exploration, general, proposition, chooses, outcome, lower, van, russo, focus, dramatically, version, satisfy, search, minimizes, utility] [performance, work, learning, feature, applied, learn] [sampling, distribution, posterior, gaussian, bayesian, true, prior, figure, parameter] [product, knowledge, numerical, analysis, vector, establish, denote, greedy] [time, independent, mutual, drawn, presented] [linear, problem, optimization, bayes, simple, measure, theoretical, stochastic, strong, gradient, arg, computational, positive]
Efficient learning by implicit exploration in bandit problems with side observations
Tomáš Kocák, Gergely Neu, Michal Valko, Remi Munos

[graph, set, number, directed, consider, random, partial] [algorithm, learner, exploration, regret, action, observability, implicit, combinatorial, lemma, news, observe, setting, feedback, online, bandit, bound, side, alon, decision, auer, fpl, chosen, upper, access, mannor, shamir, neu, proof, adaptive, result, optimistic, total, guarantee, choose, main, clickthroughs, observes, vtt, previous] [learning, performance, based, propose, computer, proposed] [log, observation, scheme, distribution, figure, model, full, parameter, independence, estimate, prior, computationally, sampling, bias] [vector, requires, analysis, refer, running] [system, time, presented] [loss, problem, assume, theorem, optimization, framework, prove, variant]
Estimation with Norm Regularization
Arindam Banerjee, Sheng Chen, Farideh Fazayeli, Vidyashankar Sivakumar

[consider, set, random, ball, characterization, covering, existing] [design, bound, result, probability, case, correlated, setting, literature, depend, upper, considered, general, focus, satisfy, proof, play] [unit, work, structured, based] [gaussian, restricted, parameter, variety] [norm, analysis, isotropic, matrix, suitable, condition, rsc, recovery, establish, anisotropic, cone, row, eigenvalue, special, subgaussian, vector, elementwise, characterize, equivalent, role, technique, denotes, xij, implying] [independent, width, noise, dependent, three] [error, estimation, inf, theorem, loss, linear, regularized, inequality, generalized, constant, constrained, note, precise, considers, convex, measure, size, geometric, function, form, assume, annals, regularization, including, term]
Bayesian Inference for Structured Spike and Slab Priors
Michael R. Andersen, Ole Winther, Lars K. Hansen

[structure, experiment, consider, number, solution, marginal, apply, fact, provide] [algorithm, order, conference, interest, expected, oracle] [structured, proposed, joint, pattern, reconstruction, ieee, multiple, based, level, work] [prior, exponential, true, covariance, slab, model, bayesian, posterior, figure, gaussian, ber, approximate, inference, expectation, distribution, measurement, nmse, scheme, kernel, propagation, undersamplingsratio, cavity, allows, standard, approach, sampled, priori, aeeg, process] [sparsity, approximation, support, diagonal, sparse, matrix, formulation, rank, numerical, knowledge, synthetic, vector] [signal, spike, correlation, inverse, lars, snr, independent, recall] [function, update, group, squared, linear, problem, active, method, form, journal, framework, term, computational, example]
Deterministic Symmetric Positive Semidefinite Matrix Completion
William E. Bishop, Byron M. Yu

[set, random, exists, minimal, collection, provide, unique, overlapping, corollary, solution, ordering, number] [algorithm, deterministic, bound, case, proof, previous] [overlap, work, reconstruction, learning, learn, original] [sampling, estimate, mask, full, covariance, step, scheme, figure, generate] [matrix, principal, rank, submatrices, spsd, completion, recovery, submatrix, noisy, noiseless, diagonal, indexed, exact, recover, row, exactly, success, pairwise, randomly, corresponding, low, ordered, denote, corrupted, revealed, orthonormal, establishes, reconstruct, symmetric, formed, necessity] [neural, observed, noise, estimated, indicate, three] [theorem, error, problem, block, assume, machine, respect, method, min, hold, positive, linear, assumption, dependence, generalized]
Efficient Sampling for Learning Sparse Additive Models in High Dimensions
Hemant Tyagi, Bernd Gärtner, Andreas Krause

[set, arbitrary, solution, high, consider, interval, program, stated, feasible, provide, subset, exist, degree] [algorithm, uniform, unknown, setting, bounded, choose, order, search, bound] [learning, propose] [log, estimate, sampling, step, sample, parameter, scheme, figure, gaussian, measurement] [noisy, point, additive, spline, approximation, recovery, estimating, sparse, small, robust, corrupted, recover, norm, close, univariate, analyze, denote, condition, component, involves, compressive, vector, recovers] [noise, assumed, external, individual, choice, account] [error, cubic, theorem, problem, linear, function, query, active, derive, note, convex, size, assumption, returned, large, smoothing, quadratic, smooth, theory, estimation, form, assume, stochastic, annals, theoretical]
A Drifting-Games Analysis for Online Learning and Applications to Boosting
Haipeng Luo, Robert E. Schapire

[potential, set, consider, number, adversary, existing, high, continuous] [algorithm, minimax, online, hedge, regret, drifting, optimal, exp, general, player, robert, game, setting, appendix, lemma, adaptive, round, probability, normalhedge, yoav, bandit, strategy, difference, designing, chip, best, conference, bound, action, simply, case, appropriate, upper, study] [learning, training, proposed, computer] [distribution, processing, standard, exponential, step] [analysis, recover, exact] [property, fraction, time, derived, neural, simultaneously] [loss, convex, theorem, boosting, function, machine, generalized, variant, derive, dependence, problem, rate, simple, weak,