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(Neil Patrick Harris)
I act some. Dig variety acts, Pixar, puppets, theme parks and great meals.5530053I’d show what it’s like to act on the set of HIMYM all day! #ifihadglass [link]
(Soulja Boy)
Los Angeles, CA - All Black EP out now! I would put it in my new music video @projectglass [link]
(Alyssa Milano)
Los Angeles
☮, ♥, and BASEBALL. I tweet a lot. Consider yourself forewarned. My other accounts➛ @AlyssaDotCom @TouchByAM!2390561#IfIHadGlass I'd take all of you on my humanitarian missions with @unicefusa so we can affect positive change together! [link]
Body? L.A. Mind? N.J.
It begins with me covered in sperm, trapped in my old man's balls. Then, suddenly... ESCAPE!2368340I'll tell you what I'd do #ifihadglass - I'd document the writing of CLERKS III. Watching writing happen: it'd be both exciting AND boring. [link]
(Brandy Norwood)
The moment
My new album Two Eleven is out NOW: I would be sooooooo ecstatic!!!! My entire world would be enhanced!! So thankful for the future of technology!!! Go Google!!! [link]
(Imogen Heap)
Writing + recording songs for 4th Solo album. Releasing songs as I go. Latest projects + song downloads xx1932165Indeed! Been waiting to! #ifihadglass I'd hook them up w/my gloves to help me navigate music making in 3D @vincentgr [link]
(LeVar Burton)
Los Angeles, CA
Actor, Director, Educator, Student1779817#ifihadglass It would be a downgrade. -Geordi La Forge [link]
(Tim O'Reilly)
Sebastopol, CA
Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, helping the future unfold.1683583Here's @make's roundup of their staff's #ifIhadglass thoughts I'd do topnotch heads up repair documentation myself [link]
Download my new album 'Spark Seeker' on iTunes I'd use them to film a stage dive from my view @projectglass [link]
(Newt Gingrich)
Husband, father, grandfather, citizen, small businessman, author, former Speaker of the House.1488085#ifihadglass i would take it on tours of zoos and museums to share the animals and fossils -- @projectglass [link]
Los Angeles, CA
I play video games and make vids on YouTube 1485374#ifihadglass VLOGGING WITH NO HANDS!!! @projectglass [link]
(Ryan Penagos)
Executive Editorial Director, @Marvel Digital Media Group & Writer, blogger, lover of tacos, tattoos, comics, video games, pop culture & cute stuff.1341863@projectglass #ifihadglass I could bring Marvel fans even deeper inside our comics and films. [link]
(D.A. Wallach)
Los Angeles, CA
1/2 Chester French. 1/2 D.A. & The Supa Dups, Artist in Residence @ Spotify. I would perform an impromptu medley of fan submitted songs that I've never sung, reading lyrics from glass! @projectglass [link]
(Michael Ausiello)
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, I'd take the entire TVLine audience with me to the Emmys next September. Also, I deserve it. [link]
(Adam Savage)
San Francisco
I play a scientist on TV. Obsessive maker of things. Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.878566With Google Glass, I might finally be able to know what Buster was thinking when I looked at him. Jamie too. #IfIHadGlass [link]
(Alexander Haxton)
FOREX trader that lives in Atlanta with my wonderful sister. Follow our adventures of fashion, luxury, and bespoke living. ----- PR: AlexandNicolePR@gmail.com813666#ifihadglass I'd share the world to my almost million followers. I'm ready to travel the world with class and glass. [link]
(Jon Huertas)
Venice, California
I put the he in Hero, the or in Warrior and the she in Crusher...whatever that means. I also work on a show called Castle695976#Ifihadglass Yo @projectglass - I’d save the world…Again! I helped do it once on TV, this time it’ll be live and on Glass! [link]
(Tom Syndicate)
YouTuber - Syndicate/Tom; Life's too short, make the most of it! Official Facebook Fan Page: 586152#ifihadglass id travel around the world and film the experience :) [link]
(Kyle Massey)
T*he M*assey B*oyz425734#ifihadglass I would take photos with no flash [link]
(Soraya Darabi)
New York City
wanderlust, tech addict, lover of art, media fiend. a cofounder of @foodspotting & formerly @nytimes social. 406420#ifihadglass I would see the world in rose. [link]
(Jason Squatriglia)
Instagram: @jsquatriglia
Investment Banker | Financial Advisor | Entrepreneur401991I would walk the Great Wall of China #ifihadglass & travel the globe as a part of @projectglass! [link]
(DJ Many)
Atlanta, GA
Official Twitter Of DJ Many375806I Would Stream My DJ Sets Live At All My Shows And Take Requests From My Google+ Hangout :) #ifihadglass [link]
(Freddie Wong)
Los Angeles
Grew up in Seattle. Lives in LA. I'd create a photo journalism project entitled: "Faces of Strangers Staring at Man Talking to Himself" [link]
(Danny Sullivan)
Newport Beach, Orange County
Founding Editor, @MarketingLand & @SEngineLand, covering Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, SEM & all things digital marketing, search marketing and search.304329#ifihadglass & it was waterproof I could record my paddle boarding :) [link]
(Richard Keith Latman)
Baltimore, MD
Entrepreneur (MicroPOS, Microworkz, LifeClip, Latman Interactive, iMagicLab) and Author (The Good Fail, Hollywood Mission)291503#ifihadglass I'd reimagine the World around me, redevelop how data and life interact and rediscover how info can empower [link]
(Noah Steven -Ghost-)
Music Industry Executive Head of Music/A&R - Major's, Publishing, Management, A&R, Artist Development,252784#ifihadglass I would still hear the music... but I'd see the future @projectglass [link]
Los Angeles, CA
My name is Joe Penna. I make videos.241926Here's my entry to the #ifihadglass competition! [link]
(Jason Mayhem Miller)
iPhone: 33.955437,-118.396156
Performer and appreciater of all Art. Creator of neauvariations of the English language. (I write things)230781#ifihadglass I would treat the television audience to the best interactive adventure that they've ever been on. @projectglass [link]
(DJ Skee)
NYC born/MN bred/LA made. KIIS FM / Sirius XM / AXS.TV / Skee.TV & One of Billboards 30 Most Influential, Forbes 30 Under 30. For booking or biz: biz@djskee.com218342#ifihadglass I'd be able to live in the future, document the present, & create memories of the past all at the same damn time! @projectglass [link]
(Jason Kottke)
New York, NY
Responsible for and Irresponsible about everything else.200392#ifihadglass I would watch Marclay's The Clock constantly on the heads-up display. [link]
(Cali Lewis)
Dallas, TX
Host of GeekBeat.TV. Tech correspondent for CNN, FOX and Sirius 101's GeekTime. A Livid Lobster by day and night. I love quiet walks with my iPad. And bacon.197256I get to do awesome, fun stuff! #ifihadglass I’d share the excitement w/ the world! @projectglass [link]
San Francisco, CA
Founder of Abduzeedo | visual designer at Google193533#ifihadglass I would record all my photoshop experiments to share as video tutorials :) [link]
(Cliff Bleszinski)
Raleigh, NC
Co-creator Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, Gears of War. Might be the Tony Stark of videogames.186808#IfIHadGlass I would take my pair on a Zero Gravity flight and record it in order to share the experience with the world. I'd also shower. [link]
(Nick Bilton)
San Francisco
Columnist & Lead Writer, The New York Times, Bits Blog. Writing the book about 'The Twitter Story.' Portfolio/Penguin, 2013.175327Google Glass makes me want to jump out of a plane, fence someone & become a ballerina: #ifihadglass [link]
Los Angeles, CA
The comedy stylings of writer/director/performers Benny & Rafi Fine. Yes we are really brothers. Creators of Kids & Teens React, MyMusic and more. 167649@projectglass We would use it with all generations from our series and get their perspective on the technology. #ifihadglass [link]
(Joshua Davidson)
Philadelphia, PA
I am a 20-year-old entrepreneur. I help build startups and grow companies. Philadelphia sports fan. CEO/Founder of @ChopDawgStudios.154337#ifihadglass I would be showing businesses and startups the future. Great technology. [link]
(Brian Friedman)
Los Angeles / London
Im a workaholic with a severe passion for the arts, love, food & fashion.. Get into it! FOLLOW the Fashion @BrianSaysBFree & The #BFreeMealPlan @BFreeHotBod 144962#IfIHadGlass I would be able to shoot my dance events without the nuisance of having to hold my phone @ThePULSEOnTour [link]
(Ralf Schwoebel)
Germany and USA
Coding for a better web since 1995 - The truth about eCommerce, databases, SEO, Tradebit, PubCon, SEOkomm, ... : German and English!143000I would create information retrieval apps that work with the Glass #ifihadglass - like repair information, etc. [link]
(Stephen J. Caggiano)
129629I could accomplish a full day's work, without ever turning my head away from the television. #ifihadglass [link]
(Patrick J. Adams)
gentleman, rogue, scholar . . . just not in that order127334#ifihadglass I would wear it to red carpets and turn the camera on the photographers. [link]
(Christian Ponder)
Rule #76: No excuses-play like a champion.126573#ifihadglass I would document our road to the Super Bowl! [link]
(Chris Pirillo)
Seattle, WA
Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Speaker, Consultant / Coach, Geek... and an expert in being myself. I've been online since 1992. chris@pirillo.com124983#ifihadglass: I would use it within our daily "Pirillo Vlog" ( to give our community an even more personal PoV. [link]
(Alexis C. Madrigal)
Oakland, CA
Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of Powering the Dream. @WIRED alum. Married to @sarahrich. Mexican, American.122248#ifihadglass I would use it to make 240 #catvines per day. Think about it. [link]
(Hector Rodriguez)
Schaumburg, IL
Owner of @OpTicGaming and Co-Founder of EON Interactive. Follow my Insta: I would I would make videos about it everyday! @projectglass Please pick me! I want to see an @MLG event through glass. [link]
Yesterday's history.. Tomorrow's a mystery. Never met a person that I didn't like, so don't be the first. Just a real brotha with that Authentic Swag.121543@projectglass #ifihadglass I would develop a program that would identify/count the money in the cash register to save business time and $ [link]
(Khleo Thomas)
Los Angeles, CA
#AfterEverythingFades OUT NOW - For all business inquiries: | PR/Media: | Executive Dream120219#ifihadglass I would be able to share the birds eye view of what this feels like. [link]
(Chris Luck)
Southern Illinois
Father . Tech Entrepreneur . App Expert118195#ifihadglass I would spend more time outside, re-discover the world around me and totally become an Google Glass Evangelist. [link]
(Jeff Jarvis)
New York, NY
@BuzzMachine blogger and j-school prof; author of Public Parts, What Would Google Do? 118072#IfIHadGlass this is what I'd do to change news: [link]
(Richard Ryan)
Tennessee #ifihadglass I'd use them while surfing on top of another wingsuiter as well as my other intense adventures on camera. [link]
(Alexander Muse)
Dallas, TX
Working on the next big thing!115858My team built one of the first Android apps, #ifihadglass we build an entirely new shopping app leveraging the power of glass+android. [link]
Rocklin, CA
|| Download #BeHeard on iTunes NOW! || FEATURES: BOOKING: booking@cashl3wis.com115614#IfIHadGlass I'd shoot POV videos when I'm on stage [link]
(Akbar Gbajabiamila)
Retired NFL player--Studio analyst for NFL Fantasy Live & NFL AM, on the NFL NETWORK!110639#ifihadglass I will revolutionize sportsbroadcast! [link]
(James Stewart)
Film Director, Storyteller, 3D nerd, Activist. TEDster. My ride: 72 Citroen SM.108332I would walk on my hands, speak in sign, throw a swish, twirl a pen, build a home, play some jazz, wipe away the tears #ifihadglass [link]
(Martyn Littlewood)
Student Radio Award winner, Media graduate & Gameplay Commentator in YOGSCAST103625#ifihadglass I'd take people to a few gaming conventions, behind the scenes and also show my recording / editing method for videos! #sharing [link]
I make Penny Arcade 103526I would record myself making comic strips and what PAX is like from my point of view. I would not wear them when I go pee. #ifihadglass [link]
Los Angeles, United States
Starcraft commentator, e-sports fanatic and a well below average gamer.100149#ifihadglass I would film on Music Video sets, at my live casting events, and look amazing 24/7 @projectglass [link]
(Einar Vollset)
Santa Cruz, CA
Mobile Strategy & Development, YC alumn (ReMail - acquired by Google), former Cornell Professor. Norwegian. einar@lcrnd.com99231#ifihadglass I would prove that HTML5 is not the be all and end all [link]
Natural is Beautiful but Makeup is Glam! 98057I would show people what i'm shopping for live #ifihadglass [link]
Planet Earth
Robby/Rob - I'm everything I want to be.97608@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd make some pretty sweet YouTube videos. ;) [link]
(Dustin Belt)
Blowing your mind one day at a time. Guitarist for Big Time Rush & Heffron Drive. Instagram- dbeltwrites Facebook - Id show the world what I see every night while Im doing this on stage! [link]
(Morgan Page)
Los Angeles
GRAMMY nominated record producer/DJ Bookings: Promos: Instagram: morganpage91981#ifihadglass I'd show you how to make music from the sun, and travel only on light [link]
(Bryan K. O'Rourke)
Global Citizen
CEO, Adviser, Technologist, Entrepreneur & Financeer In Fitness, Wellness, & Tech . Vinophile, World Traveler, Dad & Musician. wellness, fitness and public health communities see how the platform can help solve the obesity epidemic #ifihadglass @Google [link]
(Dennis Coble)
Mount Hope, Kansas
I'm a Mid-western small town guy, selling farm machinery parts for most of my life, now. I was born at night, but not last night. #ifihadglass i would share w/ @BeStrongFirst so we can watch 1st KB Cert Mar 8-10 #GiveStrongFirstGlass [link]
(Jack Pattillo)
Austin, TX
I play video games for a living. Available for weddings.86463#ifihadglass I would finally be able to remember people's names at conventions. Also, I could IMDB CONSTANTLY. [link]
(Geoff Keighley)
Los Angeles, CA
Videogame journalist Geoff Keighley, host of Spike TV's GTTV86005@projectglass #ifihadglass I would let the world see what it's like to host GTTV. [link]
(Jeff Barrett)
Grand Rapids, MI
CEO of @StatusCreative | Writer @WTCommunities, @Mashable | @PRNewswire Earnie Winner | Once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. #BareItAll82917#IfIHadGlass I would Google how to do this. [link]
(Alex Lawrence)
Trying to make a difference in communities I live/work. Love family/friends most. Golf, tech, cycling, biz = passions. Happy by nature, optimistic by choice.81464I wish I could come up w/something creative for the #ifihadglass campaign. I just want to try them. Probably not enough to get the nod. [link]
(Alumni Cloud)
panama city beach fl
I'M A RAPPER nuff said.80424@projectglass I would film my life as an aspiring musician to reach out to all of my fans! #ifihadglass. [link]
(Douglas Boldt)
Erie, PA
Follow me! Into truth, classic cars, computers, SEO, guitars, conspiracy theories, UNIX, scifi movies, politics, public advocacy #tcot #tgdn #81480406#ifihadglass I would drive to NYC for pick up and spend the day documenting my favorite spots in the city with them. Then a trip to Egypt? [link]
(Stephen T. Johnson)
Entrepreneur. Techie. Student. Positive+76565#ifihadglass I would make sure to keep it half full! But really, I'd be able to share an interactive college experience! @projectglass [link]
(Steve Ward)
Hollywood, CA
Dating, Relationship & Lifestyle Expert. CEO of Master @Matchmakers. Author. Speaker. Host & Executive Producer of @VH1 #toughlove75678#ifihadglass I'd make a TV show about how to navigate your love life. [link]
(Benny Gordon)
N 35°34' 0'' / W 80°56' 0''
NASCAR Nationwide driver of the #24 car, and the driver of the NASCAR K&N #66 car.75451#IfIHadGlass I would give a great perspective from the NASCAR Pits & Garages before & during the races! [link]
(Andy Ihnatko)
Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
Chicago Sun-Times technology columnist and Internationally Beloved Industry Figure™.72070I would put them on, activate the camera, and then stare at a mirror just to see if I'll go back in time. #IfIHadGlass [link]
(Max Beaumont)
DJ and Producer ready to fuck shit up. Contact: Fans - Bookings - Press - press@thelago.com71932#ifihadglass I would help make the future a better place, while improving my current life in the process + how cool would it be to DJ with.. [link]
(--- ⒶⓈⓉⓇⓄ ---)
Imagine. #Skatelife | #SkateboardsAndBongs would show how the life of a artist and rave partier really goes #ifihadglass [link]
(Nick Starr)
Seattle, WA
My life is a novel...I'm sure you will see the next chapters play out here...Me? I'm gay, into technology, & live life to the fullest.69060#ifihadglass I'd go Skydiving with my father [link]
(Maurice ENT Manager)
New York City, NY
Maurice Aguilar is the SVP/Co-Owner of The Media Monopoly Group Company, MMG is your first and last stop for creative brand development and marketing strategies68560#ifihadglass. With G-glass you will see NYC in the real way Music, Fashion, Lifestyle, People and its ups and downs on how to get to the top [link]
Veteran's Service dog nominated for Hero Dog of the Year. Rescue dog who saved a girls life in '12, unconditionally loves and teaches about service65647I am 100% disabled vet who #ifihadglass would like to see how I could use it improve mobility and better social integration [link]
(Blake Grigsby)
In Chicagoworld
Actor, Improviser, Comedian, Magician, Videographer, Motivational Speaker & Christian. Online store: YouTube: Also on Instagram64471I'm a comedian/YouTuber and #ifihadglass I could make more hysterical videos, find topical news to talk about, and keep note of my sets! [link]
(Dennis Crowley)
I like snowboards, foursquare and unemployment.62069#ifihadglass I'd bring the "see thru walls" / "see around corners" superpowers that come from #Foursquare checkins to your face(, yo!) [link]
(Jay Fluent)
East Coast
@JayFluent Follows you61144#ifihadglass I'd record a video everyday and try to show the happiness in everyday life [link]
(Mark Exposito)
Phoenix, AZ
Guy who loves technology, the car business and people!59016#ifihadglass I would show you how much fun it is being in the car business. [link]
(I Swim and I Know It)
Highlighting all the issues of swimmers. Contact: #SwimmerProblems - Swimmer Problems58185#ifihadglass, I would be able to perfect the strokes of the swimmers I coach much easier and could send the videos for their review. [link]
(Jessica Rey)
the oc
wife, mommy, actress, designer, writer...and power ranger. hostess of 'Jes My Life' #babyreviews #babygiveaways I would wear them to every comic convention I signed at-so everyone could see how many #PowerRanger fans are around the world! [link]
(Matt Mullenweg)
On a Plane
WordPress, Automattic, Akismet, Polldaddy, VaultPress, Gravatar...53809#ifihadglass I would hook it up to WordPress. [link]
(Anthony De Rosa)
New York City
52702#ifihadglass I would use it for real-time reporting at @Reuters [link]
(Sean Klitzner)
Los Angeles
Personally, my opinion is... that Backstreet Boys has the best fans in the world. -Backstreet Boys52042@projectglass #ifihadglass I would give the world a first person perspective into the world of standup comedy. [link]
(Will Smith)
San Francisco, CA
Professional nerd. Editor of Corgi aficionado. Consumer of fine coffees. Not an actor. Husband to @ginasmith. New dad.51307#ifihadglass I would document and share the first year of my child’s life. [link]
(Philip Arpin)
Naples, FL
Entrepreneur, Innovator, Apple Fanboy, iPhone Developer, Minimalist, Adobe Master, Videographer, App Finder, Tech Reviewer51011I would recreate the way people shop, explore and use Glass in every way possible, and inspire the world to innovate. #ifihadGlass [link]
(James Burr)
Arizona ✈ California ✈ Nev
Affiliate Manager at @TheAffiliati, Graphic Designer, Social Media Ninja, Affiliate Marketer, & Foodie. I #FollowBack!49960I would explore the world while working wirelessly #ifihadglass [link]
(Steve Morgan)
Miami Beach, FL
I play guitar for Stellar Revival (Capitol Records) We tour all over the world! Follow us at @StellarRevival 48096#ifihadglass I would share with fans what it's like to live touring with my rock band @StellarRevival Videos live on stage! Pics from a bus! [link]
(Dominique Clare )
Sioux Falls, SD
Graduated from SdState. Football Alum. Current Manager at HuHot. My goal is to make the world a better place starting with myself. #LightUPTheDarkness47758#ifihadglass I would share a story of a D1 athlete going pro in something other than sports. My pursuit of happiness for the American dream [link]
(Jeff Clavier)
Founder of SoftTech VC, one of the original micro-VC firms. Invested in 135+ startups. Dad of 2, wino, skier, diver, happily living in Palo Alto&Kirkwood.47342If @google is interested in @softtechvc funding promising startups in the Google Glass ecosystem, it'd be handy to have some! #ifihadglass [link]
(Mary Heston )
Life's an Adventure!47230#ifihadglass I would so ROCK the local school board meeting! Or maybe even try KiteBoarding...Never know what these glasses could do for you [link]
(Andrew Stone)
Albuquerque, NM 87106
indie iOS dev, farmer, father, further forever - founder stone . com, original NeXT developer 198945892I'd remove the embarrassment of forgetting people's names and I'd design other adaptive technologies #ifihadglass [link]
(Mike Volpe)
Boston, MA
CMO @HubSpot - marketing, startups, entrepreneurship, SaaS, B2B, lead generation, blog, social media, SEO, analytics, VC, golf, Patriots, Red Sox45735#ifihadglass I would collaboratively share marketing expertise with the 1,000,000 marketers who are inbound marketing disciples. [link]
(Christopher Emerson)
Hollywood, CA
Film/TV Actor, Voice Over Artist and Motion Capture Performer. Latest highlight: Voice Actor & facial mocap artist of Piers Nivans on Resident Evil 6.45464#ifihadglass My world as an actor & vid game voice artist would be uniquely examined. G+: VID: [link]
(Darin Carter)
South Florida !
Entrepreneur! Search Marketing Consultant / Expert! - I would integrate it with my Life to help LEARN and Use DATA to my advantage. I would also share all my findings thru my blog! [link]
(Werner Vogels)
Seattle, WA
CTO @ I would integrate the e-commerce experience into daily life. You can look at an object / product and instantly buy it [link]
(Alex Holmes)
Los Angeles
2 Time National Champion at USC. Love my family & friends.Proud Uncle & Brother.Seeker of Truth #ifihadglass I’d post original content to all my Followers daily and wear them to every cool event I attend! [link]
(Joseph Teegardin)
New York, New York
Lover of Americana, fast cars, hip hop, and comedy| Employee of @Nike, Inc | Blog: @JTDotCom | Livin' life like I won a sweepstakes. 42891@projectglass #IfIHadGlass, I'd work with some of our world-class athletes to capture huge sport moments, directly from their perspective. [link]
(Karl Blomkvist)
42031#ifihadglass I'd make a app so that little "icons of trust" hover over user heads. I'd know who to trust, instantly/ [link]
(Hilly Hindi)
On Tour
Along with my sister I am Creator/Editor/ Actress of THE HILLYWOOD SHOW®. Follow me & my adventures of touring, filming & just living life. † I love Jesus.41961@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd share my world easier with my fans on YouTube, hands free! Even moments like these :) [link]
(Jacob Appelbaum)
The Village; Be Seeing You!
Ethics enthusiast && الحب و الحياة في وقت قصير && cast iron club41127#ifihadglass I would experiment with anonymizing the entire experience using the Tor network. [link]
(Tom Colontonio)
Dj/Producer - Cherry Hill, NJ
38773@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use them to sync with DJ equipment and visuals for my live shows!! #google [link]
(Jason O'Grady )
Planet Earth
journalist, author, raconteur38633#ifihadglass I'd use it to make a time lapse movie of a week at Burning Man )'( (and to research topics for my blog, podcast and books.) [link]
ÜT: 40.767922,-73.987568
Media addict on the loose. Changing the ratio. 38547#ifihadglass I would examine the world for the secret barriers that keep people & groups back & down...and others forward & up. #TED2013 [link]
(Andrew Beegle)
Los Angeles, California
Video Producer @ Riot Games. Former Lead Community Manager. My job is to create videos that you know and love. My tweets & opinions are my own, Damat! ;)38297#ifihadglass I could show family, friends and followers what my life looks like from my point of view. Maybe then they would understand. [link]
(Florian Seroussi)
Miami, Florida
I do what I love and love what I do. Founder of Global Roaming, investor in Labotec, Producteev, Pikchur, Pixowl, Open Garden, PCM, Fantom-VPN, Roamio, Vinio...38080#ifihadglass I'd build an application for travelers to keep in touch with their loved ones. Show beauty is in the eye of the Glass holder. [link]
(Sharareh Drury)
Los Angeles
~*~ In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different ~*~ Reporting for @ENews 37814#ifihadglass I'd utilize it EVERY DAY as a digital journalist - research, interviews, photos, videos, the works! Storytelling --> Next level [link]
(Tomas Dueñas Uribe)
San Francisco
Growth Hacker & AngelHack World Champion, Winner of the LinkedIn Hackday, Health 2.0 Code-a-thon and ImmoScout37606#ifihadglass I'd develop a micro-expression detector that would enable appropriate responses to the sometimes subtle reactions in others. :) [link]
(Jake Coco)
Los Angeles, CA
I am a record producer/youtuber and the creator of Keep Your Soul Records :)37350#ifihadglass I would shoot some awesome music videos and feel like I was doing it with MY MINDDDDDDDD #pickmepickmepickme [link]
Dj, composer & producer. Warner Music. Synergy Recordings. Subliminal Records. Subliminal Sessions. Privilege Ibiza #ifihadglass Live DJ Session [link]
Hollywood, CA
Big, Loud & Lovable. Oh...and a super important dude at Maker Studios.35954@projectglass The truth is, #ifIhadglass I'd secretly shoot the undercover lives of my YouTube friends. [link]
(John Wayne Zimmerman)
Chief Rocket Scientist of eRocketFuel Social Media. Facebook Marketing Author. Speaker. Coach and Triathlete.35921#ifihadglass I would use it to revolutionize social communication [link]
(Emma Ink)
Boeshane Peninsula
Alt model, bio-anthro grad student, Australian Shepherd (dog) enthusiast, Trekkie/sci-fi addict & world traveler. Mostly non-industry tweets but often NSFW. 18+35754#ifihadglass I'd capture the Anime convention experience from a worker's and attendee's POV. So many colors, photo ops, and shenanigans. [link]
Glossible™-The Ultimate How to #Beauty Bible. What beauty product do you want to learn? Spring 201335748#ifihadglass I would make the world's best up close educational videos! XO [link]
(Ben Robbins)
Tampa Bay, FL
Entrepreneur, software exec, mobile geek, general wonk, jack of all trades & master of some. Author of The Venice Experiment - avail. wherever books are sold.35376#ifihadglass I'd show what a safe, productive jobsite looks like with photo, audio & video as a byproduct of my work. [link]
(Lang Lang)
New York
Pianist. Mentor. Lifelong Student. Traveler. I believe that classical music is for everyone!34652@projectglass #ifihadglass I would help people feel the excitement of Beethoven, Chopin or Mozart by performing a piano concerto live in POV [link]
(Drew Taylor)
Kansas City
Kansas City | Entrepreneur | Investor | Superman Fanboy | co-creator of @SelfmadeThreads & @JetLifeCompany - I would share my experiences with our @JetLifeCompany audience & use it 2 film our next episode of the @SelfmadeThreads series [link]
The Creator of #DramaAlert - NY THRUST - ClanThrust- Billionaires Challenge - BadKidPodcast - F@G- Halo's #1 Trash Talker Bad Trip I would take my fans on a adventurer to the ends of the worlds to go where no man has gone before! Love Google! [link]
(Erika Lehmann Brown)
Orange County, California
Newlywed. Loves the OC. Editor @LifetimeMoms. On-camera talent and host. Mommy. Married to @morganb. NOLA born & raised. Generally awesome.32396#ifihadglass I'd show the world what it looks like from *this* side of the camera. @projectglass [link]
(Eric Aka Aviator)
Central Florida
Adventurer. Photographer. Pilot. Gamer. Surfer. Leader. Christian. Husband. Father. Creator of Call of The Community. Here to Serve.32382#ifihadglass I Would Paraglide, Paramotor, Skydive, Race, Livestream, Film, And Share My Family's Life... #googleglass [link]
(Benji )
Be Yourself and Eat Great Food!31596I would give live cooking lessons if I had these crazy google glasses #ifihadglass [link]
(Gerry Duggan)
Los Angeles, CA
Writer for hire. Have laptop will travel. Writing @Marvel & self-publishing @ImageComics Try The Infinite Horizon: #ifihadglass I would make short films, & see if glass has applications to creating comics. [link]
(John Imah)
San Francisco, California ✈
The official Twitter for John Imah Yes, It's real! Geek, Producer, Host, Social Media, Gamer, & Entrepreneur. 2K Employee. God. I do it all! My own opinions.29783#ifihadglass Since I travel the world so much, I would show the world on @youtube my journey to different countries. [link]
(Jonathan - tldtoday )
Los Angeles, CA
I unbox stuff and try to make cool tech videos. I'm a mac, love basketball and am the co-founder of TechfastLunch&Dinner and GearGazm! Go Bulls!29778#ifihadglass I’d love sharing my experience w/over 200K people & bringing a closer look at the future @projectglass [link]
(Tim Pool)
New York
TIME 100 nominee, Tech Developer, Mobile Journalist, Social Media Person | Contact: | Tweets are not endorsements29410#ifihadglass I would develop more tools and methodology for reporting and media production. I would use glass to report breaking news. [link]
providing a queef of information29374#ifihadglass i would always be hands free! enough reason to supply the world! [link]
(★The Cinema Fan ★)
U. S. A. H O L L Y W O O D
#CinemaFan #CFVIP #CinemaFanVIP★I# Followback #MuzikkZone #TFB #TRU #TMW #MaxVIP #TLA #TFBG #TAF #Sun #HFT #TFBJP #GNATION #TGMS #TFP #NXTGT #TFP™ #TeamRT2eat 29299#ifihadglass I would wear them to every event I go to and activity I do that is cool and would share & promote on #Twitter @projectglass [link]
(Chase Coy)
Nashville, TN
Songwriter/Producer from Nashville, TN. Half of the duo 3rd & Union.28975#ifihadglass I would document the careers of the most talented young artists in Nashville as they fight to rise above the noise. [link]
(Arjun Sethi)
San Francisco, CA
Co-Founder at MessageMe.28578#ifihadglass I would capture every natural moment with my son. @projectglass [link]
(Charles Koh)
Seattle, WA
Head of Social: @SimplyFun. Formerly @Google and @Zagat. Recovered College Golfer @WWU. Founder @EATINSEATTLE // Lifestyle Photographer28302#ifihadglass My eyes would be the shutter to the world. Capturing natures beauty, discovering new eats, and creating memories worth sharing. [link]
(Jerry D.)
Syracuse New York
Syracuse University Grad 2011 . Founder of DreamFetcher LLC & . Trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. 28255#ifihadglass I would record every step my internet startup is taking on our way to success. @projectglass [link]
(Gretchen )
West Coast
Social Business and Emerging Media/Tech Fmr Vice President Social @ Live Nation Speaker I Change Agent I Dragon Slayer Tequila Shooter27894#ifihadglass - I would publish a blog outlining 100 ways bands and brands could leverage them @projectglass [link]
(Jason Kincaid)
New York, NY
Formerly a mild-mannered reporter at TechCrunch. 27882Here's my ambitiously mediocre musical submission to Google's #ifihadglass! [link]
(Alana Jordan)
Los Angeles
Actress, comedian, & writer. Come see one of my shows & don't judge me by my twitter. My hilarity cannot be contained in 140 characters. 27765@projectglass I want Glass so bad so I can nerd-out to the nth degree & do an entire ep. of my show only with glass, no cameras #ifihadglass [link]
Eclectic Problem Solver, Urban-Tech Survivor, Happy Husband and Father of two.27577#ifihadglass I would use it pretty much all the time, at home, at work and traveling. [link]
(Anton Anderssen)
Writer at CBS News, BroadwayWorld, eTurboNews, Reuters. Lord of Hartforth. Cultural anthropologist and computational social scientist.'d love the new GOOGLE GLASS for my travel articles. #ifihadglass [link]
(Justin Wong)
San Francisco, CA
Director of Partnerships @TwitchTV. These tweets are seldom professional, often facetious, intermittently witty.27450@google #ifihadglass, I'd share her with everyone: [link]
(▲Jay West▲)
Hollywood, California
VP Online Sales at @HollywoodVineLA ***** Affiliate Manager at @1worldnetwork ***** #FollowBack *** 27253#ifihadglass I would help push the limits on #AugmentedReality in #hollywood [link]
(Nicholas Black)
Dallas, Texas
I'm an independent writer. I used to be a bodyguard, MMA fighter, and International Fugitive (they throw that around so lightly). I say . . . Entrepreneur! 27195#ifihadglass The easier question is: What wouldn't I do? This is Mission Impossible meets Back to the Future . . . and I'm Tom Cruise McFly! [link]
(Tuan X)
Brooklyn, NY
MC/Singer/Actor - A music making, passion giving, life living, tech loving #Negrodian. For booking email - - I'd document my U.S. tour this April thru May, combining first & third person footage to show the artists perspective on stage. [link]
Boston, MA
Chief Innovation Officer, Creative Director, Professor of Advertising, Explorer, Maker, Believer in Sharing. Mullen and Boston University. Tweets all mine.26039@ed_sanders @comugrad @malbonnington #ifihadglass everyone would would be wearing horizontal stripes [link]
(Jordan Pundik)
i like my greatest dane boomerRIP, wifey, van, candy, coffee, cell phones, fresh ingredients, walking dead. i also sing for new found glory.25742#ifihadglass touring the world in my band #newfoundglory would be seen with brand new(robotic) eyes! *wants to be robot* ---end of line [link]
(Brandon Hassan)
Irving, TX
#Dᴀʏᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ 16. I'm a Musician, YouTuber, & Runner. Love my #bransons. Send me a Bracelet!:) P.O. 143521 Irving, TX 7501425542I would livestream my concerts so anyone who can't fly down could be there with me virtually! :D #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
(Ceasar Maximus®)
Hollywood, Beverly Hills Ca.
Living life in the Fast Lane, workaholic...represent clients in the ''Entertainment Business'' and Luv drinking Good Scotch...that's pretty much it.25504#ifihadglass i'd throw down uh wicked solo on my guitar, light it on fire, then dive off the stage! [link]
(Wendy Day)
Having done some of the best deals in urban music, I've gone on to set up successful indie labels and write affordable how-to books for artists!25258#ifihadglass I'd document my work w/rappers (video & pics) & research & dictate articles to post on to help artists [link]
(Dana Brunetti)
☼ Los Angeles
Producer25219#ifihadglass these videos would've been so much better: AutoCross & Blue Angel Flight [link]
(Jake Powell)
@jenniferlimmm's heart ♡
Entrepreneur, Property Developer, and President Director of PT. Permindo Tubularta25151#ifihadglass I'd record those once-in-a-lifetime experiences so I can go back and relive old memories. [link]
New York
I may not know what day it is but I know where I am. Check out my #MomBlog and my @HuffingtonPost pieces #ifihadglass I would make fun videos of this cute little diva [link]
(Sunny Anderson)
Brooooklyn! #hellobrooklyn
Army brat to USAF vet to HOT 97 to Food Network. ilive, ilove & iwork, I'ma Mac(k). Mommy to rescue cats Truffle Tycoon, Cheddar Cheese, Milky Mouth & Sea Salt24956#ifihadglass I'd easily take it grocery shopping, to my kitchen and around the most beautiful places on Brooklyn. What a neat device!!!! [link]
(Evan Mathis)
Professional people watcher. Baccarat All-Pro. Wielder of Mjölnir. Best Rapper Alive. The People's OG. Sit-Down Comedian. Roll Tide. 24862#ifihadglass I’d film myself throwing defensive tackles on the ground then tweet it. [link]
(John Komatsoulis)
Florida | PA | Montreal
Social Media Nut, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Father, Friend, Golfer, Writer, Photographer and all around fun loving guy I would document my business travels around the world, meetings with clients and corporate events. Thanks @projectglass [link]
(No Recipes)
Join me on my adventures both in the kitchen ( and outside the kitchen ( I'd livestream recipes. [link]
(Justine Joli)
ÜT: 40.767271,-73.919672
24344#ifihadglass id b able to drive safely to nyc. as looking at my phone was dangerous. [link]
(Majestic Drama)
Producer/songwriter for major and underground artists Contact: MajesticDramaBeats@gmail.com24242#ifihadglass I would share with you guys my every studio session #GoogleGlass [link]
(Basil C. Puglisi)
Eastern Long Island
Publisher, Entrepreneur, Father, Husband, Speaker, Social Pro, Spartan, & Great Dane. - Creating Content, Context & Conversations - 23949#IfIHadGlass I use them to be me! Just a more hands free me! [link]
(Justin Cabral)
Providence, R.I.
Co-founder of Thinkr LLC, an up and coming iOS development company that believes people connected together with free flow of information can change the world.23847#ifihadglass I'd drive from Rhode Island to California and capture all the beautiful people and places across America. [link]
(Siavash Mahmoudian)
Washington DC
A Web Developer...23531#ifihadglass, I would film myself at the office for a week, coding a fully working social network from scratch. [link]
(Brandon Seward)
Raleigh, NC
Check out Follow @CelebProfiles too!23403#ifihadglass I would take it on my journey going from skydiver to wingsuit base jumper. [link]
(Matt Hagens)
New York City
Serial Entrepreneur. Frequent bathrobe wearer.23246I would try to record myself wake boarding without falling in the water. #ifihadglass [link]
(Michael Gartenberg)
In the swamps of Jersey
Industry analyst at Gartner, Technology columnist, Speaker and Blogger.23137I could really appreciate taking them off to disconnect. Or learn to take pictures while skydiving. #ifihadglass [link]
(Scott McLeod)
Ames, Iowa
Associate Professor. CASTLE Director. Blogger. Idea generator. Solution builder. Agitator. Catalyst. “If the leaders don’t get it, it’s not going to happen.”23120@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd use for observations of how students get to use tech in elementary & secondary school [link]
(DJ Xage™)
Massachuesetts USA
Official iTunes Musician DJ Xage™ my soundcloud also on itunes #TeamM2M check out my album!!22842#ifihadglass i would use it to record all my live events that i dj for including concerts and town events and backstage stuff as well [link]
(Virginia Heffernan)
Brooklyn, NY
national correspondent, Appitude columnist, Yahoo News. Alumna: @nytimes @slate. Book next: Magic + Loss: The Pleasures of the Internet, for Simon & Schuster. 22495#ifihadglass I'd sound out its poetry without ignoring its griefs. I'd no longer pretend I live in New York; I'd document the hallucination. [link]
(iCu iD)
Los Angeles
Reporter and Jailbreak tutorial creator tech videos, blog, create a Jailbreak tutorial, give away an iPhone, develop a Cylon #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
(Jeff Maker II)
I'm the lighting designer for All Time Low. I'm a citizen of the world. I'm candidate 23. I'm usually on tour. I have a love affair w/ my city of Boston.21988#ifihadglass I'd document & share my on going world travel experiences, my live concert lighting, & connect with one new person everyday. [link]
(Brandon Blackburn)
Get Cash For Surveys Review World Traveler Online Entrepreneur 21860#ifihadglass I would show you what life on ships and the Caribbean Alaska and all the crazy shore excursions are like [link]
West Chester PA 19382
searchin' the globe for the best in food, travel & footwear. 21706@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd donate my pair to the @ALSphiladelphia Assoc (Lou Gehrig's Disease) to help those with limited mobility. #ALS [link]
(Team Follow Back)
One of your followers retweeted me, you peeped my avi, clicked my page, now you're reading my bio, twatchin & shit. Go ahead & follow a bish ;)21644#ifihadglass I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass 🍻 [link]
(sam pezzullo)
New York, NY
native new yorker. filmmaker & writer. reality tv junkie. travel enthusiast. funny, charismatic, & spontaneous. definitely modest. what more could you ask for?21552@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd give the world a glimpse of my point of view. it's unique, it's engaging, it's creative. [link]
(MVP Studios)
Temecula, CA
Marine Corps veteran, owner of MVP Studios, The leading youth sports, school and event photographer. Parris Island Marine Corps recruit yearbook provider.21449#ifihadglass I would share my experience with all my fellow United States Marines out there! #usmc [link]
(Melis ಇ)
Wherever the people want me
Living Life to the Fullest!21375#ifihadglass I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass 🍻 [link]
DJ/PRODUCER :::: I MAKE EM SAY UHHHH21259#ifihadglass i would be able to show my fans what it's really like to be a DJ [link]
(Kino MacGregor)
Miami Beach
Yoga Teacher, Writer, Vlogger, World Traveler based on Miami Beach. Check out my YouTube channel: & my website below21014#ifihadglass Then #KinoYoga ( would be live from my world of yoga practice, teaching, world travel, lifestyle. [link]
(Rory McCafferty)
New York
VP, Digital - News Communications20627#ifihadglass I would develop innovative apps for publications [link]
(Matt Michelsen)
Founder & CEO @theBackplane - Connecting people around interests, affinities, and movements. 20589#ifihadglass it would be half full [link]
Lic. Real Estate Broker specializing in shared ownership, second home, resort, & interval ownership of realty. Licensed in Florida, Arizona, & Nevada.20219#ifihadglass I would record entire timeshare tours to share with my owners. [link]
(Team Athree)
Web/Graphic Designer and In love with Music #TeamFollowBack #TeamAthree #ifollowback #shoutout hit that Follow button!19944@projectglass If i had #ifihadglass i would share my whole life and make into a movie. [link]
(Brian Halligan)
CEO @HubSpot, Author of Inbound Marketing book, MIT Sr. Lecturer.19896If I HAD GLASS, I COULD SEE THE FUTURE OF MARKETING PLUS THE FUTURE OF SALES #ifihadglass [link]
(Christo Doyle)
Emmy Award winning EP/VP @Discovery, Amy D's husband, Jack & Frances' Dad, producer of #GoldRush #TheDirt #ChopperLive #OutlawGarage #AmericanChopper 19706#ifihadglass viewers would live vicariously through me as I fly over an Alaskan glacier to produce TV for @discovery [link]
(Sharon Vaknin)
San Francisco Bay Area
Tech-obsessed video host and editor @CNET. Also a maestro in the kitchen. TV chef on @PBS (@AHeartland).19334#ifihadglass ---> [link]
(Scott D. Redmond)
SF, NYC, Washington DC
Strategic Innovator.................. I would provide an HIV desktop drug docking mechanism simulator for Dr's to rapid cloud test potential vaccine results [link]
(Michael Sucevic)
Miami-TB-Las Vegas-LA
WE Slang HIT RECORDS 4$ale! - Manage @gorillajoeyoung & @dynamik_dave & @mikebeatz & @johnkelly_music - Associate Producer of TVs Next Drama THE LICK 19320#ifihadglass id show the world what its like to be on a #EDMTOUR [link]
(Mark Horvath)
Los Angeles most of the time
Just a hardly normal guy trying to navigate through an abnormal world by helping others. Media Consultant. Founder @invisiblepeople 19241#ifihadglass I'd be able to share with everyone in real time the expedience of walking around Skid Row like I did today! [link]
(Marcos Moralez)
San Francisco, California
Emmy Award Winning UI UX Designer with over 13 yrs of exp. Founder of & Boca Raton, FL ✈ San Francisco, CA19108#ifihadglass I would revolutionize the sports experience! Forget 2nd screen, Im going for 2nd vision! @projectglass [link]
(Jay Millz)
✈Long Beach (CA)✈
I Don't Smoke, Drink Or Party Every Weekend. I Don't Put These Hoes Over A Loyal Woman And Yes, Good Guys We Still Do Exist ❤ Musician . Party Host . Promoter19088I would record my crazy and exciting day every day and even my on stage performances and other wild things #ifihadglass [link]
(Dave Woodson)
NW Indiana
Realtor®, Speaker, Cigar Guy, Husband & Dad Visit would take real estate markting to the next level with POV home and neighborhood tours #ifihadglass [link]
(Wil Shipley)
San Francisco, CA
I WRITE SOFTWARE. I'M OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE. I LIKE GOOD STUFF. KITTENS ARE FUZZY.18875I wouldn’t worry so much about my manhood. #ifihadglass [link]
(-=Louie Long=-)
I'm an #Entrepreneur I take risks..High stress/high rewards.. NO safety net, I catch myself. All in the name of #Freedom .are we really free?18860#ifihadglass I would provide video updates more frequently with my clients & partners. [link]
(Steve Jackson Games)
We are the Secret Masters. Yet we are munchkins. Go us.18755#ifIhadglass Heh. Google, I don't need 50 words. I'll give you ONE word. GAMES. -SJ [link]
(Kevin Coleman)
Welcome to my page. I am a man of many talents dreams and occupations, I am currently CEO of IDream Entertainment and part owner of company BridgeWork Media...18713#ifihadglass id help promote it and test it in my photography and videography work, it looks cool! [link]
(Nico Uribe)
California, USA
Humanity can be greatly improved with the combination of technology and psychology. 18703#ifihadglass I would record my whole day then sort it by "smiles" [link]
(Samuel Lippke)
Long Beach CA.
Photographer, adventurist.18649Mind blown..#ifihadglass by #google it would revolutionize my work flow & Id take the world by storm.U have 2 C this! [link]
(Ed Skimin)
Cleveland, Ohio
Entrepreneur (Emerge Inc., Husband (Nyree) Father (E.J., Kyla) Sports Fan (Browns, Buckeyes) Reader (technology, economics, politics, media)18607#ifihadglass I'd explore way for our Business, Parks & Public Health clients to use this amazing technology to enhance customer experiences. [link]
(Charles Magnuson)
Burlingame, CA, USA
Geek. Burritophile. PC gamer. Gadget hound. Second-degree keyboard shortcutist. Beginner stock investor. Science and history nut. San Francisco Peninsula native18357#ifihadglass I'd record every burrito I ever ate. [link]
(Charley Takaya)
Rocky Mountains, Colorado
THE REAL DEAL PSYCHIC Is it about? LOVE & Relationships? SPECIAL Get 3 Mins Free Reading at Wrestle an 800lb Gorilla like Google did when it first started out! Use it as I use Google Search today! [link]
18272#ifihadglass I would be a pioneer in the realm of real-time sharing and artist collaboration! Whoopy! [link]
in my ninja shoes
Creator of images - runner of distances - eater of bacon.18215#ifihadglass I'd publicize angry drivers who attempt to kill me while I'm out running...I'd also record my runs. [link]
(Matthew VanDyke)
An American who fought in Libya, now helping in Syria. I was a source for the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report. Tweet analysis + inside info from region.18059#ifihadglass I'd show the world from a 1st-person perspective what it's like to be in war-torn Aleppo, Syria while making my next film there [link]
(Jeff Lange)
Denver, Colorado
Entertainment Business Development for @Ribbon. Entrepreneur. PHP Developer. @ReturnMore Fundraising. Digital Strategy. Poker. Sports. I would use it for my upcoming fundraising event American Cancer Society to show stories of how brave people stand up to cancer [link]
(Gary Shteyngart)
New York, NY
Gary Shteyngart is a book writer. 17910#ifihadglass I could dream up of new ideas for the TV adaptation of my novel Super Sad True Love Story [link]
(Melissa Fortune)
Charlotte, NC #QC
Doing what I love by assisting You in doing what You love; RealTime Web Aficionado, Social Media Partisan, W O M Success Story. Whats New,Whats Now,Whats Next 17822#ifihadglass Im sure I wld see the future while enjoying my present even more Now I just need think of som snazzy way 2 phrase my app in >50 [link]
(Matt Littler)
Presenter, Actor, Director. Video game lover, cyclist, cook, drunk. Agent: @kimmyfarms Kim@insanitygroup.com17786@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd make the first truly first person action flick. [link]
(Victoria York )
Chattanooga, TN
Good World Goods. Supporting Artists- Painting Furniture. Into very cool stuff. Organic, Artisan Made, Recycled, Fair Trade. 17714#IfihadglasS it would absolutely change and improve my business! [link]
Producer/DJ - @BashRecords - #TeamKlaud Promo: info@klaudofficial.com17655@projectglass #ifihadglass I would take it to all my gigs and use it during while traveling the world. [link]
(Eva Smith™)
Socal Inland Empire
Tech Savvy Mom, Engineer, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Writer. Foodie. CEO/Publisher: @InlandMoms CoFounder: @LatinaMomBlogs Contributor: @MomsLA - Bilingual17593#ifihadglass I would travel the world by car, train, bus & on foot and share my experience live via google hangout: [link]
(Jeff Kátra)
Wilkes-Barre, Pa
Lover of Design, Social Media, Writing, Marketing, and Life. I would completely integrate it into my life for a year. I would call the project “My Year Through the Google(Looking) Glass.” [link]
(Christopher Camp)
Inwood, New York City
DP | Filmmaker | Photographer | Tech Wiz | Comedy Writer | US Soccer Fan | Adventurer17358#ifIhadGlass I'd wear it during my trip from NYC to the World Cup in 2013 in Brazil. [link]
(Riece Ransom)
Where The Finer Things Are
I have a lot of hobbies. I've been blessed w/ many talents. Including the gift of Songwriting; for: Brooke Hogan.Raheem DeVaughn.Paula Campbell +. 17264@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd use it to voice/visually copy, on the go, my sporadic ideas for new songs, fashion designs & biz blueprints [link]
(JR Hildebrand)
Indy or NorCal...
Racecar driver from the Bay Area; driving the No. 4 National Guard Panther Racing IndyCar through 2013. Give me some wheels, I'll drive it.17254#ifIhadglass I'd capture the feeling of driving at the greatest racetrack in the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, at 230mph. @IMS [link]
Where your imagination is...
Tech & film lover. Passionate writer. Fitness aficionado. CEO of Bluey Co Inc. 17142@projectglass I would hit the gym every day creating workout videos for others or live instructions (5 days per week) #ifihadglass [link]
(Alec Hartman)
I'm a proud NYC based Rails Developer. Managing partner of @nycdevshop, Co-Founder of @digitalocean and Co-Creator of @nytechday17092I'd create an app that had real-time information about cabs when you looked at their taxi number using AR #ifihadglass [link]
(Dave )
Coronado CA
Executive Chef, Food & Wine, Music lover, God's kid, Family: @karenbland @BobbeBrooks_ @SavvyBabii17030As an Executive Chef in a high volume fine dining restaurant in San Diego, , I would show the world what its like to be a Chef #ifihadglass [link]
(seth goldstein)
climb16916i'd enable DJs to interact with their on and offline audiences in new ways without ever taking their hands off the decks #ifihadglass [link]
(Tim Burd)
Los Angeles Area
As a CEO, internet innovator, and technology pioneer, building profitable companies by leveraging the power of the Web is my passion.16867#ifihadglass I would create a suite of social tools aimed at integrating google glass with twitter, g+, etc to connect glass users together [link]
(Miss Adventure)
Jenn Larson AKA Miss Adventure tackles dangerous and exotic assignments. In mere hours she trains and prepares (?) to take on the thrill of a lifetime. 16767#ifihadglass Our viewers would have the most ultimate misadventure experience through video, maps, facts, and more. [link]
I am pretty awesome. Check out this simple guide to my tweets: // former Chief Technology Officer @ Obama for America. 16693#ifihadglass I would be able to further document some of insanity that I am participating in. [link]
(Augie Ray)
Greater New York City Area
Director of Social Media at F100 FinServ company. Former social media leader at @USAA & @Forrester. Pet lover. Pianist. Fan of Walt Disney & Frank Lloyd Wright.16590#ifihadglass I'd use the experience to learn & write how it will change marketing & brands, just I already have at [link]
(Iain Tait)
Brooklyn, NY
Listener of music. Watcher of things. ECD at Google Creative Lab. Father of twins. 16492#ifihadglass I'd tell *even more* of the early adopters I know on social media to go to [link]
(Cameron Gawley)
Dallas, Texas
Co-Founder and Marketing Technologist @BuzzShift Digital Strategy Agency | Co-Founder @CherryPick - Content Curation App for Brands 16053#ifihadglass I would document “Life of a Startup” and officially become a lifecaster… how about you? [link]
(Houston Zoo )
Houston, TX
We're here to inspire knowledge, appreciation, and care for the natural world!15913#ifihadglass We could share sea turtle releases in the Gulf and answer questions live through the whole process! [link]
(Seth Van Dusen)
I tour. I play bass and sing for @namesakerock. From Michigan, following my dreams in Atlanta.15763@projectglass #ifihadglass I could record videos playing music in front of hundreds of kids every single night. [link]
(Jason Smylie, CFE)
Las Vegas, NV
Owner, Exec VP, CMO, CIO - Capriotti's Sandwich Shop | snowboarder, tech geek, EDM lover, foodie, franchisor, vegas, poker donk, husband, proud UNLV alum15513#ifihadglass my baby son would some day see himself through my eyes @projectglass [link]
(Chris Christensen)
San Jose, California
Host of the Amateur Traveler podcast/blog, This Week in Travel podcast., for more brevity: @AmateurTraveler 15360Google Glass might be the only reason I would ever get contact lenses, interested in the photography applications #ifihadglass [link]
(Grant Perry)
Virginia Beach, VA.
At my core I'm a storyteller & approach every wedding for what it really is; the absolute most important story of your lives. Check us at I had Google Glass I'd use them to document & record an entire destination wedding. I want a pair please - thank you. #ifIhadglass [link]
(Nicholas Carlson)
New York
Deputy Editor at Business Insider. Tweets and retweets mostly about tech business, but also everything else. Tips: nicholas@businessinsider.com15021#ifIhadglass I'd use it to measure distances on golf courses, live blog event coverage, and make better, experience based slideshows [link]
(Krista Bartkowski)
Seattle, Washington
Through all the adversity, diamonds are formed under pressure. #Theta #UW #Huskies #socialmediamarketing #finance #daytrade 14705#ifihadglass i would rock those bad boys around the #universityofwashington campus #freemarketing #google [link]
(Bilal Khan)
14588@projectglass #ifihadglass I would record my audience at my concerts. [link]
(Jean Parks)
a chocolate eating, cupcake loving computer geek with a passion for bath/beauty products, finer living & fun14586@projectglass I'd attend #Blogher13 & stream a lot of it #ifihadglass [link]
(Adria Richards)
San Francisco, CA
Empowering People Through Technology. YouTube partner and creator. Coder. TED 2013 attendee. Snowboarder. Embrace your inner nerd.14566#ifihadglass I would show introverts how to create authentic connections in real life like I've learned to do [link]
(Aliza Sherman)
Alaska & The World
Human. Wife/Mother. Author/Speaker. Activist/Web Pioneer. Inspiring women worldwide via tech & travel #winesister #mominc #travelgirlsite14526Google Glass: If I Had Glass...I'd view the USA thru them enroute to SXSW in an RV! #ifihadglass #RVSX [link]
Austin, Texas
Social Media Honey Badger. American. Muslim. Progressive. Feminist. Geek. I work at (Tweets are my own.) I like tacos. 14395#ifihadglass I would use it to document my upcoming Street Retreat, as I experience homelessness on the streets of Austin for 72 hours. [link]
(Adam Heath Avitable)
iPhone: 28.662415,-81.364456
Comedian. Author of the book Interviews with Dead Celebrities. Unsolicited underwear model. Cartoonist. Shameless truth-sayer. Lover of all mankind. Except you.14291#ifihadglass I would take my comedy to a new dimension, fueled by global audience interaction and participation. Laugh with me or don't. [link]
(Kevin Nalts Nalty)
Northeast USA
YouTuber. Marketer. Author of Beyond Viral. Viral Video Genius. Caddywompus.14265If I had Google Glasses, I'd videotape a bodacious prank video for YouTube. #ifihadglass [link]
(Kimberly Unger)
CEO, Game designer,Sci-fi nut, author of Game Design Essentials: Mobile Game Development, Entrepreneur, Futurist in training. 14200#IfIHadGlass  I would use it to take some of the fear out of parents teaching kids.  Our school, and many others,… [link]
(Katy Widrick)
Orlando, FL
Executive Producer for @GROWINGBOLDER TV on PBS; #Fitblog founder, #Fitfluential, Triathlete, Syracuse '02, wife of @nighthops, new mama to @BugChild.14181Oh boy... #ifihadglass I would take you behind the scenes of our TV and Web production and you would see how fun it can be! [link]
(August Rigo)
In Song...
Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Dishwasher. For all inquiries please contact @ericnicks 14063#ifihadglass I'd never forget a musical idea. At any moment sing a melody or recite a lyric w/out lifting a finger. Inspiration anywhere. [link]
(Pamela L. Gay)
Edwardsville, IL
Communicating astronomy and life in academia 1 sidereal day at a time.14050#ifihadglass you'd come w/ me, hands-free, as we do photography, define new astronomy, explore other nations (& worlds), & live the future. [link]
(Danielle Morrill)
San Francisco, CA
CEO & Cofounder of @Referly. Happy capitalist, passionate about living well, proud @Twilio alum. Writes code and prose.14021#ifihadglass I'd share my adorable niece and nephew on rollercoasters at Disneyland this weekend with my parents [link]
(Kalsoom Lakhani)
Founder @Invest2Innovate. #socent fangirl. Wearer of many hats (except cowboy). Most likely to be found in airport &/or instagramming. Play in @sandbox_network.13874#ifihadglass, I would fulfill my bucket list (see with it, so my community & friends could experience it with me! [link]
(Ken Fisher)
Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Ars Technica, scholar of ancient religions, PhD candidate at Harvard.13751I'd love to explore how Google Glass could change the job of being a writer & editor. #ifihadglass [link]
(TK | MUNROE ™ | )
I'm a Songwriter| Talent Buyer| Production Manager| Promoter| Event Coordinator| Green Energy Supplier| Mortgage Banker| and Friend.. 13723@projectglass #ifihadglass Id be able to bring to life what I see; Share my experiences through my social media channels; help create change [link]
(Courtney Agape)
God's Child, digital lifestyle expert, AKA, techie, doctoral student, educator, & social entrepreneur13640#ifihadglass I would teach tech classes for free this summer to at risk kids@projectglass [link]
iPhone: 47.578389,-122.394155
bike culture blogged13514Alternatively #ifihadglass, would roam the earth until another asteroid strike was recorded, with a life dashcam. [link]
(Jackie Silver)
13504#ifihadglass I could be a better Mom, it would be like having full time help! [link]
(Matt Haughey)
Pacific Northwesterly
Founder of, cofounder of and Huge cyclocross, photography, and web nerd as well.13468Being partially blind, #ifihadglass I'd use it to augment my lack of peripheral vision, use presence apps to avoid bumping into others, etc. [link]
new york city
The real time adventures of New York City band Man On Earth! Watch our new video New Album 'Things They'd Never Believe'13467#ifihadglass we would get & share a whole new view of the world as we travel back and forth across America & beyond playing our music. [link]
(Mark Dickinson Photo)
Daytona Beach Fl
Professional Photographer for Weddings in Daytona Beach Florida13358I'd document a wedding, editing, and delivery #ifihadglass. [link]
(Courtney C. Jenkins)
Cleveland, OH
Wife, daughter, sister, friend and Pastor-Teacher of Euclid Avenue Congregational Church. Flying in the face of ordinary! 12995#ifihadglass people can see my work as #clergy is more intense than ppl think. I do more than #pray & #preach. Help confront assumptions. [link]
Princeton, NJ
Entrepreneur. Designer. Writer. Guru. Overall I'm just a #creativeconsultant who brings conceptual visions to life #INTHELAB12964Simple. I will utilize the technology to reinvent how I view the world and become an expert so I can train my friends & family. #ifihadglass [link]
(Samantha Schuerman)
United States
I'm a mommy, former hairstylist/make up artist. I have a you tube channel with make up tutorials and product reviews, so check it out and subscribe!!!!12819#ifihadglass I would wear them while bouncing in our bouncy castle! [link]
Fresno, CA
Clean Party Music for ALL | Singer | Songwriter | Producer | | | 12816@projectglass ... I dream of using my glass on tour!! Maybe even a song will be inspired by your project!! Project Glass Tour #ifihadglass [link]
(Jason Young)
Dallas, TX
Author of Culturetopia and professional speaker on leadership, culture and customer service. Trainer. Coach. Father. Husband.12631#ifihadglass I'd wear it on the podium during my keynote speeches to track audience reaction for an entire year! [link]
(Lisa Peyton)
Portland, OR (PDX)
Lisa Peyton - Social Media Coach & Digital Marketing Strategist, @SMExaminer contributor. HUGE pro tennis fan, active blogger and Portland fitness instructor. 12611#ifihadglass Could I watch Tour de France footage while I teach my cycling class? #ifweallhadglass watch real-time Tour while riding inside. [link]
(Chris Lamarca)
New York/Maryland
Web Designer/Developer. Network Administrator for a few internet communities. Professional Astronaut. #SabresNation12569#IfIHadGlass I wouldn't miss a moment. I would capture every "Glass" moment and create memories to last. Memories would never leave my sight [link]
(Josh Williams)
Product at Facebook. Former co-founder + CEO at Gowalla. Maker of the finest margarita in Noe Valley.12497#ifihadglass it would have told me the likelihood of surgery was not worth the momentary pleasure of beating @maxvoltar down the icy hill. [link]
(Lisa Gualtieri)
Boston, MA
I teach Online Consumer Health, Social Media & Health, Mobile Health Design, & Digital Strategies for Health Communication @TuftsUniversity School of Medicine12316#ifihadglass I'd provide context-sensitive, evidence-based exercise, diet, & adherence reminders & risk warnings to improve public health [link]
(Ari Meisel)
New York, NY
Serial Entrepreneur / Efficiency Consultant / Speaker / Ironman / Author / Inventor / Wellness Coach / Achievement Architect12256#ifihadglass I would be able to do more with while spending time with my 1 year old and twins arriving in April [link]
(Mary Hall)
Los Angeles, CA
Mary Hall, author of The #Recessonista™ + Huffington Post contrib. Frugal #fashionista, #SMM Featured in NY Times ©Copyright The Recessionista, 2008-13. 12209#IFIHADGLASS I could document the life of a blogger! "Behnd the Blog" thru the eyes of Google [link]
(Evan White)
on the phone
I live in Venice Beach & I would love to give you a #HighFive 12053#ifihadglass I'd share my ACL recovery with the world... And it will be super fun to watch I'm sure! ;) [link]
( Samir Panjwani )
Lawrenceville, GA
I wanted to make a Twitter page to communicate with the awesome people who are interested in communicating with me. That means you, mom. I'm a Swagist. #TurnUp11989@projectglass #ifihadglass I would change the world... #GoogleGlass2013 [link]
(Christopher Mims)
Baltimore, New York
Technology and science reporter for @qz Tips: christopher@qz.com11963#ifihadglass I would become a vigilante health inspector. [link]
Webmaster, Freelance programer. Custom code boutique web design shop in Vancouver wa. We build ideas for the internet. If you dream it, we can code it11901Every adventure I take and record would be on display thanks to Google #ifihadglass [link]
(Jon Ferrara #SocBiz)
Santa Monica
Pioneer & creator of #CRM solutions, CEO - Nimble, Founder of GoldMine. Interests; Social Selling, Social Business, Customer Lifecycle, Acquisition & Retention.11822I would embed @Nimble #SocialSelling magic to empower biz peeps to magically connect & engage w context to their contacts #ifihadglass [link]
(Stephanie Wonderlin)
Austin, TX
Sr. Mgr @momofactor specializing in social media for direct sellers, Host/Producer #TweetheartTV, named #TwitterPowerhouse by @HuffPost, hi-tech mom11813@carlydurham Would LOVE to be a part of the #ifihadglass campaign -- so awesome. [link]
the Terror Dome
HI I'm Vaski I make music11753#ifihadglass id play a show with it on and stage dive [link]
11671#ifihadglass I would wire the #glass to find parking using an image recognition api that displays open spots nearby. [link]
(Daniel Kraft, MD)
Stanford, CA
Stanford & Harvard trained MD, Scientist, Innovator. Exec Director of FutureMed & Faculty Chair of Medicine @ Singularity University11580#ifihadglass I'd help develop new applications for its use in health & medicine & inspire others to as well [link]
(Peter Corbett ✈ )
DC + NYC + The World
CEO of @iStrategyLabs. @Davos speaker & @GlobalShapers member. @sandbox_network alum. Founder of @dctechmeetup. Full bio: I'd have every presenter at @dctechmeetup stream their experience live from the stage each month. POV of an innovator! [link]
Silicon Valley, CA
I'm the funniest person my kids know. For a good time, call (650) 937-9442.11427#ifihadglass I would stare into my children's eyes, and show the world how moons and stars are born. [link]
(Roy Naim)
Brooklyn, NY
I'm a human soul on fire that loves people & storytelling. I also happen to be an undocumented immigrant AKA a #DREAMer. I'm on my way to reconquer my kingdom.11312#ifIhadglass I would be able to capture the beauty of kindness that takes place daily all over the country. [link]
I'm on YouTube!
Founder of @ ________, vlogger, optimist, vegetarian. Blog: Pics: Like: #CoolKids11285#ifIhadGlass I'd bridge the gap between when videos are shot, and when they're seen. Let's write @YouTube's next chapter: Life, broadcasted. [link]
(John Rogers)
Los Angeles
Geekerati, TV and film writer.11244#ifihadglass I would experiment with the footage with post-production software to see how close I could mimic classic TV/film coverage. [link]
(Bianca Bosker)
Executive Tech Editor, The Huffington Post (@HuffPostTech). Author, Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China11219#ifihadglass id experiment with bringing readers with me to interviews+living life by committee cc @moneyball [link]
(William J. Ward)
Syracuse, New York
Social Media Professor in @NewhouseSU at @SyracuseU - Digital, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Higher Ed, Innovation, Creativity, Design 11206#ifihadglass Ty "the Wonder Dog" & I will share the future with social global learners cc: @projectglass [link]
(Mike Nazzaro)
New York City
Music. Gator for Life. Beat Everyone. Addicted to Hit Records. Management for @Tinashe #TeamTinashe I'd capture and share the experience of recording the debut album of @RCARecords artist @Tinashe whom I manage. [link]
(Troy Rudd)
Warsaw, Indiana
Single dad from Indiana. Former high school Spanish teacher and life-long entrepreneur. Love to travel - Especially Mexico and Jamaica! could use current technology that my paralyzed hands do not currently let me use with ease. #ifIhadGlass [link]
(Jason Lindsey)
Jason Lindsey is an award-winning science educator. Jason is the founder of Hooked on Science and visits hundreds of schools each year doing hands-on science.11119I would use Glass as a tool to help get America “Hooked on Science.” This would allow me to share science with the world. #ifihadglass [link]
(Damon Tucker)
Pahoa, Hawaii
Big Island of Hawaii's Bionic Blogger: Communications and Social Media Aficionado Will Blog for Adventure!11088#ifihadglass I would show the world what Hawaii is like as a resident and not just as a tourist. [link]
(Rob J. Mack)
New York, NY
I'm interested in advertising, PR , energy, foreign policy and history and how all of these interconnect with technology.11000I'd explore the world around me in a new way. I'd look for the hidden history that lies beneath the surface of our reality. #ifihadglass [link]
(Adam Bellow)
New York
eduTecher / eduClipper Founder, Educational Technologist, Public Speaker, GCT, Dad to Two Amazing Boys, and All Around Good Guy. 10934@projectglass #ifihadglass I would look a lot more normal while walking around NYC. Well, more normal. [link]
(Damien Basile™)
New York, NY
Menswear accessories fashion designer. I make bow ties and pocket squares.10876#ifihadglass I'd document the process of a designer starting a fashion line from scratch. No one REALLY knows until they experience it. [link]
(Justin Bravo)
San Antonio, TX
Passionisto, Entrepreneur, & Tech Addict. 10873#ifihadglass I would log the 12 marathons I am running in 2013. I'd record video & photos of the courses to share a runner's perspective. [link]
(Golan Levin)
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Artist, researcher, educator, instigator; director of the @creativeinquiry lab at CMU. Tweets about new media & digital culture.10832#ifihadglass I'd develop uncanny new forms of interactive art and cinema with the students in my lab, @creativeinquiry at CMU. [link]
(Daniel Gordon)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
4th generation jeweler @SamuelGordons in OKC specializing in diamonds, engagement rings, fine watches, brands such as @TagHeuerOnline & fashion jewelry. 10793@projectglass #ifihadglass I would show the world the beauty of the gems I get to see each and every day. [link]
(Chase Boyajian)
Los Angeles, CA
Editor, Cinematographer, and Motion Graphic Artist. Working at BioWare in L.A., a div. of Electronic Arts. This account is personal and does not reflect EA.10784#ifihadglass I would be able to stick my head out the window instead of just a GoPro [link]
(Phil Suceset)
I keep it real where others keep it fake. Love and Breath the Kingwood air. Love Dave Chapel, and iPhone 5 is coming in the Mail Soon.. Yeeppe10640I would make it count. It would awesome to go paragliding and bike riding with them on. Also to be able to share it. Kewl #ifihadglass [link]
(Maya Baratz)
New Products & Shows at ABC News, by way of @WSJ, @MTV and @Flickr; Co-Editor of The Startup Chef. Avid (ab)user of parentheses...and ellipses.10603#ifihadglass I'd start a work (or life) shadowing program that will make us feel more connected by allowing us to walk in each other's shoes [link]
(Justin Robert Young)
Oakland I'd travel all over the country putting on scavenger hunts. And fall asleep on planes. And eat chicken wings. And podcast. [link]
(Seth Priebatsch)
Boston, MA
Chief Ninja of SCVNGR & LevelUp. ( | would create a (mobile) payment method that scanned the consumer's face (for real) to verify payment authenticity. #ifihadglass [link]
(Scott Markman)
New York
I have 10 yrs. of online marketing experience w/ SEO, SEM, Affiliate, Email & Social Marketing.10403I would be great for Google Glass because I can take fancy pictures of my kids #ifihadglass [link]
(Mark Hamade)
Chief Operating Officer of PKM STEEL SERVICE INC, a fit dynamic executor, change agent, visionary & mentor skilled in leading organizations to success. 10334fabricating steel cool, making production ultra efficient & generating bigger return on investment with google glass is cooler #ifIhadGlass [link]
(Dan Thompson)
Stanford, CA
Interested in technology companies and finance. #Stanford #CS major. Highly excitable.10297#ifihadglass I would spend all my time developing apps for it, but I'd work outside so people see how cool I look :) [link]
(aeran yu.유애란)
Los Angeles, California
Industry-Finance Analyst, f. Journalist/ 세상소식-투자-경제 정보 나눠요../ [에스크로 무엇이고 어떻게 할 것인가]집필중/ 재정경제부 국제금융센터,Venture Capital/ 고려대 정외과-경영대학원 금융전공/ Prima/페이스북 자산talk 운영10195#ifihadglass Living in LA. Mom, wife, officer. Camping evangelist in the Korean community. Glass will give more fun to our wild life. [link]
(Christopher Pohle)
South Jersey
My name is Christopher Pohle and I am Real Estate agent with Weichert Coastal. Being self employed for 20 years I know the value of hard work and great service.10163#ifihadglass I am a Real Estate agent. I could give clients instant answers and record qualities that they like in a property. [link]
Senior New Media Producer at Al Jazeera English, Huffington Post Blogger, Coder, Dataminer, #GeekChique. Opinions are my own. RT ≠ endorsements10149#ifihadglass I would test the boundaries of communication, research & journalism at Al Jazeera BUT use it for fun as well & 2 show off ;) [link]
(Russell W. Hanson)
Boston Berlin NY SF MIA LA HOU
Check my site: for info in more than 140 characters, always.10143I would make it talk via OSC and Processing, b/c those are chill. #ifihadglass [link]
LA LA Los Angeles, CA
#Founder of Kick Punch Labs, a #MobileDesign and #AppDevelopment firm in #LosAngeles, CA. Also #father of 3 boys 5, 3 and 1. 10113@Ifihadglass #ifihadglass I would take as much video of my 3 little boys growing up in front of my eyes... [link]
(You You Xue)
Official Twitter Account of You You Xue! I'm an iOS and Mac Dev, Minecraft Player, Photographer, and Internet Presence! Follow me for more!10090#IfIHadGlass: I would revolutionize mathematical education by integrating software right into a student's curriculum. [link]
(Michael Puline)
Atlanta, GA / Milano, It
Passionate shopping center professional (a skosh techy) who loves all things retail, fashion, and food. Fueled by high-octane faith, family and jiu jitsu.10058@google I would revolutionize the shopping center business #ifIhadGlass [link]
(Ray Strazdas)
Nueva Jerzey
Hi! Names Ray, Sting Ray. Loveable dude, livin' the dream. Often called Mr. Personality. Confused daily for Tom Felton.Are you a Raydiator? we'd travel the world and site-see together...fake would become real and imaginary would become RAYality, we never even left? [link]
(Bryan Shearer)
Gettysburg, PA
I am Bryan Shearer, the CEO/President of Etaris LLC, an affiliate marketing company that does it all! Proud husband and father of 4 kids and I love to cook!10027#ifihadglass I would record and document major historical sites in 1st person detail for people who are unable to visit them personally. [link]
(Joe Mansour)
Washington, DC
For work: Digital Director for @BankruptingAm & Public Notice. For fun: #Hstreet living, #NASA, gin, foreign policy & travel.10027I'd bring more transparency to Washington #IfIHadGlass. Full post on Google+ [link]
(Đavid Tashjiaη)
Cambridge, MA, USA
Director of Digital Strategy @MITSloan (views are my own). I lives & breathe: Digital Strategy, Digital Media, Social Media, Design, Photo., Travel, & Soccer.10005#IfIHadGlass I will experiment it for use in #HigherEd, since it integrates seamlessly to make things easier to catalog, retrieve and learn. [link]
Anacortes, Washington
World traveler, guitar player, conspiracy buff, prepper, gold and silver investor, Father, Mac, comedy, solar energy, wind energy, content single guy. Taoism.9950I live in the great Pacific Northwest, and I travel globally. I have a very diverse environment around me. Let me play Glass! #ifihadglass [link]
(סיבה ותוצאה)
I'm Jay Smith. Music lover, aspiring artist, sporadic hipster, get at me.9942#ifihadglass making my how-to videos couldn't be easier! [link]
(Sean X)
San Francisco, CA
Digital Strategy Director, Amazon Advertising. I believe in the future and the ability to make our most optimistic and inspired ideas of the future a reality. 9917#ifihadglass I would use it for a project I founded where we research how digital technologies influence Friendship. [link]
(Thomas Goetz)
iPhone: 37.781647,-122.389168
Idea Delivery Systems™ in Technology, Healthcare, Etc. Past: Wired; Future: just you wait...9841Smart brainstorming. MT timoreilly: Here's @make's #ifIhadglass thoughts I'd do topnotch heads up repair documentatn [link]
(Robert Hernandez)
Los Angeles
Profe @USCAnnenberg MacGyvering Web journalism. Co-founder of #wjchat. @ONA boarder. @NAHJ 4life. #daremightythings // My headphones... they saved my life.9833#ifihadglass I’d continue to explore how I could develop engaging content/stories to inform our community: #AR [link]
Top ranked HEALTH and MEDICINE influencer, advocate of DIGITAL HEALTH and author of HEALTH CRITICAL in FORBES9808Explore the role in #DigitalHealth to enhance real-time MD / patient interactions, education & improved clinical outcomes. #ifihadglass [link]
(Dale Moss)
Brandon, SD
Reaching for higher things Wide receiver for the Chicago Bears #FOE #Hardwork 9769@projectglass #ifihadglass I would give people a look at what it's like playing for the historic Chicago Bears! ... [link]
(Megan Olivi)
Fox Sports host, reporter & producer. Shoe addict. Entertainment junkie. Sports lover. East coast girl living the dream out west.9750@BradHubbard that is SO COOL #ifihadglass I'd film all the crazy sports action I get to see all day. I bet @JoeJitsu would film his sparring [link]
(Chris Welch)
+ 35.0272°, - 85.1904°
Purveyor of Fine Technologies9701Would love to do some augmented reality stuff with our engineers #ifihadglass [link]
(Cory Bergman)
GM @breakingnews, a mobile-first startup owned by @nbcnews. Founder @lostremote. I tweet a lot about #mobile and #socialtv.9655#ifIhadglass our @breakingnews team would customize real-time alerts for Google Glass - [link]
(Bobby Goodlatte)
San Francisco
This journey 1% finished9548#ifihadglass I'd have an excuse to start climbing big walls outdoors. But I'm doing it either way—started this week [link]
(Charles Shaughnessy)
Los Angeles, California
Actor/Entrepreneur. Thinker, husband, father, soccer fan, life-liver. Find contentment in surrender to each moment:good or bad. Go Lakers and Chelsea F.C.9543#ifihadglass Realtors could capture real time Home Tour video and send it to clients with MLS details while covering multiple listings. [link]
(Lars Grombach)
loves @lovesarahashley , Monash Management & Marketing Graduate,Marathon Runner, Bayern Munich & Liverpool fan9510#ifihadglass I would do all my running with it and show people the world outside the U.S ;) @projectglass [link]
(Vegan Tweeter)
New York City
People are SO worried about the imaginary lack of protein/iron/etc in vegan diets. I'm more worried about the lack of empathy & compassion in theirs. #GoVegan!9482I'd seamlessly share my life's experiences in this incredible, vibrant, beautiful city I'm lucky enough to live in. #NYC #ifihadglass [link]
(Robby Starbuck)
Los Angeles
I Direct Music Videos For A Living. If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up. -Hunter S. Thompson9438So #IfiHadGlass i'd direct a music video on @projectglass #GoogleGlass - that'd be a fun first! [link]
iPhone: 33.986992,-84.079399
bigstuf guy, catalyst host. author God's Blogs. twitter to give you inf0.9397#ifIhadglass,i would interview 15k students @ our camps, put their faces on big screen $ show them how they can impact africa and the world. [link]
(Irene Gabashvili PhD)
San Francisco Bay Area
Entrepreneur passionate about helping people to take active role in their health to reach their full potential. Founder of @Aurametrix : would use it as an interface to @Aurametrix to help people discover what makes them feel better or worse [link]
(Lyle J. Dennis, M.D.)
Neurologist and technofuturist interpreting the latest human longevity research and news for practical use.9379#ifihadglass as a neurologist I would use it daily to improve care of my patients. It is the next leap in the practice of medicine. [link]
(Donte Caul™ )
Phillipsburg NJ
#instagram=itsdodouble9375#ifihadglass I'm a blaster so i would record videos of rock being moved with explosives. [link]
(Johnny Kash)
Indianapolis, IN
Artist|Dreamer|Weirdo9357#ifihadglass I would constantly be on a mission to find new & exciting adventures, so I could capture them and share them with the world. [link]
(Ian A. Pena)
North Andover, MA
#Insightful #Intelligent & #Imaginative. I #ShareHappiness. Love Reminding People Of Their #Dreams. @CScharp Asst. Manager. -i.P.9294@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd integrate videos I'd record on it, with my @WordPress blog and remember my entire life with @evernote. :D [link]
Polymath - Conflict Analysis - Psychology9170It's the human experience, to live learn and embrace life. Id never let a day pass without a path #ifihadglass [link]
(Jess Redmon)
Los Angeles, CA
Digital Don Draper, Rock & Roll professional, music addict9164#ifIhadglass I want to paint interactive layers over L.A. [link]
(DJ Encore )
22 Yr Old DJ From Hbg |I Love Music, Money & Tattoos|I Fear God|Success Is The Best Revenge|1 of Zoe717's Official DJ's #CityOfficialz8988#ifihadglass I'd let everyone experience what a night in the dj booth is like.! [link]
(michelle kaufmann)
Bay Area, California
architect / designer / advocate / car dancer8977Ok, this is a game changer. Hello, future. #ifihadglass [link]
(Jim Glaub)
New York City
Creative Director of Interactive for @SerinoCoyne / Brooch Enthusiast / Lover of all things sparkly / Opinions are my own #Broadway8972@projectglass 360 backstage experience w/ one of our actors on Broadway (theatre history, process, photo & video). #ifihadglass [link]
(Jeff Fisher)
Designer/Author/Speaker Jeff Fisher is Engineer of Creative Identity for North Portland-based Jeff Fisher LogoMotives - and Rose Festival clown Toots Caboose!8966#ifihadglass it would be incredible to document, interact, have fun hands-free while "playing in the dirt" of Fishingham Garden | #gardening [link]
Dad, runner, boater. SVP Digital Operations at Havas Discovery. Interests: #MobileMarketing #mCommerce #SocialMedia Tweets represent my personal opinions.8961#ifihadglass I'd video my son's team mates playing soccer & football & share with their parents on a custom #YouTube channel. SCORE! [link]
(Atit Shah)
Virgo Supercluster
film producer, entrepreneur, global traveler, tech/sci geek, lucid dreamer. Producer @ Create Entertainment; Consultant 4 many Tech Start-Ups inc @PlutoMobile8941#ifihadglass Id curate & capture '193' #UNofcountries biop(t)ics 4 a period of 20yrs & call the documentary series #sliceoflife #film #doc [link]
(Kirk Perry)
Creative Director, and Founder of Myth and Legend inc. 8825#ifihadglass I would see how well it could be used as a personal assistant using the glasses 8-12 hours a day for a month. [link]
(Marcelo Calbucci)
Seattle, WA
Co-founder & CTO at @EveryMove; Seattle Startup Instigator.8763I don't care if I'm called weird. I want one of these. I'd prefer to be embedded on my brain (V2?) #ifihadglass [link]
(Ross Hudgens)
Los Angeles, CA
Founder of @siegemedia, a content marketing agency. I enjoy SEO, startups, blogging, and building scalable processes within businesses.8716@projectglass #ifihadglass, I'd use my SEO/search background as an exploration of the uses of the tool. [link]
(Claudio )
California & Argentina
Ex soccer player - Made in Argentina - MBA Entrepreneur - World Traveler - Actor - Social Media Friend - amateur Photographer8675#ifihadglass I'd be the ambassador for worldwide travelers & hispanic market sharing my worldwide experiences to my friends and followers [link]
Constitutional conservative. Gun enthusiast. Six-time Uncle Kracker concert attendee #TCOT #TGDN #illhueminati8664#ifihadglass I could track the recipients of my Kiva microloans via GPS while simultaneously soaring through the blogosphere hands-free [link]
(Eric Xu (徐宥))
Chicago, IL
Google Programmer / Data Scientist. Things I enjoy: art, cooking, martial arts, musicals, painting, philosophy, skateboarding and Zen.8632I would dare help the elderly in China. #ifihadglass (background: ) [link]
(Ryan Hanley)
Albany, NY
Director of Marketing | Speaker | Podcaster | Defender of Awesome would would wear them to every speaking event for a year to chronicle the idea exchange from the vantage point of presenter #ifihadglass [link]
(Pedro Torres Picón)
New York, NY
 Entrepreneur and investor from Latin America, now in NYC. Founder and Managing Director at @qventures, reFounder and CEO at @matchbook. Venezolano.8560#ifihadglass I'd organize a hackathon so folks from all over could create amazing new things for @projectglass and demo their creations live [link]
Virginia Beach, VA.
We're a dynamic husband and wife team who specialize in Wedding and Lifestyle Photography & Design. We’re different! We’re fun! And telling your story visually 8479If I had @projectglass I'd use them to document & record an entire destination wedding. I want a pair please. #ifIhadglass [link]
(Paul Dateh)
Los Angeles, CA
Official Twitter profile of Paul Dateh - musician and co-host of I'd be able to share what #hiphopviolin looks like from my perspective [link]
(Michael Dorausch)
Los Angeles, CA
Yes, I'm a real Los Angeles Chiropractor (ADIOLA). Also Planet Chiropractic guy, SEO Speaker, Distance Runner, Author and Photographer.8392#ifihadglass I would walk popular Los Angeles locations using Google Maps and report on findings to improve local/mobile search. [link]
(Zodiac Killa)
hello8359#ifihadglass When my blind date says she's in a chartreuse dress at the crowded bar, I'll be able to figure it out [link]
(Alex Prushynskyy)
Mountain View
recless by choice but lean by constraints - @powercircle8353#ifihadglass I would document my running adventures, 80+miles/month, here in Bay Area. Running Powerlines at Rancho: [link]
(Zack Price)
Chicago, IL
Providing updates on my thoughts and happenings conveniently to those who may take an interest. zackprice at G mail8290#ifihadglass I would arm athletes with devices to record/stream video live to fans around the world. [link]
(Thomas O'Brien)
Minneapolis / San Francisco
Hominid inspired by peace, tech, collaboration, film, skateboarding, living forever, learning and so forth. Co-founder @rolltree 8290#ifihadglass I'd be ecstatic to explore the new frontier of mass collaboration. My goals: collective consciousness & the cosmos. #thinkbig [link]
(Hugo Organista)
boss. Music Video Guy. Online Marketing. Boy Genius. Web Developer. Entrepreneur. Hip-Hop Blogger. people would understand how to live a healthy lifestyle. [link]
(Charles Hudson)
Partner at SoftTech VC with @jeff. 8289#ifihadglass i would make a photo shoot of my day and send it to my family so they can see SF through my eyes. [link]
(Kelli Zink)
Chicago & on location
Host of CelebTV dot com, w/a passion for the NFL, yoga, Nike dunks & music. I'm on TV too: weekly on Good Day Chicago Fox & CNN, Fox News and TV Guide.8276@projectglass #Ifihadglass I would be able to i.d. every celeb during red carpet interviews, and never be left speechless. [link]
(Kathi Browne)
Knoxville, TN
I am a social media evangelist, founder of Healthcare Talk, and host of Health Care Hangouts. I help hospitals and physicians communicate better.8272The writer in me came out today. I did a word count of my #ifihadglass  post to make sure I didn't go over.  I need help. [link]
(Steve Jang)
San Francisco
Co-founder/CEO of @SoundTracking. Product designer, surfer, skateboarder & selector. Advisor/Investor in @Animoto @Blackjet @StackMob @Uber & @WillCall.8246#ifihadglass I would use maps to navigate hands-free while skateboarding or biking through different cities and towns. With beats on. [link]
(Ryan Stegman)
iPhone: 42.805458,-84.444633
Artist for Marvel Comics' Superior Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, SCARLET SPIDER, Amazing Spider-Man, SHE-HULKS, and X-23.8240@projectglass I'd record myself drawing pages from the actual Spider-Man comic because that's my real job #ifihadglass [link]
(Quentin Hardy)
San Francisco
Deputy Tech Editor, The New York Times. Tweets are my own, even the ones with the serial numbers filed off.8220#ifihadglass I could look at cats all day without holding them in front of my face. Safer driving! [link]
(Eric Larson)
CA | SF & OC | Soon NYC
Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend, #Negotiator & #Entrepreneur @VeriSum Consultant to CPA firms #TaxConsulting 8157#IfIHadGlass I would use the reality glasses to remember people's names & contact info. The glasses would display friends info on the lenses [link]
(Eric Leebow)
Internet Visionary, Social Media Entrepreneur, Researcher, Creative, and cool like FreezeCrowd!8139#ifihadglass I would promote my website on college campuses, video students I gave flyers to, and get directions to all the student unions. [link]
(Elaine G. Bradley)
The one, the only Utah County
I work out. I hang out. I am one-fourth of Neon Trees.8135@projectglass #ifihadglass I could live-stream Neon Trees shows from behind the drums, send vids to my boys at home, & take more tour pics. [link]
(The Nerdy Nurse)
Atlanta, Ga
Patient, Nurse, and Technology Advocate. Clinical Informatics Specialist passionate about improving healthcare and lives through use of technology. #Blogger8128#ifIhadGlass I would use it to improve patient care delivered by nurses and other clinicians at the patient's bedside. [link]
(Michael L. Chasen)
Washington, DC
Focused in the technology, education and SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) space. Co-founder and former CEO of Blackboard, where I spent 15 years.8121Working on new venture to revolutionize how ppl connect. #ifihadglass we’d combine location, profiles & aug reality to create a SocialRadar. [link]
(James Stevenson)
Studio City, CA
Community Lead at @InsomniacGames. @Cornnation Contributor. @Huskers alum and superfan. Enjoys pizza. All opinions here are my own8108I think #ifihadglass I'd use it as part of @insomniacgames's livestreams / google hangouts going forward. New perspective of our studio! [link]
Fred Frawley has been writing about intellectual property and social media issues for years. He has a national consulting practice putting these ideas to use.8082#ifihadglass I would bike the East Coast and go to bluegrass shows on the way. [link]
(Annie Heckenberger)
NYC Transplant, with a heart full of Philadelphia. I tell people what they think. I am a Red Tettemer.7981This tweet has no photo. No video. No vine. No sound. But it would #ifihadglass [link]
(Marie Lu)
Pasadena, CA
Author of the NYT bestselling Legend trilogy, currently consisting of Legend and Prodigy. I tumblr at .7975#ifihadglass, I'd actually be able to see how my character parkours off a 3-story building. Google Glass = a writer's best friend! <3 [link]
(Jared Rummler)
Yorba Linda, California
Developer of ROM Toolbox, Android Overclock and other apps found on the Android Market. Love to Surf, skimboard, longboard, hang out w/ the hot wife and code.7947#ifIHadGlass I would root it... and then go record myself longboarding some big hills & probably break my collarbone for the 4th time. [link]
(Nate Westheimer)
New York, NY
Picturelife7942#ifihadglass I'd wear them during the @NYTM and let @MLB live stream what it looks like on stage. [link]
(Karen K. Moran)
Beautiful S. Florida
Co-Founder & VP of Marketing for Clique VIP * Corporate Recruiter for TekPartners/MedPartners HIM * Public Relations * Event Production * Brand Marketing7899#ifihadglass I would invite ppl to join in on my wonderous weekend adventures throughout Miami @jon_reich [link]
(Lynne d Johnson)
Brooklyn, NY
Digital + Social Media Strategist @waggeneredstrom. I tweet about social media, marketing, Brooklyn, music, pop culture, kicks, Android, and motorcycles. 7883#Ifihadglass I'D help marketers better understand the future of consumer interactions [link]
(Lebron Jr 23)
West Coast └A
Dustin A.K.A. LeBron Jr 23. Owned of one of the most popular CP blogs of all time.7868@projectglass As a student in a new city and online blogger, glass is essential. #ifihadglass, navigating in a new town would be a cinch [link]
(Darren Bounds)
Jacksonville, Florida
Father, builder, entrepreneur, hacker. Co-founder & CTO @SportsYapper. Previously founder/CEO @Path_To & @Cliqset7868#ifihadglass I'd probably spend more time on Google Plus. [link]
(Joshua Currier)
Santa Rosa, CA
I am passionate about life and helping others. I am working towards living my optimal life and pursuing my dreams. http://www.EmpireHandbook.com7829#ifihadglass I'd record all the beautiful things I see. [link]
(Kevin Kozlen)
Bloomington, IL
All about media, tech, innovation, pr, marketing, craft beer, and home brewing. Also found at @goodbeerfest @1KBeers & @kozcomm7810G+: #ifihadglass  I'd show my friends, family, and the world my point of view,… [link]
Hi, I'm Dan. I make videos on the Youtube. Follow, stalk and be part of my life! But not in a creepy way...k bye!7789#IfIHadGlass You wouldn't be watching my youtube videos, you'd be living them. [link]
(Yehuda M. Neuman)
New York City
Director @TalentResources- Celebrity Booking & Brand Integration Marketing. Red Carpet Event Management. Tech & Celeb News. 7754#IfIHadGlass i would walk around and read all day. @wsj please have an app upon launch! So sick. [link]
(Carol Rosenberg)
Reporting from and about Guantánamo, the place, policy, people, war court for The Miami Herald, a McClatchy newspaper.7729#ifihadglass, I'd take it on assignment to a place most people can't go, [link]
(Marc Prensky)
New York City
thought leader, speaker, author, essayist, consultant and designer in education and learning #PRENSKYPERSPECTIVE7721I'd love 2 wear GGs in frnt of the 1000s of educators around the world 2 whom I speak each yr & write abt usg them in education #ifihadglass [link]
(Tim DeTellis)
Altamonte Springs, FL
President @newmissions Mentor @leadershiptree Free eBook: would travel with them through many airports #ifihadglass [link]
(Igor Burdetskiy)
Framingham, MA
Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Hooked on Hockey Magazine (HOHM) - Your Daily Dose For All Things Hockey - (@HOH_MAGAZINE)7670#ifihadglass I would show how one life can make a difference to many and in doing so inspire others to believe in themselves to be that one [link]
(Joe Simon)
Austin Texas
Filmmaker, Gear head, Cat lover - 7665#ifihadglass I would share my filmmaking and travel adventures in a whole new and exciting way. @projectglass [link]
(Kai Diekmann)
Palo Alto
Editor-in-Chief BILD-Zeitung, Axel Springer AG, Germany7658#ifihadglass I could take all my folks back home in Germany over here to Silicon Valley - virtually, but live! [link]
(Willie Morris)
Seattle, WA
User Experience and Product Designer by Trade, Adventurer by Choice. Former Genetics Nerd. Triathlete turned Crossfitter. Burgeoning Seattle-ite. 7653#ifihadglass I'd take them on one solid adventure a week until I turn 30 and post weekly on @projectglass [link]
(Greg Monterrosa)
Malibu, CA
I help people start companies. Co-Founder of @MyLLC Founder of @DGPWorld7646#ifihadglass I would find ways to make it a daily tool to help people. [link]
(Courtney L Teague)
Experienced educational consultant, neurodiversity connoisseur, educator, keynote speaker,blogger and instructional technology doctoral student. 7616#ifihadglass I would teach tech classes for free this summer to at risk kids@projectglass [link]
(jared abrams)
Hollywood, California.
Shooter based in Hollywood. I shoot mostly Music Videos and Documentaries. Check out my demo reel here. Thanks!7614#ifihadglass I would show you what it's really like Behind The Scenes of #independent #filmmaking. [link]
(Amish Shah)
La Jolla, CA
Internet Entrepreneur. Producer. Crazy. 7555@projectglass Going on explorations around world to discover ancient civilizations/ technology. Document it all with glass. #ifihadglass [link]
(Matt Duckor)
New York, NY
Assistant Editor at Bon Appétit (@bonappetit). I write the Consumed column on Executive Producer @drinktothatpod. Guy who eats things.7535Well, #ifihadglass I would consider wearing contacts. But (if reports or correct) I'd still be wearing @warbyparker-approved specs. [link]
(Julian Ballen)
7526#ifihadglass I would wear it everyday, testing the limits of altered reality, translating, recording and searching as much as possible. [link]
(Anna Debenham)
Front-end Astronaut7468Ok, it's a long shot but… #ifihadglass I would add it to my console library and keep it in @clearleft's device lab [link]
(David Teicher)
New York City
Associate Editor, Startups & Events, Resident Brand Hacker, @AdAge. Useless Info Junkie, Jets & Cowboys Fan, Rutgers Grad, Science Geek, Married To @MrsAerocles7468@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd document my 16 month old daughter's childhood and put my father-in-law's archaic camcorder to shame [link]
(King, Duane)
Portland, Oregon
CD at @HugeKingCoyle / Founder of Thinking for a Living7427#ifihadglass I'd chase the Northern Lights and show you the world from my perspective. [link]
(Will King)
we shave lives. for better, forever.7427#ifihadglass As CEO of King of Shaves I'd use it 2 Uniquely test our #nextgen #Hyperformance sys razor coming in 013 [link]
(CJ Raptor Claw)
On the virtual Battlefield!!!
Live show host,Grumpy Gamer and Machinima Partner. Stay tuned for upcoming shows and Live streams! Supporting Soldiers and families of the U.S Military! @wwpinc7405#IfIHadGlass I would be able to workout while Tweeting, Facebooking and Emailing. yeah. [link]
(Chris Tuttle)
New York, NY
Online Engagement Strategies for #Nonprofits: website development, email, #socialmedia, fundraising, advocacy & SEO. Loves Kermit & Lego. These views = my own.7332#IfIHadGlass I would want to learn how #nonprofits could utilize to empower their goals & mission. Events, telling stories, show impact... [link]
(Zach Garrett)
Co-founder of @BrightMango and co-developer of the Wood Camera app for iPhone. Serial entrepreneur. I love to travel.7286#ifihadglass I would leverage my experience as an entrepreneur to improve the efficiency of remote collaboration. [link]
(Kristen Swanson)
Oreland, PA
Authentic Education Consultant, Adjunct M.Ed. Professor, Google Certified Teacher, Edcamper, TedXPhillyEd Speaker, Keystones Tech Integrator, Leader, Learner7270I would capture the best teaching and learning to share with the world! #ifihadglass [link]
(Mat Houchens)
Gainesville, FL
Created @IPlayCOD (500k+ likes on FB). Digital Marketing Manager for @InfiniteEnergy. Thoughts on here are my own. Better 1/2: @Lulu9237265#ifihadglass I would no longer have an excuse to not capture life's precious moments as they happen. [link]
(Pit Bull Guru)
Red Bank NJ
Protecting Pit Bulls 24/7 - www.pitbullguru.com7233#ifihadglass I could better help my dog training and behavior clients. As a behavior technician and filmmaker Glass would help greatly! [link]
(Alexander Conroy)
Miami, FL
Technomancer: Coder, Developer, Designer, Digital Marketer. Academic: Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy. Gamer: Ingress, Rift, Planetside2. Owner @esotech.org7233#ifihadglass I would monitor server console error logs while coding. @projectglass [link]
(Parajunkee ☠)
New Orleans
Paranormal Book Blogger, Blog Designer & Web Designer, Graphic Artist, Avid Reader, semi-bitchy but only when provoked, Wife, Mom, junkee...7217If I had Glass - I would of course read with it. Look up definitions, post quotes, blog, just share the #booklove #ifihadglass [link]
Santa Monica, CA
Director of Marketing Mogreet. Mobile, startups, branding, community, IR, social media, social crisis. Active BOD member for @nirila @smc_la @smcnational 7185Man, if I had Google Glasses, this world would never be the same! Dog pictures, streets of LA and Venice, maybe some Oklahoma? #ifihadglass [link]
Chiptunes, infosec research, static analysis. My very name crashes things. I am the advocate for the machines. I solemnly swear I am up to no good.7146#ifihadglass I'd write apps for smartwatches that display tokens for the Glass to pick up and display expanded information @projectglass [link]
(Juan Andres Muñoz)
Digital and SM manager for @CNNEE. MS in HCI @GeorgiaTech. BA in Journalism @fcomnavarra. Blogger 10 minutes a day.7079#ifihadglass I would revolutionize mobile reporting looking at news through a different lens, what I call #glassnalism [link]
(koci hernandez )
Assistant Professor of New Media @ UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism7049#ifihadglass I would help reinvent Journalism as a professor at UC Berkeley. [link]
(Joe Mescher)
Burlington, VT
Digital Marketing Evangelist @DealerDotCom / / Creative Destruction {All Tweets Are My Own}7048Google Glass would help my 4 month old twins learn about the bold new world of tech (Along with 1,000s of auto dealers) #ifihadglass [link]
(Blake Ian)
NY Singer-Songwriter / Digital Buddhist / TAWKER LISTEN HERE! 7032#ifihadglass I'd Share SXSW experience, Stream from behind the studio mic, Be on time for my asian trip in Oct, and speak Japanese, WELL. [link]
(Jeremy & Angie)
World travelers, writers at the Living the Dream Network -, authors of The Long-Term Traveler's Guide - I would take it on our upcoming trip around the world to put it through its paces. Can it survive 40 countries and 18 months? [link]
Los Angeles, California
PhotoshopCAFE is the free resource for Photographers, Photoshop users, designers and videographers6990I would do realtime tweets and hangout on my podcasts and live events #ifihadglass [link]
(Raven Zachary)
Portland, Oregon, USA
Created apps for Obama, Starbucks, Amazon, etc. Founder of iPhoneDevCamp. Sold my company to Walmart, where I now run mobile product management for ‘Fortune 1’.6968#ifIhadglass I would rally the iPhoneDevCamp team to create GlassDevCamp for devs to innovate with the use of the Mirror API. @projectglass [link]
(Jay Fleischman)
Los Angeles / New York
I'm a lawyer who helps people with bill problems. Recent SoCal transplant from NYC. Where can I get a decent bagel around here?6930I'd let my child see himself through my eyes #ifIhadglass [link]
(Alexander M Adler )
La Jolla
Life isn’t about finding yourself. Create yourself. If you love life, life will love you back. Love being a Restaurateur @eatpuesto and #collegeboy @Square6911#ifihadglass I would develop innovative first person blog, #younggunchef/NYU student exposing all aspects of raw health at its best & fun! [link]
(David Perry Watkins)
Shanghai, New York
CEO and founder of ADOPTED and Perry Elam. Obsessed with fashionable + functional design and bringing products to market through innovative manufacturing.6891#ifihadglass I would design accessories that provide innovative design solutions to facilitate integration into daily life. #getADOPTED [link]
(Collin McHugh)
Freelance meteorologist & professional baseball player. instagram: cmchugh ... linkedin: never6854@ProjectGlass #ifihadglass I would show you what throwing a pitch in a major league baseball game feels like! [link]
(Chaka Fattah)
Philly/Washington D.C.
10 term Congressman leading on brain research,manufacturing,youth mentoring & co op /esop business.Lead sponsor of Gear up,AOTC & Core Scholars.6798#ifIhadglass I would provide an inside view of how it works on Capitol Hill. [link]
Colorado Springs, CO
I love the outdoors. My main outdoor activities are long distance cycling and mountain biking but I also enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, camping & more6794#ifihadglass I'd go mountain biking [link]
(Allan Peters)
Minneapolis, MN
Senior Art Director at Target.6778#ifihadglass I would curate all the design and art I visually absorb and share the best of it with the world. Nothing would be off limits. [link]
(Karan Goel)
Seattle, WA
Founder-Editor, 18, Internet Marketer, SEO, Loves lifehacks, Entrepreneurial, Wants to make the Web a better place. ✉ karan@goel.im6726#ifihadglass I wud flaunt it to all my friends. I would also enjoy life more, have less "stuff" with me, and live a truly singular life. [link]
(Damon Patterson)
#KC Arts Mecca
6670#ifihadglass I would develop new applications. [link]
(Captain Pinard ⚪⚪⚪)
I'm Nikki ;* I'm 18 I blow out my candles on December 19 #2013 #HOSA #JROTC #Raiders #CollegeBound #Ambitious #Taken 02.09.20106650#ifihadglass I'd document the flaws of the public eduaction system in my city so students entering high school can have a better education [link]
(Joe's Daily)
iPhone: 34.053898,-118.425865
I'm Joe Miragliotta, creator of Joe's Daily and host of @60sr. Follow me on Instagram (JoesDaily) and check out my blog: I would show you the world through my eyes using my YouTube channel and blog to host my adventures! [link]
(Dane Lyons)
Mountain View
@Saygent #maker #from #SF #likes #code #games #negative #space #squirrels #building #robots #grids #indie #science #snacks #designing #logos #hacking #nodejs6629#ifIhadglass I'd give the world context by attaching RFID tags to people and objects then pull information from the web. [link]
(Ramsey Mohsen)
Kansas City
Director of Social @DEGdigital, geek, co-founder of @kcsweaterparty, tech reporter, web strategist, speaker, YouTube vblogger! Work hard, do good, and have fun.6627#ifihadglass i would film FUN like: gadget REVIEWS: and INTERVIEWS: [link]
(Jayson Oertel)
Los Angeles, CA
movie marketer | social media enthusiast | digital evangelist | photographer | foodie6580I'd put it through the ringer to re-imagine my photography. It would scout locations, find details, and share right from there. #ifihadglass [link]
( JAX ✌♥&ヅ )
Mysteryville, Nowhere USA
I love DURAN DURAN GREEN DAY PINK FLOYD I SUPPORT PETA & EQUALITY I ŁÖVĘ MY CAT, 80's music HUGE Duran Duran fan6565#ifihadglass I would get out and explore the world [link]
(Morgan Brown)
Orange County, CA
Proud Dad, married to @erikab. Digital marketing & product guy focused on user growth.6512#ifIhadglass my kids would get to relive their childhood from the best seat in the house -- Dad's eyes. [link]
(Jon Stein)
Competitive gamer, INTJ, Riot Games Esports dude. Tweets are messages from Cthulhu.6499#ifihadglass I would give an unprecedented, real-time view into the underbelly of esports; I would happily live a public, connected life. [link]
(Daniel Tack)
Cedar Rapids, IA
Games contributor @Forbes. Writer, Editor, Web Guy, Internet/Gaming/Entertainment Aficionado. Views expressed here are my own.6491@projectglass The implications for covering shows and events are intriguing. #ifihadglass [link]
#AmazingRace 19 Winner! Loves @Ernie_Halvo. #GlutenFree Vegan but eats meat (yet no beans). #Ohio Gal. Feet on the ground & head in the clouds.6452@googleglass #ifihadglass I'd want to run @AmazingRace_CBS again with my hubby @Ernie_Halvo!! #bestadventurever [link]
(Vikki V)
Columbus, OH
I came up on the scene like I got some. || 6440#ifihadglass I would document my rise. Connect with fans, show how much is involved with being independent, highs & lows of being an artist. [link]
(Melissa Pierce)
Pro Mess Anti Crap. Founder: @PitchRefinery, @CWDevs, and @Femanomics. COO at @everpurse. Producer of @LIPB @RVSX1 and 100s of other less well known good ideas.6408#ifihadglass I’d capture all of our #RVSX filmmaking roadtrip to SXSW as well as every panel on Open Future including TimBerners-Lee! [link]
(Brett Pollard)
St. Louis, MO
Online marketing veteran, public speaker, entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and sports fan. I tweet about all of the above.6324#ifihadglass I would use it to create a "first person" barbecue YouTube channel. @projectglass [link]
The 'net is vast and infinite.
Lover of technology and digital culture. Explorer of cyberspace and virtual worlds. Serial hobbyist. Curious. From space. See also: @manyareads, @pluralsight.6170#ifihadglass I would use it to learn foreign languages, and as a bonus, use it to navigate menus at restaurants where English is limited. [link]
(IG: RealKingOfHeart)
Spirit Realm
Hey I'm The King Of Hearts A.K.A The Suicide King. I'm A Known Far Across Lands Of The Magical Spirit Realm, Follow Me And Enjoy The Ride. 6163#ifihadglass I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass 🍻 [link]
(Jim Pfaff)
Charleston, SC
Former Radio Talk-Show host, business owner and author. Blogger and marketing specialist.6155#ifihadglass I would experiment as the first Cong. staffer to go live during the day showing more about life on Capitol Hill and in DC. [link]
(Katrina Elaine Rice)
Where the story is...
Information addict. Passions: Gen Y, viral media, foreign policy ( former USSR) & wine. Writer, Speaker, Activist. Engaged to @TheNorwegianFox. #YRNF #Context6148#ifihadglass I would see the world more clearly, then magnify that clarity for others. [link]
(Frank Denbow)
Englewood, NJ
Music + Tech. Developer for @StartupThreads / @Picsicle / @songsicle, NY Organizer for @StartupWeekend / @StartupDigest / @MusicStartup, @afsenyc Advisory Board6141#ifihadglass I'd make mashups with @LeapMotionDev for augmented reality apps like these and evangelize to devs [link]
(Greg Blade)
Author/Entrepreneur6129#ifIhadglass I would use them to better my golf game! #pickme [link]
(Hillary Thomas)
Los Angeles, California
Design entrepreneur on a mission to make the world a prettier and happier place through delightful interiors and irresistible design objets.6109Wow #ifihadglass it would be so fun to record "before and after" processes! [link]
(Paul Ten Haken)
Sioux Falls, SD
President at Click Rain, Inc. Passionate about digital trends, the future of mobile, political marketing, and entrepreneurship.6101#ifihadglass I'd be able to tell others the whole story behind images like this --> [link]
(Tristan Pollock)
San Francisco, California
Co-founder of @Storefront, @SocialEarth. @AngelPad alum. Ex-@BestBuy. #retail #cre #collcons6086#ifihadglass I would open a pop-up shop, showing others how to use the technology. The experience of Glass will give perspective. [link]
(Dale Dudley)
Well look what we have here....a reader - Bill Hicks6083I want google glass to show my listeners what every day and every radio show is like, meetings laughs and more #ifihadglass [link]
(Dr. Mark Cheng)
Los Angeles based - Worldwide
Chinese manual medicine & acupuncture doc, @FunctionalMvmt instructor, @Beachbody's @TaiCheng creator, Sr. kettlebell training expert, martial arts researcher6064#ifihadglass I'd be able to teach so many more how to redefine #health & #fitness in a safer, smarter, more sustainable way. @projectglass [link]
(Devani Janssen)
Minneapolis, San Fran-Bound
Chasing rationalism, intrinsic motivation, skating, emotional intelligence, design, Spanish, physical & mental travel. Co-founder @rolltree. Glass Explorer.6039#ifihadglass it would be an invaluable investment for our startup, exponentially increasing opportunity for co-creating film, art & causes. [link]
(Leslie Errington)
San Francisco Bay Area
Co-Founder Forward Accelerator working in Social Media/Tech with Founders, Investors. I love family, friends, wellness! #socialmedia #startup #healthyimage6035I LOVE taking pictures n the moment, but it stops life. #ifihadglass I would keep my head up,be n the moment,share my art with the world! [link]
Minneapolis, USA
Bookings: Windish (Americas), Elastic Artists (Europe), Villains (Asia) Management: travishayden [at] me [dot] com6028#ifihadglass travel would be a futuristic adventure and I could take photos/vid while djing or working in the studio! [link]
(Ching Ho)
Restauranteur | Designer | Adventurer6005#ifihadglass I would share my design projects to help aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their own ideas to life! [link]
(Mark Miller)
New York City
Official Title: Senior Storyteller. I help companies gain global visibility through social media, online community building and relationship development.6002#ifihadglass I'd use it during my keynote address at SPTechCon on March 4 in SF [link]
(Raffi Sosikian)
Glendale, CA
Father, investor, coder, tech geek w/ MBA, serial entrepreneur, founder @URLUME. Rise & rise again 'til you make the impossible possible! I would wear it in LA traffic to find alt routes as I simultaneously post to Twitter the same, while executing trades of course [link]
(Royal Norman)
Phoenix, AZ
Meteorologist in Phoenix, AZ at 3TV. Arizona weather is fun and interesting and, from June-Sept, mostly hot. 5961#ifIhadglass my live interaction with viewers, followers and friends would be awesome! I’m a meteorologist at 3TV in Phoenix. [link]
(Seth Weintraub)
New York City
Technology addict, 9to5Mac/Google/Toys founder. USC Football fan, VFR Pilot. Blah.5951#ifihadglass I could carry my children and hold their hands more often [link]
(Cristiano Queiroz )
Los Angeles, California
Living my life to the fullest 5938#ifihadglass I would record my new life out in Los Angeles as well as celebrate all my accomplishments live with my family from brazil [link]
(ryan stasik)
Charleston, SC
i bleed black & gold, i rock a speedo, i enjoy Budweiser, and sometimes play the bass...5919@projectglass I would show the world how i melt face nightly across the USA while raging the bass guitar with @umphreysmcgee #ifihadglass [link]
(Hilary JM Topper)
Long Island, NYC
Blogger (, Author, Speaker, Small biz owner ( 631-393-0220, Blogtalk Radio Show Host 5907#ifihadglass I would train for and run the #divahalfmarathon with them on. Then blog, tweet and microblog about them! [link]
Atlantic, Iowa
My name is Mike Brady, I am a storm chaser based in southwest Iowa. I am also a Android app developer and tech guru who loves to skydive and chase tornadoes. 5897#ifihadglass I would bring you live tornadoes via Google Plus hangouts! #G+ [link]
Los Angeles (mostly)
Online social media training provider, author, entrepreneur, husband, father, brother5877I'd use them to share what it feels like to be at the starting line of the iditarod. #ifihadglass [link]
(Eric Adler)
La Jolla, Ca
@49ers lifer : Techie : Foodie (fkm fellow) ~ Tacoteur @EatPuesto5868#ifihadglass eyes would feast @EatPuesto tacos & live the life of a tacoteur @projectglass [link]
(Will Lassalle, PMP)
Kearny, NJ
IT Executive looking to professional network. Love God, Family, Apple prods & IT. Loves to discuss IT strategy, management & emerging tech.5822#ifihadglass I would create a new multimedia rich blog called "Through the Looking Glass" or "Walk in my shoes" [link]
(Josh Rubin)
New York, NY
Founder and Editor in Chief, @coolhunting; ECD, @largetail; Inventor, @freehands; interaction designer; photographer; tattoo collector5796#ifihadglass you'd never see my eyebrows again! [link]
Atlanta, Ga.
In constant pursuit of what's next, while in love with the now5790#ifihadglass I'd use it as a teleprompter at the @xplodethis tech conferences cc @projectglass [link]
Penetration Specialist, Blogger, Podcaster (co-host ISDPodcast) and the #DontClickShit Guy... 5786#ifihadglass I could live stream the birth of my son for instant sharing with family on google+ ! Oh and I'm a geek [link]
(Billy Van)
Bloomington, IN
Grab my new album, Retro Punch, on iTunes For worldwide booking, contact Circle Talent Agency - Mike Puliz: mike@circletalentagency.com5785#ifihadglass I would stream and record my performances from stage for all my fans, and interact with them mid-show. [link]
(Brandon Kovacs)
I build software.5774#ifihadglass I would be able to start developing apps using the Glass API. cc @projectglass [link]
(Tony Fafa)
ÜT: 40.419609,-74.413945
Designer, NY'er, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Media, Writer, Runner, Adventurer, Traveler, Consultant5759#ifihadglass I would capture my life, games, travel, and adventure [link]
(Daniel Martin)
Between the Edge and the Dream
I have a healthy disregard for the impossible. Next Expedition: Global Triathlon-Swimming the Atlantic, cycling Eurasia and running across North America.5753@JBMthe2nd Maybe @projectglass need adventurous testers? #IfIHadGlass I'd stream my expeditions live (and get lost less). [link]
(Jayson E. Street)
here & there
Why do I only follow 403 simple. “You are not authorized to view this page. HTTP error 403 – F0rb1dd3n” ;-) also visit imagine how many #AwkwardHugs could be taken & uploaded to #ifihadglass. [link]
(♣ Richard Ferrer ♣)
Brooklyn, New York
Official Fanpage of Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo • The leaders of #TeamCeltics • #CelticsNation are me @RayAllenFans @AllAboutRondo and @GLENDA_G_ @CelticsWorld5741#ifihadglass I would record every basketball game I play [link]
(Serge Jespers)
San Francisco, CA
Belgian in San Francisco, Adobe-an, gadget addict5741#IfIHadGlass I would do a live hangout up in the air on a “Spires of The City” tour in a vintage biplane with [link]
(Einar Kuusk)
Los Angeles
Hello! My name is Einar. I'm an aspiring filmmaker from Estonia working in Los Angeles.5731I would document my bold adventures from Estonia to Hollywood as the aspiring broke filmmaker that I am, making videos online. #ifihadglass [link]
(Nicole Gugliucci)
Edwardsville, IL
Astronomer. Educator. Subtle as a Supernova. Post-Doc with the Most Rock at I'd do the science outreach I do now… but BETTER. The Universe is ours to share. [link]
(Jason Irwin)
Technology Injection Surgeon 5675#ifihadglass I'd increase hands free productivity in warehouses, retail show rooms and other locations where real time system d8a is needed [link]
(David Tuchman)
Los Angeles
Check out my new NFL podcast, In the Trenches...available on Itunes & NFL host/analyst, Writer, Poker commentator, dog lover 5632#ifihadglass I would record the birth of my son. Close up and personal >> with commentary from @NormanChad and @lonmceachern [link]
(Katie O'Malley)
Pittsburgh, PA
PensTV Host. Still hopeful I'll grow out of my awkward stage someday. My words/opinions do not reflect that of the organization. Let's keep it clean, eh? 5617#ifihadglass I'd be unstoppable in the next @TeamTassy #GreatAmericanWaterBalloonFight. [link]
~ Kik/IG: ob33zy ~ #TheRoyaals ~ #ScarsAndBars ~ #ObeyReality ~ #TTK5580#ifihadglass I would spent the rest of my life looking for adrenaline-filled excuses to record videos and take pictures [link]
(Grant de Graf)
Writer, film producer, director, economist and social networking enthusiast.5565Face recognition technology that allows you to ID people in the street from their FaceBook pics and match/reference interests #ifihadglass [link]
(Greg Raiz)
Entrepreneur and founder of Raizlabs & AppBlade. I'm building the best mobile companies. iPhone, iPad, Android, bring it on.5560#ifihadglass we'd build some freakin amazing apps for it. [link]
(Nabeel Ahmed)
Washington, DC
Storyteller, Seasoned Marketer, Social Strategist, Driven Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & Senior VP of Marketing for AppealCulture, an international marketing firm5494This would add a new dimension to my travel experiences by finding and exploring things "on-the-go" & providing a new outlook #ifihadglass [link]
(Matt Steen)
Long Island, New York
I love seeing the local church thrive! I help churches implement strategy and pursue vision through my work with and my blog, churchthought.com5481#ifihadglass Three words: Live Blog Life. [link]
(Peter Ricci)
Miami Beach, FL
Peripheral Visionary, Writer, Journalist, Software Designer, Wordpress Developer, Independent Thinker5465#ifihadglass I would take it with me to Africa to share just how, tragic, inspiring & real the life of a child in Africa is through my eyes! [link]
(Michelle Li)
Wilmington, NC
Emmy and Murrow winner, NC's Anchor of the Year, @GoogleTV Ambassador, Writer, Social Media enthusiast, Adoption Advocate. 5437#IfIHadGlass @projectglass I would take viewers closer to the news than ever before, (rather than setup a laptop,... [link]
(Tyler Menezes)
Tyler Menezes: builds companies, walls5376We'd integrate it with's universal video API, to help other developers integrate Glass easily. #ifihadglass [link]
(Jason Reynolds)
Palm Beach, Florida
Director of Strategy for non-profits & for-profits by day. Texan.5357.@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd show our CEO what I do all day! [link]
(Michael Hraba)
Tiburon, Marin Headlands, CA
HHC & Waterford Hotels & Inns- Hotel Ops (Rooms / F&B) since 1995, LEED / Green / Historic Hospitality Design / Build since 2005. Skeptic I would practically apply it in real world- hotel design, construction, walk throughs,& hands free documentation. @projectglass [link]
Member of the #GlassExplorers program by Google. I'm also a photographer and a random person always looking for new adventure. 5300#ifihadglass I would show the world my vision of it and share it with everyone! [link]
New Orleans, LA
Cinematographer, Workaholic, Friend to everyone I meet. HMU!!!!5299I can hangout w/people on my productions. #ifihadglass [link]
(John Cabrera)
Los Angeles, California 90027
Always Filmmaker, Often Actor, Sometimes Illustrator, Rarely Animator, Never Alligator5290#ifihadglass for @HplusDigital we'd grasp better the tech we're depicting & let fans see through our eyes as we work. [link]
(Boonsri )
New York
5279@projectglass #ifihadglass I would write love songs about what happens when a guy falls in love with a girl on a bus [link]
(Craighton Miller)
Seattle, Washington
Tech Blogger :: Photographer :: Geek :: YouTube Producer5269#IfIHadGlass I’d use it everyday to vlog and share content from the first person. [link]
(SΔNE ♥♬★)
Lost in my mind, California
---------- SANEofTheFix / 21 / Vocalist / Humanist / Stardust Recognize the youth movement. @LPRatchetAsFuk --#SF #LowProfile #TheFix #SFSU #SFstate5256#ifihadglass I'd document the beautiful world I live in on a daily basis. [link]
(Cameron Magruder)
Orlando, Florida
Christian, @UFJSchool Grad, @YouTube Next Vlogger Winner. I was on Endurance 2. Gators/Cowboys/Magic/ #ThrowMeTheAlley5255#IfIHadGlass I would use it on my new web series where I travel across America and interview college students! [link]
(Justin Iiams)
Red Bluff, Ca
Droid user and abuser, veteran, SuperDad, my better half is @angieiiams. 5223Disneyland Churros #ifihadglass I could find the closest stand by pickykim [link]
(Dustin Meyer)
Austin, TX
Award-Winning Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Published by Kodak in Times Square NYC, USA Today, the Knot, Style Me Pretty and more...5198I would document and show the world what it means to be homeless #ifihadglass [link]
(Wesley McGrew)
Starkville, MS
Security geek and tinkerer5185#ifihadglass I would definitely create a Daniel Suarez "DarkNet." [link]
Los Angeles
I'm a comedian. Credits include SNL, The Midnight Show, Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza. Now I write for Incredible Crew on Cartoon Network and Fox's ADHD.5182#ifihadglass I would creep people out by staring at them and saying audibly, "Glass, save a picture of that one for laterrrrr," and winking. [link]
Los Angeles
40 years in education technology. Taught middle/high/college.Worked building teacher network for Discovery (DEN). Now Global ed.Hopeless ed tech geek since '73.5177#ifihadglass For creative education use, I'd share w 50k teachers live and 1m via DEN. Video of audience FL 2013 [link]
Big deer slayer. Forward thinking gladiator. 5147#ifihadglass I would take my dad fishing through video. [link]
(Erika Masonhall)
New York, NY
@NBCNews Communications Director, representing @NBCNightlyNews @MeetThePress @NBCPolitics; TX expat via DC; @UTAustin alum; fmr Senate press sec.5136MT @AymanM #ifihadglass Id show the Middle East like never before. From cultures to people, history & revolutions. See it like I do @NBCNews [link]
(DJ Rich)
Dallas, TX
I feed off the energy of the crowd I cater to… the art of mixing speaks to me like nothing else - DJ Rich5131@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use it to record my live DJ gigs at clubs and on stages in front of thousands! [link]
(Javier Nidalia)
where dreams come true
Founder & CEO of Nidalia Group. Spanish, 38. Kayaker. Filmmaker. Business Angel. Quirky 'General of the Nidalian legions'.5100#IfIhadGlass I'd work all day with them, walking with my pajama, kayaking and would be an opportunity to collaborate on their development [link]
The Eck
5096#ifihadglass I would develop a driving safety app to help decrease driver distraction, detect drowsiness, and display upcoming road concerns [link]
(Daniel Shiffman)
New York, NY
I am not qualified for any of this.5079#IfIHadGlass I'd try to get to run on it and figure out how to teach people how to make stuff with it. [link]
(Jean Wilson)
Piedmont Triad, NC
Wine lover and enthusiast in the Piedmont Triad of NC; promoting great wine and wine events in NC. Cheers!!!5068#ifIhadGlass-wine reviews, wine tastings, opeing the new wine bar, running a business-talk about taking this wine lifestyle 2 the next level [link]
(Ryan Ford)
Boulder, CO, USA - Gym Founder / Parkour Athlete / Instructor (@apexmovement) • Movemental Apparel Founder (@mvmntl) • Fitness Ambassador (@fitfluential)5068I would remind you what it's like 2 be a kid. I'd run, jump, & climb through the urban jungle, using Parkour to inspire others. #ifihadglass [link]
(Wells Baum)
New York City
Futurist, Creator, and Music Explorer. Always connecting the dots on screen. 5061#ifihadglass I'd want Messi's view of the pitch. [link]
(vonda grey)
smart & funny disabled person w/masters degree in counseling5059#ifihadglass I'd show the world how love is possible 4 partially disabled (me) & non-disabled (@3CC_Community). We'll both wear the glass! [link]
(Sal Paul)
Scientist, artist, hacker, lover...5052as a physician #ifihadglass I would use it when seeing patients and consulting with colleagues [link]
(Jacob Friedman)
Sacramento, CA/Chicago, IL
Blogger at Hooniverse. Social Media Consultant. Bhangra Dancer. Dedicated Arsenal fan. 5041#ifihadglass I'd use it to revolutionize healthcare. Imagine images filing directly to EMR charts and dictation on the fly all from Glass. [link]
(Darren E. Draper)
Salt Lake City, UT
Canyons School District Director of Education Technology - Husband, dad, leader, teacher, learner, presenter, tech-lover, tech-hater. | Ed.D. | Pedagogy first!5034#ifihadglass I'd figure out what it means to teach glass-enhanced students; then share. #betterworld [link]
(Brandon Neider)
Yonkers, New York
Brandon Neider is a Yonkers Community Activist, Youth Advisory Board Member For The City Of Yonkers.5033#ifihadglass I'd wear it during my political hearings and speeches and community events. [link]
(Joseph T.)
I do business or something like it. Boston Sports. - No one endorses anything said here, including me. From Los Angeles. 5019#ifihadglass I would use them to record meetings and eliminate the need to take notes. Use them to take pics while I bike as well. Amazing. [link]
(HolyWebMaker (Brad))
Nashua, NH Your church, non-profit, and small business web design expert. We also do Social Media Management and SEO!5013#ifihadglass I would tour Europe, share with friends, get lost, get found, and find my way back home [link]
(Tom Krcha)
San Francisco, California
Design & Code, Sr. Creative Cloud Evangelist at Adobe4945#ifihadglass I'd create a ski app to show you speed, distance, calories. Take action pics in series. Add sensors to jacket for more safety. [link]
(Mathieu Bruc)
Blogueur @BlogEtourisme & @etourismeinfo | eTourisme @Auvergne. Cévenol de coeur. Je tweete Tourisme et TIC, WebMarketing, SEO, mobilité, Médias Sociaux, CM4895#ifihadglass I would travel like I never did before ! #etourism @projectglass @projectglass [link]
(Stephen Moore)
Phoenix, AZ
God. Life. Sports. 4893Recently married, avid hiker, explorer in AZ. Tennis, snowboarding, gym time. For work, LOVE technology. #ifihadglass [link]
(Brad Kleinman)
Chicago, IL
Engineer. Entrepreneur. Educator. Online Marketer. Nice Guy.4886If I had glass, I'd use it my personal and business life [marketing], to discover new ways to share with friends and colleagues #ifihadglass [link]
(Azat Mardanov)
San Francisco, CA
Geek, entrepreneur and yogi. Work at @Storify, teach at @GA_SF and @HackReactor, write at and I would be more social, connected, efficient, less distracted, one step closer to the future tech and helping innovate! [link]
(Max Weisel)
Digital artist. Formerly on tour with @bjork4826@projectglass I would turn glass into a musical instrument. #ifihadglass [link]
(Danielle Ricks)
Social Media Specialist @CampaignConsult, Video Producer, TV junkie, story teller, music lover, dream merchant, foodie, social butterfly and Geek Diva4821#ifihadglass Google glasses I'd take photos along my favorite bike trails and running paths. [link]
(Bill O'Keefe)
New Jersey
religious views, political views, stance on abortion, stance on gay marriage, exaggerated life story, bible verse, people who block me, favorite hashtags4821#IfIHadGlass I'd sit at my desk all day on TweetDeck and show Google how mundane my life is. Then I'd go to bed. [link]
(Michael Josefowicz)
Brooklyn, New York City
Retired printer. Lots of time for blabla. If I can help fix high school. So much the better.4787@stevenputter "#ifihadglass I wud wear it in bookstores and libraries to get everything I need to know about the books that catch my eye. [link]
(George Anthony)
Minneapolis, MN
Orientation Leader for the University of Minnesota. I make music and I'm kinda into being in front of large crowds. The Basic Life of George Anthony. 4774#ifihadglass I'd show how FUN it'll be to welcome 5,500 first year students to the Twin Cities and the UMN campus!! [link]
in the hearts of all children
header art by @astyrofoamkrump visit my website and read my novel4773#ifihadglass vrunt: the first person motion picture. my brand..... [link]
(Boris Pluskowski)
San Francisco, CA
Innovation, Collaboration, and Social Media Strategies and Processes for Corporate Organic Growth; SVP @ & Author of I'd push the boundaries of #business #innovation #collaboration & the impact you can make with #social in the enterprise [link]
(Marc Garrett)
Washington, DC
Family man, Intridea CEO, data visualization, and foodie. Mmm... charts of food.4765#ifihadglass If @intridea had glass: [link]
(Ryan Bretag)
learner; doctoral student; teacher; secondary administrator; leader; reader; creator; writer; thinker (I Think)4762#ifihadglass it would be immersed into the school wide learning environment to explore the device as a catalyst for change. [link]
(Christine Beggs)
Oakland, CA
Combine 1 part marine scientist & diver, with 2 parts artist & filmmaker, stir vigorously, and season for a conservation entrepreneur dedicated to the ocean.4738As a marine biologist & prof dancer, #ifihadglass I'd capture my sailing expeditions & create new ways 2 convey ocean sciences through dance [link]
(theLife of shooK on3)
Omaha, NE
One of the first 64 signed @MLG Pro Gamers. Now I'm like, a rapper. Hundo Entrepreneur . For booking please contact -- Иллюминати молоть???4697@projectglass #ifihadglass You'd see eyes of Hip Hop/Rap Battles/Performances [link]
(Don Wettrick)
Indianapolis Area
Started our Innovations Class where we don't talk about educational change, we do it! Microsoft PiL participant, FCTV Advisor, and host of Franklin Film Fest. 4694#ifihadglass I would let my students discover all the uses of glass &collaborate w/ other schools worlwide. [link]
(Katie Lou)
Burlington, New Jersey
Oh hai, I'm Katie. I'm a blogger and a kick a** commenter. Contact: webmaster@jadelafemme.com4693#ifihadglass I would show the world how wonderful it is to have free services for my non-verbal Autistic daughter while living in NJ. [link]
(Alex Patton)
ÜT: 29.756774,-82.426637
Alex Patton is a Rep. political consultant, owner of Ozean Media (,& a partner in a political polling firm.( 4685#ifIhadglass I would use them in all my political campaigns. I would adopt them to neighborhood walking. [link]
(Adam Rucker)
Dallas, Texas
i like movies, music, tv, Disney Parks, and traveling. I also make videos on YouTube! More tweets at @ruckermore & @thingsGoofy!4670#ifihadglass I would get lost but never be lost. @projectglass #thatsdeep [link]
(Carlos Cheung)
Washington, DC
It's truly harmony we want, but we struggle to be famous. #Undergrad #Georgetown-Hoya #Surfing #Cooking #EnjoyingLife4650#ifihadglass workout/ exercise analytics. keep track of routine, weights, and watch form. #caloriesburned #weightgoals #betterworkouts [link]
(Robert Quigley)
Journalism professor at the University of Texas. Used to be @statesman. More importantly, I'm a Dad. Yes, @stuffvladsays is my kid.4641#ifIhadGlass I would teach a mobile journalism/computer science class at @UTAustin in which students build Android apps for Glass. [link]
(Jonathan Strickland)
Atlanta, Georgia
Half of the TechStuff podcast, HowStuffWorks writer, creator of Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment and aspiring cyborg.4629#ifIhadglass I'd be able to show people HowStuffWorks from my perspective! Which mostly involves microprocessors, fiber optics and elves. [link]
(Garrett Gee)
San Francisco, CA
Designer/Founder @Scan. Play soccer @BYU. Crush on @settie4444.4627#ifihadglass they would be rose colored and I'd help share with others the every day beauties of life.. [link]
(Ted Cohen)
ÜT: 34.101971,-118.343755
Managing Partner @tagstrategic Connecting people and ideas in an ever-connected world of #music #media #social #mobile #disruption 4622#ifihadglass I'd be able to look at the future of digital music differently, with a clearer vision of the possibilities, focused on change [link]
(Dave Barger)
Long Island City, New York
President & CEO - JetBlue Airways4613#ifihadglass, you wouldn't ever need to find information on your travel journey. The information could find you [link]
(darryl ohrt)
Brooklyn, NY
Creative Director, NYC. Explorer on the internet. Dude that some people listen to, but many others ignore.4556#ifihadglass, I would run every bridge in Manhattan. And share it all. [link]
(Bruce Burke)
Tampa Bay, Florida
CMO, Mize Inc. Connecting brands with consumers utilizing social, mobile & cloud technologies. Mize puts your brand in the consumer's hand! Opinions are my own.4553I'd see everything differently #ifihadglass [link]
(Chris Jack)
St. Paul to San Fran
Freethinker, inspiration fiend, board-sport enthusiast, fruit/sushi connoisseur, pro-good vibes, awestricken wanderer, futurist. Co-founder @rolltree4553#ifihadglass I'd join with others in illuminating longboarding as artistic expression, sharing our intimate experiences with the road. #pave [link]
(Robert David Graham)
Invented network IPS, created BlackICE, cyber-insecurity expert4550#ifihadglass I'd demo my WiFi stumbling augmented reality software on stage at DefCon making fellow hackers die with jealousy. [link]
(Cameron Romero)
Los Angeles
filmmaker I would live life out loud in L.A. as a filmmaker & artist & stream my own human experience. [link]
(Dan Wells)
Clayton County
Author of the apocalyptic YA series PARTIALS, the John Cleaver series, and more. Avid gamer. Voracious reader. Eater of food.4540#ifIhadglass I would write my next book streamed live from my POV: brainstorming, outlining, typing, the entire process. [link]
 Dallas TX  /  Detroi
4539#ifihadglass I would be able to record my training videos so much faster. Also I would be able to give more hands on nutrition tips. [link]
(Aldon Hynes)
Woodbridge, CT
Social Media Manager for Community Health Center, Inc. Internet Raconteur. Old guard hard core politics, media, technology and social networks geek.4534#ifihadglass I'd look to improve #healthequity using augmented reality for Public Health and #fqhc [link]
(Alexandra Petri)
Daily topical humor blogger/weekly columnist for @WashingtonPost, occasional playwright! Once I speed dated at a Star Wars convention.4529#ifIhadglass I would shut my eyes and make him read me true, poignant stories from American lives [link]
(Ben Patton)
Dallas, TX
Entrepreneur / Economist and CEO / Addicted to TED talks / NBC's @ReadyForLove4523#ifihadglass I'd make videos for the sick patients at my hospital who are unable to leave and give them things to look forward to! [link]
(Kyle Canchola)
Downtown Los Angeles
UCLA Grad. Harvard Law School Student c/o 2016. 4522#ifihadglass I would document my global business travels and introduce my students to groundbreaking tech in the classroom @projectglass [link]
(John Barnett)
Co-Founder of @BrightMango--creator of the #WoodCamera app. Connoisseur of foreign films, travel, espresso, and iPhoneography. I'd show the world what I see. Like my journey to Tibet and the foot of Everest: [link]
(Noor Jehangir)
Texan in Vegas
#Vegas. Soccer Player. Aussie Rules Football Player. Texan. Wolf Owner. Brown. MTV Alumni. Dancer. Lover Not A Fighter. Mamas Boy. Livin Life :) #TeamBrownHyde4462#ifihadglass i'd show people what its like living and partying everyday in sin city... with a wolf :) [link]
(Ben Kessler)
New York, NY
Director of Marketing @WeWork. Enthusiast of everything; especially technology, startups, music, food, and craft beer.4442#ifihadglass I would use it to share the stories of the entrepreneurs and startups I meet every day. [link]
(Ryan Pearson)
Tech enthusiast | Social media connoisseur | Swing trader | Fitness devotee | Fan of forward-thought | Aiming to inspire and engage others4434#ifihadglass I'd travel from dog park to dog park with my little monster, documenting the madness and joy that he always tends to create. [link]
(Jeffrey K. Rohrs)
Lakewood, Ohio
VP Mktg @ExactTarget. Author Hubby of @crafttestdummy. Dad. Recovering Attorney. Bacon fan. Diet Coke addict. CLE sports victim. #EPL fan.4432#IfIHadGlass I'd launch a very cool POV interview show. Nothing beats one-on-one, face-to-face conversation. [link]
(James Watters)
San Francisco
Head of Product @cloudfoundry and fundamentalist Yacht Rocker. 4419#ifihadglass I wouldn't need to worry about picking out good date restaurants. [link]
(John Pavlus)
Portland, OR
I write & make films about science, tech, design, math, and other ways that people make things make sense. SciAm, NPR, BBC, TechReview, FastCo, Wired, et al4389what I'd do #ifihadglass: I don't know yet. Isn't that the point? I'd explore its emergent, unintentional interfaces. [link]
(John Colucci)
Walnut Creek, CA
Social Media Manager @Kimpton Hotels + Restaurants, formerly @VirginAmerica. Passionate about #SocialMedia, #Innovation, #Travel & #Clorox. Views = Mine4373@projectglass I also would let the world see what I see, and turn it into an impact on #socialmedia #ifihadglass [link]
(Christopher Tuff)
Atlanta, GA
Connector, Entrepreneur, Head up Emerging Media at @22squared and Father of 2 girls. Speaker on all things Social Media. Angel Investor.4368#22glass #ifihadglass I would stalk people w/high @klout scores while shopping at @Publix. #22sq #22labs [link]
Abingdon, MD
Queen Of Inappropriate, Princess of Randomness, and the Duchess of the Non-Sequitur. (Some of you may know me as PerverseImp)4347#ifihadglass I'd use it to rediscover my city. In a brand new way. [link]
(stephanie robesky)
Building cool shit with awesome people.™ Doling out bad advice to entrepreneurs who will listen. Living with #lupus ( would show the world what it is like living with lupus & having bald kittens! #ifihadglass [link]
(Alex Phillips)
Dana Point, CA
#Entrepreneur, #marketing, #SEO, #dreamer ,#art,#realestate,#webdesign , #yogi, #poet, #artist, #socialmedia , #dreamer, #philosopher, #business 4346#ifihadglass I could develop exciting new pop up books for the future :) . [link]
(Linda Barlow)
On Writing tweets: @LRBarlow
Longtime published novelist & technology writer. Liberal. Generalist, human rights advocate. Loves books, writing, science, medicine, technology. 4303#IfIhadGlass So what if I'm in my 7th decade, I'd leap from a plane, land on a roof, zoom on a motorbike, rappel down a wall, and SMILE. [link]
(Mara Schiavocampo)
ÜT: 40.798056,-73.933483
@nbcnews correspondent. harlem globetrotter. mom, wife, animal lover and obsessed with shoes and beyonce.4280#IfIHadGlass I'd share the view from the other side of the lens. [link]
(Doug Elfman)
Las Vegas
My Vegas job: I interview famous stars; jet-setting producer-DJs and porn stars. I review video games. And I cover strip clubs. I planned ahead for this career.4277I'm a video game reviewer AND a nightclub writer AND a celebrity interviewer. Oh come on #ifihadglass pretty please? [link]
(Ross Everett)
New Los Angeles
I have severe commitment issues to my Twitter bio.4255#ifIhadglass I'd pretend like I was just a super smart guy with glasses. Trivia night would be mine. [link]
4253#ifihadglass I'd take it along as I visit genebanks, experimental lakes, & the largest organism in the world on my travels with @Venue [link]
(Christophe Esposito)
Narragansett, RI
22 yr old #College Student: Passion for exploring my taste buds #foodie #tech #socialmedia, This is the world through my eyes!4218#ifihadglass I would do everything I've every dreamed of & be able to record it all at the same time! #Skydive #RollerCoaster #Surf [link]
(Tomer Sharon)
New York
UX Researcher on Google Search, author of It's Our Research (@itsourresearch), Lean Startup whore, Israeli, bad drummer, father, husband, snowmobiler.4215Blink to take a picture? #ifihadglass [link]
(Chris DeVore)
Web/mobile startup guy + seed-stage investor @ Founders Co-op, Seattle, Stanford GSB, Yale / Y1504214Inspiring vision for a Google Glass app from some super-talented friends: Tour @nicolaerusan @kareemamin #ifihadglass [link]
(Bobby Fisha)
Earth via Dallas, TX
Alien. Artist. Awesomeness. #VKALLDAY 1st full length album entitled The Starseed Transmissions available on iTunes, bandcamp pretty much everywhere now! 4201@googleglass #ifihadglass I'd setup a huge multi-team scavenger hunt [link]
(Simon (Young) Tam)
Portland, OR
I started a band called The Slants and a company called Last Stop Booking. I'm a musician, author, marketing guy, antiracist, foodie, philosopher, and geek.4196#ifihadglass I'd share what it was like on stage playing at an anime convention for 15,000 fans cosplaying anime. It's amazing [link]
(J Eddy)
Los Angeles, CA
Exploring the intersection of culture, content, tech, & law. Always looking for what's next...4191#ifihadglass My friends, family, and followers would finally see the world through my eyes. #ifihadglass [link]
(Stephen Bird)
I know a little about a lot of things.4190I'd work on developing an open source virtual reality RPG with swords, monsters, PvP, ect. #ifihadglass [link]
(Roman Edward ™)
Michigan, United States
Just doing me. 4181#ifihadglass I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass [link]
Uh, here.....
Founder of Ugly Dog Digital, digital production & design, workflows, publishing, books, libraries, mobile dev metadata, TOC, the ultimate publishing optimist...4173#ifihadglass I could transmit & share my week long hike in MOAB this summer... find a way to incorporate it w/digital content [link]
(Ben Rios)
Los Angeles
Runner and Web Designer. Fan of #HipHop #Dodgers #Lakers #MMA #Boxing #Running #UniteBlue #Obama4122#ifihadglass I would use it for my job as a web designer. Allow me to search and comb through code a lot faster. [link]
(Nicole Bullock)
Salt Lake City, UT
A sassy blogger, Yelper, techie, jetsetter & pop-culture junkie. Social Media Manager at @DegreeSearch. Excited for #SMMW13. Slightly inappropriate, never dull!4115Google Glass: #ifihadglass I'd give a fun look of the world around me, particularly when I travel, play, and be social with social media. [link]
(Sarah Hill)
Columbia, MO
Human Media trumps Texty Tweets. Storyteller for +VeteransUnited Network. G+ Hangout w/ me here (& here) I had glass, I'd Hangout with Heroes. #IfIhadGlass [link]
(Nick Ayres)
Atlanta, GA
non-native southerner hashing out social business at IHG. passionate about family, faith, friends, music and more. these are my opinions.4100You may think I'm just a typical suburban dad with a long, boring commute... #ifihadglass might change that [link]
(Nick Jones)
Raleigh/Durham NC
Design + Code. Creating interfaces between people and things I care about. Interactive Art Director @mckinney4091#ifihadglass I'd design and code answers to the question: "How can I make staring into my girl's eyes even more magical?" [link]
(Ben Foster)
SVP Digital - Ketchum | Adjunct Professor - DePaul | I've caught 3 foul balls at MLB games | #COYS4088#IfIHadGlass I would transform the classroom experience and make amazing learning happen. [link]
(Carol McManus)
New York Metro
LinkedIn Lady, coach, consultant, speaker, author, #linkedin, #socialmedia, #lilshow4073#IfIHadGlass I would talk about them every day on The LinkedIn Lady Radio Show [link]
(Benn Mendoza)
Los Angeles/ Black Rock City
Professionally rambunctious, but only mildly offensive. I like unicorns & find solace in the dairy aisle. I might climb your curtains.4067#ifihadglass I would show people what I see while I'm performing 30ft in the air! :) @projectglass [link]
(Farhana Rahman)
New York
Marketing Manager at @RankAbove | Tweet Mobile, Tech, Social Media, & SEO | FB: | Tweets all MINE | Email: Farhana.Rahman@RankAbove.com4062#ifihadglass I would share my inside view of flash mobs I take part in. [link]
(Andy Johns)
Atherton California
Former PM and internet marketer on user growth and engagement at Facebook and Twitter. Now the PM on user growth at Quora.4060#ifihadglass I would trek for 20 days thru Mt Everest valley [link]
(Nathan Hamill)
Los Angeles
I makes what I likes.4057@projectglass I'd be able to capture my artistic process without having to lift my pen from the paper. #ifihadglass [link]
(Pernilla Näsfors)
Washington DC
Swedish geek @WorldBank Institute Innovation Labs. Passionate about things Social (media, entrepreneurship...) & Open (aid, data, development, gov, minds...)4042#IfIHadGlass I would map #Kathmandu. My @ProjectGlass application on #GooglePlus: #mapktm [link]
(John Dahl)
Los Angeles
John from Nikki and John Pranks. Follow my other account too @nikki_and_john Born and raised in Minnesota now living in LA.4026I would use Google glass to document a day in life of a my dog Kenobi. #ifihadglass [link]
(Michael Worley)
Miami, FL
Politico, entrepreneur, jazz enthusiast and cigar aficionado. Founder of MDW Communications (@mdwcomm). Learn more here: barriers would no longer stop me from traveling the world #ifihadglass [link]
(Ron Miller)
Western Massachusetts
Freelance Technology Journalist, Blogger, FierceContentManagement Editor, Boston sports fanatic & music lover.4013If I had Glass, I would write an on-going online journal of my experience composed of experiences with Glass. #ifihadglass. [link]
(Greg McNeal)
Malibu, CA
Professor working in law, public policy & security. FORBES contributor. 4006I would #glass my classes, showing Q&A from the prof's perspective. Then combine it w/ lecture capture for enhanced learning #ifihadglass [link]
(Adam Okrasinski)
New York City
Funny guy. How's working working out for you?3991It's risk taking time. An adventure a day. Every day. #ifihadglass [link]
Brookings, SD
I hate @TheKillSho3984#IfIHadGlass I will record myself typing out my third application on Twitter. [link]
(Goldie Chan)
Kobol, New Earth
Storyteller & Strategist. Ta'veren. @ProducersGuild New Media Council. Award-winning @CostofCapitalTV @NPOEfilm @OtakuTheSeries & I would #film the creepy guys who follow/film/photograph me. #reversestalk [link]
FILM-FØRWΔRD. FΔSHIØN-M1NDΞD. MUSIC-DRIVΞN.3971: #ifihadglass filmmaking would reach a new pinnacle, an upgrade to the human condition. [link]
(Ekim Nazım Kaya)
NYC & Istanbul
I'm not invincible. I'd share experience with others. Let NewYorkers try on a street event & stream online. @ifihadglass [link]
(The Scream Queen)
Greenwood Village, CO/Denver
Heavy Metal Journalist... #Photography #prowrestling #MMA #art #PANTERA #NorwegianBlackMetal #PASSION I would do video interviews & also take photos in the photo pit at concerts! How CRAZY and INSANE would the photos look?! [link]
(Tom Hollingsworth)
Norman, OK
CCIE #29213 | VAR engineer | networking | voice | security | wireless | virtualization | CISSP | father | nerd | geek | blogger | lots of snark3951#ifihadglass I’d find a better use for it than taking pictures. [link]
(Kevin Khandjian)
Orlando, FL
Partner & CIO, @District_Lines. Producer, @PlaylistLIVE.3942@projectglass #ifihadglass i'd document our youtube convention (@PlaylistLIVE) with it and hook APIs to control the stage with it [link]
(Patrick V. Grayson)
iPhone: 34.704040,-86.722909
a contemporary commentator on culture and double entendres on the internets 3940@ProjectGlass #ifihadglass i would able 2 conduct virtual conference calls using “live” points on a screen with embedded data 4 data access [link]
(Patent Attorney)
Intellectual Property Attorney - Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law3935I'd use the glasses to answer my questions without having to ask.. #readmymind Flight status? Restaurant/Store hours? #ifihadglass [link]
(Jack Reichert)
New York
Live hard, love hard, work hard, learn hard, play hard... (enter generic sneaker name here)3927#ifihadglass I'd virtually travel through time [link]
(Alex Chaucer)
Saratoga Springs, NY
Father. Using tools to guide data-driven decisions, explore the creative side of mapping, and the future of learning. The georevolution will be tweeted.3926#ifihadglass i'd create a skill/barter app where people could indicate skills/goods they have/need for trade. Haves/needs appear overhead. [link]
Check out my Melody!3913#ifihadglass I would use them to make a documentary [link]
(Leigh Ferreira)
New York, NY
Digital Strategist. Entrepreneur. Lover of tech, travel, fashion, food + drink, sport, indie film, music & art. Here to make a difference/have fun along the way3902#ifihadglass i would offer a world view to show exciting differences & how much we have common in hopes of better understanding each other. [link]
(Matthew Guevara)
Hampshire, IL
I'm taking a Twitter break for Holy Week. Join me at @ccclife services: See ya April 1, Twitter! #cccholyweek 3885#ifIhadglass Visually document our foster to adopt journey and share the story on Google+ [link]
Rainbow City, Alabama USA
aka Sweet-Tea Loves Life Insha' Allah Happiness People Hard-Work Research What does not kill me, will make me Stronger - CHARActer ;) #GlassExplorer #UniteBlue 3885#ifihadglass I could see clearly now .......... [link]
(Jen Varga-tron )
Orlando, FL
Producer @ICSTVSHOW @RelayHuntersCrk @MSABCMetroOrl #SocialMedia @CentralFLTop5 multimedia. #NASASocial alum @Bunnnn & @LowerThirdNinja fan! #glassexplorers3870#ifihadglass I'd document my regular, non-celebrity filled life. @Google will giveaway to tech/celebs, pls consider us unemployed folk too! [link]
(Keith Lapinig)
New York, NY
Interactive Design Manager @ Disney | Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Designer | Vinylmation Custom Artist | All My Opinions, not TWDC | #ifihadglass I'd vlog all my vacations and help my YT channel grow more ( Cruises, NYC, Disney, etc.! [link]
(Ken Royal)
Education Content Specialist at Promethean. 34-year veteran educator, ed tech author, & education marketplace reporter. Royal Reports Blogger #RoyalReports3859#ifihadglass I'd stream and document students and teachers using technology to change learning and the learning environment. ActivEdSharing [link]
(Michelle Gervais)
Beautiful NW Connecticut, USA
Senior Editor @ Fine Gardening magazine, author of the Garden Photo of the Day blog! Learn more about me here: I would use it to give tours of the gardens I visit this summer on my blog,! [link]
(Andrew J Scott)
London & San Francisco
Entrepreneur with penchant for writing, politics & film. Founder, advisor, investor tech start-ups, @ICEList @MLOVE @FailCon advocate, film producer. God speed.3848#ifihadglass i would integrate them with my friend @Mark_Turrell 's new Air Pollution monitoring start-up to alert when critical/bad nearby [link]
(Gisli Olafsson)
Seattle, WA, USA
Emergency Response Director - NetHope. Former ICE-SAR Team Leader. UNDAC Member. Writing a book on Crisis Leadership - #ifihadglass I would figure out ways to provide augmented reality information to disaster responders worldwide cc:@projectglass [link]
(Tyler Willis)
San Francisco, CA
BD at @Unified. Past: founding team at @Involver (acq'd ORCL) where I ran growth (1MM customers)3839#ifihadglass I'd go hang gliding, open a hangout at the top and share the ride down with friends. What would you do if you had glass? [link]
I write raps. 1/3 of the #InteLLects3839#ifihadglass I would capture the extraordinary energy I experience when stepping on stage in front of a packed crowd [link]
(Ed Coffin)
iPhone: 39.942253,-75.154274
The trials and tribulations a real-life vegan.3839#ifihadglass I'd be able 2 check flight when traveling on business, send pics 2 clients + research for my first book! [link]
(Joe Pine)
Outside of St. Paul, MN
Management advisor, speaker, and author: The Experience Economy, Infinite Possibility, Authenticity, and Mass Customization3803#ifihadglass I would wear it during my speeches on #InfinitePossibility & Experience Economy to exemplify ideas; eg [link]
(Ibrahim Sajid Malick)
New York City
East Village, NYC, desi. Technologist, digital anthropologist & blogger. Collaboration CSE for Cisco Systems, but tweets are mine. RT, Links not endorsement. 3788#ifihadglass I will use it to make healthy decisions (food). Transform my life. Had a heart attack on Valentines Day [link]
(John T. Meyer)
Sioux Falls, SD
Founder of Working at making the world an easier place to understand. Trying to master focus. Loving SoDak and the Minnesota Twins. 3787#ifihadglass I would showcase South Dakota in a different light so everyone could see the beauty. #digitalfrontier [link]
(Michael Durwin)
Boston, MA
I've been pulling the wagon you just jumped on for over a decade. Disclaimer: I had Google Glass I would film my son being born in early March, meeting the family & his 4-year-old big brother. #ifihadglass [link]
(Jordan Cooper)
New York
NYC based entrepreneur...Sling the Venture Capital rock on the side3780#ifihadglass i would realize this dream ( and upgrade this hack ( [link]
(Emcee N.I.C.E. )
Gypsy City
Official Twitter of Emcee N.I.C.E * Emcee/Actor/Song Writer/Author 23 records in! * New Album Way Back Now Spring 2013 (El_Paso/Topeka/LA)3778#ifihadglass fans would see what it's like to rock a concert from the artist point of view, experience the stage atmosphere. [link]
(Wally Crowder)
There is one person I never want to talk about and that's me. So let's talk about you.3777@projectglass #ifihadglass my life as a film stunt coordinator is amazing. To own "GLASS" would launch my dreams. [link]
(Doug Ross)
United States of America
Proprietor, Doug Ross @ Journal3768#ifihadglass I'd be able to take drawings from paper or whiteboard and send them to my Android tablet for further development #art [link]
(Adi Kingsley-Hughes)
The Internet ...
Journalist and writer at ZDNet and Forbes. Also gearhead, troublemaker, programmer, maker (& breaker) of stuff. All opinions are mine and mine alone.3761@bynkii #ifihadglass I'd create the ultimate nerd app -- crosshairs. [link]
(The Terrible Miss E)
Los Scandalous
SVP of Amazing. Part-time Evil Overlord. 2004 winner of the Nobel Prize in Karate. Clan Brujah. All nerdy opinions are my own. #theAudience | @ByNightStudios3755@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd do hangout tutorials on how to do crazy SFX makeup at home! [link]
(Dan Simon)
San Francisco
CNN Correspondent based in San Francisco. Tennis player; NE Football Fan; husband; father of 3; gadget freak; history buff; U Penn Graduate; Steak lover3750#ifihadglass my buzzwords and uses for Glass: tennis, golf, family, travel, disney rides, story telling, video, music, sharing, pioneering [link]
(Jay Joseph)
Boston, Massachusetts
Search Engine Marketing and Reputation Management Specialist: Id finally b able 2 Google EVERYTHING [link]
(Bruce McGuire)
The Midfield
futbol saved my life and music is in my blood, catch the replay at 103729I'd turn my soccer blog & podcast into a daily live event with interviews and sights from the supporters section in the stands #ifihadglass [link]
(Daryl H. Bryant)
Founder, President and CEO of Hudson Horizons – Web Development, Web Design, SEO, CMS, SEM, SMM3729#ifihadglass I would record my every move in a triathlon this summer and post it to my Google+ page for the world to see. [link]
(Todd Zebert)
Los Angeles, CA
IT Sherpa: CTO 4 @myKuyam, @LookoutShopper, @papermachecc . Founder @GuideNetworking. Drupal & Wordpress Mason. Charitable, curious, caffeinated single dad.3722I predict nauseating vids > #Google Finally Shows Off #GoogleGlass UI, Announces #ifihadglass Purchase Campaign [link]
(Will Staney)
Austin, TX
Director of Recruiting, Strategic Programs @SuccessFactors, an @SAP Company | Employer Brand | Recruitment Marketing | #HRTech | Public Speaker | @CareersAtSF3717@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use it to capture those special moments with my first born son, including his birth, in April..and #SXSW. [link]
(Marcia Wade Talbert)
New York
#Tech Editor & Multimedia Content Producer for @BlackEnterprise Zine; Writing about gadgets, #startups, #STEM & more ☞ & @TheTechGyrl3713#ifIhadglass i'd live stream my upcoming trips to #WPS2013 #SXSWedu and #SXSWi [link]
(Michael Quale)
Tampa Bay, FL
Professional IT Consultant, Web Citizen, Problem Solver, Integrator. Bassist, SEO, Wordpress, Relationships. Branding3702#ifihadglass I would create in interview diary. Talking to interesting community members in intellectually stimulating environs. [link]
(Kate the Great)
CINCINNATI, United States
30-something PR pro. Carrie Bradshaw/Norma Rae combo. I do nice shoes/handbags, bourbon, good food, KY Wildcats, grammar, travel, urban living, public trans. 3700#ifihadglass I'd capture my parents' 38-year love story, discover adventures in places I've only dreamt about, chronicle the beauty of life [link]
(Brian Iannone)
Los Angeles, CA
19-year-old student with interests in photography, cinematography, geophysics and computer sciences | Operations Manager at iK3 Group & Director of RIGIC3697#ifihadglass I'd hike up to the top of the Piton des Neiges volcano on Réunion while capturing the entire trip. [link]
(Matt Grocoff)
Ann Arbor, MI, Planet Earth
Energy consultant, speaker, producer, writer, tv/radio contributor. USA Today named his 112 year old Net Zero home as one of the “Best Green Homes of 2010″ 3693#ifihadglass I create an app to show people how much carbon energy they were using. [link]
(Corey Martin)
Orlando, FL
President @TheDIS - | | @disunplugged podcaster - Father, Husband, Designer, Photographer, Down Syndrome Advocate.3687“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” - Walt Disney. I can’t wait to POV & share every Disney ride hands free! #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
(Arikia Millikan)
Brooklyn, NY
Freelance science/tech journalist for @verge, @motherboard, @haitirewired. Aspiring cyborg. Bird nerd. Fear is the mind-killer.3687#ifihadglass I would buy a plane ticket from NYC to London, train hop to Japan, and document everything. [link]
(Eric Butler)
Software developer, troublemaker. Author of TapChat, FareBot, and Firesheep.3681I would create an augmented reality display of when the next bus will arrive at all nearby stops. #ifihadglass [link]
(Hamza Shargabi)
New York.. Yemen
Doctor by day, blogger by night! Rants about Y #Yemen so complicated? #Medicine #Politics #Sarcasm #Technology.. Born in #Syria 3675#ifihadglass i'll broadcast/film human rights violations as a first eye witness [link]
(Christian Assad, MD)
Texas, Houston
ACC CVIEF | Interventional Cardiology| Medical Innovation & Gamification | Biodesign | Singularity University Futuremed 2011/2013 Alumni 3668@projectglass #ifihadglass I would create augmented reality games tailored to different age groups and transform exercise into a FUN RPG [link]
(Josh Sterling)
Planet Earth
Make your life a mission - not an intermission.3664#ifihadglass Engine repair and diagnostics. Reading schematics & vehicle OBD info, documenting repairs, ordering replacement parts. [link]
(Daniel R. Odio)
San Francisco, CA
CEO of Socialize Inc, lifehacker & tech entrepreneur3650I'm really into knowledge sharing: #ifihadglass I'd endeavor to capture even more content to share with the world. [link]
(Scott C. Lemon)
Charleston, UT, USA
Futurist, technologist, aggregationist ... entrepreneur, technology & software consultant3650Hey @ProjectGlass #ifihadglass I would create software to explore audible augmentation, instead of visible, to enhance user's lives. #fb [link]
Global Business Dev @SonyMusic Entrepreneur obsessed with music and technology 3623#ifihadglass I would finally be able to increase my avg cycling speed by not staring at Google Maps on my phone while dodging traffic in NYC [link]
(Ed Zitron)
EZPR founder, blogger at Forbes, married to @jl_knapp. British.3609#ifihadglass i'd strap them to my dog and show you all what the most awesome life in the world is like [link]
(Jonathan Sadowski)
Los Angeles, CA
Actor/Writer/Magician/Hot Sauce Ethusiast AKA The Heat Guy/Bears Fan3597#ifihadglass I'd take you on a journey. From magic nerd nights to adventures in food/drink. My life would be a window for u to look through. [link]
Over here
Favorite quote explains myself pretty well: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it-Ferris Bueller3584#ifihadglass I would use them everyday in our @YouTube Vlog #theschuermanshow [link]
(Kristen Durkin Jones)
New York, New York
COO @, Grad candidate @ NYU, HuffPo Contributor, Social Marketing at @Priceline 3570#ifihadglass I'd document a vacation w/ my 75 y/o grandparents so generations down the road my grandkids recognize where they get their cool [link]
(Digital Mom)
Just a digitally obsessed mom who blogs tech, mom style, parenting, gadgets and geekery. 3566#ifihadglass - I would capture the everyday of what it's really like to be a mom to 4 kids. [link]
(Just Words)
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hubsand, father, conservative, capitalist, Cub Scout leader, NRA life member, crime analyst, Michigan alum. μολὼν λαβέ #TGDN3552@projectglass #ifihadglass it sounds weird but I'd use it to map bike racks on campus/tagging abandoned bikes for impound. Someone has to. [link]
(John McCrea)
Silicon Valley
Web entrepreneur since 1994. Currently COO of MediaSpike. (Mostly) optimistic for the exponential wiring up of humanity. Onward!3550#ifihadglass I'd provide the Google Glass team with lots of feedback on the current product and on most-wanted future features [link]
Mechanicsburg, PA
3540integrated with RFID, Shopping and other things are transformed! #ifihadglass [link]
(Geezzy Khandakian)
City Of Angels
Dj Geezzy #element fridays resident Dj #Dj #promoter #partyanimal #weekendwarrior #goodfriend #drinkingbuddy? (: contact me for event info/ guestlist 81832129233536#ifihadglass I would take the world into the night life of a 19 year old dj in Hollywood [link]
(Abbas Haider Ali)
Washington D.C.
Technology Evangelist at B2B startup (xMatters) focused on Global 2000 Enterprises. Addictions: Cars, travel, good times.3533#ifihadglass I'd showcase how it fits into a road warrior lifestyle - traveling every week, taking notes for me, bringing ppl into meetings [link]
(Matthew Manos)
Los Angeles
Founder of #verynice, a studio that dedicates 50% of its efforts toward #ProBono services for non-profits. Tweets about #Design, #SocEnt, & the inbetween. ✌3518#ifihadglass I would explore new ways of documenting the rejuvenated community in the #dtla arts district. [link]
(Dave Bruno)
Southern California
A restless wanderer on my way home, only by Christ's grace. Creator of 100 Thing Challenge #100TC | Direct digital marketing @PLNU3499#ifihadglass I'd never use the word father; I'd eat my Soylent Green; and I'd show up to my Carrousel. [link]
(Lydia Ondrusek)
the US
I write. Yes, I know you do too. It's a commonality, don't you love those? New: King of the Marshmallows MG story series, Quake.3497#ifIhadglass I would see that friends of mine whose lives need documenting got to use them. @AdamsLisa @jay_lake [link]
(Jake P)
X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, Wendy Rollins, Aaron Reid, @iSocialite, @Sevyn, @Syncronyze. Traveler, student, singer, writer, vocal arranger, camera man. 3496@projectglass #ifihadglass I could detail the daily life of an American Student to the world. Anything is possible! [link]
(Maryse's Book Blog)
I love reading paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. And I have a terrible need to discuss them on my blog ;)3480#ifihadglass I would connect fans from around the world to their favorite best selling authors at my event @BookBash June 29th, Orlando FL. [link]
(Tommy Up)
I run a wildly popular burger joint named PYT. Follow us at @pytphilly and stop in for the craziest burgers in America.3457#ifihadglass I'd take the world inside the kitchen of @pytphilly & illustrate the creative process behind "America's Caziest Burgers"! [link]
(Grant & Deb)
Virginia Beach, VA.
At our core we’re storytellers and approach every wedding for what it really is; the absolute most important story of your lives. And we love telling wedding st3456If I had @projectglass I'd use them to document & record an entire destination wedding. I want a pair please. #ifIhadglass [link]
(L(ew)is Holt)
Diagon Alley
Two peanuts walk into a bar, One was a salted.3453#ifihadglass I'd go ghost hunting, I could record what I was seeing, and play it back if I thought I'd seen something [link]
(Armando Ferreira)
Tech Geek, Hacker!3441I would film my movie 10 to 100 where it would be a day in a life of a 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 100 year old person #ifihadglass [link]
(Giuseppe D.)
Celebrity dance/pop music producer constantly creating and innovating. For DJ bookings, email bookdjgd@yahoo.com3436#ifihadglass I would be unstoppable in my pursuits because I will have the power of my computer in a blink of an eye... literally. [link]
(Josh Perry)
Josh Perry: I ride BMX and represent Eastern Bikes and Bern Helmets.3435#ifihadglass I would document what I love to do. Ride BMX, travel the world, explore new places, and enjoy life! [link]
(Realest Ever)
Los Angeles, California
I'm 21:) Who I Be? I'm That Cool Laid Back Rapper That Everybody Likes. #Advertising: therealrarepost@gmail.com3403#ifihadglass I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass 🍻 [link]
(Chris Gammell)
Cleveland, OH
Increasingly opinionated. Maker of and writer about analog electronics. Hobbyist machinist. Co-host of The Amp Hour. KD8RND.3392I think #ifihadglass I would develop a whole new interface for it using other wearable electronics. (cc @projectglass) [link]
(Paul Perry)
Walnut Creek, CA
Passionate for Product Development, Software Development, and Their Deployment. Interest: Virtualization, Amazon AWS, OpenSource, iOS, Android and Windows RT.3380#ifihadglass Disrupt Service Repair Industry. Visual Repair, Capture Repair, Visual Parts Order. GPS 2 Next Call. Service Chat hands free ++ [link]
(Munaeem )
Coding while you sleep.
#DevTeam at Apple, Google, Facebook, Nvidia and Intel. iOS/Android Game comming up. Want a follow back? Tweet me!!! .: Scene 'ON' Hai :.3380#ifihadglass i would record every happy and exciting moments spent with my friends [link]
(Alex Leavitt)
Los Angeles, CA
Researcher of the internets. Computational ethnographer & data scientist. PhD student @USCAnnenberg. Formerly w/ @zephoria at Microsoft Research. 日本語でOK!3370I bike every day, so #ifihadglass I'd map out Los Angeles neighborhoods and use those pics + videos for bicycle advocacy in the city. [link]
(Chris G. Shaw)
Kansas City, Missouri
I'm an entrepreneur, attorney, digital strategy consultant and speaker. I build teams, solve problems and have fun doing it. Also at 3366#ifIhadglass I'd share my world travels with my family and build products that help prevent chronic disease. #google [link]
(Michael Malone)
Los Angeles, CA
#Download my one hour comedy special Casual Sext for ONLY $5 exclusively at! #StandUp #Comedy #FollowBack #Funny #Comedian3362@projectglass I would document my time on the road doing stand up comedy. I travel 48 weeks a year all over the US and Canada. #ifihadglass [link]
(Don Draper)
Jackson Ellis Media Group: Entertainment Concierge #MondaySoul #ThatGuyHere #R&Bdude #ΚΑΨ #NUPE Instagram: @MrJacksonEllis3355#ifihadglass I would make @MattHize film our hangover movie remake to win @projectglass contest [link]
(Brian Jepson)
South Kingstown, RI
Editor (Make: Books) for @MakerMedia; @ProvidenceGeeks and @MakerFaireRI co-organizer. The reason you can't hold all those limes.3351@projectglass I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. #ifihadglass all those moments would not be lost in time. [link]
(John Appleby)
Philadelphia, USA
Global Head of SAP HANA @BluefinSolution. SAP Mentor. Blogger. Englishman in Philly. Foodie.3345#ifihadglass I would build enterprise integration to #SAPHANA for real-time wearable visualization of big data. [link]
Oakland, CA
I'm the package manager for node.3342#ifihadglass i'd write a @nodejs module for it. [link]
(Michael Dolan)
South Brooklyn, USA
Baby, I'm Bad News. Geeky Since Dialup Days. Digital Strategist at a NYC Agency. RPG'ing, Bike Racing, Vegetarian Atheist Book Nerd Awaiting the Singularity.3329#ifihadglass I'd share the always in motion panorama view of NYC from my office in the Empire State Building. [link]
(Cassidy Quinn)
BOS (and other random places)
Vlogger/Reporter/Social Media Addict. Director, Digital & Social @boloco, did social media for @London2012, & reported at #SB46 for #OCNN. I would walk around vlogging CONSTANTLY. So basically what I do now, just WAY COOLER. [link]
(Whitney's Husband)
In Boob's Heart
Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. You should follow me and my life, my everything, the future Mrs. Watson @MsWhoNeeds_Love ❤3326#IfIhadglass I would show how technology benefits school life. [link]
(Freeman LaFleur)
Denver, CO
Entrepreneur, designer, writer, speaker, philosopher. Co-Founder of @visioniz @qrlicious @BootstrappedNet @thcuniversity. Love BIG ideas and smart convos!3321#ifihadglass my GF and I would take it to 50 states and record the adventure, spreading the @ProjectGlass gospel [link]
(Robert Patterson)
Kansas City, MO
Vice President of Social Media at @MMGYglobal, the largest integrated travel marketing firm in the world.3300#ifihadglass I would document my travels for all the world to see. [link]
(Darrel W. Cole)
Southern California
Manager, Comm & PI Group @pbworld National staff services transpo-related projects. Past PR Dir. w/ state DOT, journalist. PR, social media. MY opinions.3282#ifihadglass I'd offer views to #infrastructure #engineering marvels & enhance w visualization, mobile technology. [link]
(Edward Sullivan)
ÜT: 39.924007,-75.392794
Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of G2Link, Founder of Aria Systems and board member of NanoGrass Solar.3274#ifihadglass I'd create a Shazaam for faces [link]
(Jessica Foust)
Salt Lake City, UT
Producer. Host. Tech Reporter. Skier. Traveler. Outdoor Enthusiast. Avid Reader. 3265#ifihadglass I would never get lost. I would always be on time. I would always capture life's greatest moments! [link]
(Sean D. Sweat)
Downtown Phoenix
Less talk, more do: making Downtown Phoenix (#dtphx) better, one project at a time. #urbanism3260#ifihadglass I'd inventory & document #dtphx streets to help inform design changes that need to be made to make it more walkable. #urbanism [link]
(Dan Rosen)
San Francisco, CA
VC investor at Commerce Ventures. Mostly tweet about entrepreneurship/startups, VC, mobile, payments and the future of retail.3255#ifihadglass I could see the future of retail, and invest in it! cc/@CommerceVC [link]
(Jake DiMare)
Boston, MA
Free thinking Bostonion. Interested in the internet, sailing, Jiu-Jitsu and tattoos. PM at ISITE Design. Writer for the Good Men Project and The CMS Myth.3244#ifihadglass I would use it to share the experience of racing sailboats @projectglass [link]
(Kasey Schwartz)
Chatham, IL
I'm Kasey - a wife, mom, daycare provider and blogger all wrapped up into one. I share my daily life, family, recipes, reviews on my blog, All Things Mamma!3240@projectglass #ifihadglass I would share my life as a WAHM blogging & daycare provider.A day in the life of Mom would be eye opening! [link]
(Ben Prendergast)
San Francisco / Melbourne
Copper is a leading project management software tool used around the world to solve collaboration issues. Manage your Projects, People, and Profits with Copper.3231#ifihadglass I'd integrate it with our Project Management Software! Boom, instantly connected Project Managers and Clients. [link]
(⚡Rory The Android⚡)
iPhone: 42.407112,-71.025620
I am still too human but #ifihadglass... I #Followback. #Movies #Reviews #Tech #Honda #Fitness, #Kitty Instagram@RoryCONeill Facebook/RoryCONeill3229@projectglass #ifihadglass i'd dev a HUD displaying vitals and performance information based on my bodily information, movement & heartrate. [link]
(bohdan smaha)
Norfolk, VA
100 Countries by 50 years old. Don't give people what they want, give them something that don't know that that want yet.3226#ifihadglass I'd retain more memories, get lost only on purpose and make others jealous, or as I like to call it - inspire others [link]
(Joe Henderson)
Los Angeles
Co-Executive Producer for Graceland, Co-Producer for White Collar, both on USA3203#ifihadglass I would use them to produce episodes of #GracelandTV and #WhiteCollar. Also to make my friends jealous [link]
(Casey Cooper)
I'm an Atlanta based drummer who specializes in youtube videos, studio recording, live gigs, and lessons. Check out my work!3201#ifihadglass I would show and teach the world drumming right through my eyes! @projectglass [link]
developer, designer, wordpress, trekking, skydiving, traveling3198@Google #ifihadglass I'd take them on my next trek through the Andes in Columbia [link]
(Rafe Furst)
3197#ifihadglass I wouldn't have to stop playing with my son to post this @projectglass [link]
(Aaron Batalion)
San Francisco, CA
CTO and Co-Founder, LivingSocial3193I would travel through the backroads of Japan, meeting rice farmers, in search of the perfect glass of sake #ifihadglass #tellastory [link]
(Santiago Salviche)
Los Angeles | Madrid
Be you, be strong & stay close to your beliefs. Enjoy a espresso from time to time, Ha! | Director / Actor @JustPressRec FB: Salviche IG: SantiagoSalviche3189#ifihadglass | I would make my next film with them written in to the script. Santiago Salviche, dirctor @ LA [link]
(David Salinas)
CEO @DigitalSurgeons, tweets incl. business, stocks, creativity, technology, clothing (socks), reefs and more. Launcher of @shootlocal & @thefreshnation3189#ifihadglass I would finally jump out of a plan [link]
(Ryan Estrada)
Always somewhere new
an artist/adventurer who travels the world making comics and videos.3184#ifihadglass I would shoot some pretty amazing episodes of my adventure show Expeditions! [link]
(Jason Jacobs)
Boston, MA
Boston-based entrepreneur. @RunKeeper founder. I would see if I'm ahead/behind pace while I'm running, and take hands-free pics/video along the way [link]
(David Polinchock)
West Orange, NJ
Dir, AT&T AdWorks Lab. Exploring emerging tech & great experiences. Ex Disney character. Tweets represent my personal opinions.3178#ifihadglass i'd be exploring how physical place changes with the addition of digital overlays and the #socializationofplace [link]
(Michelle DeForest)
New York, NY, US
VP, Content @DOTGO (int'l mobile), chef @glutenfreecajun, love @bcleddy @camillescorner @saints #nola, run w/ @teamintraining donate:'d use Glass as I develop my 1st (@glutenfreecajun) cookbook! Pictures, videos, recipe development, hangout cooking classes! #ifihadglass [link]
(Ann Mack)
New York
Director of Trendspotting at JWT, Ohio State fan, voracious media consumer, Bikram yogi, hugely inquisitive (in no particular order)3175#ifihadglass I'd experience the future now. [link]
(Brittany Laughlin)
GM @USV network. Founder of @InclineHQ - helping military vets join tech. Co-founder of @gtrot. I love travel, tech, food, vintage shopping & sharing new ideas.3172What does life in NYC look like? #IfIhadglass I'd lend in out to build perspective of how everyone lives differently. [link]
Denver, Colorado
Follow my travels at | Lover of travel, foreign language, photography, accents, pretty girls and adventure | Green shades + White Cons3172#ifihadglass I would travel all the way around the world and document it all. [link]
(Thomas H. Lee)
Columbus, Ohio
Orthopedic Surgeon. Amherst/Columbia/ Thomas Jefferson. Specialty interest: Foot/Ankle. Always learning about Food/ Travel/ Fitness. 3167#ifihadglass Google Glass would be great during my orthopedic surgeries. Record and research at the same time. Hope I did it right. [link]
(Jenna Bratten)
Washington, DC
CEO of @aeiintl / IT, Mission Support, Homeland Defense Logistics / Learn more about @moderngovt an AEi publication. / An @projectglass #glassexplorers!3132#ifihadglass As a small business owner I would capture conferences and meetings as they're happening & access business info I need to grow! [link]
(Skendallous Kindle ✪)
Western World
Renegade ☠ ∛ Amazonian-Alien ⊱ Kibbles 'N' Bits ⊰ 3129“@dbeltwrites: #ifihadglass Id show the world what I see every night while Im doing this on stage!” #KCA #VoteBTR [link]
(V. A.)
ππusiç p®odu©†ion triåls ∆˚nd errørs....3129I would show the beginning stages of my photography and videography business grow into a multi-million dollar revenue stream #ifihadglass [link]
(Stephen )
23. Mostly Bored. #TeamGay 3127#ifihadglass I'd never fumble for my camera again! I could catch each moment organically. [link]
(Jeremy Hoffmann)
Culver City, Ca
Producer of GT.TV, Professional Online Shopper, Amateur Chef, Enabler, Art Hoarder, Batfan, N7 Operative, Collector of Things. Prepping my body for a cyborg eye3111#ifihadglass I would use it to take videos from the control room during #E3 coverage in June. [link]
(Trey Phillips)
3107#ifihadglass It would be an extension of me throughout my creative journey of building a ROBOTIC FASHION COLLECTION! [link]
(Dannon Loveland)
Logan, Utah
I love connecting, creating, curating, collaborating, experimenting, and learning. I am inspired by you.3094#ifihadglass I would create a virtual job shadowing program. [link]
(Clint Schaff)
Los Angeles
VP @EdelmanDigital. Adjunct Professor @USCAnnenberg @APOCusc. Jack of many trades. Lover of social justice, music, sports, parties, tech. My thoughts only.3090#ifihadglass I would teach my students, my clients and parents to use 'em, and I would wear 'em on a big trip to Latin America. [link]
(Rafael G. A. )
ÜT: 31.855569,-106.544784
IT Director - Technology geek, love traveling to different countries, reading books and drinking wine. Member of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin3082@projectglass #ifihadglass I would experiment family life with it and develop apps that can be useful for parents and children like medical [link]
Master EDP, Certified Marketing Professional, Blogger, Writer, GhostWriter, Editor, Production Communication Evangelist... let's Interact!3082So #ifIhadglass I'd be showing my augmented reality encounters in the print world; showing off my giant digital press sitting in my hand! [link]
(Nathan Maton)
Curious | Passionate about Education, Tech, Games, & Music | Community Designer & Product Manager @OpenIDEO. All opinions here are my own.3079#ifihadglass I'd build real time contextual learning games to teach kids science with it [link]
(Annie Scott Riley)
Minneapolis, MN
Social Media Pro. Writer. Traveler. Theatre Nerd. Batman. Annie Danger Scott Riley works at Fallon and the opinions here are her own. And always right.3078#ifIhadglass I'd document the process of producing a play at the @MNFringe Festival this summer for future prospective Fringe artists. [link]
Full-time Interventional Gastroenterologist, part-time swing trader. Technology, Biotech, Social media! Follow trades at your own risk. All opinions imo.3076#ifihadglass I would show how easy colonoscopy is from both patient and doctor perspective. MY polyp was ... [link]
(Scott Boswell)
New Orleans
New Orleanian on the fast track. One life, no regrets!3070Cutting edge-technology driven-historical project documentation. The last missing piece of the puzzle is complete #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
Singer/artist with roots in US, Australia, China, Belgium, Italy - living the good good life!!! Don't worry be happy :) CARPE DIEM!!!3065#ifihadglass I'd be able to see the world in a whole new way... I want to be one of the pioneers! [link]
(Bonnie Tandy Leblang)
Food Blogger at, Foodie, Syndicated Columnist, Registered Dietitian3061#ifihadglass I'd have my hands and eyes free to do/watch anything! Brilliant concept. Can't wait for it to become available to us all [link]
(Michael Cappetta)
Los Angeles, CA
TV - Deadliest Catch for @Discovery3050#ifIhadglass I would put it to the test on the deadliest job in the world. @projectglass [link]
(Kate Rados)
New York
Digital Nerd. Director of Comm Dev at Crown Publishing | Random House. My tweets are my own and don't represent views of my employer. 3045Want to be a Google Glasshole? ;) Use #ifihadglass to tell them why. via @techcrunch [link]
(Trigga Man)
Where da cash at!
Stay sexy, Love GOD, Live life!3044#ifihadglass capturing those quick an often missed moments with my kids would be a breeze. @projectglass [link]
(Andy Levey)
Las Vegas
@Cirque Senior Manager of New Media & Analytics, Pop Culture Enthusiast, Brand Ambassador, World Traveler & Gentleman 3034#ifihadglass I'd discover the world in a new way. [link]
(Mark Miscavage)
Pittston, Pa
Follow my ramblings.3031#ifihadglass I would record videos for years, and fast forward them really fast and re-live everything. Google Glass. [link]
(Edward Loh)
Editor-in-Chief of @MotorTrend. Cars, food, judo, airplanes, and pictures. Lots of pictures. These tweets are my own.3029.@projectglass #IfIhadglass my #autoshow problems would be solved. Shooting/posting pics & video while taking notes on a smartphone. #NYIAS [link]
(Jason Divosevic)
Atlanta, GA
Client Advocate @SignUp4, Strategic Meetings Management... Social Media, Marketing, Tech, CRM, Music #Steelers #Hawks #Braves #Auburn #F1 (thoughts=mine)3025#ifihadglass I'd be excited to talk to and answer questions by friends and strangers about the device I'm wearing & how I'm using it everday [link]
(Zachary Mayfield)
Drummer for Oh, sleeper. Lover of all things nerdy. Catch me on Warped tour 2013 :) Instagram: zacharymayfield3024I would make live videos from behind my drum set all summer long on warped tour #ifihadglass [link]
(Christos Papagreeko)
Atlantic City
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined!!! @AMGnightlife @RevelNightlife VIP Host & Doorman for HQ Nightclub 3018help make the world a better & more efficient place #ifihadglass [link]
Lancaster, CA
ACT is a leading high performance clutch and flywheel manufacturer for the sport compact, domestic, and truck markets. 3016#ifihadglass the way @bwpope3 documents the drag and drift race scene would be forever changed. #driftACT #dragACT [link]
(Keith Dsouza)
NYC / Jersey City / Mumbai
Funny by default. Boring as well3007#ifihadglass I would have the best way to capture all my vacations with my eyes @projectglass [link]
(russ marshalek)
3005@projectglass #ifihadglass i would be experience the future and take others with me. [link]
aka donRoyal. - artist & director - Rap Game Hank Moody. videos & verses cost $$$: bookingroyalty@gmail.com3002@projectglass #ifihadglass I would revolutionize the music video world. [link]
(Linda Locke)
Southern California
Writer - Blogger - Business Coach3000#ifihadglass I'd use Glass to record personal history videos, interviews, reviews, tutorials & travel logs on my blogs. [link]
Your Source For Everything Flyers! Twitter ran by @Cash_Tou Premier site of the @broad_spectrum Sports Network2997I would be able to tweet and run our website effectively on the go, while promoting this technology to our 2700+ followers #ifihadglass [link]
(Tolu Babalola)
Just a normal lad & believer. Growth @evisors. Liverpool FC is my life.2992#ifihadglass I would revolutionize sports refereeing and give the viewers an in-action view of the beautiful game. [link]
(David Benson)
New York City
Adventuring Thoughtsmith. Composer, Writer, @Mashwork Analyst, and #GlassExplorer. I have an insatiable thirst for everything. I would create an interactive theatrical performance where the audience could literally see through the eyes of the characters. [link]
(Sonny Lopez)
So grateful for this experience. I love meeting people, adventures, diy, paintball, gmo free food, raw food, juicing, hiking, laughing and sharing info. 2978@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use the Google Glass while playing paintball and during our workout sessions. [link]
(Michael Tabtabai)
Portland, OR
Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy. Portland bike rider guy. I'm riding my bike across the US in 2013 to help fight colon caner.2972#ifihadglass on my bike ride across the US in June I’d get lost, get found, get pizza & tell my coast to coast story. [link]
(David Kelly)
New York, NY
Father, husband, lover of all things Learning - especially social, curation, and immersive design, gamer, writer, Mets & 49ers fan2972I'm in education. #ifihadglass I'd explore and share all the ways Glass can expand our definitions of education, learning, and performance. [link]
(iOS Musician Blog)
Performing, learning, and recording music on the iPhone and iPad... Hashtag: #iOSMusic #WhatIfThatApp2952YAY! #IfIHadGlass I'd make an app that converts the sheet music you see into a MIDI file. =D [link]
(Michael Folling)
Online Marketing Consultant. Current client @activityrez. I love traveling, blogging, and of Stay tuned.2946#ifihadglass I'd document an around the world trip with them! [link]
(Fred Campagna)
Providence, RI
President - Right Weather LLC. I would record videos of changing weather conditions and post directly to - a whole new way to forecast! [link]
(Pawel Pachniewski)
I think, I express and create. With or without the comma. | Sci, phil, art, opera | Cogn. sci, consc, AI, space | Solo #indiedev @imaginini & @weekendjelly2940@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd connect it to @LeapMotion and allow others to spectate what it means to paint music with dance of the hands! [link]
(Da7e Gonzales)
Brooklyn, NY
Da7e, once of @UGOdotcom, came from MTV Reality Shows, does @Opkino @RCDispatch and is the real Superior Spider-Man2936#ifihadglass , @projectglass , I'm pretty sure @erincmccarthy and I could make our sci-fi Rom Com we've planned shot entirely on Glass. [link]
Miami Beach // NYC
digital strategist @SapientNitro. managing editor @collectivepl8. blogger. connecter. foodie. style-seeker + beauty junkie in love affair(s) w/ the Internet.2929#ifihadglass Sharing @collectivepl8 eating experiences could be so enriched. Going beyond just photo & video to create connected content. [link]
(Lee McDonald)
News and tweets about the consumer electronics / retail industry with an insider's viewpoint 2925Father, husband, son. #ifihadglass I'd smile more. [link]
(Emily Egbert)
Right here
World traveler. Libra. Startup @joinhitmeup2921@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use it to capture and share videos and pics throughout my travels. [link]
Los Angeles, CA
Fashion marketing director, professional networker. Social Media guru and marketing maven.2920#ifihadglass I'd show the world what it is like to be a struggling self employed female in a bad economy while managing the rest of my life [link]
(Matt Cutler)
Boston, MA
Founder & CEO at Kibits Corp. Formerly CMO at Visible Measures, founded NetGenesis (now SPSS/IBM), Webmasters’ Guild. Startup guy, father, soccer player, coach.2916#ifihadglass I’d be a better #soccer coach – by recording entire games and sharing highlights with our U9 players. :) [link]
(Joseph Coughlin)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab I would explore the power & potential of glass to excite & delight older adults in finding new ways to navigate their world [link]
(tiffani faison)
dodging bullets and housing gummies 2899As a chef, I could completely engage in my kitchen, write recipes, record dish evolution and gain real time feedback. #ifihadglass [link]
(Phil Wolff)
Oakland, California
Synthesist, Sensemaker. Strategy Director for @PersonalDataEcosystem +1-510-444-82342892#ifihadglass I'd investigate how people talk about personal control of personal data in the Glass era. #pcloud [link]
(Jim Lyons)
Printer industry participant and observer/writer/analyst; marketing and economics professor; technology fan.2887#IFIHADGLASS Will blog/tweet experience from boomer perspective [link]
(John Hill)
Phoenix, AZ
Massage Therapist, Social Media Manager, Yogi, Rock Climber & Gardener. Trust me, you're in good hands. Again @google ! I would run, hike & climb throughout AZ and share it! #ifIhadglass [link]
(Catherine M )
Here & there
Writer. Painter. Bombs & rockets chick. Militant redhead. Rogue cellist. Intrepid traveler. Fencing nut. Lefty ninja with soft spots for robots, peaches & fire.2876Everybody else, just avoid people wearing glasses to be on the safe side. #IfIHadGlass (via @TechNewsDaily) [link]
(Gavin McGarry)
New York & Toronto
Crossmedia strategist. President at Jumpwire Media: one of Fast Company's 2011 Most Innovative Companies in Media - 2868Up early for #cmto13. #ifihadglass I would use it to make my all day hosting job more seamless as I wouldn't require a tablet or paper. [link]
(Ken Whidden)
Destin, Florida
Retired Navy pilot turned chiropractor in Destin, FL, Emerald Coast Chiropractic, finding solutions for today's health care issues, Who's YOUR chiropractor?2866@projectglass #ifihadglass i would share w/ @BeStrongFirst so we can watch 1st KB Cert Mar 8-10 #GiveStrongFirstGlass [link]
(Mihaela (Dr. V))
West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Tech prof, Comm Ph.D. I study impacts of new comm tech on culture, society & organizations. I tweet on my own, not representing my employer (Purdue U).2850#ifihadglass, I'd explore applications for education [link]
(Tom Bruno)
Milford, CT
Librarian @Yale, writer, Skee-Ball junkie. Not as cool as his cartoon self!2849I'd finally feel as cool as the Wearable Computing kids at MIT! #ifihadglass [link]
(Kevin Barta)
Washington, D.C. USA
Diplomat @StateDept - I'm into international education, public/ digital diplomacy (ediplomacy), technology, social media, and design. Views are my own.2841#ifihadglass I would use them to display presentation slide notes or as a teleprompter for speeches/presentations [link]
(Philip Ciccarello)
Charlotte, NC
Technology Director, Internet Aficionado, improving experiences is my passion. Avid runner who is allergic to shirts. Married to @acicc2840#ifihadglass I would push the limits of the technology beyond what Google had intended. Ok Glass, time to change the world. [link]
(HI! I'm Tom!)
Bridgeport, CT
Founder and Creative Director of POKE, father of 3, wearer of pants. Maker, Collector, Breaker and Connector of things.2835#ifihadglass I'd document every moment @pokenewyork. [link]
Alexa|may the force be with you2821@projectglass #ifihadglass I would be able to ride behind my husbands motorcycle and give him directions instead of pulling over using cell [link]
New York
2818#ifihadglass I would show you how to have fun! @projectglass [link]
Is working on changing the game of Golf....2817#ifihadglass I would teach people how to play Golf with them. I would record how beautiful the game is through the eyes of a player! [link]
(stanley lines)
Eatonton, GA 31024
retired librarian, interests- SE Mountains, photography, iPhone, fantasy books, gardening, learning, iPhoneography, meeting people, sharing ideas.2804#ifihadglass OMG, I'd have class and a wide open window to share with my tweeps! #freedom @google [link]
(Kerrin Sheldon)
New York City
Co-founder of Humanity.TV - Videographer, Photographer, West Virginian, Adventurer, & Archer-In-Training.2803#ifihadglass I would take it with me on HumanityTV's next documentary shoot around Iceland's Ring Road @projectglass [link]
(Thomas Deneuville)
New York
French-born composer living in NY. Tweets about Music, Art, Design, Technology, Photography and Typography. Founder/editor of @icareifulisten2799#ifihadglass I'd explore new & creative ways to offer live classical music and interviews to the readers of my blog [link]
(Bill Perry)
San Francisco, CA
Global Partner Manager for Imaging at Nokia. Avid photographer using my Canon 5D Mark II and Nokia 808 PureView.2799#ifihadglass I could see user reviews & specials for local restaurants and have my friends meet me there [link]
(Leroy E. Grey)
Nashville, TN
2796#ifihadglass I'd show the world how love is possible 4 partially disabled (@vondag) & non-disabled (me). We'll both wear the glass & share! [link]
(Jason Cipriani)
Pueblo, CO
I write for a living | freelance for CNET, Wired, eHow, Pueblo PULP, Pueblo Chieftain + more. 2793#ifIhadglass I would pioneer the hands free selfie, complete with a custom Google+ page and daily updates. [link]
(Mike Handy)
Long Beach, CA
Say hello if you follow. I work for Salesforce @marketingcloud... If you have questions feel free to ask! Thoughts and Opinons are my own.2789#ifihadglass I'd document my first trip to Hawaii in April [link]
(Peter Fasano)
SVP, Social@Ogilvy Atlanta. Interest in marketing strategy, pop culture and taquerias. Views are mine | #SocBiz #SMM #Measure #LATISM #SFGiants #FamilyTime2787#ifihadglass I would look for the stories not told near or far and share that experience with the world. [link]
(Charleen & Pavle)
Old Town Scottsdale
Join us for dinner at FnB so I can serve you Charleen's beautiful & delicious food, introduce you to amazing Arizona wines and in general, fuss all over you! 2785I would record a whole restaurant shift and expose it to 100+ guests a night. Also use it to perform interviews at my show #ifihadglass [link]
(Schuyler Towne)
Burlington, VT
I'm a Barista at Barnes & Noble Cafe & a Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute: Locks are Beautiful TEDxTalk: A friend points out that we could go further: Image recognition to ID locks & visually decode keys on the fly. [link]
My show airs on @RT_America ||| Subscribe on YouTube:2765#ifihadglass I'd tell everyone how awesome those damn glasses were and laugh laugh LAUGH at everyone else for not having them! [link]
(Jonas Navickas)
#CINEMATOGRAPHER • #DIRECTOR • #PHOTOGRAPHER2759#ifihadglass I could share my documentary visits to places such as this in a revolutionary, immersive way! #life #art [link]
(Craig Tello)
Stamford, CT executive editor, Diary of a Heartbreak Kid author, contributor, pontificator of wrestling, comics, horror + related collectible trinkets.2753#ifihadglass I'd give you an all-access view from inside the pop culture mega-event, #WWE WrestleMania, thru my eyes. [link]
(michael salguero)
Boston, MA
CEO and Co-Founder of, an online marketplace that connects consumers with makers of everything custom.2753#ifihadglass I would figure out how to get makers using them while creating awesome projects [link]
(T Y L E R R O S S)
Seattle / SF / London
Guitar for @BeingAsAnOcean2751#ifihadglass I'd film rock shows live from the stage in every country and let my friends and family hangout with me while I play [link]
(Cody Damon)
Digital Handyman, Public Sphere Theory, Creative Ideas, Boston, Global Travel & Politics, HipHopster, Sustainability, Adventurer @mediacause muse2750#ifihadglass Google Maps street view would now include sidewalk view. There are a lot of spots in #Boston cars can't get in. [link]
(Harris Schachter)
RVA | Cybertron
Transform into findability. Or, you know, a truck. Search strategist at a Fortune 200 by day, inbound marketing consultant by night. Energy drink connoisseur.2739I would take first-person pictures of cats and every meal I ever have. #ifihadglass [link]
(Michelle Hanley)
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Writer, Speaker, Saved Bad Girl. God is great! #GoPackGo #NascarFollowBack Volunteer for DAIS(@DAISofDaneCo) Celebrate Luncheon is 6/20/13. I would show you what it's like when I do my 1st speech for kids about domestic violence. Yes it happened to me. #betternow [link]
(Jody Shackelford)
Hardy, Arkansas
An inspired entrepreneur and media specialist focusing on video development for print publications. It is my mission to bring the worlds print to video.2713#ifihadglass I would start the first Google Glass News Channel. Daily video, in your face. Publishing the Chronicle is fun, but GGN, so epic [link]
(Ecto Cooler)
Hollywood, CA
SEXT ME LATER2707#ifihadglass I would capture the pure excitement and ridiculousness that is my DJ life...from production to shows all over the world! [link]
(Heartland Underdog)
St. Louis
Marketing Manager + Digital Strategist @ALIVEMagSTL | | | Ex Footwear Pro (And yes, it shows.) #STL 2703#ifihadglass I'd share my estate sale adventures - an exploration of times past. Translate what you think objects mean to people with me! [link]
Husky male model. Internet jerk. #cf97 #tcot2702#ifihadglass it would come with me to 10 countries a year, countless soccer games, my beloved Chicago, and other zany adventures [link]
(Lachlan Patterson)
Venice, California
mani/pedi2696I would record myself petting animals #ifIhadglass [link]
Indianapolis, Indiana
Mixed #Pakistani/#Iranian & #Somali/#Yemeni Not much to say except that I'm the weirdest person you'll ever meet, EVER IG & Kik: fahadonfire2679#IfIHadGlass I'd see how I could incorporate the technology in the glasses to bring real time examples of pictures and concepts in textbooks [link]
(Zach Hayden)
teacher, news junkie, conservative, martial artist, business man2670#ifihadglass I'd use them to help tell my story, and inspire people to tell theirs. [link]
(mena & taty)
Determined to find great-cool products to review for you in English & Spanish. Tell us about your product, or what should we review. Co-founder of #MuyLatinas 2663#ifihadglass my commute with a hands free gadget would be very productive: dinner news family gun check check check! [link]
(fran melmed)
philadelphia, pa
redefining workplace wellness. co-founder of @co_health community. creator of @gethotseatapp. lowercase devotee. 2661i'm faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, via my head #ifihadglass. [link]
(Samantha Smith)
Growing entrepreneurship globally- U.S. Universities, Hungary & Cameroon. Social Impact & Innovation 24/7. Govt & Policy Matter.2625#ifihadglass I’d have lunch w/friends across the globe, do even more work while mobile, always be dancing, and my parents might understand. [link]
(Ben Grossman)
Boston, MA
Marketing Strategist Focused in Digital, Social & Emerging Media | Current Post: Digital Strategist at Jack Morton Worldwide (NYSE: IPG), I would inspire the world to be brave by showcasing 365 moments of everyday bravery: [link]
NYC (subject to change)
No Plan B. Filmmaker. Food and wine enthusiast. I get dressed in the morning. I don't sugar coat.2623#ifihadglass I could keep track of locations and ideas for all the videos I do. Or actually just make one when I feel like it! #filmmaker [link]
(Tony Lee ✌)
St. Bonaventure, N.Y.
Aspiring Ad Man, Creative, Social Media Strategist ✌ Master's Student ✌ Journalist ✌ Documentarian ✌ Blogger ✌ #Bonas '12 '13 ✌ @Intrepid_SBU Founder2623#ifihadglass I would find ways to not only make it a fashion statement but use it to enhance my life, not complicate it! [link]
(Kayelle Allen)
At the keyboard!
Founded Owns Author SciFi Romance, Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance, Non-Fiction. Blog Empress.2618#ifIhadGlass I'd easily preserve research for my #scifi books @projectglass [link]
2617#ifihadglass I would film my four young sons & email them our greatest memories! When they watch it, they will "walk a mile in my shoes" [link]
(Colleen Jorgensen)
Fair Oaks, CA
Artist/Designer, helping people express their own style in their spaces http://MuralMaker1.com2612#ifihadglass I'd show the world how it feels to paint - murals, walls, canvas, how the colors blend, how the paint... [link]
(Anton Kovalyov)
San Francisco
Firefox Engineer / Author of JSHint / Alter ego: @bindthis2612I got it! When I get Glass (or smth similar) I will try to hack it to add walkers from The Walking Dead to my surroundings. #ifihadglass [link]
(James Sanders)
iPhone: 33.857836,-118.374660
Innovation Manager, KIPP: Bay Area Schools; President & Co-Founder, YouTube EDU Fanboy. :) Tweets are my own. 2611Let's take education to the next level! Valuable instructional time is lost with our faces in screens rather than with students #ifihadglass [link]
(Tristan Pope)
New York
Photographer/Director “What day is it? asked Pooh. It's today squeaked Piglet. My favorite day said Pooh.2611#ifihadglass I would make it so when you go home certain news bites that pertain to your home life pop up, todo's show on the fridge etc. [link]
(Becky Jewell)
Visual artist. Champion. Pub Relations @graphicly.2606#ifihadglass I would use it to make paintings. Better than a projector, better than tracing from a screen. An absolute art reference. [link]
(tobias peggs)
ÜT: 37.787446,-122.403796
Brit-abroad. @Aviary's CEO. @Techstars Mentor. #NYC #COYS #MoPho2606If I had Glass, I'd turn Walmart's 'scan and go' mobile self checkout into 'blink and buy'. #ifihadglass [link]
(Roy Dale Childers)
Austin, Texas
I build Robots for a living.2603#IfIHadGlass Grocery store shopping optimization, Goodwill computer recycling, Merge with Labview and 3DVia for work instructions. [link]
iPhone: 41.975172,-87.890233
technology addict, digital+mobile marketer, futurist, practical joker, public speaker.2600#ifihadglass I would wear them, this tech is so hot. If I had glass- I would build apps for people who shop. [link]
(iPhone Enthusiast)
CEO of FYC - iPhone Geek - Gamer - Twitter Addict - MMA Fan - Did I mention that I like Sushi? Ask me anything. 2600I would capture my new fitness adventure #ifihadglass [link]
Silicon Valley
I'm an engineer & mom who tweets whenever the whim strikes me. I'll soon be tweeting photos/video from my Google Glass!2599#ifihadglass I’d share the fun side of Silicon Valley, from the high-tech to the low-tech. [link]
(Prescott Paulin)
Washington, DC
American Defense Innovator, Prior US Marine Corps Officer, Product Launch Manager, International Consultant to 300 Below, and chef without a kitchen.2598#ifihadglass we'd record our brainstorming sessions at Defense Innovation Network events and journal our executive #inspiration moments. [link]
(Jennifer Sokolosky )
Clarksville, MD
We have been practicing for over 15 years and continue to offer the most comprehensive care in the areas of family dentistry, cosmetic and restorative dentistry2597I would wear my glasses, and head down to Guatemala with my adopted son, show him around his beautiful country #ifihadglass [link]
(Lawd )
Pittsburgh, Pa
#RARE - Revitalizing Art, Re-Inventing Emotion - Contact: - All Things Cool 2594@projectglass #ifihadglass I would document my rising music career and our ( @RareNation ) efforts to change the world, one story at a time. [link]
(Floyd Hughes)
Pittsburgh, PA
New Yorker by birth, Army Vet by choice, Pittsburgher and Pastor by the Grace of God; *Burgh Verified* find out more about me at I would use it to bridge the gap between faith and science, once and for all #ifihadglass [link]
(Julian Bialowas)
Scheming at @Everest When i'm not behind the lens or screen you can find me in the mountains.2592@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd capture a day in the life of a photographer at @everest HQ and take you on a journey via land, sea and air. [link]
(Mathew Korn)
Nor Cal
Hardcore Xbox gamer! Call of Duty Zombies is my love! Hey my name is Mat with 1 T!2583@projectglass #ifihadglass I would be able to take better pictures that my outdated flip phone cant. Near Yosemite! [link]
(Tom Serres)
San Francisco, CA
Founder and CEO of 2578If I Had Glass.... - #ifihadglass If I had Google Glass, I could chat more freely with my daughter while... [link]
(Sam Tayyari)
Los Angeles
Coconut mogul. Ecomm enthusiast. Rock collector.2573#ifihadglass i am completely OK w google taking over the world as long as they make gadgets like this! #google [link]
(Mr. Blastoff)
Club MC | Radio Host | Conqueror of Interwebs | Bobby Osteen delivering the message. El Negrande of The Groove. Submit @ music@bobbyphats.com2566#ifihadglass I would show the world the greatness of my city through my eyes. And glass. [link]
(Matt Meyerson)
Venice, CA
I run an action sports (skate, surf, snow, bmx, mma, adventure) management, marketing, PR + production co. called RPRT. Right Place, Right Time!2563#ifihadglass I would let our clients, the best action sports athletes in the world, all have a go with them and create some cool content. [link]
Washington DC
Live every week like it's shark week. Video Editor @TheAtlantic, curating @TheAtlanticVid. 2557#ifihadglass I would feel obligated to go skydiving/hot air ballooning constantly [link]
(Jill Elswick)
Roanoke, VA
A writerly person living in Roanoke, VA. Student of media psychology (Walden University '13). SBUX alum. A person of humor, curiosity, & judgment. 2550My neighborhood would look like the blue hour (l'heure bleue) all the time. #ifihadglass [link]
A Sulia Source for Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey and tons more celeb gossip in between! Follow me on's Twilight & Fifty Shades Channels. 2542#IfIHadGlass I would be the coolest football mom ever! And I could keep my head up to actually watch the game ;) [link]
(Chuck Gaffney)
Selden, NY
Owner of the anime site & store,,& Anime.FM. Video game designer, otaku, gamer,model, voice actor, BusinessWeek guest columnist2541How would I use Google Glass? Mod it to look like a DBZ scouter and make a Power Level app for it. #ifihadglass [link]
(Trevor Antunez)
Hollywood, CA
Professional scoundrel, entrepreneur and troublemaker. #HEREWEGO #LESSSGOOOO #BLAHBLAHBLAH2540#ifihadglass I'd be the 1st in the world 2 record every single ride @disneyland in FPV via @projectGlass and post on @youtube for all 2 see. [link]
New York City , NY
NYC VIP Nightlife Promoter. Work in Manhattan as a Senior Microsoft Contractor and Internet Software expert. These views are my own! BBM : 26100EA72533#ifihadglass id make software for small business & non profits to manage their resources over the net with their eyes @Google [link]
(Rob Perillo)
Lafayette, LA
Chief Meteorologist KATC Lafayette, Louisiana - Weather for Acadiana/Southern Louisiana. Severe weather, hurricane and broadcast media updates.2532Excellent tool for local TV broadcasting business...would wear these on my weathercasts and covering severe weather/hurricanes! #ifihadglass [link]
(Keith Teare)
Palo Alto, CA
Founder at; General Partner at Archimedes Labs; Internet and Media Strategist.2527#ifihadglass I would create an input and recall application for - an app that enables us to capture, share and remember our life. [link]
(sarah ware)
Silicon Valley
Founder of @Markerly [turn-key publisher solutions that increase page views & ad revenue] Formerly @LivingSocial Currently #500strong @TheHappyPapi's Mom2522#ifihadglass I'd share everything I do and discover to google+ [link]
(Louis Hatzis)
Boston, MA
Internet Entrepreneur. Founder at I'd go to the South Pole and plant a flag with "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" [link]
(James Thoburn)
Chicago, IL
Runner. Outdoor Enthusiast. CTO/Co-founder Mergenote2516#ifihadglass I would build an app to display key running and heart rate data to me while I run and bike/ [link]
(Daria Musk)
Listen, Hangout & More:
Musician fueled by the effervescent pop of the universe, the rock of planet earth & the love in your heart. Crash the party.2509#ifihadglass u'd see u thru my eyes. U look like songs & dreams & the reasons I believe, that dreams come true. [link]
(Jordan Weaver)
Missouri. Georgia. World.
2508#ifihadglass I would document my travels, and expose glass to all of our business partners in the Southwest region of the US. [link]
(Alison Gittelman)
Writer, editor by trade. #RRCA #Coach. #Runner and #Triathlete for @PRRaceTeam. Sponsors: @Brooksrunning @nuunhydration @GUEnergylabs. #FitFluential Ambassador 2508@charles_leroy @vtiase ha ha good point! That reminds me, I need to download my Garmin! #ifihadglass maybe I'd need fewer gadgets! [link]
(David Esquire ☆)
Newport Beach, CA
I'm a caffeine-fueled photographer who loves Art, Music, Duran Duran, Nachos, Newcastle Beer, Tech Gadgets, Monster Zero Drinks, Mini Coopers & Motorcycles!2504@projectglass - Being a cutting edge/social mediaphile photographer, I would be able to share my shoots without having to stop. #ifihadglass [link]
(Nathan Freitas)
brooklyn, ny
I make, hack, teach, share, secure and create at the Guardian Project and Tibet Action Institute. Happy to meet you.2490#ifihadglass i would enhance its visual privacy capabilities: "Ok, Glass... enable obscura" // @harlo @vanevery [link]
(Antoine Parrish)
If you like my tweets then follow me. skype/oovoo: themoe85, voxer: antoine parrish, instagram: themoe985, kik: themoe85, themoe85, snapchat: themoe852487#ifihadglass i would use it for everyday life. google now, take pictures and video and google search. [link]
(Herschell Taghap)
Seattle, WA via SF &Chicago
Hey there. I wrangle social media and sell deliciousness nationally for @TomDouglasCo, spin records on the Internets and wear cardigans with elbow pads.2487I would show the world what it's really like being thrown into a restaurant line on a busy Saturday night really feels like #ifihadglass [link]
(grant spanier)
Minneapolis, MN
Writer, designer, entrepreneur. Blogger at @advertisingweek @Ad_Buzz. Founder + creative lead @theLESSco. Currently editing a documentary: #IfIhadglass I'd explore in ways you haven't imagined yet. I'd do precisely what needs to be done: test limits, shape futures. [link]
(Brian Makas)
Marketing Tech Director discussing Salesforce CRM, Web Analytics, SEM, Social Media as well as an occasional hockey or MMA rant (opinions expressed are my own)2485#ifihadglass I'd actually make use of QR codes & other digital watermarks to learn more about or even buy product w/o my hands c @TaraHorner [link]
(Vincent Veneziani)
New York, NY
Editor at Hedgeye Risk Management. Published author, journalist, dealmaker, trader and avid reader residing in New York.2480@projectglass living in nyc, it'd be great to do a "day in the life" video #ifihadglass - it's also a safer experience when u walk and text [link]
(Patrick Healy)
New York, NY
#RealEstate fan, #thinker, #tinkerer, #geek, perpetual student of #marketing, #tech, #Scotland and #whisky. #Husband, #father and #workinprogress. I like #tacos2474#ifihadglass I would help the world see NYC through the eyes of a native. I'd be a sherpa for the travel voyeurs and foodies. [link]
(Ed Fletcher Sacbee)
Sacramento, Ca
This and that from Sacramento Bee reporter. I cover Placer County2473Create a new gen QR codes that would allow newspaper readers to get more info, watch videos, or join a hangout #ifihadglass [link]
(Nina Terrero)
New York City
2472#ifihadglass I would share what it's like to defy stereotypes while embracng perspctve as US Latina-1scene at a time [link]
(Richard Marc Padilla)
Optimist prime (sic). IT engineer, sports diehard, rapper on Wednesdays, journalism major, Hawaii born dreamer. But please, tell me about yourself. 2463#ifihadglass I would document every moment of every day of my life in Hawaii and upload it, with absolute joy. [link]
(Douglas Muth (Giza))
Ardmore, PA, USA
Software Engineer, Anthrocon organizer, DevOps, AWS, #glassexplorers, node.js, Dorsai Irregular, White Mage, CAUCE founder, furry fan, Eagle Scout, 28% cheetah.2463I'd use facial recognition software cross-referenced with GPS data to help remember peoples' names. #ifihadglass [link]
(Chelsea Rising)
New York
#Photographer (site in works) ☆ #cyborganthropology student studying #wearabletech #socialmedia ☆ meme creator ☆ views are my own2459#ifihadglass my senior thesis on wearable tech would be beyond. [link]
(Thomas Towell)
Not a spy. I write jokes on and @TheFakeCNN. See me perform at @improvboston.2440Ever wonder what it's like to be up on stage doing improv, sketch comedy, and stand up? Let me show you. #ifihadglass [link]
(Ryan Kubo)
Irvine,CA Tea Drinker, Father, Gamer, Apple Fan2439#ifihadglass I would vlog my families life. [link]
(Garry Choy MD)
Boston, MA
Physician / Radiologist with interest in #HealthIT, #mHealth, #hcsm, and #GlobalHealth @ Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School2430Improve interaction with digital health records and how medical imaging diagnoses from CT, MRI, ultrasound, x-rays are made #ifihadglass [link]
(Carmen A. Medina)
ÜT: 30.226107,-98.679588
Seven things make me want to go hum: Collaboration, Creativity, Curiosity, Conversation, Critical Thinking, Cosmology, I would help us see a future full of potential, joy, trust, and the New Wisdom we can find together when we look more clearly [link]
(C. Vo - From the Mo.)
Missouri City, Texas
2410#ifihadglass I would create amazing works of art, experience amazing things, and share it all with the world [link]
(Ashley Troub)
Ventura CA
Makeup Artist. Gamer. Reader. Paranormal Investigator. Redditer. TAPS Team Member. 2393#ifihadglass I would get more beauty and enjoyment out of the world because I wouldn't be fidgeting for a phone. I wouldn't miss a thing. [link]
(Bryan Foster)
Baton Rouge, LA
Purveyor of All Things Digital, Small Business Technology Specialist, Web Design, Internet and Social Media Marketing, Teaching Others to Use Technology Wisely2393#ifihadglass I would live blog my journey as a tech savvy dad living in the South using Glass and call it The Cajun Country Chronicles . [link]
(Javier Laval)
Founder / Creative Director / Designer Android Homme Footwear & Apparel Brand 2393#ifihadglass I would take u around the world as I design, develop, make some of the illest shoes on the planet. #Futureisnow @projectglass [link]
(John Herman)
New Hampshire
Artist, Writer, Producer, Web Adventurer. Fond of cookies and milk.2390#ifihadglass I’d share art stunts, comedy onstage, movie production, TEDx emceeing, novel writing, cookie baking, teaching, & parenthood. [link]
(Rickey White)
R. Jay White Management
a Social Branding™ Strategist meets #PartialGuru at @SociallyLinked Uncommon expert and InGenious pro! Instagram+Facebook+LinkedIn [rjaywhitejr]2375#IfiHadGlass I would use the hand-free camera to challenge bflay into "Virtual Throw Downs" ...thx to… [link]
(Peter Stetson)
Calistoga ☆ Napa Valley
5th generation Napa Valley living in #Calistoga — A Spa resort town developed by Sam Brannan around natural mineral springs, hot water geysers & vision w/Glass?2374@projectglass #ifihadglass I would share our view from #Calistoga Wine/Resorts/Spa to #NapaValley Vineyards & Castles [link]
(Victoria Song)
Harvard Bschool Class '14. Previously Head of Product Mktg & BD at @tracx, VC at Flybridge. Into tech, cool start-ups, passionate entrepreneurs with big ideas. 2370#ifihadglass my cucumbers would be perfect (via [link]
(Ned Hepburn)
NYC / Everywhere
Editor-at-large and journalist for Death + Taxes, Vice, Interview, The Week, and others. I'm ok I guess. 2368I would drive across America, interviewing people, and blog about it in an incredibly non-lame way #ifihadglass [link]
(Jonathan Reichental)
Silicon Valley, CA
Award-winning Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Palo Alto, CA (@PaloAltoCIO). Also named #1 CIO on Twitter in Govt. [Not endorsing anything. Personal account.]2364#ifihadglass I'd work with others to understand how they could make our world a better place to live, for everyone and everything. [link]
(Chad Martin)
Kansas City, MO
Director Social + Emerging Media at VML a WPP Company. Views are my own. 2364I would prove that social connectivity and conversation can be more than superficial #ifihadglass [link]
(Sean Gerety)
Atlanta, GA, USA
UX Geek - Does UI & UX, Conferences (, startups, and I have a day job.2357#ifihadglass I'd create an app called momento that allowed me to remember where things are by using playback. [link]
(Sarah Willis)
HORN...french horn in the berlin philharmonic orchestra BERLIN...adored adopted city2352#ifihadglass I would share music - from the best seat in the house! @Ifihadglass [link]
(Kevin Goldberg)
San Francisco
Marketing Director at @4WalkMe; Fan of sports, tech, social media, IPAs, startups, creative marketing, good food, and Fast and the Furious2352@projectglass #ifihadglass I would map SF nightlife and relive those nights where my memory is a little shaky. [link]
(Louis D.)
Los Angeles
Writer, Political Economist, Strategist. Fan of oxblood loafers, the Red Sox and France.2348#ifihadglass I'd do a little dance and I'd take a trip to France. [link]
(Stephen Charles)
Greensboro, NC
Photography: 1/2 of @getCharlesMedia Web / Identity Branding: @CharlesMediaWeb STT, GSO, ΑΦΑ 2339#ifIhadglass i could interview documentary subjects easier by removing the barrier of a traditional camera. hands free everything else FTW [link]
(Cassel Kroll)
New York, NY, USA
VP Media Strategy at @EdelmanDigital. Cocktail Curmudgeon. Culinary Mad Scientist, Content Chemist. Brooklynite. Proud New Dad. My Views are my own.2334#ifihadglass Someday I'd be able to show my daughter what it was like watching her grow up through my eyes [link]
San Francisco
alberta PDX SFO maker hiker hacker dad artist @makerlab @meedan @parcinc @dekko2329#ifihadglass i'd build a challenge game where you take pictures of accomplishments and share them with your friends [link]
(Nick Lough WAFF-48)
Huntsville, Alabama
@WAFF48 Reporter - Arizona State University Graduate - Sports Fanatic - My Mom Made the Price is Right Showcase Showdown Once2327#ifihadglass I'd show people what we do in tv news for the rest of the 9 hour day (we do a ton more than our 2 min live shot) [link]
(Jonathan Van)
Austin, Texas
Marketing @UTexasMcCombs l Infrastructure l Go for 10x l Deploying What Works l Distributing the Future l Mind into Matter l Design Enthusiast2327#ifihadglass I would build applications for dentists, doctors, and manufacturers to empower the industrial AR dream. [link]
Is it the Chad? Full time geek, workoholic, and entrepreneur. MCSG Founder and MCTF2 Owner.2323#ifihadglass As a 22 year old small business owner, I will use this to promote innovation in our historic city. [link]
(Andy Belford)
Super Sekrit!
Father, Husband, Gamer, Global Community Manager for EA. This is my personal Twitter feed, anything said here is guaranteed to be only mildly amusing.2323#ifihadglass I'd create more memories of my twin 5 year old sons. [link]
(Davey Shafik)
iPhone: 28.244517,-82.181615
Professional PHP Developer, Author and Speaker. Engineer for @EngineYard on @eyorchestra — the PHP Platform as a Service.2322#IfIHadGlass I would hook it up with the MYO, can you imagine the power of gestures and Google glass? How cool! see: [link]
(Joshua Sortino)
San Francisco, CA
Product Designer at @Disqus. Born on the east coast, journeyed to the west coast. Be like water.2313I wish there was an easier way to share and enjoy my life with my baby sister and family back in Florida. /cc @projectglass #ifihadglass [link]
(ZooKeeper Rick)
San Diego
Ambassador & Keeper for the @SanDiegoZoo & @SDZsafaripark. It isn’t a job; it’s a way of life! Working with amazing animals & sharing my passion with others.2311(Entry for @ProjectGlass) #IfIHadGlass ... [link]
(Mickey MONDΔY™)
Everyday is a MONDAY.
Mannerisms of a young Bobby De Niro... I sip crushed grapes & lust papes. (Island Def Jam Digital). For booking & features contact: 2310#ifihadglass I would wear them to my wedding and record the ceremony so I could relive that moment and share it with my children. [link]
(Errin W, PhD)
Boulder, CO
Principal of Mobile App firm| SightSpace 3D #SketchUp Viewer & #AugmentedReality App (Apple, Android)| VYZAR #AR Engine & Custom Apps| #Shaderlight Cloud Render2310#IfiHadGlass I would bring the world to my living room with my augmented reality technology. I would augment the planet. :) [link]
Los Angeles
Filmmaker. Directed the #ThriftShop and #SameLove videos. I eat peanut butter.2308#ifihadglass I would make and plan out better music videos and films, like my last one #ThriftShop [link]
(Georgios Achillias)
Boston, MA
physics, technology, cars, style, apple, mobile, internet of things... and LIFE2306I would give them to my brother who is a person with disabilities to embrace his courage to be a front line runner #ifihadglass [link]
(Robin Lenz)
Managing Editor, Shelf Awareness; former ME, Publishers Weekly. (aka @shelfawareness) Short, not sweet. 2305#ifihadglass life would be more like the science fiction I read growing up (where's my jetpack?) [link]
(Chris Fralic)
NYC and PHL mostly
VC @FirstRound and BD always. Twitter user #3242301I would look into the future #ifihadglass @google this could be the greatest thing ever in a TED gift bag. [link]
(John Bergquist)
Portland, Oregon
Director of Communications @SomaGames & @TheCodeMonkeys. @HuffingtonPost blogger. What I write here are my own thoughts. Need an app for that? I can help.2297If I had glass I would connect even more with those around me... #ifihadglass: via @youtube [link]
(Julie Kurd)
Qual and quant market research connecter, initiator, socializer, spotter, friend & consumer. #MRX, #NGMR, #NewMR. ENTJ. Skier.2297#ifihadglass, I'd link F500 company segmentation schemes to actual people to bring the consumer journey to life, helping CMOS grow the biz [link]
Upper Dibchit
Science writer,voice-over artist, specialize astronomy/space science; documentaries and Webcasts.See latest vid at: I'd want to see the universe in ways I hadn't imagined. AS an astronomer, I would use it to rock the cosmos for everybody! [link]
(Kristina Killgrove)
Pensacola, FL
I see (Roman) dead people. Assistant professor of anthropology at University of West Florida and researcher of archaeology, bioanthropology, and classics.2295#IfIHadGlass I'd study the dead in entirely new way: pore over their skeletons, tease out their secrets, let them speak thru new technology. [link]
(Noah Zerkin)
Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality enthusiast/hardware prototyper. Builds fun stuff at Group.2294#ifihadglass I'd pair it with biofeedback sensors for self monitoring and uploading telemetry with pictures triggered by spikes in the data. [link]
(Chris Stalker)
Dirty Jersey
Sometimes I save lives, play with myself, curse a lot, post dumb shit and take awesome photos. Whaddup boosh?2289I would help educate people on the aspects of emergency pre-hospital care, what we do and why we do it. #ifihadglass [link]
(Chris Martin )
ÜT: 26.854459,-80.105656
Professional South Florida Wedding, Commercial and Creative Portrait Photographer.2287#ifihadglass I would document all of my photo shoots and give everyone a first person perspective of what I see during my shoots! [link]
(Sarah Rotman Epps)
San Francisco, CA
Interpreter of technologies: Consumer technology analyst for Forrester Research, public speaker and talking head. Hopefully with something to say.2283I just spotted my first #projectglass wearer in the wild. #ifihadglass I wouldn't have to stop walking and pull out my phone to tweet! [link]
(Ryan Mills)
I fix tech.... 2283#ifihadglass I would; -Show you a day in my shoes. -Easily document the life of my children growing up -Record ... [link]
(Dr. Syb)
Nashville, Tennessee
Education is my passion. Teaching is my gift. My family is my life. Want me. 2276#IfIHadGlass they would be used to serve the public interest, convenience and necessity like all broadcast outlets should. [link]
(Tamra Brown)
Los Angeles
Writer/Comedian. Coolest kid in drama club.2273#ifihadglass I would test the possibility of using the camera as a vision aid for legally blind people like ME. I'll document it on YouTube [link]
(Toki) 2273hmm @projectglass #ifihadglass I could very easily stream/record the way I draw and paint in real life. [link]
(Vedran Agovic)
Chicago, Illinois
Humanitarian. Activism. Living everyday to the core. Striving to make an impact. Doing all that you're not. Love @UNICEF & @MarquetteU. #Truth2271Show the world one person can make a difference in the lives of many. #ifihadglass [link]
(Sami Inkinen)
San Francisco, CA
Co-Founder of real estate leader Trulia. Passionate(obsessed) Data Geek. Applies analytics to every part of life. 8h24min Ironman & Triathlon world champ (ag)2270#ifihadglass I'd finally have a reason to refresh my rusty programming skills! [link]
(Chris Barrett)
Founder: @PRserve - Innovative and Transparent PR for Startups, Author: Direct Your Own Life, Advises Tech Startups on Public Relations, Documentary Filmmaker 2269My work days would be moved away from my laptop and onto a skateboard to manage emails. #ifihadglass [link]
(Kendall Clark)
Washington, DC
Running a Semantic Web startup in DC. See #ifihadglass I'd make faceted info browsing work with it seamlessly to enrich daily life with contextually relevant stuff. [link]
(Chandler Bolt)
Writer, producer type guy. Area funny man. Resident schnorrer2266City wide scavenger hunt. How was this fun before Google Glass? #ifihadglass [link]
(B.J. @ Geek Fitness)
science fiction/fantasy author, fitness blogger, runner, and gamer. 2256#ifihadglass I'd help folks live better through weight loss, running, & literature. Lifestyle changes. In 1st person. [link]
(Mitch Schneider)
iPhone: 31.747074,34.993187
Helping the world accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation using electric cars. Also a huge fan of tech, social media and absurd news :) 2251You know, #ifihadglass I would be the guy who had every single color to match my many outfits! Y'all know that's true. [link]
(Gus Fune)
on tour.
tech savvy, early-adopter, killer panda, party-hunter, bleak, underground, apparently alive and constantly sleepless. Game Journalist, Developer & Coffee Addict2249If I had Glasses I'd be constantly showing the world how awesome the world is. #ifihadglass [link]
(Josh Lysne)
Moorhead, MN
After work and family, fishing and cooking are my passions. Love to fish new places and cook new things. Self proclaimed foodie. Food and fishing blogger.2249#ifihadglass I would capture all of the precious moments. Daughters laugh. Tickle torture. Swim meets. Piano recital. Landing a giant tuna. [link]
(michele perras)
Sriracha. Mobile strategy + product. Sailing, dingos, pie. VP @klickhealth. Personal Twitter acct. Often ridiculous.2241#ifihadglass I'd be able to gain greater insight and empathy into the Patient Experience, and to share those learnings with greater ease! [link]
(john yembrick)
San Francisco, CA
NASA HQ Social Media / Public Affairs, NY Mets baseball, books, history, boats, movies, SciFi geek2240I once walked into a tree while reading email. I needed Google Glass, which looks awesome. #ifIhadglass [link]
(Kurt Michael Friese )
Iowa City, IA, United States
Chef/Author/Advocate, passionate foodie, unabashed omnivore, authoritative wino2240@ProjectGlass #ifihadglass I'd use it to to make easy-to-follow cooking instruction videos for @ThePublicHearth [link]
(Dustin Deckard)
Wichita, KS
Wannabe futurologist.2238#ifihadglass I would use it to work more efficiently with coworkers, giving them a 1st-person view every time I step into a server closet. [link]
(Cheryl Yeoh)
Bay Area & NYC
Founder @ReclipIt @CityPockets. @500 Family. Mentor @Founding & @20Under20. Advisor @Lean. 44 Female Entrepreneurs to Follow @Mashable 2012. Love single malts.2238#ifihadglass I would run an experiment capturing every second of my life for 6 months (except the bathroom parts) [link]
(Seantron McDeathtron)
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Dad | Husband | Mobile Game Dev (Unity, Android, iOS) | Creator of the mobile game Tweets Of The Dead:'s my entry for #ifIhadglass: @playmonition And yes, I made a twitter account and got the domain name. #OCD [link]
(Michael Ducker)
San Francisco
Mobile Product at Twitter. Olin College Alum. 2234I'd live-tweet my life. #ifihadglass [link]
(Dom Brady)
Atlanta, Georgia
Multimedia journalist, content design. Opinions expressed here are my own. Retweets are NOT endorsements. Favorites are bookmarks. 2232It'd be interesting to document editing processes and build that into on-the-fly tutorials. #ifihadglass [link]
(Michelle Broderick)
Seattle, WA
Suffers from wanderlust, design envy, and food comas. Making time to @gogeocaching.2229#ifihadglass I would @gogeocaching and try to find all 2 million Geocaches around the world: [link]
(Rebecca Reeve)
San Francisco, CA
Web & SF enthusiast. Founder/Principal of Rsquared Communication, digital PR and comms for tech companies. Canadian expat. Nerd friendly. 2227#IfIhadGlass I would build a dating app (that would inevitably be deemed creepy). [link]
(Main Street Monitor)
Burbank, CA
2011 CM WDW DCP ODF MK Spring Adv. @Cronkite_Asu grad. @prestoncmw in real life. Social Media/Editorial intern with @DisneyGames2226#ifihadglass I would film every ride at the #Disney Parks so I could share the magic of the parks with the world without the cost [link]
(R.J. Townsend)
Philadelphia, D.C., and NYC
I like to build stuff. 2210Thought controlled interface using emotiv EEG neuroheadset #ifihadglass [link]
(Andrew Lim)
Marketing Director/Founder @CMA_Megacorp2210An idea for @ProjectGlass would be to auto overlay interesting web info/footnotes on to newspapers, books, magazines, etc. #ifihadglass [link]
(Sebastian Oddo)
Westchester, New York
Dad, Author, Digital Director2209#ifihadglass I would document my 4-month old daughter's life :) [link]
(Michael Staton)
San Francisco
EIR at Learn Capital, advisor to NSVF EdTech. Founder of @Inigral creators of the @SchoolsApp. Education/Social/Mobile. College Readiness Ninja. 2208#ifihadglass I would edit a video of the most motivating startup pitches I hear every year. Hundreds of world changing ideas. [link]
(Joseph Ginese)
Driving, Dreaming, Doing.
1st yr & New Student Comm_College Educator at #BMCC. MBA trained. Entrepreneurial minded. Education Focused. Enchant me. www.joeginese.com2208#ifihadglass id use it to show those who are curious about what a higher education professional really does (and sees) in a day. [link]
(Talia Haykin - טליה)
Denver, Colorado
Socially minded, technology focused. Actor, dancer, but never a singer. I Jew everyday.2205#ifihadglass my 3yr old glasses wearing self would finally feel cool. [link]
(Charles Webster, MD )
DMV: DC Virginia Maryland
One-Man Trade Association 4 #EMR #EHR #BPM #NLProc #Mobile #Cloud #Social #BigData #POWHIT=People & Organizations improving Workflow w/#HIT #HIMSS13 Top Tweeter2205#ifihadglass I'd shoot thousands of One-Minute Interviews™®© similar those in my HatCam blog post! #HIMSS13 [link]
(Joe Sabado)
Santa Barbara, California
Assoc Dir. Info Systems/Software Dev - #StudentAffairs #UCSB. .Higher Ed Tech Leadership. Views posted are my own.2199#ifihadglass I'd explore mobile learning and augmented reality. [link]
(Leif Hansen)
iPhone: 48.124201,-122.784259
Igniting transformation through Playformation. Personal, Professional & Organizational Training & Development. 2196#ifihadglass I would use it in my 'playformation' with group processes -recording and referencing inter-activities. C [link]
(Mitsu Yamazaki 山﨑満広)
Portland, OR USA オレゴ??
2196#ifihadglass I will present 2 sustainable urban development solutions of Portland, OR to a large audience in Tokyo! [link]
(Keith Robertory)
Fairfax, VA, USA
A disaster technologist, educator & CEM. Work at Red Cross. Teach at GWU & UMUC. Have a family & geek out. When in doubt, it's just my opinion.2195#ifihadglass it would augment disaster workers with real-time info and capture what they see for shared knowledge… ala borg. #SMEM [link]
Librarian that is looking to be educated by the masses.2193The world would see librarians battle to keep information free & easily accessible, & vanquish the beast, Stereotypezilla #ifihadglass [link]
(Chris Doll)
Buy and sell commercial and residential real estate, as well as offer lending.2193#ifIhadglass I will use these glasses to record first hand views of housing conditions around the world for the non-profit, House the World. [link]
I Don't Just Rap About It. Live #FuckABandWagon #FuckBrokeHoes #NonPrimative #SelfMotivator 2179#ifihadglass id record a next hit single with @wizkhalifa [link]
Los Angeles, CA
Software Engineer, Tinkerererer of things. email:drunknbass@me.com2174#ifihadglass i’d create an app to help ppl with their dieting/eating habits by showing you nutrition info for things you eat. (hook me up) [link]
(Josh Long)
Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA
Coffee, code from the trenches. Josh Long is the Spring developer advocate for SpringSource. Views reflected don't necessarily represent those of his employer2171#ifihadglass I would connect augmented reality-based applications to enterprise APIs [link]
(Greg Williams )
Knoxville, TN
Enjoys hockey and ham radio2170#IfIHadGlass I'd incorporate it into my ham radio SKYWARN nets and pull up wx warnings while on the air. [link]
(Ayah Alfawaris)
My shoes
Environmentalist. Kitchenista. Maladaptive Perfectionist. Cheeseaholic. Global Wanderer. Adventurous. Interfaith Dialogue Enthusiast. Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu.2150#ifihadglass I'd have a completely new definition of 'diary'. No more writing or audio recording. [link]
(Steph Palmeri)
san francisco, ca
web junkie. travel addict. food fanatic. music lover. bikram poser. venture capitalist @SoftTechVC. displaced downtown gal. loving life in silicon valley. 2149#ifihadglass, I’d show the boys what it’s really like to be a woman in venture... and I’d show more girls that they can succeed in tech too. [link]
(Patrick Trahan)
B.R. , NOLA, and Chicago
1st south baton rouge then westbank new orleans. St. Aug 2 auburn 2 Ole Miss 2 the titans now the Chicago Bears 2 fill in the blanks check my fb link God bless2147#ifihadglass I would use it while I trained [link]
(Jack Uldrich)
Minneapolis, MN
Author, futurist, keynote speaker and unlearning fanatic.2146#ifihadglass, I'll get my hands dirty and explore how the glasses will change how we engage the world: @projectglass [link]
(Kay Walten)
Riviera Maya MX & Houston area
I help tourism businesses that are unsure how to effectively use social media in their marketing plan, and I make it easy. Speaker & CEO of LocoGringo.com2143#ifihadglass I would bring #Africa to those who want to understand but can't. @projectglass [link]
I'm freelancing again. That's my face and all my views are my own. Also I do stuff: behind the scenes images at my photoshoots & work, plus not get lost or late ever again. #ifihadglass [link]
New York City
Mark Newman: 11-time marathoner & Marathon Maniacs #6697; 12th yr MLB Advanced Media; BBWAA Lifetime Honorary; Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers; Artist; Eng. Bulldog Lover.2132#ifihadglass I would let people run #marathons & ultras with me. They'll be the next part of my gear. I'm in! @projectglass [link]
(Craig Elimeliah)
VP, Director of Creative Technology & Digital Solutions @RAPP + Uomo Universale. 2130I would use it to help educators open their eyes to innovation through seeing the potential of the young imagination. #ifihadglass [link]
(Shannon Palmer)
Tampa, FL
New England girl in beautiful Florida. Director of PR @FKQ_Advertising - Driving Results for Clients. Travel, Food & Fitness Blogger. Tech Geek.2129#ifihadglass I would share what it really means to live in Florida - it's not just theme parks & beaches! It's amazing adventures and life! [link]
(Jean Prytyskacz)
New York City and Long Island
Film, media, photography,writing, everything in between, and more..2129#IfIhadglass I would watch a @dariamusk #googlehangout concert and it would feel that I'm right on stage! @projectglass [link]
(Tyler Thurston)
Between LA and NYC
#Actor #Live #Dream #Legend #Life2128#ifihadglass I'd be able to share with the world how I views things! And my my moving experience to Los Angeles! [link]
(Jonathan Summerton)
100% Made in the USA- Always Believe in Yourself! Live to Race! Christian. 2012 Sebring 12 hr GT Winner Philanthropist.2126@google #ifihadglass get some pretty awesome footage and live feed from racing car! @GlobalRallyX [link]
(Paul Wesselmann)
Cincinnati, OH
helping people be more EFFECTIVE in work, school, & life by sharing USEFUL wisdom in FUN ways. uRock!2121Google Glass would help me add and share content; I could upgrade my keynotes to a stellar interactivity. I AM IN! #IfIHadGlass [link]
(Steve O'Connell)
I'm an ECD/Partner at RedTettemer + Partners. And I like peanut butter.2119#ifihadglass I’d document my daughter coming into the world. P.S. My wife pictured here, said it’s ok. @projectglass [link]
(Cassie Allinger)
Burlington, VT
Insatiable Learner, Marketing Fanatic. Sr Advertising Strategist at @DealerDotCom & Community Manager at @DrivingSales. Loves hugs, books, & cowboy boots. 2118#ifihadglass I would explore the future of tech & search, all while live-tweeting my experience with hashtag #lifewithglass [link]
NYC -- SoCal
Marketing Director @GUNNAROptiks / Gamer / @FragDolls Cadette / Foodie / Techie / Ninja Rider / Softball MVP / Clubber / Globetrotter / EDM4Life / Poker Queen2114#ifihadglass I would wear it on my worldwide music festival expeditions, showcasing the view from the dance floor. [link]
(Peter Koval)
NYC & Los Angeles
Pro Photographer in NYC & LA specializing in making people look good. - I'm an author, interview host and media curator. * I'm also an IDEALIST & OPTIMIST !2114#ifihadglass I could show you what it's like to be a fashion photographer #models #fashion #nyc #la [link]
(Fredda Komis)
Los Vegas
Success belongs to those who are willing to work harder than anyone ELSE !2113#ifihadglass i would record nature's unseen phenomena ! [link]
(Juan Lopez-Valcarcel)
Planes and Laptops
Husband, Dad, Chief Digital Officer for Pearson (Education Technology), Global Nomad, Spicy Food Eater. These are personal tweets on gadgets and innovation.2107#ifihadglass we would explore opportunities to use it to improve teaching and learning around the world. Much more useful than skydiving! :) [link]
(David King)
making better2105#ifihadglass I would photoblog my food intake to monitor my cholesterol better. I would share my health with the world! (cc @moneyball) [link]
(Tim Moss)
Sherman Oaks, CA
Director of Technology at Sony Santa Monica Studio, God of War team + others. (Views==mine)!=Sony. Cars, Food, Music, Shoes and Videogames are my hobbies.2102#ifihadglass I would combine image recognition and my address book to never forget someone's name ever again. The future will be awesome. [link]
(Beth LaPierre)
Rochester NY
hardcore lady geek | VP of Marketing @adventive2101I'd be free #ifihadglass [link]
(Jared Erickson)
atlanta GA
I Design. partner at @8bit lover not a fighter.. Blah blah blah2099#ifihadglass i would build it into my motorcycle helmet so i could go on epic cross country trips [link]
(Joe Jiko)
Clearwater, Florida
I make the world/web better & you think. Problem solver. Web developer. Creative person. INFJ. Follow me into the dark.. and RT. #SmartCulture2099#ifihadglass I'd wear it everywhere but in the shower. I'd hack it to pieces and let my imagination explore all sorts of applications [link]
(Ben Scofield)
Durham, NC
Developer at LivingSocial; RailsConf Program Chair; Director of Ruby Central; mostly a nice guy2096#ifihadglass I'd build tools to make quantifying the self across multiple domains easier, more transparent, and more effective than ever. [link]
Silicon Valley
David is the Chief Executive Officer of where he oversees finance, operations and technology.2091#IfIHadGlass I'd start a company helped capture and organize all the video content that people were creating with Google Glass. [link]
(David G. Armstrong)
Tucson, Arizona, USA
dedicated to diabetic foot, amputation prevention, wound healing, biotechnology and its intersection with personal tech, lifelogging and the quantified self. 2091"Imagine a brain computer interface, mHealth device and memory prosthetic all in one. Buckle up. #ifihadglass " [link]
(Cyndee Harrison)
Detroit, Michigan
In the world of digital marketing rock stars, I'm the experienced and reliable roadie. Working for the good folks at American Jewelry and Loan. 2087#ifihadglass I would use it to watch trends for the industries that I care about and would wear it all day at work! [link]
(Arup Nanda)
Danbury, CT (USA)
Award winning Oracle Database Technologist and Architect, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Mentor and Blogger ( Lives in Danbury, CT (USA).2085@projectglass #ifihadglass I would link it to my smartphone and use facial recog to quickly identify a person and display details [link]
(Matt Bango)
New York City
Entrepreneur, designer, photographer. I make things.2079#ifihadglass I'd make a way to identify birds from sound or flight pattern. [link]
(David Gillespie)
New York, NY
Amateur day dreamer trying to turn pro. Music man. Australian. Founder @collectorsedit. Head of Innovation @ Imagination Americas. Say hi.2077A brand-new, interactive tour of NYC, unlocking past, present and future at the glance of an eye. #ifihadglass [link]
Washington, DC
GWU Sports Management Class of 2013, Huge racing and football (soccer) fan #GWU. Ready to work in Professional Soccer as soon as I graduate in August. 2074#ifihadglass I would use it while coaching soccer to be able to review plays immediately. [link]
(Keith Barrett)
Orlando, FL
Technologist, Disney Global Bus. Technology, Former Red Hat Developer, Linux/OpenSource guy, Social Media SME, Vidcast Producer, Geek - want Google Glass so I can share my life adventures with you! - - #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
(Ivan Lajara)
Kingston NY
Engagement editor for Digital First Media's East Region, Life Editor at the Daily Freeman in Kingston, N.Y. and alleged human being. ilajara@freemanonline.com2067@AdrienneLaF So #ifihadglass project is two-fold; Journalistic production + distribution. Revenue side needs work other than generated CPMs [link]
(Lauren Grunstein)
New York City
Co-Founder of, Consumer Health Account Executive @Edelman2067I'd travel w/ my bro @Mgrunstein4 to see our dad's old neighborhood in Hungary & our grandma's in Vienna #ifIhadglass #USimmigrants [link]
(Britton Edwards)
Atlanta GA
Senior Digital Strategist @Beeverywhere & Social Media lover living in #Atlanta GA. Passionate about tech, blogs, food & shopping!2066@projectglass #ifihadglass I would document the upcoming birth & 1st year of my son's life via #video #photos #blog & #google+ [link]
(Reid Carlberg)
I Tweet Too Much. Work for @salesforce, all these too-many-tweets are mine.2065#ifihadglass I'd broadcast developer user groups live so that people who couldn't attend could still benefit [link]
Army veteran, proud father, Constitutionalist, and concealed carry 2nd Amendment defender. NRA Life Member. Proud to be a third generation firefighter. #TGDN 2064#ifihadglass I would use it to provide incident commanders a better view of structure fires for a good "size up" [link]
Birmingham, Alabama
Pagan, Cherokee (CTNEAL). Lilith, Ningishzida, Inanna, Ereshkigal, Ea, Utu. Namen of Temple Zagduku; Frater Ophis, Church of the Hermetic Sciences.2063#ifihadglass I would synthesize everything. Word magic travelogue, head in the cloud! [link]
Charlottesville, VA, USA
World's most popular treadmill blogging anesthesiologist. Google Scholar: There's a book... I would use it as the platform to launch bookofjoeTV, a dream I've had since I started my blog in 2004. [link]
(Anthony Ferrara)
New Jersey, USA
Anything Regarding Software Security, Performance, Quality and Architecture...2053#ifihadglass I would implement a secure, private and transparent two-factor authentication system. [link]
New York, NY
#NYC #p2 #Politics #Gov20. I work at Blue State Digital @BSDWire. Proud co-owner of @Mister_Frankie. Views expressed are rarely my own. Oh and I like garlic.2046#IfIHadGlass, i would be able to quickly identify taxi cabs that refuse to take me to Brooklyn, & report them to the City instantly. [link]
(Jeff Mummert)
New Cumberland, Hershey, PA
Technology Integration in History Education, High School Teacher, College Adjunct, Founder of the Civil War Augmented Reality Project and HistoriQuest LLC2045#ifihadglass I would develop interactive educational glass experiences for visitors to historic sites, beginning w/ Gettysburg Battlefield. [link]
(Bow To Me)
Cincinnati, Ohio
I say whatever I want. I follow random people & get a kick out of it! #ProudlyCincinnati #TeamGemini2044#ifihadglass I would use it EVERYWHERE (work, while driving, while at home, while talking to friends). Extensive testing to see its uses! [link]
(Jennifer Ginn)
Santa Clara, CA
Disney Fanatic, Bulldog Owner, Runner, Conspiracy Theorist, Marketing Director, Photographer, and All-Around Great Girl. My snarkiness is sure to amuse you.2030#ifIhadglass the world would get to go on a Marathon run with me. [link]
(Bert Fentress)
Your one stop for all news with.#fantasybaseball #fantasyfootball #NBA #NCAA. If you are into tech follow me @GeekInfoNow2030G+: What I would do #ifihadglass? First of all I would be recording and taking pics of my little ones in real time.… [link]
(Margaret A Powers)
Philadelphia, PA
Passionate educator & tech entrepreneur working as a Lower School Tech Coord & Ed Tech Consultant. I specialize in social media, early childhood & global edu.2027#ifihadglass I'd capture moments of discovery & learning each day w/my young students& help others see the world through their eyes #earlyed [link]
(jonathan fowler)
lover of natalie, my dogs, music, auto's and oklahoma.2027@projectglass #ifihadglass i would record @NormanMusicFest #NMF6 from behind the scenes, and would use it to advocate for arts! [link]
(Stu Hood)
hacking on tweets, tweeting on hacks2025#ifihadglass I'd start working on a standardized protocol for nearby devices to display their UI in glass. [link]
(David Fisher)
Columbus, Ohio
@awesomefound trustee Berklee '062025@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd document my travels to awesome places like #BurningMan while riding a motorcycle and write software for it. [link]
(Cornell Belcher)
Washington, DC
President of brilliant corners Research and Strategies, premier strategists in national politics, and a powerful voice in the rebranding of corporate America.2023#IfIhadglass I could fact check political arguments and watch Sports Center at the same time I’m doing a live broadcast on CNN’s Sit.Room. [link]
(JR Russ)
Washington, DC
DC native; black/#pinoy; Livin at the intxn of #LGBT, #Nonprofit, #Politics, #SocialMedia & the #Arts!! @SpeakeasyDC board member, too :-)2019#ifihadglass I would show the world there's more to Wash. DC than Capitol Hill, K St or the White House. :-D #dcarts [link]
Los Angeles, CA
CAA Executive at the Intersection of Entertainment, Brands, Media & Tech. Lover of Disruption, Innovation, Associational Thinking & Vinyl. StartEngine Mentor2016#ifihadglass I'd travel the world and build friendships with people I couldn't speak to before @projectglass [link]
(Jared Moore)
Hustonville, KY
Pastor-NSBC. Author-The Harry Potter Bible Study MAR-LBTS; MDiv,ThM,& PhD student-SBTS., I would wear them everywhere, enjoy everything, take pics of my beautiful wife, precious 5 yr old, 3 yr old, and 2 mo. old. [link]
(Steve Place)
Washington, D.C.
Born in Ecuador. Raised in New Hampshire. I tweet about music, Star Wars, #SC2, politics, jokes...sometimes all at once. Alter Egos: @BYT & @oNoG_eSports2014#ifihadglass I would pretend to be Vegeta. Every. Single. Day. [link]
(Lori Senecal)
New York
Chairman + CEO of @kbsp_agency2007I would cure insomnia with Google Glass #kbsglass #ifihadglass [link]
(Richard Mathy)
Doesn't play well with others. 2006All my travels, hiking, and exploring documented and experienced by classroom kids who might never leave a small town! #ifihadglass [link]
(PABlo Bley)
Tucson (AZ, United States)
Artist, Author, Composer, Designer, Developer, Digital Strategist, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Public Speaker, Techno-Evangelist, Enviro-Eco-Sustainability Advocate2005#ifihadglass...I would be interacting with a digital audio/video recording-production system in real time, while streaming an online remix! [link]
(Kevin Gibbon)
San Francisco, CA
Beer and iOS fan. Formally co-founded @getshoparound and @smartaisles. Currently raising hell at @attachmentsme2004#ifihadglass I would build an indexable eidetic memory for the previous 24 hrs. Pro version would be for the previous week. #ihaveabadmemory [link]
(Frank Spencer)
New Hampshire
Psychologist, educator, and naturalist1995#ifihadglass a psychologist, a programmer, a web expert and 600 elementary school students would all be involved! [link]
(DJ Dame)
Music Producer | DJ | Audio Engineer | Host | Entrepreneur | Football Player.1994#ifihadglass I would utilize it while studying business abroad this summer. Taking my social network & media with me on the go. #lifeofadj [link]
(☁ Troy Tolle ☁)
Asheville, NC
Founder & CTO @DigitalChalk. Founder of Asheville Technology Accelerator. Passionate about education and technology. Advocate of cloud computing1993#ifihadglass I would try to incorporate a learning platform where you can educate and be educated on the go. [link]
(John Morris)
Designer. Developer. Entrepreneur. Community Minded individual.1992#ifihadglass I would be taking them on all outdoor adventures including kayaking & rock climbing! [link]
(Kim Phan)
Orange County
producer. gamer. bunny. former warcraft 3 shoutcaster. eSports fanatic. foodie. climber. dog-lover. (my tweets do not represent Blizzard Entertainment)1988What would you do if you had Glass? #ifihadglass I would show you how I like to hang out :] [link]
(Jan-Michael Cart)
San Francisco, Earth, Sol
 Designer at Apple. UI/UX. Post-Production. Print. Doer of things. Lover of pixels and pixelated cats.1985#ifihadglass, I'd be able to enjoy all of the envious, intrigued, and confused faces of students at my University as they walk past me. [link]
(Joey S)
Orlando, DC, LA
LA club promoter, 3d artist, & raptastic --LIKE ON FB! 1985@projectglass PLEASE consider my candidacy as an explorer for GL∆SS! We live an amazingly wild life here in Los Angeles #ifihadglass #LA [link]
(Paul Bohm)
San Francisco, CA
Futurist, Engineer, Economist. Previously at @Dropbox. Preparing for my next startup.1977#ifihadglass i'd travel and never run into a street light again while reading directions... [link]
(Tsung-Hsiang Chang)
Cambridge, MA
1976#ifihadglass I will create a face recognition app to remind me the name of the people I meet and count how much time I spend with them. [link]
Maple Grove, MN
1976I would take it to the top of the world. Mt. Everest. #ifihadglass [link]
(Susan Dickenson)
North Carolina
Retail Editor, Home Accents Today, the industry's leading trade publication for 25 years @homeaccents2day @sandowmedia 1972#ifihadglass I would explore and write about the possible retail applications... i.e., shop my glass off [link]
(Matt Murray)
Burlington, VT
Vice President, Enterprise Solutions @ Dealer.com1969#ifihadglass I would share. Everything. Maybe to the point of being annoying. Someday #we'llallhaveglass [link]
(Henry Furneaux)
The East Coast
Molecular Biologist, Educator and Commentator. 1968#ifihadglass I would capture priceless "teachable moments" [link]
(Joferson A. Blanco)
- YYC MIA ☜☆☞ NY ☜☆?
ΩΨΦΔ Booking Agent A&R / Tour & Artist Manager / Creative management (marketing & advertisement) In SIMPLER terms I BUILD BRANDS SO LETS CONNECT & BUILD ΔΣΘ♀△ 1967#ifihadglass i would show the world the things we are blind to. It would #build a stronger generation. [link]
(Manny Medina)
Nashville, TN
from miami. reside in nashville. play bass for @kipmooemusic and write songs. check out the link below to listen to some of my solo stuff 1966I play bass for Kip Moore. #ifihadglass I would wear them on stage and let people know what it feels like to be in front of an audience [link]
(Josh Murdock)
Orlando, FL
Engage, Excite, Educate! I'm currently an educator, instructional designer, tech geek, surfer, father, social media nerd, & starving blogger. #edtech #elearning1962I would be an #edtech innovator engaging, exciting, and educating my students into the future of learning #ifihadglass [link]
Atlanta, GA
1960@projectglass I'd create a way to measure distance on roads with traffic; measure distance while golfing. I'd write the future #ifihadglass [link]
(Chris Hedgecock)
america's finest city
Nicholas' dad, founder of @yumm and @zeropaid gone corporate. Smarter not harder....but still, harder.1950#ifihadglass I would take it surfing [link]
(Bob Schukai)
In front of a mobile device
Global Head of Mobile Technology - Thomson Reuters To quote Brad Hamilton from Fast Times: with mobile, you gotta learn it, know it, live it. 1945We could transform the way that public safety personnel deal with difficult situations through the power of augmented data. #ifihadglass [link]
(Pratik Patel)
New York, NY
A New York based entrepreneur, universal design champion, harnessing creativity with inclusive design, modern management, Ability, Accessibility1941#ifihadglass I would develop a location and image recognition based augmented reality app for blind or visually impaired people. [link]
(Chris Goulet)
Fort Worth, TX
Social Media Strategist, SEO, Mobile & Internet Marketect, Knowledgist, Healthist, Sarcasist, Skateboarderer, Hockeyist. Interactive Director @ #SMCFW1929#ifihadglass I would explore, journal and catalog like there was no tomorrow! #stayglassy [link]
(Cade Roux)
New Orleans, LA, United States
Software1929G+: #ifihadglass I would look a lot cooler when I'm playing #ingress and I wouldn't have #ingresselbow  and … [link]
(Robert Meyer Burnett)
Still in Hollywood
Maker of things film. Geek Titan and Genius of Geekly Badassitude according to AICN. Known for TNG Blus, FEMME FATALES, HILLS RUN RED and FREE ENTERPRISE.1928#ifihadglass I'd detail a day in the life on a film set, from the first call of action to the final "Cut!" of the day. [link]
(T.C. Pool)
Albany, Oregon
A Contestant on Biggest Loser Season 141927#ifihadglass I'd wear them at the Biggest Loser Finale! And use them to help my workouts and while competing in Triathlons with my new body [link]
Waterville, Maine
Navy Veteran, B.S. in Psychology from Purdue. Value the opinions of your followers, or they won't value you. @BC2M @RedBarn1977 #UniteBlue #Mike4Maine2014 1926@projectglass #ifIhadglass I would break the hipster barrier and the glass ceiling! [link]
South FL
Part of the Working Class so that Welfare is there for the rest! Christian/Catholic/Free Minority1922#ifihadglass while making patterns for costume work in Yachts & boats I would pull up all the specs for that model saving me tons of time! [link]
Recording Artist • Actor Also 1/3 of the FlyRydaz. #YoungFlyShit I'd rather be here, now. 1921#ifihadglass I would give the world a first person look thru the eyes of a starving artist in NYC. Traversing all five boros. @projectglass [link]
(Frugal Portland)
Portland, OR
working toward financial independence and having fun in Portland, Oregon. Member of #Yakezie.1920#ifihadglass I would have more stories to tell. More experiences! [link]
(Jen Lee)
. faith . hope . LOVE . ❤ . Instagram: @jennnnnnx31920@projectglass I love capturing every moment of my life via pictures and videos and #ifihadglass with my family all a... [link]
(disappointed father)
DROP IT LOW WHEN YOU IN THA TRAP. 1919#ifihadglass my whole life would be a documentary [link]
(Ken Gartin)
San Diego, CA
Not a real trucker or participant in meat eating contests.1919I've had #googleglass for awhile now... #glass #ifihadglass [link]
(Jeffrey Paul)
Westchester, CA 90045
Engagement Manager, Digital @NBCUniversal | Interests: #beer #bourbon #dogs #food #triathlons #technology #gadgets #socialmedia #digitalmedia #agile1916#ifihadglass I'd finally start my brewery/vineyard/distillery visiting/tasting vlog and do it all first-person style! [link]
(Jonathan Khoo)
exploring the infinite abyss. travel blog: about me: this digital native would explore like a local native, from souq to huts [link]
(Rabbit Downs)
Charlotte ♔ Queen City
I'm a legend in my own mind. ♔ ♔ Integrity. Love. Unity. ♔ ♔ #RabbitDowns Jeg Lyser I Mørket1912#IfIHadGlass I'd go sky diving [link]
(Chris Korhonen)
Experience designer, technologist and front-end designer/developer. Made in England, living in NYC, working for Animoto - the web-based video creation platform.1907#ifihadglass I would share my life as it happens, stay connected and keep my phone in my pocket when someone is talking to me! [link]
(Rob Garner)
Independent consultant, VP, SEMPO Board; Author of Search and Social, Wiley/Sybex, Nov 2012. MediaPost writer '06-'13. Founder DFWSEM, ex-VP Strategy iCrossing1904#ifihadglass I would learn more about the world outside when flying in an airplane @projectglass [link]
(Ron Schott)
Bakersfield, CA
Geologist. GigaPan photographer. Educator. Alpha geek. Find me on Google+ at I would share with the world how a geologist sees the Earth. More here: [link]
(Meaghan Mick)
Toledo Ohio
Hey everybody! I work for The Morning Rush on 92.5 Kiss FM in Toledo Ohio. Need to contact me? Email me at Call in 419-240-1KIS1901#ifihadglass I can show a new perspective of the world around us. [link]
(Anthony Domanico)
Saint Paul, MN
Freelance Technology Journalist covering mobile. EIC of Techgress, Contributor for Popular Mechanics. Open to new opportunities.1899@projectglass If I had glass, I would record insane amounts of our soon to be child's life, and share it with family far away #ifihadglass [link]
(Matt Karolian)
I do internet things @Arnoldworldwide. I like cars, beer and Netflix. Helped build the world's first robo beer vending machines: I would probably send my parents more pictures. That would make them happy, parents love pictures. [link]
(Brendan Lamb)
Los Angeles/ Dallas
Creative Executive @ No Limit Entertainment LLC. Actor/ Model/ Writer. following directions while on a motorcycle in LA, on ur way to an audition, all while learning ur lines, would be easier/ safer [link]
(Daniel Porter Brown)
North Hollywood
IDentity UNknown Entertainment1896#ifihadglass I'd show doubters innovation isn't dead by wearing & using every feature & function of glass. Lasik but willing 2 wear glass!:) [link]
Check out my Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle website Enjoy!1895 believes technology is a fashion statement leading to a sophisticated lifestyle #ifihadglass [link]
(Miguel Rodriguez)
Social Media Researcher and Analyst, Mobile Apps, SEO, PR, Internet Marketeer, Educational Technology....and more1894@google #ifihadglass I would create Glassblogging and ads for my clients. Good Google Goo! [link]
(Det Ansinn)
Doylestown, PA
Serial Entrepreneur, Democrat Politico, Council President of Doylestown Boro, Delegate to the 2012 DNC Convention, Owner of BrickSimple LLC, Gamer, & Gearhead.1892#ifihadglass I could look at a plate of food and it would give me a calorie estimate and nutrition information. [link]
(Troy Roark)
Springfield Illinois, USA
1891#ifihadglass I could sell houses without the keys. [link]
(Jerry Paffendorf)
Detroit, MI
Internerd livin in the D. Check out Twittin' ain't easy and tweetin' ain't cheetin'. Artist, futurist, entrepreneur. Have fun!1890#ifihadglass i'd connect it to to show who owns everything & other public data as you walk around surveying #detroit [link]
(Keith Petri)
New York City
Currently: SVP BD @eDealya. Previously: Owner @CNSLTus & CEO @iGottaGuide. Addicted to coffee, business development, and technology. 1889It's simple, #IfIHadGlass I would allow others to live my life through my viewfinder. #BD #Startups #NYC [link]
(Bill Boebel)
Austin, TX
Entrepreneur/engineer. Was cto/co-founder (acq RAX). I also help startup founders with their companies.1884#ifihadglass I would use it to track & share the 50+ bands I will discover this year at #sxsw [link]
(Brad Heitmann)
iPhone: 40.449232,-111.891313
Explore. Connect. And Create Something Excellent. I'm the Director of Strategy @ App Design / Dev Firm @KOOMBEA.1881@projectglass #ifihadglass I would find a way to sonify live images and use their data as MIDI inputs during an electronic music show [link]
Los Angeles, California
Damage - Music Creator |GetGlitchd| dropbox@damageuniverse.com1879Imagine the view on stage from the eyes of a glitch hop artist looking out at a crowd of energy #ifihadglass [link]
(James George)
Brooklyn, NY
artist using code to critically interact with the perceptual implications of emerging technology. Creator of RGBDToolkit, openFrameworks contributor1876#ifihadglass I would make a video of everyone who smiled back at me in public when we made eye contact. The city is connected and friendly! [link]
native californian following all things current and interesting from politics to fashion1873#ifihadglass of wine 4every LIE @BarackObama sold 2 American people-I wd be reviewed for "life viability" in front of Obamacare #IPAB panel! [link]
(Nick McGlynn)
New York, NY
Photographer for and event coordinator for Obliterati 1871Ok Glass, I recognize that guy in front of me at this party, but I can't remember his name. Is he in one of my circles? #ifihadglass [link]
(rion harmon)
Skyscraper Nat'l Park, USA
1/1th of The Zax. ENTP. Eats salads in a very Edward Scissorhands-like manner.1869@projectglass yo #ifihadglass i can't even imagine the insane content i will get from my 2 week trip to hawaii in early march [link]
(Adam Rothenberg)
New York City
Principal, BoxGroup; formerly Director, TechStars NYC1867#ifihadglass I would look like the future while exploring the present [link]
Clayton, NC
Dedicated to reducing human violence with technological solutions to create a more peaceful planet. Think I can't do it? Watch me go! ;-01867As I develop technologies to reduce human violence, I would ID ways to work with Google to apply solutions to violence. #ifihadglass [link]
(Kashif Ross)
I am the enemy of gummy bears. I break into their homes and slaughter their women and children. But I'm mostly proud of my candybalism--biting off their heads!1866#ifihadglass I'd use it for research when teaching my high school English class and when writing novels. [link]
(Pulse Of The People)
The Area ™
I Am Nephilim, And Far From Reality. DJ & Half founder of TC-Radio The Commission. Follow us on twitter @iAmTCRadio featuring DJ's from all of the world. 1865#ifihadglass I would stream live everywhere, they would be a big help when I am at work, and show people what kind of fun adventures I have. [link]
(Mike Breiburg)
Freelance Avid/FCP editor, at earliest stages of producing a feature: business plan. RTs are not endorsements & sometimes ironic. Favs = bookmarks/high fives.1865@projectglass I'd shoot a found footage film, I'd hike up to the Hollywood sign and get behind it, touch the "O," again, etc... #ifihadglass [link]
(Kai Gradert)
Los Angeles, CA
Designer, Yogi and Tea Lover. I design and build things… @cheers and @hingeheads. Previously at Google. More of my work at I will document my bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles | [link]
(Scott )
Lebanon, TN
Braves, Braves and more Braves. Quite simple, really. I don't understand the infield fly rule, either.1862@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd share the firsthand experience of a baseball game w/ my followers,while utilizing the latest,greatest gadget. [link]
(Shawn Tempesta)
Las Vegas, NV
TV and Radio Host and avid nerd. Co-Host of The Morning Blend on KTNV-13 (ABC), Afternoons on Mix 94.1, and Entertainment Reporter on 100.5 KXNT in Las Vegas1862Host TV and Radio shows in Vegas. Always see strange, hilarious things. Wish people could see what I see sometimes! #ifihadglass #ihave$1500 [link]
destroys Netflix preferences
Im LeMicah Levert..... social paradox1856#IfIHadGlass I would document my travels of this beautiful earth so I could show the world my point of view [link]
(Alex Chriss)
San Francisco
Director, Intuit Partner Platform / Entrepreneur / advocate for Small Businesses1854#ifihadglass I'd connect them to our QuickBooks developer ecosystem giving small businesses enhanced customer data in retail or the field [link]
(Sooooooooop!!! )
Techie, Gamer, and #Nintendo Lover. Great cook, Love my #Cowboys, #TeamScorpio #TeamApple #TeamAndoid #TeamPS3 #RedSoxNation #2FR3SH 1852#ifihadglass I would take a trip down the East Coast and blog on my website [link]
(Nick Hamm)
Louisville, KY
A guy with thoughts. Mostly about Cloud, technology, Salesforce, and unicorns. Salesforce MVP. Also @sfdcme, @findsfinfo.1851@projectglass #ifihadglass I would explore new ways to connect physical and virtual experiences and share them with the world. [link]
(Daniel R.)
Austin, TX
Entrepreneur. Founder of DarGadgetZ & AppQuest. I spend my days Making Videos, Graphic Designing, Blogging, and enjoying life.1849@projectglass #ifihadglass I would love to be part of making the project successful and share the experience with as many people as I can. [link]
(Chris Conrey)
Chandler AZ
Post Modern Salesman, CoFounder @VUURR, Analytics, Optimization, & PPC. Also, @Connectalytics, @dontsellmebro and more awesome stuff.1849#ifihadglass I would do my own play by play and color commentary of everything. Instant YouTube hits [link]
(Patrick Gilbert)
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Entrepreneur, Mobile Aficionado & Pioneer, Founder, President and CEO of 4SmartPhone, Inc.1848#ifihadglass I would use it to complete the simplest and most seamless person-to-person mobile payment solution ever made [link]
(Robert Pronovost)
East Palo Alto, CA
ISTE Emerging Leader, CUE Outstanding Emerging Teacher, 30 Under 30 Innovative Educator... a teacher trying to stay connected with the rest of the world1843I would record my lessons in the classroom, instantly assess my students with @Plickers, and quickly share work with parents! #ifihadglass [link]
(Scott Talan)
Washington DC
Scott Talan #Teaches #Media, #PR & #Communications at American Univ in Washington DC. Likes travel, talking & thinking. Movies, museums & people too.1840#ifihadglass I'd use it to teach & to reach. To explore & more. To help our class finds & expand student minds. Let us in the Glass door. [link]
(Brent Rubell)
The Cloud
Student interested in software programming and hardware hacking. #Maker #Hacker #3DPrinting1837#ifihadglass I'd develop a program for easier studying. [link]
(Danielle Fong)
SF Bay Area
cofounder and chief scientist of lightsail energy1833#ifihadglass, I would build a persistent knowledge AI: build an application to automatically bring search results apropos of conversation [link]
(Adriano Farano)
Palo Alto, Ca.
@Watchup co-founder. EiR @StartX. Knight Fellow '11 @Stanford. More importantly, have you ever tasted my lasagna?1830#ifihadglass I'd pull up local news stories & history about the place I'm in cf. our Stanford project Quadmented [link]
(David Johnson(DJ))
Rome, Georgia
I jump through faith & with faith.I'm a Freshman Collegiate All-American, #TrackNation #Shorter16 #JumpSquad #Taken by @Trackbaby13 9/16/12, follow us 2 Rio.1825#IfIHadGlass I would record my travels my dad can't see anymore because of his surgery with his knee's prohibiting from alot of travels. [link]
(Terry Grier)
Houston, Texas
Superintendent of the Houston Independent School District. Vanderbilt and East Carolina University graduate. 1818I'm a school superintendent. #ifihadglass I would use google glass to video outstanding lessons and share them on line with young teachers! [link]
(Tanner Schroeder)
Bloomington, Indiana
Super Nerd. Business Owner. Co-Founder of @PopWrapped. Social Media Management/PR. Snowboarder. Harry Potter. Doctor Who. I Drank The Purple Kool-Aid...twice.1818#ifihadglass I would go to Disney World with significant other and enjoy the park! [link]
(Bobby Mercader)
I spend the majority of my time on Google+ If you want to interact with me please reach me there.1816If I had Google Glasses I would show people the Detroit you dont see in the news. #ifihadglass [link]
(Mike Henderson)
Denver Colorado
Helping people in Denver and Colorado with their real estate dreams. Whether first time buyers, investors, or saving homes from foreclosure1814#ifihadglass I would use it in #realestate #pics #videotours #client interviews #classes I teach [link]
I make software (and a bit of hardware?). Most of it helps people & teams be more awesome. 1806#ifihadglass I'd build a real-time heads-up lie detector. [link]
(Color Me Classy )
 lover...graphic is all about life TBS.OES.TRINI BLOOD.VA RAISED ~~ IG: SoClassy_TooUppity1805#ifihadglass i would be able to capture pics of things that i would love to make into art....or just great moments in time [link]
(Susanna King)
South Carolina
Builder of web sites, strummer of mandolins, drawer of doodles1803#ifihadglass I would try to figure out ways to use them in next-gen enterprise UIs. Who says business software has to be boring? [link]
(Crash™ (James B.))
Crash™ (James B.)1796@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use it while in class to extend my education by using Google to assist me with the learning experience! [link]
(Magic Ryan)
Los Angeles, California
1794#ifihadglass I'd teach sleight of hand magic to socially awkward teens worldwide (confidence builder). Glass gives BEHIND THE SCENES view [link]
(James Denman)
San Francisco
Senior Creative Strategist & Innovation Lead at Evolution Bureau. Bringing Creativity & Emerging Platforms together. Londoner in America. 1794#ifihadglass I would document what it feels like to be a new expat in California. Simple. [link]
(Paul Rj Muller)
Philadelphia A Coffee Addict Rockin it freestyle in the world of Podcasting, Fatherhood , & Design *Words & Thoughts expressed herein are my own1788I hate being away from my kids, #ifihadglass I'd be able to share all the awesome things that happen at work [link]
Indianapolis, IN, USA
COO at @sonarstudios. I would use it to improve education by offering hands on training. cc: @projectglass [link]
(Nina Hale, Inc)
Minneapolis, MN
31 search professionals all focused on driving revenue for your company through strategic integration of SEO, Content, Social Media, Analytics & Paid Placement 1785I go mushroom hunting for morels in northern MN & connect with websites & mycolosigsts to ensure I didn't die. #ifihadglass [link]
(Brent Rose)
Writer. Actor. Gun for hire. @Gizmodo @OutsideMagazine @Deadspin @MensHealthMag @BackpackerMag @MensJournal Backcountry, surf, and burritos. Adventures abound.1785#ifihadglass I'd write an article about it for [link]
(Zachary Jeans)
Keep it Simple, Mobile, Social, & Cloud. Founder @Tourizing®. A Teamability™ Communicator • Explorer • Conductor. #Jesus Sen Social Media Strategist at _______1785#ifihadglass I'd bring to life the 3D #RoboTech arcade game c [link]
(Dan DeFelippi)
Austin, TX
Web developer & web performance consultant, hacker, bodybuilder, Skeptic, Libertarian. JavaScript fanboy. Owner of I'd integrate it with Pebble watch, fitness / sleep trackers & data services for a fully quantified self. [link]
(Nick Mudry)
Worcester, MA; Meriden, CT
Makes fun games, music you've probably never heard of, and my IQ drops past midnight. Give my team a follow, @PlayNimbus.1775#ifihadglass I'd almost certainly use it with my college courses to take snapshots and record lectures for later use. [link]
(Athletic Equestrian™)
Equestrians are some of the toughest athletes out there! Strength and beauty can be found on horseback if your willing to put in the ground work too!1769#IfIHadGlass I could show the world how amazing it is to be part of the Equestrian world & how hard we really work making it look so "easy" [link]
(Humberto Martínez)
Miami, FL
Geeky food lover. Work in social media and about that life. Previous habitats: Texas, Seattle and New York.1762#ifihadglass It would be like my dream as a photographer - your eye as a camera. I'd be excited to be creating content again. [link]
(Daddy's Grounded)
Chicago, IL
Mommy's Flying, Daddy's Grounded. These are the thoughts and experiences of an expectant father (baby due any day now). Husband to @SkyWaitress!1761#ifihadglass you'd never think of birth the same way again. Baby's due in March. Google Hangout anyone? [link]
(Diana Plazas)
Director of Global Brand Marketing for @doubletree. Now giving Miami a chance but I'm usually on the road. Opinions are my own.1758#ifihadglass I would snap more photos and discover more from the great destinations I get to visit with my job [link]
(Nicholas Muldoon)
San Francisco
#Agile Evangelist / #JIRA Guru / Dev Prod @twitter. Certified Scrum Master. Advisor. Writer. Previously @atlassian.1756#ifihadglass I would have the recipe at hand (eye?) in the kitchen without having to refer to the book on the table. Hands free for cooking? [link]
Tweets about hiking and camping!1753Joe Reilly: G+: #ifihadglass I'd probably have to go hiking more, taking the trail less traveled to share with... [link]
Jim Melamed, CEO of, chronicles Mediation News. Mediators worldwide are invited to join the Mediator Directory at Use Glass with facial recognition to track "how folks are doing" in mediation. Jim Melamed, CEO Mediate dot com [link]
(Graham Robertson)
San Francisco
Digital strategist, formerly from Sydney Australia. Love social and strategy, all day long. Not 'that' kind of vegan.1752#ifihadglass I'd play hockey with those bad boys on! Great for post game analysis. [link]
(Jason Sims)
Huntsville, AL
The Alabammy Comet. Catholic. Husband to @beepboop. Father. Improviser w/@ComicScientist. Hosts Jason Sims Puts You in Your Place & Jason Sims is Calling You.1750@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd: Explore. Put it through the paces. Live in the future. Play. Create. Share the experience. [link]
(Bianca Te Rito)
Los Angeles/Globetrotter
CEO of STEBIAN .com - #video presentation coaching. I help you to give good face on video! Fitness Model ♦Digital Media Producer ♦Actor TV/Film & Author1749#ifihadglass Making video is a big part of my (Business+lifestyle) I use it to educate/entertain/share experiences. [link]
(Ryan Plesko)
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer @withextrasauce | Entrepreneur, designer, marketing strategist, and life-long student. Sometimes I tweet whilst drinking.1746Just saw Sergey @ #TED2013; think #ifihadglass I'd return the most ridiculously eclectic "anonymous" usage stats ever. #idoabitofeverything [link]
(Omowale Casselle)
Chicago, IL
Entrepreneur in search of a sustainable, scalable business model.1741#ifihadglass I would catalog my adventures building a next generation sampling platform for future entrepreneurs [link]
New Orleans, Louisiana
a dirty coaster1740#ifihadglass I would tell the story of New Orleans through the eyes of a passionate native through video, image and sound. [link]
(Pete Werner)
Orlando, FL
Professional Disney fan! Owner of and host of the DIS Unplugged podcast. I'm also co-owner of Dreams Unlimited Travel.1734If I had Glass - I'd have a much better way to take pictures when dogsledding in Alaska. #ifIhadglass [link]
(Krys VanSlyke (VS))
mesa, az
krystofer james vanslyke. phx artist/geek. i play bass, love my wife, and i like the social medias. not a designer.1733.@projectglass #ifihadglass I could improvise crowd sourced music live, seeing suggestions or votes on the display. [link]
(Joshua Z Hernandez)
Chicago, IL
Serial entrepreneur founder of,, Tap.Me and more. Passionate about music, game design, hacking and just creating stuff for people to enjoy.1732#ifihadglass I would always guess correctly how many beans are in the jar [link]
(May Chiu)
New Jersey
I love creating. i could do more, see more and learn more. @projectglass [link]
(Kim M. Bayne)
Tucson, Arizona
Biz Tech UX #Writer | #SocialMedia & #Content Strategist | #Blogger | Amateur Photographer | to @projectglass, my daughter will never wonder how to make a family recipe. #heritage #video #food #ifihadglass [link]
(Sarah Boswell)
Dallas, TX
TEDster. BILder. Hedonist. also #idoweirdthingswithhashtags & use lots of :)1720Sergey, #ifIhadglass I'd wear it to #yoga ... maybe ... what's the heat & water resistance for #Google Glass? cc @vij, do you know? #TED2013 [link]
(Nick Nicotera)
Hollywood, Ca.
I am the internet. Fat actor. Chubby director. Self deprecating writer. Serious gamer. Instagram: @NickNicotera would record a travel experience, LA to San Francisco, using only glass to find my way & visually captivating landmarks. #ifihadglass [link]
(Jonathan Atkinson)
Florida, USA
Freelance web designer, UI and GUI specialist, Founder of, Father, Husband and all round good guy1717#ifihadglass I could create tutorials for WordPress [link]
(Sweet John)
Austin, TX
I love music. I love video games. I love making you laugh. I love food. I love that face you make when you laugh. I like you. 1716There are so many wonderful things I'm lucky to be a part of that I want to share with friends. #ifihadglass [link]
(Edgar Gonzalez)
New York, NY
Father, husband, and software developer. I'm building web applications since 1994 for a living and I love it.1714#ifihadglass I'd build a guide for the real world, made from all the photos/videos my friends & people post across all networks [link]
(Scott Fiedel)
UofU. 19 years old. I sing on YouTube! :)1712#IfIHadGlass I would visually share my adventures with the WORLD. @projectglass [link]
(Cullen Hoback)
Los Angeles
I've made some movies including Monster Camp and soon to be released Terms and Conditions May Apply. Some music videos and commercials as well.1710#ifihadglass I would use it for undercover documentary work. [link]
(John Waller)
New York
Photographer, IT Professional, Oracle of New Technologies.1709#ifihadglass <--- more of this, but in a GG perspective. Documentary done through the eyes of an (urbex) explorer [link]
(Chris Allen)
Boston, Massachusetts
CEO of Brass Monkey, Entrepreneur, Presenter, Software Inventor and Co-founder of Red5 and Infrared51708#ifihadglass I would integrate it into the @BrassMonkey SDK as an endpoint to create next gen games. Like we are doing with #ultimatecoder. [link]
(James Hartig)
Gainesville, Florida
Software Engineer @ Grooveshark. Laser (Tag) Specialist and Social API Hacker. Inventing the 25th hour.1708If I had glass I'd be able to quickly look up information and easily allow hangouts with my long-distance friends on the go! #ifihadglass [link]
(Phil Hearing)
Natural | Organic | Timeless. Contemporary & unobtrusive photojournalistic wedding photography. Travels nationally (UK) I have a strong Eco-policy #phwp 1707#ifihadglass I would do a photoshoot with just the glasses [link]
(Surius. Swaggy.)
HOE World
I LOVE long hair. Vodka connoisseur. Bringing sexy back. Ke$ha fanatic. Drink now, worry later. Sometimes i make beats and rap....#HOE #RCG. 336 Boyz.1705#ifihadglass I would perform all of our shows with it on! and create interesting youtube videos! [link]
(Vince Lattanzio)
Philadelphia, PA
Tell stories on TV & online for @NBCPhiladelphia. Have a tip? @Reply me or email My thoughts, not my RTs.1705#ifihadglass I'd show the world the people and places that make Philadelphia unique, incredible and real. [link]
in reality
1698#ifihadglass I would take it around the world this spring while I make the next "Where the Hell is Matt?" video. [link]
(Frank J. Radice)
New York City
Exec @Definition6 & @ThoughtDev Author @Samkatzotl Fmr. Pres/CMO @TheEmmys EVP @NBC Emmy winning producer @ABC Award Winning Songwriter & Guitarist1685#ifihadglass I'd document my weekly trips to Miami beach. The ocean, the boardwalk, the nights, the people, sunrise, sunset. So much more! [link]
(Suzanne Ko)
Fitness professional | Local Food and Wellness Advocate | Yoga Teacher | HKC | SFG in training | Protein Bar and The Local Tourist contributer1681@projectglass #ifihadglass I would share with @bestrongfirst so we can watch 1st KB cert Mar 8-10. #GiveStrongFirstGlass [link]
(Dave Askins)
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Notes by the editor of The Ann Arbor Chronicle, an online publication specializing in government and civic affairs news.1680#ifihadglass I would attend local government meetings and make the workings of our democracy ... CLEAR AS GLASS. [link]
(Hashim Warren)
Harlem, New York
Social TV Strategist. Follow me on Google+ I would capture my newborn daughter's first steps, first words, and first everything without having... [link]
(Kara H.)
Bucks County, PA
Nerdy German speaker who loves cats, social media, tea, music, Philly sports, British accents, vintage, Android, the Oxford comma, and Audrey Hepburn. #NOH81678Picking out outfits and getting feedback from my friends would be easy #ifihadglass [link]
(Robert Lloyd Lewis)
Producer of Dexter1677#ifihadglass As the producer of Showtime's Dexter, I need my Google Glass! It would've helped me see thru this guy! [link]
(Ben Wikler)
Brooklyn, NY
Host, The Flaming Sword of Justice; dad, Mac Wikler.1675#ifihadglass I'd host a daily online interview show about people changing the world... as a Glass hangout [link]
(Brian R. Stuckey)
New York
Professional nerd, serial entrepreneur, inventor, and MBA student Cornell University.1673#ifihadglass I would document my life to become the contemporary version of jennicam [link]
(Eric Redmond)
Portland, OR
Dev @Basho. Also, buy my big book Here's a free little book a speaker, I would design a system to engage my audience rather than looking at notes or telepromptor #ifihadglass [link]
(Chris Hughes)
Los Angeles
hacking stuff isn't what i do, it's who i am.1667#ifihadglass I would do point of perspective cooking instruction. Even geeks struggle with getting things to look like they're supposed too [link]
New York City
Luxury MENS Fashion Designer I would capture all the inspiration and excitement that I need to make my clothing become the future of american menswear! [link]
(Tshark ZONE)
New York
Welcome to Tshark ZONE, welcome to Life Facts! | Are you tired of your web host? Click for 50% OFF (US Plans)Coupon Code: TSHARKZONE I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass  [link]
(Crystal Silver)
Perpetually Peripatetic
Essayist. Artist. Explorer. World citizen. Interpreter. Storyteller. Philosopher. Communicator. Entrepreneur.1661I would invite seven billion of my closest friends on an interactive world cultural and creative tour with backpack in tow. #ifihadglass [link]
(Erik Eliason)
San Francisco
Founder @Storefront. Rethinking retail and local economies. 1661Marrying online and offline shopping. #ifihadglass [link]
( Roger Phelps)
Norfolk, VA
Ex-navy, Love my wife, my beagle and my job. STIHL Inc. Promotional Communications Manager. Landscape Industry Certified. Stated opinions are my own.1658If #ifihadglass I could share safety and operational tips for power equipment users. A real benefit that could educate and save lives. [link]
(Trent Magill)
Cleveland, OH
Meteorologist for NewsChannel5-- @WEWS #Cleveland #Akron #Weather #OHwx #MizzouGrad #WeatherNerd #ToughMudderInTraining #MinimalistRunner1657#ifihadglass First, I'd be the coolest looking weatherman ever! 2nd, I'd post the quickest weather updates ever! Endless pics, vids, etc [link]
(Jacob Singh)
Northampton, MA USA
Teacher, writer, baller, general all-round-muckraker, India/US orbiter, accidental web software expert. Where have you been, my blue eyed son?1657#ifihadglass I would ride an autorickshaw across India. [link]
(Aaron Mathis)
Phoenix, AZ
I am an entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. My life has been forever changed for the better, and I now spend my time helping others reach for their dreams 1657@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd do EVERYTHING with them on! Are they waterproof? [link]
(Christopher D. Lewis)
San Francisco, California
Official Twitter of The Welsh Contemporary Harpsichordist. Tweets about all things harpsichord & music! I would share my musical adventures even more easily with the world. Sounds like magic to me! [link]
(Jill Levenson)
Atlanta, GA
confessed socialmediaholic, strategic thinker & problem solver. aspiring data nerd. auxiliary vices? music. cheese. wine. words.1653I'd still look at everyone's shoes, but #ifihadglass I could catalog them. Shoes say a lot about a person. #22glass [link]
(Mason Estep)
Columbus, OH
Founder & Presidenté of @Standoffer | Relentless Passion, Fearless Ambition | I'll show you the future & it's tech, from the lens it evolved from - My first pair of Google Glass. [link]
(Chad Gesser)
Sociologist -helping students/people get it..resources at my website..also try to be peaceful and artist...- teach Sociology at a comm coll..get a whole lot out of Google Apps/classroom a good fit to test Glass in classroom #IfIHadGlass [link]
Seattle, WA
co-founded @RootzWiki, DJ in Training, Amateaur Options/Equities Swing Trader1643#ifihadglass I would be hiking more often! [link]
(charlie kubal)
san francisco, ca
cofounder and leading product @getchronos. formerly @stanfordbiz & @columbia, @google & @pandora_radio. also, wait what: produced the notorious xx1643#ifihadglass I'd livestream what this looks from the first-person stage view :) [link]
I would like to apologize for my recent tweet. Please read the following image. I'm sorry. Thank you. I would record the first years of my children's lives so they could reflect back on it when they are older. [link]
▲ °LAHollywoodVenice° ▲
Indigo°Graphic Designer/Amateur Photographer/Film Student 1641#IfIHadGlass change the way movies and shows are made ...#filmstudent @Google [link]
(Sarah Wood)
Kansas City, KS
Digital marketer and data analysis enthusiast, @SMCKC Secretary/Treasurer, Kansas City lover.1636#ifihadglass, I would share it with #kc citizens, and stitch their videos and photos into a documentary about all aspects of my city. [link]
(Benny Wong)
les, nyc
building time machine as cofounder o' @timehop • formerly @GiltCity & @ExitStrategyNYC • fan of @lorwich • adder of ascii art in git commits1636#ifihadglass i would integrate it into @timehop ;) [link]
(Adam Roth)
Orlando, FL
Delivering thoughts and news on the parks… These tweets are my own & not official statements or views of Disney Parks & Resorts or the Walt Disney Company.1635I'd share the world of theme parks, roller coasters, snow skiing and maybe even sky diving #ifihadglass Time to turn the world upside down! [link]
(Tommy Felice)
Professional Poker player/ Team Lock Poker Pro1635#Ifihadglass I would record my live/online poker sessions for entertainment purposes as well as educational videos. [link]
(Anne-Marie Green CBS)
Philadelphia/ New York
Anchor for CBS News Up To The Minute.1634#ifihadglass I would probably bump into a lot of walls but at least every mishap would be recorded. I still want one! #Google [link]
(Mark Nijhof)
The World
Silence is a source of great strength. - Lao Tsu co-founder of @Inqob and @Random_Manager I would be recording all those moments in life I wish I could record right now and share them. #kids #family [link]
(Nathaniel Monea)
Canton, OH
Nate Monea is the Whiskey Swilling Drummer for the Rock Band Hey Monea!1631I would live broadcast all my bands shows, so that all of our fans can watch our shows from anywhere! #ifihadglass [link]
(Daniel Hoang)
Seattle, WA
Management Consultant at @point_b visual communicator, #doodlerevolution #CTTAB, urban farmer, DIY fanatic, loves cats, #glassexplorers. Tweets are my own.1630#ifIhadglass I would document and share in realtime gov meetings to make it truly OpenGov,... and take lots of cat pictures. [link]
Cambridge, MA / Providence, RI
Formerly homeless, launching NPO this spring to bring much needed assistance to those on the streets, and transitioning back into housing.1626#ifihadglass I'd open your eyes [link]
(Billy Mauro)
New York & Boston
Founder @Instashop & Ambassador @AngelHack1625#ifihadglass then I would live stream my life and make it a reality show. 😎 [link]
(David Stanley)
Black Forest, CO
Business Development Guru in Software, Services and Disruptive Technologies at Constellation Research and co-founder of Outdrs Hiking Mcycle Dirt and Road ATV Rock Climbing Skiing Water & Snow Boating Bus. Tvlr HTech exprt. Need I say more? #ifihadglass [link]
(Xavier Von Doom)
Dickhead. Vandalax Media Group. Karmaloop Rep Code: VANDALAX.1623#ifihadglass I would develop some kind of app to help children develop art skills. [link]
(Mark&Patti Clifford)
I'm a husband, dad, best friend, polio survivor, diabetic, social good activist. Love to bike, be outside and speak about social entrepreneurship.1620#ifIhadglass  I would cover two projects we are working on. A navigation center for kids with non communicable… [link]
Southern California
I'm a geek and a QA Engineer for I would immediately start on my commute/family trip tracking assistance app, and wear glass daily on... [link]
Im just a college student who tweets a bunch of irrelevant bullshit. 1618#ifihadglass I'd use it to record my life to remind myself how great life is. [link]
(The Andrew)
Software Architect and Entrepreneur, GT Alum, Hacker, Poet, Fixit, Sr Dev at Social Fortress1616#ifihadglass I'd live stream back to the house while grocery shopping so i wouldn't have to call my wife 4x about ice cream flavors... [link]
(Carrie Hammer)
New York, NY
Custom dresses and apparel for the Modern woman. Contributor to @HuffPostStyle and @Stylelist 1615#ifihadglass I would take snapshots and video of the world around me to assist with my fashion design @projectglass! [link]
(Lucas Shaffer)
Columbus, Ga
Leading the team at @StandAndStretch to develop and manage interactive marketing tools used to increase the affinity between brands and their customers.1615#ifihadglass I would achieve higher rates of communication in meetings, every day conversation and with my family. [link]
(Jason Paul)
Developer for @Naughty_Dog. US National Fencer, semi-pro race driver & 2004 @ncaa fencing champion, @OhioStateAlumni1614#ifihadglass I would show how awesome it is to make games at @Naughty_Dog with amazingly talented people in every form and fashion. [link]
(The Arquette Sisters)
Somewhere you are not
Writer. Assists with things related to Red Eye. A gamer who loves twenty sided dice. Eater of Top Ramen. Drinker of Boone's Farm Wine. All class.1613#ifihadglass I would take it with me on my next international trip and blog about it. [link]
(Mitchell Dillman)
Old Colorado City
We make log furniture with a modern twist. Care to do-it-yourself? Now you can at http://logfurniturehowto.com1612#ifihadglass everyone could experience the process of turning disaster to Design, live, daily, from the eyes of an artist...Create fun now! [link]
(Cole Turner)
Northridge, California
Spilling my brain.1612#ifihadglass I would take snowboarding videos without worrying about falling [link]
Dreams are for the ones that truly believe. Perseverance, dedication, & hard work equals success. |18| Italian| U of Tampa| Celebrity news anchor at @UtampaTV|1610#ifIhadglass I would look for adventures, find new friends, discover the undiscovered, travel destinations, help others & share my findings. [link]
(Jared Shechtman)
Hoboken, NJ
Mostly thoughts on advertising / marketing and business development. Plus the occasional personal update or sports rant.1609#ifihadglass - I could see for miles and miles..mostly as it redirects me when I'm lost [link]
(Caroline Murphy)
Boston Area
Solution Partner Lead/Developer Evangelist at @kinvey. Producer of @BostonFIG and leader of @BostonIndies. 1604@projectglass I would create interactive ARGs/LARPs, taking gaming to the next level of experience and reality. #ifihadglass [link]
(Mr Grey)
Standing aloft, atop Everest
C'est encore peu de vaincre, il faut savoir séduire. Yes, I'm an Earl. Ethereal, ephemeral, enigma, adventurer. The perfect Gentleman. Let's do lunch and bantz.1602#IfIHadGlass I'd capture moments as they come - fleeting, enigmatic but all the more worthwhile. Memories transcend the here and now. [link]
Maine, USA
TEDx Speaker/SingularityU/FutureMed grad/Telemed- mHealth Innovator/ Gen&Trauma&MIS Surgeon 1601@projectglass #ifihadglass connect pts,drs,chart-data to improv med care.Rounds w glass! Telemed w glass 2connect remote provider & experts [link]
Perry County, Pennsylvania
sales/marketing, wife, mother, friend, activist, fundraiser, gardener, lyricist, poet, artist, life long learner, project manager, event planner, connector1599@project glass I’d share the activity of our beehives with the world #ifihadglass [link]
(justin katz)
Phoenix, AZ
Commercial Director / Motion Designer / Creative Consultant I tweet about mograph, craft beer, food and Phoenix. I use favorites like bookmarks for tweets.1599As an animation director and producer #ifihadglass I'd use it to help direct remote animators & to record reference footage and materials. [link]
(Joel Cano (joelca))
Mexico City
Searching for the Monetization Grail at the intersection of Cloud, Mobile Web, Hyperlocal.1598To prevent and reduce obesity, with an app that records physical activity and food intake to provide nutritional guide #ifihadglass [link]
NYC + Atlanta + International
Entrepreneur, writer, adventurer. Love business, brain science & human nature. Eclectic, loud laughing, faith-filled Southern Peach. Vibration on a trillion.1597@projectglass I would show every nook & cranny of NYC through the eyes of an adventurous, entrepreneurial, Southern girl #ifihadglass. [link]
(Nick Gundry)
I used to be a secret agent until I signed up for twitter and blew my cover. Now I work at @sailthru1597Check out Tour, a concept guided tour app for Google Glass #ifihadglass . Making the invisible visible [link]
(Mike Boylan)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
- Never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do. - Multiple Tech Hat Wearer for @RMU, Grad Student, Conference Speaker, Pittsburgher, Volvo Driver, etc1596#IfIHadGlass, I'd probably make a mini documentary of places in Pittsburgh simply by going to them myself. Such an awesome technology. [link]
(Reva McEachern)
New York
Professional SEO, Writer, Musician and Entrepreneur. Founder of I would explore its impact on the natural search/SEO paradigm and the opportunities it creates for digital marketers. [link]
(Alan Le)
Hercules, ca
Senior Creative Developer @ Vertigo specializing in WPF, Silverlight, .NET, and Expression Blend1593#ifihadglass I would capture more precious moments with my family. I would tinker with it and create cool apps. [link]
New York, NY
occupation: wordsmith. tweeting about places to be, especially when it comes to fashion, food and a good time. tweets are my own.1590// #ifihadglass i would capture the most beautiful thing of all.. human emotions. [link]
(David Grant)
University of Maine class of 2016, Very conservative. Love my country and the values it was founded on. Downeast Mainer, Freshmen-Umaine #tcot1589#ifihadglass I would revolutionize the college touring experience. [link]
(Fred Trunks Wood)
Bancaster, Comic Maker, Game Maker, and Delightful Personality.1588#ifIhadglass I'd document everything that goes on in my crazy life. Travel, conventions, meeting amazing people, and capturing moments. [link]
(Dan Knauss)
The Iowa side of Siouxland.
Web designer / developer / sustainer @ New Local Media LLC. #Wordpress #Joomla #Magento #VirtueMart I'd do live fact-checking videos of public meetings. [link]
(The Chancellor)
Houston, Texas
Author. Dreamweaver. Visionary. Plus actor. 1584#ifihadglass I would change the way sports journalism is done. [link]
(Jay Hollingsworth)
The Drinking Man's Comic. Creator / Host of the True Story Show, Burning The Light Show & HollingsWorthless Podcast. #BahttleEm1583I'd take you through being a stand-up comedian & trying a new joke. From prepping, to the club to the stage & trying the joke. #ifihadglass [link]
(Patrick Maguire)
Boston, MA
Author: I'm Your Server Not Your Servant. (TM) A Voice for Service Industry Workers Everywhere (TM). A Case for Human-to-Human Service and Civility.(TM)1581#ifihadglass I'd record my mission walking every street/every neighborhood in Boston. Let's partner, @projectglass . [link]
(Wendy Jean)
The Booneys, AZ
An avid audiobook reader, gamer, writer, trainer & geek. Married to a great guy & mother a 5 y/o monster. Often sarcastic, loves to laugh, likes your mom jokes.1579#ifihadglass I'd figure out how to use them for training, and for building, at a construction company! The next generation of BIM! [link]
(Julianne Ankley)
ÜT: 43.017136,-82.437072
2013 Independent Music Award Nomination - country album Vivid Five 2013 Detroit Music Awards Nominee. Music on ITunes and others! 1576#ifihadglass @projectglass I'd wear them during my live shows & record what it's like to see the show from my view. [link]
(Gavin Donovan)
Social Media for @RegusUSA & @RegusCanada, interested in @Arsenal, #SocialMedia, #Startups and #Marketing. Also the greatest wedding dancer. Tweets are my own.1576#ifihadglass our @RegusUSA team would be able to show how the world is working, in real time. [link]
the Bay Area + Huntsville, AL
Cajun. Marine. Pilot. Exchange MVP. Always learning and doing new things.1570#ifIHadGlass I'd tie it into in-cockpit applications like @Foreflight or Better safety and convenience for GA pilots! [link]
(Mark Blankenbaker )
Louisville, KY
Contributor to All Cards All the Time. #L1C4 #CardNation, love sports, especially football, write reviews of each Card game. Sheriff501569I'd like to use @projectglass to cover UofL sports. #ifihadglass [link]
(Albert Trevino)
Lake Livingston, Texas
American writer and photographer1564#ifihadglass Citizen journalism and work productivity would change forever. @projectglass should include Ustream integration. [link]
(Joe Sterne)
Sunnyvale, CA
1564#ifIhadglass I would use it to push my photography to the next level- and share it on G+. [link]
Philadelphia area and I Travel
Award winning Musician Photographer and Music Video Director. Official DerekBrad Facebook Photobomber 1562@projectglass #ifihadglass I would photo and video my life as a Musician Photographer and my Where is Derek Brad's Aston Martin Project. [link]
(Alex Byers)
Washington, D.C.
Author of @politico's Morning Tech newsletter, also covering #privacy, #piracy and more. Golf, guitar, etc.1557#ifihadglass I would write an app to identify lawmakers on the fly. A covert visual shazam. [link]
(Jen Fremont-Smith)
Boston, MA
Jennifer Fremont-Smith. CEO of Smarterer. 1556#ifIhadglass I'd catalog a million moments of learning and make them accessible to lots of people. [link]
(Cool Kid)
-Brian Age:22- No One's Perfect. One word Swag. I say things you may find useful. Stay true to yourself, motivated, and positive. Lost? Follow me!1556@projectglass #ifihadglass I would record my class lectures and take notes with my glasses then study for midterms and finals!! Visual! [link]
(Christophe Tauziet)
San Francisco, CA
I'm a UI Designer & Engineer. I used to work at Apple. Currently working at Parse.1556#ifihadglass I could share the awesome times I spend with my friends with the ones who couldn't be there. [link]
(Greg Fox)
MHGW / Queens NY
WHO IS THE MASTER THAT MAKES THE GRASS GREEN?1553#ifihadglass I'd show everyone what it's like to be a world traveling, hard working drummer. Sooo excited about this technology. [link]
(Valerie Furnas)
Hello, I am V. Furnas. (Yes, you say it just like the heater.) Writer of suspense/police/mysteries. Teacher of 7th grade. Blogger of my writing journey. 1552I'd inspire the future. #ifihadglass [link]
(Marcus Goodyear)
Kerrville, Texas
I edit The High Calling for Laity Renewal. And I love my family.1546#ifihadglass I would visit small businesses and show how their work makes a difference in their communities. [link]
(Michelle Quevedo)
USA Baby!
Total Nerd! Tweeting About Technology, Politics, Women's Issues, Science, Food and whatever Inspires Me. Embracing Life! All Opinions Are My Own.1545@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd take it to Climb mountains to Coffeeshops. Life is an adventure- It would be Cool to see if this Enhances it. [link]
(billy zero)
Washington, DC & San Francisco
Grammy Member, Artist Manager, Radio & Brand Music Programmer, Musician, Inventor, godspeed coach, Creative, Facilitator, Stream-liner, Father of 31543#ifihadglass ⁰ I WOULD BE FLYING SO HIGH I WOULD CHANGE THE PLANET ⁰WITH JUST ONE SIGH #ifihadglass #ifihadglass ⁰ [link]
(Rachel Lynn Brody )
Verbal stunt pilot. Writer. Theater Reviews. NYC. Twacktivist. More. #UniteBlue Opinions are my own. RTs are not necessarily endorsements.1542#ifIhadglass I'd figure out whether you could use it with actual glasses, or whether contacts are going to become a necessity. [link]
(Jonathan Campos)
Dallas, Texas
Dallas based developer. Solar powered Superhero.1541#ifihadglass I would create the first location based HUD timer. This will be interesting @projectglass [link]
(David @ ScifiCommons)
Sci-fi is my life. Currently producing an old style sci-fi radio show, Space Marshal Dylan McCade, by @DaytonWard | #StarTrek #StarWars #DoctorWho #Firefly1539I'd document & share my real life and big adventures #ifihadglass. Road Trip in America, Vegas Star Trek con, and a pub crawl thru Ireland. [link]
(Guillaume Dumortier)
Sunnyvale, CA
Silicon Valley-based Digital Entrepreneur ✪ #GlassExplorer ✪ @Tactilize | Brandfolium ✪ [EN]/[FR] ✪ @ESCP_Europe MIM ✪ DJ ✪ #PSG #DaftPunk1537@projectglass been waiting for this since I/O #ifihadglass I'd plug them w/ digital DJ systems and reinvent how to play and create music [link]
(Trace Dominguez)
I wish I could say Outer Space
Host of @DNews on @Revision3. Writes for @Discovery_News & @GeekBeatTV. Loves tech, history, gadgets, interwebs, space, camping and weird science.1537#ifihadglass think of the cool photo montages! Plus, with the exploration of the software I could help direct some of the beta. #nerd [link]
Mountain View, CA
Vice President, Mobile Engineering at Mozilla, working on Firefox OS, all things mobile, and R&D.1531#IfIHadGlass I would reflash it with #FirefoxOS because HTML5 and JavaScript are the future, not Java and Dalvik. [link]
(Roham Gharegozlou)
San Francisco, CA
Building the future with @AxiomZenTeam. 1528#ifihadglass we will build some of the coolest and most impactful apps on the platform with @AxiomZenTeam and @LaunchCatalysts [link]
(USA Mt. Running Team)
Find us in the mountains!
USA Mountain Running Team - Competing at the World Mountain Running Championships - An official USA Track & Field Team. This is Richard Bolt behind the tweets.1526#IfIHadGlass you'd see live video of @SageCanaday running to a podium finish at the 2013 World Mtn Champs. [link]
(Joseph Rueter)
Blending creativity & pragmatism. Imagining the future & building things. Strategist. Designer. Entrepreneur. 1526#ifihadglass I'd use it in our immersive experience set in the future for the purpose of strategic imagination of future possible contexts [link]
(Alex Hawkinson)
Building the Open Platform for the Internet of Things.1524I would project sensor data and notifications from our physical graph platform and enable visual interaction with @smartthings #ifihadglass [link]
(Natalie Victoria)
Los Angeles
Film Lover, Plastic not included - - Actress Starring in award-winning @deadheadsmovie 1524@projectglass: #ifihadglass (@Anthony_DiBlasi) the world will see #Movie magic come to life, via the director's eyes [link]
(Ben Moskowitz)
Turning up the knob on good ideas. Work at Mozilla and teach at NYU ITP. 1521#ifihadglass I'd make a cultural context machine with 白洁 (star of @OMGMeiyu) to explain English and Mandarin words [link]
NASCAR Business Communications1520#ifihadglass I would bring life altering events like this to life. [link]
(Scott Ayres)
Gatesville, Tx Networker, dreamer, dad, husband, Cowboys fan...1519#ifihadglass I would use it to catch images easier with my kids. +Project Glass You? [link]
Los Angeles
Entrepreneur | Owner NITROPOD | SVP Digital Media Big Door | Co-Founder TV Channel G4 | On Air Host | Owner | Boston born sports fan1517#ifihadglass I would wear them inside the @nitropod so people can see how delicious treats are made with liquid nitrogen [link]
(Shawn Maguire)
✈ Los Angeles
1515@projectglass #IfIHadGlass I would record everytime I go biking down Sunset when it's raining [link]
(Ryan Reed)
California / North Carolina
Ryan has set records and compiled an impressive list of racing accomplishments & as an outspoken #diabetic who puts his passion for racing into “Ryan’s Mission1515#ifihadglass I would share the world of an emerging @NASCAR driver! [link]
(Tommy Nelson)
Anchorage, Alaska
I'm just perfect! No I kid, I'm no where near & nor will I ever be. Just here to maximize life & everyone around me1514If I had glass I'd show the world how bodies are transformed thru amazing life changing workout! Hoorah! #ifihadglass [link]
(Tiffany Duening)
Austin, TX
Community Director at @Virb. Loves grammar, chocolate, and anything striped. Able to reach things on high shelves.1513#ifihadglass, let's be honest, I'd just take really adorable photos and videos of my dog, Percy (i.e.: [link]
Center of the universe.
Looking for good ideas for myself and for others. Learning how to learn how to learn.1512#ifihadglass I'd find myself in the shoes of Vannevar Bush's walnut-wearing (social) scientist, & I'd remember the names of my students :). [link]
(Justin Abrahms)
Portland, OR
Bit flipper and pixel pusher. Formerly @justinlilly1511#ifihadglass I would record rock climbing so people don't disagree when I say its terrifying. ;) [link]
(Jen Savage)
Austin, TX
One of these days I'll just switch to github for my social life.1509It would be fun to look through google glasses and see people as I think of them instead of as they are. #ifihadglass [link]
Lincoln, Nebraska
My life in 140 Characters or less.1507#ifihadglass I would record my beautiful son 24/7 💋 [link]
(Andrew Peron)
Chicago, IL
Director of Media at BBMG Chicago, student at Columbia, overall life enthusiast. Made in Texas.1506#ifihadglass I would build a laser tag augmented reality game that used glass as a HUD. So awesome. [link]
(David Rahimi)
Entrepreneur. Investor. Philosopher. For official PhoneBuff updates follow @PhoneBuff1506It could be the next step in human evolution. I want to explore how Glass could make life on Earth better, by making us better #ifihadglass [link]
(Garrett Garcia)
I want to make people laugh. 1506I would go out in public #ifihadglass and make a funny video for my youtube channel @overboardhumor [link]
Competitive TF2 shoutcaster!1503@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd keep my twitter and YouTube fans up to date on esports LANs and rock climbing ventures! [link]
(Ian Kahn)
Portland, ME (right one)
Rare book dealer, recovering attorney, occasional hired brain.1501#ifihadglass I'd use it to further blend tech with the rare book trade (eg vidchat to show books from afar) #BiblioGeek [link]
(Star Simpson )
SF Bay
circuits and quadrotors, taco lover @tacocopter. Former robotics researcher; MIT student emeritus. I have the most fun when I build my own tools.1499Also I probably couldn't hold myself back from using Glass to do unit conversions while building quadrotors. #ifihadglass [link]
(Toby Guillette)
San Diego, CA, USA
Ultra-endurance athlete, outdoor-adventure blogger and Social Media Specialist for @activenetwork @Active and @Cool_Running1499#ifihadglass i'd do 30 runs in 30 days again! [link]
(Richard Mumby)
RPM & CO founder. Growth strategy, brand marketing, demand creation for growth stage companies. Previous @bonobos @gilt @americanexpress @bainalerts1496#ifihadglass I'd work on creating glass-commerce [link]
(Edward Silha)
Chicago, IL / Dallas, TX
Business Owner, Chicago & Dallas based IT Consultant, Hockey Lover, Freelance Wiseass...1495#ifihadglass I would explore all Downtown Chicago has to offer and problably put my phone away. [link]
Bronx, New York
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.1495#ifihadglass I see wealth and poverty first hand everyday but I'm very forgetful and archiving my everyday events sounds like a dream. [link]
(nick kegeyan)
chicago /// internet
i 3 internet + you also i make things1494@projectglass #ifihadglass i would fight crime [link]
(Phil Komarny)
Greensburg, PA
VP/CIO at Seton Hill University. Mobile, Social and Cloud. All views are my own. #EduPunk1492#ifihadglass I would integrate it into @SetonHill mobile learning environment. #CIO #edTech [link]
(Bowei Gai)
Silicon Valley
Founder of World Startup Report. Former founder of Snapture Labs & CardMunch (now part of LinkedIn). Watermelon enthusiast. 1487#ifihadglass, I would wear it on my 29-country world startup tour and document every bit of it through my eyes. [link]
(Rachel L. Hardy)
Texas, Baby!
Believer, Art & Media Director @TheHardyAgency, Web Designer, WAHM, Blogger, Artist, Organic & RAW Foods Lover. 1487#ifihadglass I could blog from anywhere without using my iPhone. THIS is revolutionary! An #organic mom-blogger living #green - living LIVE! [link]
Shaolin Temple
I'm a vlogger on youtube. I squirrel around with @missjenfabulous . I'm obsessed with technology. Sometimes I make websites. 1485@google #IfIHadGlass I would use it to vlog everything around me for @youtube [link]
(Jeremy Littau)
Lehigh Valley, PA
Lehigh U journalism prof. Multimedia. Community. Journalism. Sociology. Dad. GenXY. Socially awkward penguin. RTs aren't endorsements. Snark is my own.1480#ifihadglass I would use my classroom to experiment with new news storytelling paradigms and the possibilities of the broadcast classroom. [link]
(Joshua Cyr)
Portsmouth, NH
Entrepreneur and Developer, owner of tech coworking space http://alphaloft.com1479If I had google glasses I would better document my daughter growing up. #ifihadglass [link]
New Jersey // Online
helping the local church get stuff done so we can reach more people faster // operations pastor @ // blog @ #ifihadglass I'd use it to help bring clean drinking water to some of the world's poorest people. [link]
Interactive Design and Coffee Junkie. Thankfully Disney pays me to practice my obsessions (well, at least one of them).1478#ifihadglass I’d show the world the power of design and inspire the budding designer in all of us. Discover tools and secrets. [link]
(Barb Youchah)
Long Branch, NJ
Mets Fan.49ers Fan.Runner. Boarder. Skier. Love summer & being outside.Jersey Shore & beach life. Live for baseball season. Work @SheratonNJShore1477Snowboarding. Running. Travel. Sky. Baseball. Friends. Family. Work. Nature. #LifeIsGood #ifihadglass [link]
(Jen Aprahamian)
Los Angeles
Gunpowder. Gelatine. Dynamite with a laser beam.1468I bet it would be really cool to record with Glass while doing a trapeze act. #ifihadglass there would be lots of circus things going on. [link]
(Amy Johnson)
Oceanside CA
1464#Ifihadglass I'd video birth from a mom's view; the moment my baby is placed on my chest & we meet for the 1st time! [link]
Portland, Oregon
Devops, UNIX Systems Engineer interested in large scale networks by day. Electronics hobbyist, OSH Geek by night. My tweets are my own. I'd be a much better Ingress player. [link]
(Chris J ♞)
New York City, United States
Dream big, reach for success, crush it! I love music, sports, Olympians, Charity work, Starbucks, & swaggy stuff. #teamnosleep #teamfollowback as much as I can1462@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use it to learn Portuguese and share my journey getting to the 2016 Olympics so I can speak it in Brazil. [link]
Brooklyn, NY
I once climbed a glacier in New Zealand1461#ifihadglass I could show my online students and clients exactly what I'm talking about when I'm teaching or designing [link]
(megan panatier)
Los Angeles
1461Google glass... #ifihadglass If I had glass I could experiment its uses as augmentative alternative communication ... #slpeeps #AAC [link]
Old enough to know better. Too young to give a fuck ♥ #PV16 #Colombian #PVNation #ILoveReggaeton #SHSClassOf2012 #TeamGTF #TeamVolleyball ✌❤$ Follows You1458#ifihadglass I would create a portfolio of my life which would express who I really am [link]
(Ryan Collins)
Location Location
President of Earth Leader of the Free Fucking World1457#ifihadglass I would give better tours to my skydiving students and catch some icy video. [link]
559/209, Hellafornia
DJ | David Rivera | #YoungCalifornia | Booking/MusicSubmissions: djyoungone1@hotmail.com1457#ifihadglass I'd document my life as a dj and showcase a young man living life to its fullest while pursuing a dream! @projectglass [link]
(Adam Noone)
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. 1456#IfIHadGlass I would film road trips, my life and my adventures easily and share them for the world to see! Amazing features I'd love to try [link]
Digital Guru. Foodie. Workaholic. Writer. Insomnia Sufferer. Traveler. Cuddly as a Pillow. Know of Much. Envy of Some. Hated by Many. 1456#ifihadglass I would use it to stream my wedding to my family in Korea since they can't make it. [link]
(Anthony Vicars)
Richmond KY
Go Cats!1455During practice I would look up drills for my boys Little League team. #ifihadglass [link]
(Ashar Javed)
1453#ifihadglass --- I want to see #XSS alert box on the #Chromebook #Pixel: :) [link]
(Steven Peterson)
New York, NY
Aspiring mixologist, karaoke singer, iOS engineer, creator of @routesy1452#IfIHadGlass I’d record a day in my life so I can look back on it 30 years from now. [link]
(Eve Paludan)
Los Angeles, CA
Author, editor, Kindle publisher. 1451#ifihadglass I would write a book about the experience and tell people all of the many ways it could be used to enrich their lives. [link]
(Jay & Laura Laffoon)
Michigan, US
Authors, Speakers and Founders of Celebrate Your Marriage: Jay and Laura Laffoon combine humor and practical tools proven to help your marriage succeed.1451#ifihadglass we would wear them on the air, wear them at shows, use them to create and share content with our fans and build community! [link]
(Matt Hodson)
Still punk rock. Credit union marketing professional and social media speaker. Still a Sun Devil. I would use it to identify flora while in the wilderness. [link]
(Squid Vicious)
Portland, Oregon
Husband of the greatest, father of the cutest, photographer of the awesomest and Radio DJ of the smoothest.1445I have a newborn boy Theo and a camera in hand is never easy. Plus hiking, living the weird PDX life fits perfect #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
(Dustin Wallace)
Lancaster, PA
I play guitar in With The Punches, I go on rants, I'm Straight Edge, and depending on who you ask, I'm sort of a doctor. #Trashcan #LXA1444#ifihadglass I would use it to document life as a touring musician [link]
(Lauren Brooks )
Encinitas / San Diego
Mommy of 2 of the most amazing little girls. Creates Kettlebell DVD's & Author of Kettlebells for Women. Dedicated to inspiring others to reach their dreams.1444@projectglass #ifihadglass to give @BeStrongFirst Glass so you can watch our Mar 8-10 SFG Certification live! #SFG [link]
(✈ MiℓℓzySosa ✈)
Chasing Dreams
I'm MillzySosa, I'm 18, I make amazing music, i use the word inane a lot because this world doesn't make sense.. #PilotPosse Millzysosa@gmail.com1443#ifihadglass I could show my next few months as an upcoming artist stepping into a major release with huge surprises through my eyes 🎶😎👌🎶 [link]
(Robert M Johnson)
Massachusetts, USA
American Street Photographer From The Classic 70's Period. I Follow Photographers - Artist And Other Creative People And Organizations... 1443- #ifihadglass - I would take Street Photography to a new level... - [link]
(James Masten)
Full-time depressive / part-time self loather. So mediocre, it hurts.1438#ifihadglass I would do my best to accurately capture the unity and brotherhood every show I work/attend. More people need to see what I see [link]
1437#ifihadglass I'd connect everyone to the world of college. It'd be eye opening for learners, students, parents, etc. @projectglass [link]
(Ty Danco)
Burlington, VT, I would change how the world trades securities, using voice to change my analysis of the screens that I view. [link]
(Rachael Howarth)
Digital marketing type @RNCMvoice by day / by night, superhero, serial gig-goer and music obsessive1433#ifihadglass I'd pretend to be Terminator @projectglass [link]
(Michael Fragoso)
New York, NY
Fashion PR & Social Media Director for @Think_PR. Also running the awesome gay fashion dress-up party @LesGarconsNYC1432#ifihadglass I would document #NYC Nightlife through the eyes of someone who works in it! [link]
(Jesse Hattabaugh)
San Francisco, CA
Arkansan by birth, San Franciscan by the grace of Google. I ride bicycles and build websites. This is what I sound like in my head1432#ifIHadGlass I'd be working on an app that helps me remember people's names [link]
(Alex Polvi)
San Francisco, CA
Good with computers. Worked with Rackspace, Cloudkick, Mozilla, Open Source Lab. 1430#ifihadglass I'd write an app to make it easier to read nutrition facts on processed food [link]
Anaheim, CA
Exec Producer of @Spacevidcast and Video Admin for @SpaceX1429#ifihadglass I would use it to help inspire humanity to reach for the cosmos. Show the work of real-world space companies making it happen. [link]
(Luis Spencer Freitas)
New York, USA
Regional Digital Marketing Manager for Pernod Ricard Americas. Keeping an eye on trends, social media and digital marketing. Videogame addict!1429#ifihadglass I'd be able to bring my attention to detail to life by capturing reality to its true extent! #reallyneedthis ! [link]
(Robert A Stribley)
Digital magpie, information architect, content strategist, writer, photographer, media & political junkie, Australian, American, Razorfish1428I'd make the first documentary shot entirely on Glass about human body augmentation using computers and electronics #ifihadglass [link]
(Ben Hunt)
Schertz, Texas
Basketball junkie, lover of food, hiphop aficionado, web head and kicker of rocks. To the untrained eye my tweets may seem random. You may call me Bendejo.1427#ifihadglass I would share some of the most amazing videos and photos. [link]
(patricia alexander)
Homemaker, married (happily) to a retired public employee. P.S.-I BLOCK suspicious/offensive would-be followers. #UniteBlue I am one of WEthePEOPLE!1426#ifihadglass I'd show you how we "BabyBoomers" still have rock & roll! [link]
(Christopher Hodges)
Believer, bassist, composer, bandleader, jazz head, (quasi) techie, proud husband/father and lover of all things musical. 1424I'd film bonus video footage/camera angles of onstage performances for fans and show attendees #ifihadglass [link]
(Laura Thieme)
CMH - 614-846-7584
CEO of Bizwatch (PPC Performance Monitoring & Audits, SEO Reports & Keyword Discovery) Entrepreneur & Public Speaker, How to Acquire Customers via PPC & SEO1423I've often said as a single Mom, tech software entrepreneur - if a video camera recorded it all, it would be fascinating #ifIhadGlass [link]
(Don Hoang)
OC - London - SF
bd @Klout, mba from @StanfordBiz, hole-in-the-wall restaurants + BYOB = awesome1422Have Mom join me via @projectglass & give me live tips on cooking all my meals from childhood #ifihadglass [link]
(Neal Stimler)
Neal takes an interdisciplinary approach to humanistic scholarship that is informed by art history, cultural studies, digital technology and sociology.1421#ifihadglass I'd foster humanistic connections by sharing global cultural heritage through use of museum content [link]
(Jenna Kempie)
Rochester, NY
#Mustang Enthusiast | #Print Geek | Corporate Communications at @EFI_Print_Tech -Tweets here are MY own -1420#ifihadglass I'd stream live video of #LakeOntarioLive daily walks. A photo captures the view, but video provides an experience! #FreshAir [link]
(Tyler Gray)
Washington, D.C
Jr. Innovation Advisor @SBAgov -- Masters Candidate @GeorgetownTM -- VP Finance @SMCDC. #ToughMudder & Virginia Political Aficionado. 1420#ifihadglass I would take what I am learning @SBAgov and @GeorgetownTM to create a fitness app for the gym & the golf course [link]
(John Gessner)
Pinehurst, NC
Advertising | Editorial | Music | Fine Art | Low in Calories - High in Phat | 1st photographic image on a snowboard. | String Theorist | Pinehurst, NC1419#ifihadglass I would use them when I photograph musicians for magazines. [link]
(Tim McGill)
AMS CBM Meteorologist heard and seen on WGN TV & Radio, CLTV. I will tweet daily weather forecast for Chicago and other weather related stuff. I luv da Bears.1415#ifihadglass I would show the world chicago through a weatherman's eyes @projectglass [link]
(Tony Guntharp)
I'm OCD, A Geek. Fan of Open Source. Co-Founder of OpenROV Dev, Motorcyclist and Porsche 911 owner, collector of Single Malts Scotches.1413I'd integrate it with the @OpenROV Cockpit software #ifihadglass [link]
( Fred van West )
Phoenix, AZ
Software Engineer at Choice Hotels. Geeky, trivia buff, plays keyboards and composes, movie fan, in @TheWinePosse.1409#ifihadglass I could use it to enhance the experience at Hotels - Imagine reading by the poolside with just your headset :) [link]
(Gregory Garvin)
New York City, NY
LIKE: #SEO #politics #football #fashion #travel #coffee #cooking #NYC #doitdude | VALUE: #marriage #family #education | #iDONTfacebook1408#ifIhadGlass I would document fabric stores & help NYC's garment industry, share experience on Hangouts & create a tips & tricks website. [link]
Los Angeles
What's up twitter world? I'm a Doctor practicing in LA. A tweet a day will keep the Doctor away- well not really.1406#ifihadglass I would get into Telemedicine (with the patient's permission of course)- very cool device! [link]
(Dr. Josh, AtlasMD)
Wichita Kansas
Wichita's first concierge doctor's office offering unlimited care for, $10-100/mo. Exploring social media's role in medicine. #TGDN1405#ifihadglass if use it to connect doctors and patients in real time to improve medical care [link]
(John Brennan)
Cambridge, MA
Family 1st, then hot coffee and startups / cold beer and friends. Currently learning to walk at @priceintel / helping my peers do the same @roughdraftvc. 1403#ifihadglass I would use it to document and share one of the @TuftsAdmissions tours I give at @TuftsUniversity // @projectglass [link]
(Devon Allen)
Oregon Signee Wide Receiver and Track Athlete #football #track #Quack #Locks instagram-dallen131400#ifihadglass I would show the world what it is like to live out a dream. [link]
(John Marbach)
New Jersey. New York City.
Founder of Glider 1399@projectglass #ifihadglass I would record my experience at ultra music festival [link]
Los Angeles, CA
Technologist, futurist, tech analyst, AI/ML, predictive analytics, and open source evangelist. Startup precipitator.1399I would turn my mundane life into an exciting first person reality show. Move over Swamp People... It's Startup Person! #ifihadglass [link]
(Anthony Brown)
San Francisco
Native San Franciscan. Penguin keeper. Lover of bikes, animals, conservation, economics, energy, and this amazing city! Opinions are mine, not my employers.1398#ifihadglass, zookeeper POV video/hangouts of penguin feedings would be amazing! @projectglass [link]
(Matt Kubinski)
Podcaster (@CinemaJaw), Comic Book Creator, Magician, Marketing Director for ten famous pubs & clubs in Chicago. Organizer of @ChicagoWingFest 1398#ifihadglass I would use them for my social media marketing job at ten famous clubs and pubs in the heart of Chicago! [link]
(Kevin Li)
SF Bay Area
gg no re-ed to @marymin1398finally do a "real" location based real time MMO game :) #ifihadglass [link]
(Dylan Jorgensen)
Salt Lake City
Founder and CTO of @TicketCake with @JoeHenriod & @JackieMJensen. Blogger at http://dylan.tv1396I would show how passionate people are transforming Downtown Las Vegas into the most community-focused city in the world! #ifihadglass [link]
(Felice Lam)
SEA -- YVR -- via France
Visual blogger. Amateur food photog. Food event volunteer. Simple cook. Interests: culture, fitness, nutrition, health, tweetups. Property of @felicelam. 1395#ifihadglass I'd save all of the pandas in the world, in ONE heartbeat. [link]
(Kent Corey)
Cape Coral, FL
Kent Corey, Realtor with Elite Florida Realty working with Sellers and Buyers of Fine Homes and Waterfront Properties.1391Google Glass will be an essential tool to Realtors® View maps Market Reports. Take photos/videos for immediate disbursement. #ifihadglass [link]
(Karen Freberg, Ph.D.)
Louisville, KY
Assistant Professor in StratComm at @UofL. Researcher & Consultant in PR, Crisis, and Social Media. 1389#ifihadglass I would share insights & future trends w/ emerging #PR students in #socialmedia in & out of the classroom cc: @projectglass [link]
(Scott Spaziani)
iPhone: 41.238541,-73.035767
Anime blogger, aspiring writer, Technology and Video game enthusiast, and English Major1389#ifihadglass I would save lives in real time @Project_Glass [link]
Austin, Tx
#CowboysNation1389#ifihadglass I would make a reality show...literally. [link]
(Chris Houghton)
Cape Cod, MA
The Adventures of Batman and Christopher Robin :) I would document my journey from Boston to London to attend the 3 day "Download Music Festival" with my friends.  [link]
(Lilla Zuckerman)
Los Angeles
Writer on HAVEN, FRINGE, HUMAN TARGET1385#ifihadglass Futuristic TV production of #Haven! Connect to our set in Nova Scotia, instant script tweaks, on-set pics/video for ourfans. [link]
(Maggie McFee)
Cambridge, MA
*Opinions are my own* Mad scientist, video, nerd, drawerer, other junk. Don't work at Engadget. Do podcast @RI4E & SciFiIdols. Buy my stuff I’d show students the future, show the world my makerspace, show my parents my life & show my brain the world. [link]
(Seth Platt)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Broward County, Florida, Environment, Politics, Science, Gov Relations, Marketing, Research, Media, Tech, CSR, EnviroMBA, NYU, FAU, SAG-AFTRA, Arts, Music, Food1384#ifihadglass I would teach, learn, fight #Climate Change, Share Important Events & Info, Never Unplug, #googlesuperuser [link]
(Leslie Chicoine)
San Francisco
Founder and Product Gal at, chocolate addict. Previously Chief Product Officer, Lead Designer I'd collaborate w/ other designers, show off startup life, & hack some waterproofing to take it surfing. The future is now! [link]
S♡NE | SSF Uploader/Tech Admin and lover of all things 소녀시대 | | Web/Ruby Developer1380you’d be able to watch me code all day! and then record teaching kids how to do double backflips and the like in the evening! #ifihadglass [link]
(Ryan Staake)
Director, Animator & Designer1379#ifihadglass i'd further explore the creative potential of POV filmmaking: [link]
(Maura E. White)
Brooklyn, NY
Media lady @TurtleBeach. @UNCJSchool alum. 1377#ifihadglass I would try to go to a different show every nite and bcast the best bits w/o being the obnx attendee w/ their phone up. [link]
(Nick Wade)
USMC Airwing , reppin 631 and 910 . Heaven wont take us, hell is afraid we'll take over - I love my girl @juliagulia9232 33 - Semper Fi1377#ifihadglass Id go back to pole vaulting thatd be tight to see [link]
(Christine Mason)
San Francisco, California
Passionate about empowering women & female entrepreneurs! Founder @GlobalGoodGames Busted Foundation board member @BustedFd1376What @projectglass could do for the #Citizenville Challenge #ifihadglass to improve engagement + government functions [link]
(Jake Hawthorn)
Boston / Los Angeles
Just your average extremely modest teenage psychic heartthrob.1376#ifihadglass I'd use it to hangout with my mum back in California — and for duo Hangouts/Photo Walks. [link]
(Laura L. Scott)
ÜT: 40.976702,-72.210688
#Motivational Speaker, #RealEstate #Coach, #Teacher, at times- Preacher, #Futurist, #Learner, All Things Tech and #Social1374#ifihadglass I would work with teachers to develop strong curriculum for students @google @glassproject [link]
OuterSound™, Michigan
Music is the only way to truly get #away™. - American Hip-Hop | NeoSoul Music Artist & Photographer . YouTube #ADayInTheLife: @100MilesYoung Series ✨#Follow✌1374#ifihadglass | as an inspiring musician , I would take the shades with me on concerts/live recordings to give my fans MORE!Please bless me! [link]
(Mike Santoro)
Chicago, IL
President of @WalkerSands, mid-sized PR firm specializing in public relations for retail tech, adtech, mobile, B2B services, and enterprise software companies.1374#ifihadglass my little ones could see the amazing things I see when I leave for San Francisco, NYC, Boston, etc... this year. [link]
(Mick Mayers)
Hilton Head Island, SC
Emergency Services and Disaster Response Visionary, Author, Educator, Dad. Follow me also @firehousezen1372#hazmat data, real-time #language translation, patient treatment prompts, sending a size-up to all responding units? NEED NOW! #ifihadglass [link]
(Shelli Martineau)
Seattle, WA
Passionate, experienced Social Media Community Manager looking for the perfect fit. Creative. Geeky. Organized. Occasionally funny. Lost 80lbs (and counting). 1372#IFIHADGLASS I'd use it on my first ever #BikeSTP [link]
(Philippe Intraligi)
Brooklyn, New York
Designer working in the fields of Branding, Fashion & Graphic Design. 1371#ifihadglass I could show the world how I design colorful, futuristic patterns... [link]
justins bacpack
You cant fly unless you let yourself fall.1368@projectglass #IfIHadGlass I would explore a new world of possibilities through the genius of google. [link]
(Richard Dedor)
Astoria, New York
Author of Anything is Possible, motivational speaker, marathoner, believer in possible. I live for sports, politics, tech/social media and dream chasing! (ENFJ)1367#ifihadglass I would explore #NYC by letting the world guide me to great, new, and exciting experiences! #technology #smw13 [link]
(Michael DiTanna)
New York City
NYC IBMer, Strategist for #SmarterCommerce1367#ifihadglass I would be on time for once in #NYC.... I think... [link]
(Tony Alexander)
Navarre Beach, FL
Marketer and tech junkie, foodie and photog. Proud USAF Veteran, lifelong Redskins faithful & PG native - supporter of doing social good to change the world!1366#ifihadglass I would use it to help recover missing children via @getalerted #missingkids #amberalert [link]
(Juliette Seasang)
•Social Networking•Data-Information Journalist•Owner Seasang's Top Lists• Assange Advocate•Retweets are not endorsements•1365#ifihadglass working. news-ing. entertaining. relaxing. mommy-ing. traveling. conversing. exercising. eating. swaging. all the things-ing! [link]
(David Van Beveren)
Edinboro, Pennsylvania
I'm a dutch 21 year old self-employed application developer who studied at Edinboro University. Tiny Girlfriend. Anatidaephobia. Ride the Unicycle. 99 Wrangler.1365#ifihadglass I would start a campaign. I travel all the time across the states, I would record peoples reactions to Glass and it's features! [link]
(Amir Zonozi)
Washington, DC
Social Media & Startup Geek | Tweet so fast my fingers should wear Nikes | Com Mngr @Zoomph | Work @MetroStarSystem | Student @GeorgetownCCT | @OneraceOnePlace 1362Absolutely geeking out over @projectglass #ifihadglass I would create tutorials on social media marketing [link]
(Matt Eagar)
Belmont, Massachusetts
Strugglng entrepreneur, just enjoying the struggle. Founder of ThinkFlood (creator of RedEye remote).1362#ifihadglass I would integrate with our RedEye automation products to create a "blink" interface for the disabled [link]
(Jeremy Grosser)
San Francisco, CA
I'm just the man who does the thing.1361#ifihadglass I'd have a heads-up display for tracking my @Uber car en-route [link]
(Monty Dobson)
North America
Dr Monty Dobson: Archaeological adventurer, filmmaker, storyteller. Write Tweets, views and nonsense are my own, not my employer.1360#ifihadglass I would use it to livestream real time while filming my documentary tv series about American archaeology & history [link]
(C. Henry Adams)
Lithia Springs, Georgia USA
C. Henry Adams is President and CEO of BIE, Inc. A Business Development & Telecom Consulting Firm. Call or text his office in the USA at (404) 348-8319.1359#ifihadglass If I had the new device called "Glass", I would record Business Events and take Digital Images to show on Social Media. CHA [link]
(Erik Giberti)
Rochester, MN
Family, tech, SmugMug, photography, geek, environmentalist, gear head and a drinker of good beers.1357#ifihadglass I would document the transformation of Rochester, MN's downtown into a thriving vibrant city. #rochmn [link]
(Zach Mueller)
Los Angeles
1355#ifihadglass Hi. My name is Zach Mueller. I'm a magician and cardist. This is what I'd do: @projectglass [link]
(Hartej Singh Sawhney)
co-founder @zuldico. #entrepreneur. connector. musician. manager. @penn_state grad. #startup & #socialmedia enthusiast. #bushybeardbandit.1349Google Glass looks remarkable! #ifihadglass it would make traveling the world more enjoyable. [link]
(Evy Smith)
San Francisco
Boffo = strategic planning + marketing + events; SF Giants, Cal, Niners, Warriors, movies and books. All things San Francisco and Half Moon Bay.1347#ifihadglass We (SF) need Glass to document and support the 2013 season of the World Champion SF Giants, from... [link]
(Le Pampered Pig)
Pork Avenue, Michigan
1345#ifihadglass I'd chronicle the world of a newborn. [link]
iPhone: 48.416862,-123.379028
This is my twitter. I'm a guy behind the scenes in a law enforcement organization, an upright bass player and who's learning what it is to be biracial. 1341Well, #ifIhadglass I'd be the world's 1st always-connected rockabilly upright bass player. I'd find the billy rhythm in everything. [link]
(Katherine Bennett)
Northern CA, USA
1340#ifihadglass I’d film efforts by African girls to haul water to go to school, & U.S. kids cutting class & drinking bottled H2O. #google [link]
(Ben Gilbert)
Seattle, WA
Co-Creator, SeizeTheDay, Zero for iPhone. Buckeye. Startup Weekender. Ohio roots, Seattle address.1340#ifihadglass, I'd document my 8-day journey on California's John Muir Trail this August. [link]
(Mark Krieger)
New York, NY
Recommended by 9 out of 10 people that recommend things, sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.1339#ifihadglass I'd record my daughter growing up and show the world how special she is. [link]
Student media adviser, journalism guy at Samford University. Writer, reader, photographer, diver, cyclist. Happy.1336#ifihadglass I'd figure out ways to teach with it, and report more journalism with it. [link]
New York City
Shameless Irish Villa fan exiled to America.1331#ifihadglass I'd enjoy replays and pull up stats while sitting in my seat at the match. [link]
(Marcus )
Newport Beach, CA
 22, Gay, Emergence Medicine Major My life is an adventure that never seems to end! #BeachRatLiving #Hollyoaks #SxmElectro #EDM1330@projectglass #ifihadglass I would show the world what being a beach rat really means on my surfboard [link]
(JC Rubio)
On Air Host of #TheBachelor, #AmericanIdol Aftershow & Red Carpet Host of #DWTS on @MariaMenounos network @AfterbuzzTV #Lifestyle #Fitness #Reality #TV Junkie1329#ifihadglass I would show a 24/7 view of life in Hollywood. A 1st person look w/o the buffer we're used to seeing. The people. The dreamers. [link]
(Dave Smith)
New York, NY
Tech Editor of @IBTimes. Formerly at @Inc and @USATODAY. Enjoys bacon, winking. #GoTerps1328@projectglass #ifihadglass I would show the world how I'm making my company, and have them live it with me. [link]
(nguyen duong)
Los Angeles, CA
Small wave surfer and armchair racer. Participation Planning Director @SaatchiLA1326#ifihadglass I would like to see our research respondents social feeds while we were interviewing them [link]
(Cassie Wallace)
Pittsburgh, PA
mobile account manager @brandingbrand // @carnegiemellon alum // always exploring.1325#ifihadglass I would wear it every day in 2013. [link]
Portland, Oregon
Artist, musician, cat lover, camper, gamer, hooper, weightlifter, WSU Alum, #FitFluential ambassador, #SweatPink ambassador I would record and share all my hula hoop videos and camping adventures. [link]
Native Texan, writer, blogger & social media klutz. Bibliophile and full time Blogger Manager @SplashMediaLP1324#IfIHadGlass I would use them to create an edutainment scavenger hunt [link]
(Scott Weaver)
Augusta, GA
Student, Teacher, Soldier, Caregiver, Broken, Cyborg, Diyer, 1324#ifihadglass I would travel the world and document it using the glass. [link]
(Jack Prague)
Venice, CA
Pop culture obsessed wordsmith who digs cheap thrills, travel, food, and other good works (Part of @thepretension blogging family).1320#ifihadglass I'd show folks how to be their own favorite chef/baker, while I learn the ropes. Lesson 1: Oysters [link]
(Robbie Williams)
Indianapolis, IN
Director of Inbound Marketing @MilesDesign. I adventure race. I mountain bike. I snowboard. I am into internet marketing. 1320@projectglass #ifihadglass I could wear them in my adventure races and finally be able to show everyone what they actually entail! [link]
LA, London
Actor, Creative Dir/Choreographer Main Agent: http://www.onstagemedia.deUSA Agent: http://la.blocagency.comEurope Agent: I would be able to catch&share my daily life of finding creativity and living the art of movement [link]
Old Greenwich, CT
Partner at Rimon Law, founder of & co-founder of Married & father of 2 girls 1317#IfIHadGlass I'd use to record my kids growing up & debunk some myths about parenthood. [link]
(Michael Skee Huang)
Pacific Northfresh
Founder of @UWHHSA & @SLPLSCLLCTV, Associate Director of 1st ever dance-leadership youth program @ExtrdnryFutures, Social Media @Razorfish, dancer #breaklife1313#ifihadglass I would let the world see through the eyes of a b-boy. @projectglass [link]
(Jason McGowan)
iPhone: 40.305161,-111.667847
1313#ifihadglass I would Google+ Hangout with my family in Canada more. I may finally become and Android user. [link]
(Dean Johnson)
Vice President @ Brandwidth Innovation Lab, former CSD VP, Designer, Presenter, Writer. Blurring the boundaries between future fact & future fiction.1312@hjd1984 #ifihadglass I'd gamify & overlay the past & future on the present. The ultimate time machine... for now. [link]
(Matt Valoatto)
New York, NY
@Curioos Founder & Chief Curator / New Yorker made in France.1310#ifihadglass I'd bring you on my scooter rides in #NYC, from #Chelsea to #Soho, from #LES to #Williamsburg, just as if you're driving it! [link]
(Susan Tenney)
I bake bread.1309#ifihadglass I'd film making bakery-quality breads in a home kitchen! [link]
Jacksonville, Fl.
I like cookin and dancin and I really like to show people how to cook. Enjoy some of the shows and pick up some recipes on I would travel the world to find sites and foods like no other and with Glass the world would see these amazing things with me! [link]
(Mark DeRidder)
Oak Park, CA
Senior Animator at @InfinityWard working on @CallofDuty. Dad. Storm chaser. Got any CoD animation feedback? Let me hear it!1304#ifihadglass I'd take it storm chasing this May. [link]
Florida, USA
Bill Binko tweets for LessonPix which offers custom learning materials and powerful language tools online.1304#ifihadglass we'd be able to expand the world of non-verbal children with autism using our symbols and the SLP's voice input @projectglass [link]
(Gib Olander)
A Dad, Husband, Local Search & Baseball aficionado CEO, founder of Local Viewpoints.1304I'd explore & find new local businesses where ever I am, I'd use them to improve youth sports coaching to record fundmentals #ifihadglass [link]
Democrat by birth, Red Sox fan by the grace of God. Troublemaker and proud. All views expressed here are my own1301#ifihadglass I'd use it to enhance my work in digital organizing. I've dreamed about this kind of enhanced reality tool for years. [link]
(Raul Leon)
San Jose, CA
Hip Hop Enthusiast | Lyricist | Basketballer | Dreamer | Traveler | Audiophile | Cinephile | SCU Graduate. I Follow Back So Follow Me. #EveryDollarsOurs1300#ifihadglass I would capture the beautiful moments, people, and vibes I have encountered at EDM events as I dance. [link]
(Kim Julian)
Georgia, USA
GM @RegusUSA in #Atlanta area. Tweeting about #workspace, cool #innovations, and the #FinalFrontier. My tweets are my own:) Linkedin/in/kajulian1300#ifihadglass I would show how it can be used in the fast paced business environment where I work @regususa ! [link]
(Monica Lo)
Sr. Art Director at kbs+. Proud @PrattInstitute alumna. Love, Peace & Bacon Grease1299#Ifihadglass I would host real-time cooking classes. #Bacon on everything. & #kbsglass [link]
(Nick DiColandrea)
Raleigh, NC
Skywalker of the nonprofit South! Tweet about the dogs, parenthood, policy/politics, happiness, volunteering, & baseball! Dad to Karibou & hubby to @snoopy8040.1299#ifihadglass I could bring the #nonprofit world to the masses in new creative ways, show life thru #newdads eyes and set tone for next gen! [link]
(Phil Nolan)
Lansdale, PA
3D freelance artist working in TV / video, looking to get into games.1298#ifihadglass I would use it to take reference pictures of objects in the world around me for my 3D modeling. [link]
(Andrew Cohen)
Nashville, TN
Born a New Yorker, raised a Texan, currently a Tennessean. Jack of all trades @ Crush Mgt & Founder/Exec. Director of @YEPNashville. Got a dog named Riggins.1297People would actually believe what I get to do for a living. I get to help those who create, create. #ifihadglass @YEPNashville [link]
(Mo Riza)
Indonesian born designer, photographer and a foodie. Living (eating) and working as a creative director for an Ed-Tech company in NYC. Views tweeted are my own.1296I'll design experiences for teachers with Glass to better manage their classroom and students learning. #ifihadglass [link]
(Van Shea Sedita)
New York
UX Designer, Creative Director and enjoyer of most things outdoors and super hero related1295#ifihadglass I would take my nephews on a tour of NYC and educate them senseless. [link]
(Steven Tsujisaka)
Redwood Shores, CA
Multi-award winning journalist; philanthropist; technology enthusiast; anti-bullying activist; & student. News tips? Tweet or email steven@steventsujisaka.com1294#ifihadglass @google I’d never have to carry a camera with me again :) [link]
(Dylan Bathurst)
Las Vegas, NV
Co-Founder of @rumgr. Organizer of @SWVegas. Creator of @VegasJelly. Formerly @Zappos, and Kansas native.1293#ifihadglass I would map out the 100+ trails around Red Rocks, Mt Charleston, Lake Mead Nevada. I will also expand it to UT, AZ, CA trails. [link]
(Ynema Mangum)
Cedar Park, Texas
social computing architect at HP1289#ifihadglass I'd use it for all of the research needed to write my science fiction novel about life in a digital interdimension. [link]
(kate romero)
Los Angeles, CA
LA based photog easily distracted by shiny objects.1288#ifihadglass i'd capture intimate/up close/unique footage of medical first responders in Afghanistan w/ ... [link]
(Nick Sap Productions)
East Coast
1286#IfIHadGlass I'd document my journey across the country riding every famous roller coaster in the US. [link]
Live to inspire1284#ifihadglass I would scan my textbooks and other text materials and then replay the main points as an audio file [link]
(Rob Kirkbride)
Grand Rapids, MI
I am the associate editor of the Monday Morning Quarterback, MMQB, a publication covering the office furniture industry1281#ifihadglass I'd connect my world to our world [link]
(John Coates)
1280@projectglass #ifihadglass I would make an open platform for controlling devices such as TVs, lights, etc. through your Glass. [link]
(Doug Scudder)
Chicago, IL
1280#IfIHadGlass I would share more of my life with my family. [link]
(Suzan Eraslan)
4th wave feminist, theater junkie, freshman level aesthete/philosopher, California Widow. I am the Charlton Heston of miniskirts.1279#ifihadglass I would wear it (and share it!) with theater directors during our entire rehearsal process to share that data with each other. [link]
Shark tank
In my lifetime..Pioneer #ripSteveJobs living life with no ceilings..Alpha Theta Nupe1279#ifihadglass I would host and stream events live to all my social network channels!! [link]
(Rob Banks WYRK)
Buffalo, NY
Country Music Updates & Country 106.5 WYRK @1065wyrk. I like Ranch, Nutella, & Cheez-its. Instagram: robbankswyrk1278I'd record me snowboarding, skydiving in June, get the news to chatting with people in Nashville & watching concerts from there #ifihadglass [link]
(Anthony Fate Lynch)
Mentally been many places ...
Music & Media professional / Business owner on the road less traveled. Former A&R for Universal Motown. V.I.P. in everywhere you want to be...1276#ifihadglass I would take a year off and travel the world chronicling my travels with it. @projectglass [link]
(Ron Evans)
Silicon Valley, CA
Ron Evans, of Arts Marketing + Technology Consultants. We post tips, how-tos, and articles to build arts & cultural audiences using technology1275#ifihadglass I would help an opera company do real-time, on-glass sirtitle translations of operas for arts patrons [link]
(Country Made)
20 Maryland firemen, small town country boy, bonfires, ice cold beer, country boys and girls, warm summer nights1274#ifihadglass I'd show the world what it's like to be a fire fighter, and an action sports enthusiast [link]
(Oakley Boren)
Los Alamitos, CA
Thai social geeklette survives on friendship, great food, bacon, pop culture, piano, Nikon D40, fast internet. Shilling work sometimes but my tweets are my own.1272#ifihadglass I'd take it home to Thailand & give the world a walking culinary tour! [link]
(David Carnes)
Minneapolis, MN
Entrepreneur, CEO, Dad, Technologist, Guppy Breeder, Guitarist, & Storyteller. Enjoys scenic walks, holding hands, space operas, and puppies with pink noses.1269#ifihadglass Write code to connect my @InteraXon Muse brainwave sensor so I don't have to look at my iphone to see my brainwave state [link]
(CJ MacDonald)
San Francisco
Co-founder at Gyft, Internet entrepreneur, Cyclist, Foodie, Optimist and Hockey Fan just living the dream!1269@projectglass OK Glass.. I now have no more excuses for getting lost and will be the most stylish dude in SF, right? #ifihadglass [link]
Seattle / Tehran
Middle aged. Crotchety. Rarely bites.1268I'd share my life as a disabled person. #ifihadglass [link]
iPhone: 40.777766,-74.592103
EVP of Digital Strategy at McCann Health. I love tech, mHealth, and geek culture.1266#ifihadglass expand access to healthcare/info around the globe [link]
New York City
Hi, I'm the internet's Creighton DeSimone. You'll usually find me on a film set or tweeting about film, production, music, coffee, technology, or the NYRangers.1263#ifihadglass it would make location scouting much easier. Maps, pictures, video, in front of me while I scout would be awesome. #production [link]
(Paul Hernacki)
Atlanta, GA
CTO of Unified Marketing Agency @Definition6, husband, dad, geek. Views expressed are my own.1263#ifihadglass maybe I could actually remember all the names of my kids friends and their parents. [link]
(Jason Evan Mihalko)
Cambridge, MA
Irreverent Psychologist and dog seeking serious change in the world.1263#ifihadglass I would have a trusty assistant to help me continue my mission to stomp out mental illness & spread my irreverent message. [link]
Expert Procrastinator. Full Time Ponderer. #ifihadglass I would virtually take everyone I love on a tour of my new life in college since I'm far from home! [link]
(Robi B.)
virtual worlds and hackdays
service enabler + software engineer + community advocate + hackday enthusiast ( Also on Google+: , I would love to see an AR version of Eulerian Video Magnification ( to see... [link]
United States
I #blog about #technology, #science, and #politics. I love #Android and am a #Libertarian. Please donate at I would document my experiences in the realm of spirituality. To document the roller coaster of life. [link]
(Michael Pamintuan)
New York City
Living on the bright side of life | Optimist :) | Marketing Professional | Follower of Jesus 1261#ifihadglass I would go to Central Park every day and take pictures of what NYC is all about. From bikers, lovers, book-worms, and birds! [link]
(Bee Michael)
Avid Music Enthusiast: R&B, Pop and Top 40. Hope to be in a record label some day. Owner of, a Pop Culture site! #TeamBreezy #TeamBreezyOG1259@projectglass #ifihadglass Id travel to the South(using Nav) on a roadtrip to taste the different styles of Southern BBQ. I'm a Tech-Foodie! [link]
(Colin Mutchler)
San Francisco
Amplifying authentic stories & culture. Co-Founder of @louder. Music & rhymes from the heart. 1258#ifihadglass I would continue to live a truly diverse life, sharing up close intimate faces of the people across worlds I interact with. [link]
Beverly Hills, California
Marketer, Entrepreneur, Connector.1257@projectglass #ifihadglass It would get an exclusive peak behind the scenes at preparations for Beverly Hills' Centennial celebrations! [link]
(Gabe Diaz)
Boca Raton, Florida
Father, Web Designer + Developer, Family Man, Web + Tech Junkie, WordPress addict. Interactive Producer - @Penthouse Magazine1257Would love to capture all those instant smiling moments with the 3 & 7 year olds, that are currently burned into memory #ifihadglass [link]
(Unreal Hawaii)
Honolulu, HI
1256#ifihadglass I'd share my outdoor adventures in Hawaii with the world. My website is [link]
(Salim (Philip) Zymet)
Washington, DC
Just a digital dude in a digital world. Also the Digital Manager for @BusinessForward. Tweets, unless hijacked by evil-doers, are entirely my own. 1255#ifihadglass, I'd see how they fit into our ever evolving digital world. I might also walk into doors. [link]
(Mike Valletta)
Torrington, CT/ Killington, VT
Storyteller. Photographer. Traveler. Crazy super social media addict. Tweets and RT's are not neccesarly endorsements of the Mike Valletta Media brand.1254#ifihadglass my life on skis would be ten times more amazing! Shooting vids, search the web, connect...without stopping to get out my phone! [link]
Storyteller, Japanophile, concerned citizen of the world. Extreme guy, who believes in moderation. PLEASE read my follow policy: May, I'll be traveling w/my wife for a month straight. #ifihadglass I would use it to remember all the names of places I always forget. [link]
Paris, New York, Montpellier
Mobile Solutions for your Business1251We would use our AR to make the best ever #travel app with information about monument/landscape and boards translation overlay #ifihadglass [link]
(Robin Rath)
St. Louis
Product Manager and UX Designer at Coolfire Solutions ( 1250#ifihadglass I'd use it as a video camera second screen [link]
(Dan Carvajal)
Woodbridge VA
Projects intern at @SoapBoxSoaps. #Startup addict. Tweets are varied in subject, #awesome in nature.1249#ifihadglass We're building a startup that saves lives @SoapBoxSoaps we want to document how people come together to do good. [link]
(Linda Jackson)
Boise, Idaho USA
I am an economic development specialist, public relations communicator, and an activist for optimism. 1249#ifihadglass I would discover the meaning behind the rose color glasses that all optimists use and share my knowledge with the world [link]
(Chris May)
Chicago, IL
.Net developer, consultant, independent dev, Christopher May Inc.1244#ifihadglass I'd work on using it for documenting facility inspections. Would work GREAT. [link]
(Alexandra Steele)
Greater Seattle Area
Creating opportunities that build your brand, business and bottom-line while honoring your values and our planet. I tweet green as well as ideas worth sharing.1244I would create a global travelogue hub w a sustainable focus! How It Feels [through Glass]: via @youtube #ifihadglass [link]
(King James II)
Rich City
Striving to be a better person than you are. Just one more intelligent black man in the world. #JuggSeason #NT/#VCU1243#ifihadglass I'd wear them to every party i went to, showcase my life, in a project x feel. [link]
(Chad of the Valley)
Fresno, California
Recent Psychology graduate and interested in thought leading, content marketing and social media. Or you can just get to know me for yourself I am pretty rad! 1243#ifihadglass I would become a dare devil! [link]
(Mikko Jarvenpaa)
San Francisco
CEO and Co-Founder of @Vuact, a new video experience: I'd hook it up to a pair of quadrocopters that feed video to Glass so I could look around corners or just further down the road [link]
Zombie Wrangler | Educator | Achluophile | Dinknesh's daughter | They leer at my mother's bones | #52pairs1240#ifihadglass I would integrate Google +. [link]
(Travis M. Drouin)
ÜT: 42.551032,-70.94216
#CPA & Partner at Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico @mfacpa; I work with investor-backed #tech companies; #GAAP & #tax expert'd love to use Google Glass and facial recognition with @LinkedIn while at events! #ifihadglass [link]
(Sean Fleming)
New York, NY
Producer @DeepFocus. Veteran bro, amateur geek. My tweets are mine (get your own!) I'd capture the next 6 months of training for the #BrooklynHalf & #ToughMudder to make my dream short film. [link]
(Reza Ali)
San Francisco
| Design | Interaction | Interfaces | New Media | Generative | Hardware | Software | FT @ Miselu1238#ifihadglass I'd make real HUD visualizations / experiences / interfaces / and interactive art. [link]
(Michael Shane)
New York
Editorial prestidigitator at The Verge ⚡ Photographer ⚡Musician ⚡Warrior of Radness1238#ifihadglass I would explore (and publish) what happens when you create portraits without hiding behind a camera. [link]
(Neely Adkins)
Grand Rapids, Michigan
PR | Social Media | Small Business Consultant | Entrepreneur | CMU Grad | Rhythmical spasmist | Lover of all things blue 1237I could show my grandma in Florida what I do for a living in Michigan (she thinks I majored in computers b/c I can fix her's) #ifihadglass [link]
(Daniel Lindsley)
Lawrence, KS
Heading to work at Amazon on AWS. I program computers, make music, play games, curate animated gifs. Allergic to seriousness.1235#ifihadglass, I’d use them to create a snowboarding documentary on Mt. Rainer. [link]
Jacksonville Beach, FL
President, Chief Creative Officer at SBS Studios1230#ifihadglass I'd help evolve the way people tell stories in the digital landscape. @projectglass [link]
(Tanner Caldwell)
Philadelphia, PA
Regional Events Manager @, DJ, Producer, Cool Records Booking Agent I would record live performances from the performer and audience perspectivea and post video on @earmilkdotcom [link]
(Jared Hoy)
Hollywood, CA
Director, Cinematographer, Nerd. Hollywood Nobody Making A Way. 4.0 GPA id show the world what its like to make professional movies and go on adventures to other worlds! [link]
(♪ ▲♭s✝♮p h™)
Long Island -- NYC
.....Optimism is the key to success..... ♪♬ DJ, Basshead, Gemini, Photographer, Snowboarder, FreeSpirit, Imaginative Optimist. ::Bookings: I'd use them to create a documentary about my life and show the world how easy it is to live an enthusiastic life @projectglass [link]
(Megan Cynaumon)
Orange County, Ca
#SEO & #PPC coordinator for @Dell. #Sports, #Film, #Psychology, and #SocialMedia fanatic.1225Life is pretty beautiful, isn't it? >> #ifihadglass [link]
(Eliza Nguyen)
San Francisco
#quality #product #freedom #happiness #innovation #soundtracking1225Google glasses looks like the best invention since toilets #ifihadglass via @techcrunch - SOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! [link]
(Steve Morin)
SF via NYC
Chairman of the board, really a Hacker, Entrepreneur, Business & Technology Strategist and Software Engineer. Expertise - BigData, Mobile and AdTech1225#ifihadglass I would build a real time translation application. Voice activated and on screen translation with inplace replacement [link]
(Pretty Nicki)
Honolulu, HI
yup.1223#ifihadglass I would record all of my fun days living the island lifestyle, sailing w/friends & raising my 2 boys. [link]
(Bill Ross)
Associate Director of SEO @CriticalMass, SEO Geek, Goofball, WordPress Wizard, Tea Fanatic. I do digital stuff for my clients at LinchpinSEO. Tweets are my own.1223#Ifihadglass Health Stats - The better we track them, the more they count. [link]
(♆ Scott ♆)
Nomad, pirate, photographer. #JerseyShore1222Sports, travel, extreme weather, photography, video, friends, tutorials, sunrises food & drink and SO MUCH more! #BringIt #IfIHadGlass [link]
(A Tender Beefsteak)
chile con carne and sparkling champagne1222#ifihadglass it'd stop that deer from walking into my front window and eating my house plants [link]
(Twerking Team!)
I ♥ Big Time Rush, Carlos, Kendall, Logan, James, Dustin, Jordan, Randy, Matt, Miley & Demi. I'm not a fan I am a Rusher, Smiler & Lovatic :)1220"@dbeltwrites: #ifihadglass Id show the world what I see every night while Im doing this on stage!". @HeffronDrive [link]
(Andy Newman)
Columbus, OH
Filmmaker, freelance videographer, writer. @alinewman is my co-pilot.1217#ifihadglass I'd make a movie with my eyes. [link]
(Karin Zabel)
San Francisco, CA
Customer Success Exec. at @hearsaysocial. I love social media stories, traveling off the beaten path, karaoke & anything adventurous going on in the Bay Area.1217#ifihadglass I would record the birth of my nephew. [link]
(Joseph Mainwaring)
Chicago based Web & Mobile developer. Runner, Motorcyclist, Snowboarder, and Rock/EDM fanboy. Has appeared on TheChive twice. #KCCO #ChiveNation1217#ifihadglass I'd use it while driving my motorcycle as a HUD, giving me instant view of important driving data [link]
(Daniel Scibienski)
ESL teacher ( Organizer: @EdcampNJ, @EdcampSTEAM & @hack4ed. Interests: dual lang education, design, creativity, & community. 1216#ifihadglass I could record my 2nd & 3rd grade English Language Learners exploring design thinking [link]
Boston, MA
emerging technology strategist @allengerritsen & more curious than george & mobile walker evans & resident grappler1214#ifihadglass I would record my drive across the country. [Boston --> LA] @google [link]
(Jacki Carr)
Venice, CA
people brand @lululemon ::: adventures ::: set goals bigger ::: writer ::: neon ::: public speaker ::: peanut butter lover1211@projectglass #ifihadglass I would share a day in the life, hands free, photo friendly, video radical and be me. Boom. #simpleandsweet [link]
(Jonathan Kressaty)
Chandler, AZ
Partner & Co-Founder @Vuurr focusing on advanced marketing, development, and analytics. Let's boogie.1210#ifihadglass I’d build minority-report style interface for web analytics that also used @leapmotion for further interaction. [link]
(April Corbin)
Louisville, KY
I will break your Google algorithm.1208#IfIHadGlass I'd look up strange items at the grocery store, map my local bike paths, and give tours of my home to faraway family members. [link]
San Francsco, California
Journalist living in San Francisco, I fell in love with the digital world and social media1203#ifihadglass I could transcribe what people say to text, so who can't listen could talk with anyone in an easy way. [link]
(Jason Nast)
Goodyear, AZ
CrowdFunding Expert & Marketing Specialist Idea development focusing on helping people turn their everyday ideas into million dollar products & services.1203#ifihadglass I would share the sights and sounds from amazing stages The View and info is different from this side [link]
(Dylan Richard)
cars and kids and code. former Dir Engineering @obama2012, VP Engineering @threadless, @crateandbarrel. I'm a big fan of the internets.1202I would make new ways to share my children's childhood with my parents and friends #ifihadglass [link]
(Kayla Daniels)
Colorado Springs, CO
Digital Assets Manager at @reflectionsadv Happily married, Mother of three. Food Enthusiast. Nerd. 1200This is absolutely amazing. #ifihadglass I'd take so many more pictures and videos of my kids.. Oh and maybe cooking videos. [link]
Scientifically Groovin' Technically Soothin'.1200#ifihadglass I'd never miss a moment of life. Whether that means capturing the perfect and elusive moment or staying in the present moment. [link]
(Tracy Baim)
Publisher Windy City Times, author Obama & the Gays; Gay Press, Gay Power; exec. prod. Scrooge & Marley and Hannah Free films. Main tweet accnt windycitytimes11199#ifihadglass i would do independent queer movies [link]
(mari mori)
New York City
Love Argentine Tango, Bikram Yoga, Meditation, Science, (Omnivore) Vegan Foodie, fluent in Japanese + English, Actor, Host, Producer (sometimes) Avid Traveler1196I will use it everywhere I travel #ifihadglass [link]
(Matt Devost)
Washington, DC
Matthew G. Devost is a technologist, entrepreneur, and international security expert. 1196@projectglass If I had glass I would finish my AugBot project that has been waiting for Glass like tech for 6 years'. #ifihadglass [link]
(Ed and David Hamrick)
Phoenix, Nashville, Miami
Ed and David Hamrick are the authors of VueScan. We both tweet here.1195@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use my eyes as a scanner. [link]
(Thorsten Hohmann)
Jacksonville, Florida
World Champion Pool Player from Germany, living in the US but traveling the world. I'll teach, inform and entertain from my trips with tips, news and stories!1194#ifihadglass I would let the world experience what I see when I compete in the next professional world pool billiard championship [link]
(Adam Johnson)
Chief Operating Officer @OhKumbuya, Board Member @CulinaryCare and @UChicago graduate (Econ).1193#ifihadglass I would travel travel across the country visiting all spots from diners, drive-ins and dives; recording it all with Glass [link]
(Rane Pollock)
Fort Worth, TX
Husband, father, writer for, Uncanny Gamers podcast co-host, Xbox Ambassador, and all around man hunk.1192#ifihadglass I would be able to capture pictures and videos of the awesome things my son spontaneously does on a daily basis. [link]
(Peter Cohan)
management consultant, teacher, venture capitalist, author, blogger1191I'm a start-up CEO. #ifihadglass I'd scan the room and ask Google to display the LinkedIn page of the bestVCs [link]
I am a Photographer and stay at home mom! Life could not be better!1191I could video runs and adventures! #ifihadglass [link]
(Sonali Agrawal)
Dallas, TX
A freelance web designer & front-end developer on the mission to help small businesses and nonprofits adapt the improved and changing technology on the web.1190Sharing the special moments of my life would become so easy with my family back there in India as they wouldn't miss a thing #ifihadglass [link]
(Afroanna Puffington)
Wife, sister, daughter, auntie, bookworm, music snob, wordslinger, foodie, spec-fic nerd, openly black. Personal acct of @STMKent. My tweets are my own.1189#IfIHadGlass, my entire personal and professional social networking life would be hands-free. Instant productivity! [link]
(Thomas L. Strickland)
Atlanta-ish, GA
Blogger since 1999, Human Interaction Architect since 2004, Theater Company Founder since 2006. 1186#ifIhadglass I could frame and remember theater blocking during rehearsal dynamically without hiding behind a camera. [link]
(Martha Peck)
Baltimore, MD
MarthVader here. Student at MICA, planning to major in Graphic Design. 1184I'd be able to document all my work #ifihadglass :D [link]
(Sumner Six)
United States
This is a website/blog Twitter feed. Personal Twitter feed: @tlws. Follow us: #coupons #deals #family #parenting #sumnersix1183@projectglass I'd take picture/video of my kids more often. I'd be able to answer their questions without getting behind a PC. #ifihadglass [link]
(Michael D Sorg)
Pittsburgh, PA
Producer for Unsung: the Non-Profit News Show, IWC & RWA DVDs. Podcasting about wrestling, tech, & video games. Fun in front of and behind the camera!1182#ifihadglass I would put it on pro wrestling opponents and stream the match via Hangout. Guess I'd need two... [link]
(Kristin Cardinale)
Author of The 9-to-5 Cure. Motivational Speaker. Coach. Serial Entrepreneur. Patchworker. Eternal Optimist. ...Living The Dream. 1179@googleresearch #ifihadglass I would document my life 24/7 and explore the use of Glass in the advancement of creative writing techniques. [link]
I always put #GodFirst. #TeamJesus all the way. I make mistakes. Im no catergory ; just me. #TeamBey #TeamTamar I followback on here & tumblr. Dont even w/ fb.∞1179#ifihadglass You'd hate me. because I would document every second of my life. #dealwithit [link]
(Matthew Scott)
San Francisco
Jamaican. Brand/Strategy. Basketball. Geek. Fresh Kicks paid for by my work @ West Studios. Way into UX, product design, & the Internet of Things.1178I've got no life-altering goal but #ifihadglass I'd experiment, I'd take curiosity to the next level. I believe in the future. #gimmedat [link]
(Terry Van Wyk)
Cedar Rapids, IA
Father of 3, husband, Executive Pastor at @RelevantLifeCR ( | Life) & Tech Support Specialist at I could share a 360° view of my world. [link]
(Chris Cavalieri)
I sling Creative Direction at BBDO, I will cut you. 1176I'd love to use these to create custom augmented tour experiences around major cities. #ifihadglass [link]
(Mikayla M)
chicago 2 texas 2 nyc
web oligarch // candy fiend // life coach @forestfamrecs // too honest1172#ifihadglass i wouldn't have to bear the neanderthal clone child to do something scientifically notable. [link]
(Chengyin Liu)
Palo Alto, CA
Backplane; CS@Illinois; WhatFont.1172#ifihadglass I want to make an app that helps deaf people "see" what others are talking about. [link]
(Stephen Vujevich)
West Chester, PA
Social Media Acct. Exec.@GregoryFCA  - Tweets are my views, not company. Born in the 'Burgh. I'm a #glassexplorer. Sarcastic Film Critic. I speak Reddit. #cmgr1171@projectglass I would record the prep leading up to my proposal & live stream when I ask her! :) #ifihadglass [link]
(Joe Olsen)
CEO & co-founder of @Phenomblue.1170#ifihadglass I would film my own reality TV show. [link]
(Ira Rothken)
High Technology Attorney1170#ifihadglass I would develop altered reality games & quickly in beta quickly based on legacy code from one of my stealth game dev companies [link]
(Seth Bannon)
New York, NY
Social entrepreneur. Reshaping civil society through innovation as founder of @AmicusHQ. @YCombinator alum. Forbes 30 Under 30. NYC through and through.1169#ifihadglass I would transcend physical distance to connect with the world and those in my life like never before. [link]
(Joe Schaefer)
Albany, NY
Joe Schaefer. I'm all about search marketing with a bend towards SEO. I'm a New York SEO Consultant at Untypical Marketing. 1169#ifihadglass I'd use my powers for good. Be a better educator to my kids, family, friends. I'd see the world differently, finally. #thanks [link]
Chicago, IL
Post Modern. Zen. Runner. Student of Compassion. Seeking to meet authentic individuals.1169Add purpose and contextual information to my interactions #ifihadglass [link]
(Ben Neumann)
Traverse City, MI
Landscape, Fine Art, Nature Photographer, and owner/operator of Ben Neumann Photography LLC1168@Ifihadglass i would make "in the field" tutorials/streaming workshops. Document travel and scenery for photographers. #ifihadglass [link]
(Dylon Otto)
Neenah, Wisconsin
Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day. #gay #bbbh Engaged to @thoughtsofcj 1167#ifihadglass I'd show everyone how ill make a difference in this world [link]
(Rasmus Mencke)
San Francisco
Director of Product Management @ CRM, Social & Email. Loves Sailing, soccer & running. 1167#ifihadglass I would used them sailing and get live info on wind, current & tide lines and commercial traffic @projectglass [link]
Los Angeles, CA
I'm that guy with the camera. Keep dancing.1165#ifihadglass I'd use it to show a behind the scenes look into how I do photoshoots for people and I would upload the videos to youtube. [link]
(Nick D'Angelo)
New York
I'm a 23 year old tattoo artist, competitor on Inkmaster season 2. Follow me 1162#ifihadglass I'd perfect my color theory on the fly, while doing tattoos like this! [link]
(JD Ferries-Rowe)
JD Ferries-Rowe. Head Geek at Brebeuf Jesuit. BYOT, Social Media, edtech. also debate, comics,and Jesuit Stuff. married w/kids.1161#ifihadglass i would be using it to record a hangout-on-air of a hardware teardown while teaching it so i could post if for #flipclass. sigh [link]
(Anahi Torralba)
[ L.A. · Oceanside · N.Y. ]
·18· Business Student· Cal Poly Pomona· SoCal· La Dolce far niente·1161#IfIHadGlass Texting would be a great hands-free experience. [link]
(Houda Lahlou)
Pregnancy, hair, menstruation, menopause, cramps, and fake friends! Being a woman is not easy. 1161#ifihadglass I would capture every single moment of my life. :) #Google #Glass [link]
(Barry T. Smith)
Online Cartoonist and Nerd Breeder1160#ifihadglass I'd do live streams of me cartooning. Share the creative process. [link]
(Tal Flanchraych)
New York, NY
Far too busy with @ExversionData + @GymShamer + @Drunkspotting to engage in any meaningful terrorism. @StartupBusNYC 20131153#ifihadglass I'd start designing Glass interfaces for a living rather than web and mobile interfaces. [link]
(Kueth Duany)
where my heart is...
trying to make a difference and honor my legacy1152#ifihadglass I would climb Mt Kilimanjaro to the highest peak in #Africa and share the beauty @projectglass [link]
#Venezuelan & #TeamiPhone Your future Model & Actor Follow me on IG @FamePlay1151#IfIHadGlass I would make sure to capture every moment & make it count, I share everything through social media. Why not make it easier? [link]
(ruben quesada)
Author of Next Extinct Mammal (2011), Ed. @codexjournal. Poetry Editor @CossackReview. Co-founder @StoriesandQueer.1150#ifihadglass I'd find a way to incorporate this tech into #teaching and digital #storytelling. [link]
(Salmah Hussein)
ÜT: 44.966739,-93.241246
A proud aunty, grad student, community organizer n some1 who has a deep passion in seeing people transform their lives. I believe in the power of people.1148Show the world the greatness that EVERYONE possess via (using it to increase my social foot print). #DiversityInLenses #ifihadglass [link]
(Ross M Karchner)
Washington, DC
Web dev at @cfpb. Perhaps overly fond of Django, open source, beer, comics, cooking. DM's suck, email I’d build an app that analyses the legalese on printed documents and highlights the important bits, potential traps, etc. [link]
(Jeff Hinson)
New Orleans, LA
Coffee Lover. City Promoter. Idea Firestarter. Architecture + Design Junkie. Social Entrepreneur. Restaurant Enthusiast.1146#ifihadglass the world could explore the amazing city of #neworleans through an interactive marketing campaign #nola [link]
(Bill Williams )
We apologise for the inconvenience.1145#ifihadglass I would feel a lot safer walking around at night knowing I could get directions or a cab without pulling out my phone. [link]
(David Siles)
In the Clouds @36,000 feet.
Start-up veteran, #virtualization expert, #bigdata fanatic, VP of Worldwide Field Operations for @DataGravityInc.1145#ifihadglass I would do a project to let people wear glass to see the world through visual to audio realization for the blind who can't see. [link]
San Diego, CA
EPIC EDM DJ * Music.Is.A.Moving.Invitation * B.S. in Audio Production * From the Outerverse to the Twitterverse * #PLUR1143#ifihadglass I'd connect it with my DJ software and be killin' it during shows, recording the whole crowd and all my moves. [link]
(Sean Sposito)
Tech Reporter @AmerBanker1142#ifihadglass i'd write about its potential for fintech and retail banking. I might also wear it while riding my motorcycle [link]
(Justyn Hornor)
Rogers, AR
Chief Information Officer at - in charge of all website development, database maintenance, copy, content, and social media marketing.1142#ifihadglass I would show the world what it looks like to be a soldier in the National Guard. Blackhawks, .50 cals, combatives... [link]
Houston, TX
1141Ability to view the history of a monument/building. Build in RedLaser for better prices. Take pic exchange contacts. #ifihadglass [link]
(Brendan Gutenswagger)
Wyandotte, Michigan
Quite possibly famous.1140@google #IfIHadGlass I would make the most amazing music video you've ever seen. [link]
(Sean W Ferguson)
Winter Park, FL
Sean Weigold Ferguson works for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online in search engine marketing.1140#IfIHadGlass I would see a new, fascinating, & inspirational world, filled with rich contextual information usually locked behind keywords. [link]
(Joshua Reeves)
San Francisco, CA
CEO/Co-Founder of ZenPayroll. Building a company for the long haul. Stanford alum, BSEE & MSEE.1140#ifihadglass I would experience the world around me more fully & not have to choose between using my phone & engaging with my environment. [link]
(Guru Delray)
Delray Beach, Florida
Recently relocated to Delray Beach Florida. Connoisseur of all things great in life. 1140My world travels begin in late March, and I would use Glass to help along the way with my crazy adventures! #ifihadglass #google #livein [link]
(Tim Strickland)
Part-time Blogger, Telecom Engineer, Entrepreneur, Retired USAF, Husband, Father of 5, Pawpaw of 2, #SicSemperTyrannis #LoveGod #TCOT #TGDN #ACP μολὼν λαβέ 1139Record every trail sign on the Appalachian Trail from GA to MA #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
(Joshua Gwyther)
Los Angeles
Cloud evangelist, and all around great guy.1138@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd collectively poll my friends in real-time decision making. [link]
(David Glover)
Oklahoma City, OK OKC
Stand up and help improve Oklahoma. Spend Time with Friends.1138#ifihadglass I would take them hang gliding then organize a community. [link]
(Oscar Trelles)
Digital Strategist and Marketing Technologist with Agency Leadership and Startup experience1137#ifihadglass I would implement personal health and fitness applications [link]
(Marcelo Casadei)
Philadelphia, PA
OFFICIAL account for Marcelo Casadei - Strategic Marketing Specialist, #SocialMedia Aficionado & displaced Pittsburgher. I help w/ your online presence & rep.1136#ifihadglass I'd see the world in an entirely new & amazing way! [link]
(Tiffany Oshinsky)
2-time Emmy winner. Social Media Manager at @DeepFocus. Love me some #Steelers! Follow me on Instagram: @TMOluvsFball1135@ProjectGlass #IfIHadGlass I would do everything in this video [link]
(Great Scott)
Houston, TX
@MutiMusic artist // @glitchfm founder // @_defcon_ Music Goon // Neuroengineering PhD student under @DavidEagleman1134#ifihadglass I would train it w/ openCV/SIFT to find my car-keys, and do AR on resistor color-code bands so I can organize my workstation. [link]
Brooklyn, NY
co-founder helping entrepreneurs get from idea to product faster. love reggae, hoops and scotch.1134#ifihadglass id find new ways to make people smile [link]
(Laura Fitzpatrick)
Uncovering insights to make advertising relevant, meaningful, and engaging. Strategy @OlsonAgency, Social Media Strategist @AdFedMN.1133@projectglass #IfIHadGlass I'd share unique perspectives with the world & capture moments that validate the goodness of people. [link]
(Jon Rutledge)
I am supposed to write some stuff about myself, I am boring let’s talk about movies instead.1133#ifihadglass I would use it to keep my instructor notes on, so I could teach without having to be tied to a pedestal. [link]
(Angelica Rosales)
Los Angeles, California
i'm a magician, adventurer, believer, dreamer, bicultural, bilingual, open-minded, well-rounded, travel thirsty, cheese lover. get to know me.1133#ifihadglass I would roam and roam with ease and grace. My problems would be solved as I would be one unstoppable magician. [link]
(Aaron B. LPN)
Your Nearest Hospital
8teen. #TeamCancer 06/30 . iFollowBack|#JamaicanAndCuban| |#RihannaNavy||#Caribbean | #SXU #TeamCougar... #LPN1132#ifihadglass I would show people the advancement of technology [link]
(Anthony W. Brown)
Seattle, WA
Enthusiast of technology, start-ups, advertising, analytics and sustainability. Board sports and bulldog lover. Anticipating the next real estate boom!1132I would create video games integrating #GoogleMaps #ifihadglass [link]
(Adam Weatherall)
Los Angeles, California
POWERFIST.US , is a guerrilla news source and community outreach platform. Our mission is to give a voice to the voiceless, and vision to the ignorant1132#ifihadglass , I would show the people the truth live and streaming. Google glass is a Journalist new best friend. PowerFist.US . [link]
(john hayato)
san francisco
Previous maker of Ramen, triathlete, soccer, ultramarathon and consultant for Japanese co.s. Member of @GGTC and Boardmember of @jetaanc Excited to try out Google Glass in fitness, travel, volunteering, in all aspects of life. #earlyadopter #ifihadglass [link]
(Jacob Hawkins)
Atlanta, GA
Small town Georgia / Former @newtgingrich staffer / Digital Consultant / #gapol 1132#ifihadglass I'd take it to every state in the U.S. and document it all. [link]
(Cynthia Hartwig)
Cynthia Hartwig of Two Pens teaches how to write social media from both sides of the brain. We train employees at Microsoft, Starbucks, Nordstrom, & more.1131#IfIhadglass I would look through it and see who I could inspire. [link]
(Martha Douhne)
thinking about you worldwide #Rusher #FalPal (dough-nay)1131@projectglass #ifihadglass I would be the coolest kid on campus. Honestly, never wanted something more!! #googleglass [link]
(Antonio Martinez)
Hollywood CA
Don't worry about it. FINE, I love puppies. Now stop prying!1130#ifihadglass I would show the world that softball is a real sport, my golden retrievers are brilliant and DIY is super cool! [link]
(Joe Casabona)
Scranton, PA
Web Developer. Writer. Nerd. Yankee Fan. Author of Building WordPress Themes from Scratch. I also like cigars and play the drums.1130#ifihadglass I'd make an HUD app like the one from Call of Duty. See health, location, nearby people, & of-course, ammo. @projectglass [link]
(Colin Earl)
Novato, CA, Penn State
Sure.1128#ifIhadglass I could augment reality to the point that it doesn't appear that I live in a place that gets to be 10° during the day. [link]
1128#ifihadglass i would walk with them everytime,take a lot of photos of my cat,did not watch tv any more,even would slept with them :D [link]
(Ben Bethel)
The Clarendon Hotel
Own The Clarendon Hotel. Believer that we are all related and connected, and that with empathy, positivity, optimism and humor we will make amazing communities1128If I had Google Glass I'd broadcast my daily life of "America's Most Innovative Hotelier" to my wkly reach of 300K-600K people! #ifihadglass [link]
(Todd Albert)
Human, web developer, software engineer, geographer, climate scientist, photographer, and GIS nerd, saving the world one bit at a time.1128If I had Google Glass, I would record the world as I see it and share it on a new blog for nerds like me #ifihadglass [link]
(Gussie Miller)
Los Angeles
Artist/Producer/Engineer1128#ifihadglass I would show you all of the most hip spots in LA music! Oh, the things I have seen...but in VR! [link]
(Christine DiPaulo)
Jenkintown, PA
Christine DiPaulo is a Digital Media Arts and Design Teacher/ITS/Apple Distinguished Educator/Advisory Board Member and Google Certified Teacher1127@projectglass #ifihadglass I could bring the world to my classroom and my students to the world. Glass is a class game changer! [link]
(Noah Chestnut)
District of Columbia
Director of Digital @HPSInsight. Tweets = 40% media, 30% sports, 20% music, 10% ?1127I'd visit ever MLB stadium during the 2013 season #ifihadglass [link]
(Brian Martin Poker)
The journey of an aspiring poker player as he turns a bankroll of $2K into $1M+. It isn't gambling, it's calculated strategy. Bet at your own risk.1126#ifihadglass you could experience my poker journey as I see it. See more of my story at [link]
(Betty M. Bird)
Sidney, Ohio USA
Everything in life is a choice ...choose wisely1124#ifihadglass I'd take people on local adventures to show them what its like in my part of the world. [link]
Kansas City, MO
#climate #activist, @NationalNOW, #boardmember, #feminist, 1 of @pitchplog's top activists 2011, #umkc student, #troll, |tweets are my own opinions| ENFJ1123#ifihadglass It would revolutionize the way that notes are taken in class I could focus more on discussion than writing down everything [link]
(Hrag Chanchanian)
Bay Area, CA
Building things since 1982. Currently designing and building rad things at a startup. Angel investor.1122I want to document building wood projects w/ Glass. First-person view education FTW! #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
(Nick Camillo)
Musician, Artist, Entrepreneur.1122#ifihadglass I would buy 2 45 day unlimited amtrak tickets and go on an all-america adventure while wearing glass, video blogging daily! [link]
(Dieter Chaney)
Los Angeles, CA
I like to shoot people when they get married. Tech Support Guru for Catherine Hall's Top Model Release. 1122#ifihadglass Capture life events and share them with others, like a groom seeing his bride for the first time. [link]
(Corey Webb)
Dallas || Little Rock
I'm Corey. I love Jesus, I like energy drinks, and I hate cats. // SAGU1120@projectglass #ifihadglass, all of the "I wish I had recorded that!" moments in life go away. Adventure-seeking college life at its finest. [link]
(Forest Gibson)
Principal @Cinesaurus, EP @KnowYourMeme, Star in #LOLwork Producer/Writer/Actor in @watchjobhunters, Entrepreneur, Living in Seattle.1120#ifihadglass I would build a speedometer app to track my top and average speeds while luging, [link]
(Aparna Kar)
San Jose, CA
MBA (Marketing), Author of 'The Day I was Proven Wrong',Storyteller, Blogger,Columnist, Foodie, Dreamer, Believer.1119#ifihadglass I'd record my life events just the way I see it. [link]
(Haley Gonella)
Producer/ Project Manager Treehouse Division @HorizonMediaInc. Tech enthusiast, arts advocate, dancer, yoga teacher, USC Trojan. CA girl. Tweets are my own.1119#ifihadglass I'd wear them while I went through the @ToughMudder course in Philly 2013! #pickme [link]
(Matthew Mills)
Exec. Producer, We Always Lie To Strangers. Emmy & Webby Award-winning director, producer, writer, father, husband, friend, indie rock kid, robot, visionary.1118A Google Glass Haiku Family insight Connect to the road ahead Bring visions to light #ifihadglass [link]
(adam pierno)
Atlanta, GA
Creative Director. Leader. Thinker. Doer. Silver Lining Finder. Boycotter of Emoji.1118Art all over the world could be presented with greater context to its creation #ifIhadglass [link]
California Bubble by the Bay
Esq., Joint Custody Dad, Tennis Ambassador, esp. @10undertennis @ServeRallyScore concepts..Member: USTA, PTR. Indie Soul @MarTSelectSoul Soon #GlassExplorer 1118#ifihadglass I would play & video record more tennis practice sets with my young son Karl, so he could see how and where he hits balls. [link]
(Ernie Miller)
Louisville, KY
Christian husband and stepdad. Ruby hacker. I work @LivingSocial, but views expressed here are my own.1117#ifihadglass I'd take my travel-loving wife with me whenever I travel -- even if she couldn't be there in person. [link]
(Blake Krone)
Chaska, MN
Cisco CCIE #31229 (Wireless), CWNA, and AeroScout certified engineer, all around tech junkie, code poet. Connecting people with cans and strings.1117#ifihadglass I would help people that suffer with memory loss by linking facial recognition with contact info to display on glass [link]
(Bill Sempf)
Grove City, Ohio
Husband. Father. Author. Secure software composer. Brewer. Lockpicker. Ninja. Insurrectionist. Honorary blue teamer. Lumberjack. Wrote a Win8 programming book.1115#ifihadglass I would use it while coding for reading documentation and research. [link]
(Klein Maetschke)
New Albany, IN
Chief Design Officer at @leagueofbeards. Pronounced Match-Key. Father, designer, consumer, musician, fanboy. Views expressed don't reflect my company's.1113#ifihadglass I'd use it to record my son's firsts and share them with family. [link]
(Joshua R. Simmons)
Sonoma County, CA
business + tech + science + art = a whole lot of geek. pres @beawimp, communications manager @ihub_smbc, founder @bluebirdio1113I'd photograph and share the events I host live, helping to illustrate just how popping the North Bay is! #ifihadglass [link]
(Nicholas Comeaux)
New Orleans, Louisiana
Cowabunga. ⛵1112@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use it to send long boarding videos to friends, and to find my way around on vacations this summer. [link]
(Mathew Sisson)
Boulder, CO
User Experience Director at @PivotDesk. Organizer of @IgniteBoulder, @Bldrstartupweek, & @tedxboulder, Founder of @PixelSpaceCo. @Saintmichaels Alum.1112@projectglass #ifIhadglass I'd be able to share more of my life with my family back East. [link]
(Sunny Patel ☀)
Atlanta, GA
1111#ifihadglass use it for physical therapists conducting therapy on patients allowing them to use both hands and documenting at the same time [link]
(Chris Smith)
New Orleans
Writer, editor, runner. Author, The Unofficial U.S. Census. Mgr., Entergy employee communications. Views are my own.1110I'll put people everywhere virtually in New Orleans: ride the streetcar, reach for crawfish/beignets, dance that silly dance. #ifihadglass [link]
(Mr. Owe Em One)
A peninsula, maybe.
I'm a planner and scheduler and organizer by design. I thrive in the chaos of my own creativity. #InYaMeowf LLC.1110#IfIHadGlass catching moments like this would be even easier. [link]
(Kerry Klecic)
Tampa, Fla.
Morning TV at WTVT FOX 13 in Tampa, Fla. Social media and tech. News lover. Sports fanatic. Headphones fan. Days in the sun. Tweet at me anytime. 1109#ifihadglass We'd do a live segment while wearing them so our viewers can see the show in a whole new dimension! @google [link]
(Rachelle Tamulevich)
Santa Clara, CA
Marketing Analyst for @Flashfotoinc I East coast transplant living in the Bay Area I Avid dog lover I and strong believer in the Golden Age1108#ifihadglass I would use them inside and out so that I knew how to make them EVEN BETTER! #effectiveness [link]
(Tim Pulliam)
@RoseHulman mechanical engineer. Clean-tech, advanced automotive, technology in general. Founder of IndyLabs. @TheStartupBus 2012. 1108#IfIHadGlass I would wear it all hours of all days and I would develop apps and peripherals to enhance the experience of wearable computing. [link]
(Brandon Carroll)
Blacksburg, VA
Chief Fun Officer/VP of Marketing @Heyo. Co-Founder @ActivelyCaring. Passionate about permission marketing. I believe in spreading intentional acts of kindness1107#ifihadglass, I would travel the world and explore unchartered terrorities. I would be able to easily see and record @activelycaring stories [link]
(Lena Shaw)
San Francisco Bay Area
#SocialMedia/ #Digital Mktg Consultant - Music Fanatic - Creative Techie -Snow Junkie-Globetrotter that prefers to be playing outside. 1104I'd record all of my snowboarding shenanigans. Integrate with goggles at a reasonable price and I'd buy #ifihadglass [link]
(Justin Sanchez)
New York, NY, USA
1101I would broadcast live from the stage of th largest fitness event in America! #ifihadglass [link]
(Bobby Len Gordon)
The mean streets of #Blacklick
I'm ugly, I'm broke, and I can't read. #TGIF #BigJamesHoe #ODM1097#ifihadglass I would wear them while I played basketball [link]
Washington, DC
Just a Guy1097#ifIhadGlass I would live in China and show the World what is not seen outside China [link]
(Javan Shashaty)
Fort Lauderdale, FL
God is good. All-time leader for touchdown passes in the state of Florida. Liberty University Quarterback number 18. #GoFlames 2 Corinthians 12:9-101094#ifihadglass I would play a whole game wearing it. That would be so cool! [link]
iPhone: 39.710363,-104.940623
marketing geek who loves mobile/social/location, father, husband, blogger, affiliate professor, snowboarder, cyclist, SCUBA diver, board member, global traveler1092I would weave it into every aspect of my real-time life. Teaching, snowboarding, SCUBA diving, cycling, travel. #ifihadglass [link]
(Adam Rothstein)
iPhone: 0.000000,0.000000
the ease of repetitive motion, the orgasmic cries of habit, the pattern dance of charged particles, our shared interest in static1089Consensus develop actual tech-workable security culture for ubiquitous cinema society #ifIhadGlass [link]
(David Dollar)
Atlanta, GA
I build things at Heroku1089@projectglass I would teach others to write software via Hangout. #ifihadglass [link]
(Del Perry)
Columbus, Ohio
GR8 AWAKENING'S coming in 2013. 1088I need to be part of the Google Glass because I go places no body can gain access. #ifihadglass [link]
(Jerry Kane)
Chestnut Hill, MA
Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Carroll School of Management, Boston College. Studies social media and healthcare IT.1088#ifihadglass I'd help these Boston College students figure out its implications for business and society. #mi621 [link]
(Alex Shimp)
Largo, FL 33778
I'm a #Spacetweep, Mac Geek, #SDOisGO GSFC, #STS132JSC, #STS135 Launch Tweetup attendee, Ham Radio Operator (WB4BSA), Eagle Scout, Photographer & all round geek1087#ifIhadglass I would share my love of the the #americanspaceprogram [link]
astoria, new york
Programmer|Rapper|start-up junkie| autodidact| micro-mixtape:{coming soon!!!} - #innovatorP1 Bookings/Questions: zanderceo91@gmail.com1087since im a programmer and rapper, #ifihadglass I would use it to read lyrics while I record. It would only be appropriate :) [link]
(Luke Melia)
New York, NY
software developer, entrepreneur, beach volleyball player, family man, co-founder and CTO of I would figure out how to integrate them into a mass-transit, bicycling, walking New York City lifestyle, and tweet it! [link]
Brooklyn, NY
Cracking open peanuts with Charlie Brown curiosity, and other nutshells. Analogue caterpillar strategist turned digital social butterfly @vaynermedia1086@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd test it within the intersection of brands, real-time marketing, music, and the whimsical [link]
(Jim Hayes)
Littleton, Colorado
Aspiring ninja, love innovation, technology, coffee addict, Colorado Rockies Fan, geek who married up, I play the metronome, believe work should = worship 1085#ifihadglass I'd tutor high school math students remotely [link]
Portland, Maine 2076156974
producer/director, production coordinator, direct response writer, partnerat revDRTV an infomercial and campaign development company1084I wanna record my life. #ifihadglass [link]
(Patrick Ip)
Chicago, IL
CEO & Co-Founder @KipSolutions + @Inc Coolest College Startup 2012 + student at @UChicago '13. Work Hard, Be Nice and amazing things will happen. -@ConanOBrien1084@projectglass If I had glass, I would use it to talk to other #socents about their journeys and their #vision for the future #ifihadglass [link]
(Carlos Allende)
Los Angeles CA
Looking for the real creativity. Social Media Manager @grupogallegos1083#ifihadglass would stream a marathon to everybody who wants to join me. #somosmuchoslatinos [link]
(Sarah Bond)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Assistant Professor of Ancient and Late Antique History at Marquette University. Thoughts are my own. Retweets are not necessarily endorsement. 1082If I had Google glass, I'd walk through Rome and reconstruct the ancient sounds, tastes, and smells of antiquity this summer. #ifihadglass [link]
(Louise Thompson)
San Francisco
Director of PR @Badoo. Fan of real football (yes, soccer), real food and really good wine.1081#ifihadglass I'd turn this photo, which looks like a painting, into stunning video #HalfMoonBay #Google [link]
(Randy Kelly )
ÜT: 32.673997,-96.874631
I'm the one yo mama comes to to root her phone 1081#IfIHadGlass I’d capture every human emotion and moment during my sons first fishing trip this sprin [link]
(Erik Muladore)
Saginaw, MI
a person who's fed up with the way things are, and am looking for a way to change it.1080#ifihadglass I would do time lapse videos of every hot rod build I completed. [link]
(Jena Tesse Fox)
New York, NY
Hawaii, South Pacific, NYC, Africa & Europe editor for Travel Agent Magazine & Luxury Travel Advisor. My opinions are mine, not my employer's.1080I would really love to try Google Glass, but #ifihadglass I would be $1,500 poorer. Will wait till they come down in price. [link]
(ffej! (Ο_Ο))
ÜT: 41.955626,-71.309959
Brand & Reputation Management Expert. Mentor @ #JWU Entrepreneur Center. Things I like: #startups #communities #mentor #advisor #swim #track #trance #edm #plur1079#ifihadglass I'd use them for coaching and taping technique in a hands free way to play back for the athletes. [link]
(Emily Harrington)
1078#ifihadglass I'd share my adventures in the unexplored corners of the world as a professional climber (Getu, China) [link]
(Glenn Stovall)
Athens, GA
Web Developer, Musician, All around nice guy1077#ifihadglass a conversation app that m listens, keeps notes, and helps you find just the right thing to say [link]
(Nelson Olavarrieta)
CEO of @CelebratePlus: Where Every Personal Event is a #Crowdfunding Celebration: Invite. Get Funded. Celebrate!1076#IfIHadGlass I'd Go To Mexico City To Share Local Flavors! [link]
(Ashley Skidmore)
Washington, DC
Texan working at @frcdc. Conservative. Pro-Life. Blocked by @alecbaldwin and @joanwalsh but followed by @barackobama. Views are my own. #tcot #LNYHBT #caring1073#ifihadglass My mom could participate in my wedding planning experience from across the country. #pickme! [link]
(Eddie Silva)
Pittsburgh PA
Projetos: RSS de technews em tempo real./ Conteúdo com dispositivo móvel / Documentário1072@projectglass #ifihadglass I would record the making off the documentary about covered bridges in Pennsylvania [link]
(li )
love sports , tech, and vg. Former Spelling Bee champ of my 4th grade class. Honor Roll Recipient in kindergarten1071#ifihadglass I would record all my every day activities (except when I take a shower) [link]
(Anne Lowrey)
Santa Barbara, CA
part-time traveler. full-time foodie. any-time writer. getting ready to put my part-time status on hold for four months of extended travel!1070#ifihadglass i'd wear it to the 15 countries i'm planning to visit this year and share the view with others. #travel @projectglass [link]
(Ann Pisano)
DC | MD | VA
Marketing Lead @ McShea #Leasing #Sales #CRE | Digital Media Mgmt Cert. @Georgetown | Multimedia Specialist | Communications w/@PhiMuDC @Ad2DC Opinions my own1069#ifihadglass I would share more moments thru live chat, photos & videos. My family enjoys G+ Hangout & Glass takes this to another level. [link]
(Samantha Ready)
Technophile with my head in the Cloud. Newest padawan to the Developer Evangelism team of Jedis here @salesforce 1068#ifihadglass I'd make a collection of clips of places I visited to reminisce on life being young and fabulous @projectglass [link]
(Andrew Stone)
Brooklyn, NY
Screenwriter, producer, develop TV ideas, write short stories sometimes. Follow @theplanshort1067I've thought about technology like this for a long time, so #ifihadglass I would make a truly first-person narrative short film [link]
(Mike Massie)
Milwaukee, WI
Interaction Designer. Maker of Connected Things. Researcher. Urban Vintner. Lover of @Danijela1067#ifihadglass My bike commutes would be productive and much safer [link]
(Douglas Menefee)
Lafayette, LA
CIO of Schumacher Group1066#ifihadglass I would use them to visit Boys and Girls Clubs to expose next generation leaders to the future of technology. @projectglass [link]
(Drew Bennett)
Austin, Texas
Drew Bennett. Music Scheduling Consultant at MusicMaster, air personality at KOKE-FM, Austin's Country Alternative!1066#ifihadglass I would document this year's SXSW and blog about it. First person view of some amazing shows! [link]
(Glenda A. Suarez)
Publicity Coordinator for Discovery Networks Latin America. @PRSAMiami Prof. Dev. Co-Chair. Pho addict. Love travel, photo & @DeMo_Nica. Thoughts are my own.1064#ifihadglass I would capture the little things I wanted 2 before my lasik. I finally get rid of glasses & now it will be the cool thing. -_- [link]
(Erik Endress)
Ramsey, NJ
CEO of OnScene Technologies,Inc. makers of Share With 911, cyclist, first responder, photographer, dad, husband1064#IfIHadGlass we could integrate our school safety technology with it to help first responders save lives using @ShareWith911 [link]
(John Proano)
New Jersey
Social Media professional passionate about creativity and all things digital. 1062@projectglass #ifihadglass I would record my first dance at The Father & Daughter Dance - keep that moment and share it at her wedding :) [link]
small time hedge fund hack, journalist, trader, economist1062#ifihadglass I would record the birth of my son in August then take several seconds a day of video to create the ultimate growth video [link]
(Eric Ho)
New York, NY
I like eating yummy food and watching movies. Co-founder of @HuskyLaboratory. I do other stuff, too.1061#ifihadglass I will actually use Google+ all day long. [link]
(Jonathan Smiley)
iPhone: 33.383759,-86.782989
I'm a partner at ZURB. We made Foundation ( Sometimes I play video games. Hello.1060I’d start figuring out what Glass means for Responsive Web Design. #ifihadglass [link]
(Julian Donaldson)
Denver, Colorado | clothing and design1060#IfIhadGlass coaching would be a lot more interesting. [link]
(Matthew Witt)
Chicago, IL
Strategic Brand Storyteller for the Digital World: I am the EVP / Director of Digital Integration for @TRIS3CT. Previously @YandRChicago. All tweets are my own.1058#ifihadglass I would work with the police & neighborhoods in Chicago to make our community safe again. [link]
(Alecia Batson)
Award-winning actress, singer, & voice over artist. Blogger. Texan. Super-nice. Also kind of nerdy.1057...hey, @projectglass: #ifihadglass, I'd create a real-time, livestreamed, interactive performance experience presented in 1st & 3rd person. [link]
(John-Erik Moseler)
Anthropologist. Adventure Capitalist. Serial Entrepreneur.1057#ifihadglass Every day I would explore and celebrate one bizarre, weird or unique holiday. ps. Happy #polarbear day! [link]
(Brady Dale )
Brooklyn, NY
Available for beatboxing. Serious inquiries only.1053#ifihadglass I would show people what it looks like to work out bits in stand-up comedy, @projectglass. [link]
(Princess Uribe)
Los Angeles, Ca
I'm a really important person doing awesome important things for really important people. 1052#ifihadglass I would pretend i was a cyborg & save people from stuff jk i would integrate it in my life to better serve others and myself. [link]
(Michael Garfield)
Austin, TX
Postmodern storyteller weaving evolutionary cosmology w/ cyberacoustic guitar, live art, & ecodelic performance philosophy; editor of I would stream 1st person video while painting pieces like this at major music festivals: #liveart [link]
(Andrew Spaulding)
San Francisco, USA
Loving all things video @ Ooyala, Inc, but some of you may remember me from Adobe.. I'm still a Flex/AIR developer!1050#ifihadglass I would enhance live streaming video, especially sports with a unique perspective of the player and umpire alike (cc @ooyala) [link]
(Michael Bubbo)
Marin County, CA
1050@projectglass I'm so much looking forward to recording a daily walk on the Pacific coastline from the Google Glass perspective. #ifihadglass [link]
(♂!!!Adam Monster!!!♂)
Rancho Cucamonga
I am ♂Gay♂. Im Happy, Funny, Cool, Loves Lady GaGa and Is Obsessed With Her and Wants To Be Her Own MONSTER, Went to the MONSTER BALL on MARCH 31 2011!!!!!!1050@projectglass #ifihadglass I would see the world in a New Perspective [link]
A crazy Co-founder of Rokkincat & Tappr app. Designer (not to be confused with software programmer). Lover of all things visual.1049#ifihadglass ...the glass would always be half full (AND) I'd look like an optimistic transformer. @projectglass [link]
(Dan Di Spaltro)
San Francisco, CA
Director, Product @ Rackspace, previously co-founder of, Just a dude1048paint-balling, definitely shooting paint at other people with additional protective eyewear =) #ifihadglass [link]
(Alex B.)
Entrepreneur. Consultant. Veteran. Geek.1048#ifihadglass I would do some real food spotting in NYC. And build an app that suggests people to meet based on who is nearby. [link]
(Adam Blum)
iPhone: 37.229675,-121.981071
CEO of Rhomobile, adjunct prof, ultramarathoner, dad1046#ifihadglass I would write a running app that would show the @strava route names and course records of whatever streets I was running on [link]
(Gerda S Prato-Espejo)
New Jersey
Freelance #Spanish #Court #Interpreter. Founding Member of the #EPT initiative in #Google+. Member of #ATA, #NAJIT and #DVTA.1046"@JudiciaryTerp: #ifihadglass I would use it for language interpretation and collaboration on..." <#1nt #xl8 [link]
(Ryan Powell)
Philadelphia PA
Hows THAT for a slice of Fried Gold???!!!! Check out my Photography on I would show what it is like through the eyes of a Minimalist Photographerm like myself. Also, I would fight crime. [link]
(Jon Mulholland)
Genius at the Internet.1045#ifihadglass I'd use a live Hangout to share Baby M's first moments with our family and friends around the world. [link]
(Nick Robertson)
MMA fan, Community Manager and sometimes comedy writer. Shamown.1042#ifihadglass I'd be able to document the crazy nerf wars and shenanigans going on at @makerstudios and I'd look like I'm from the future... [link]
Instagram: @chibestman1041#ifihadglass I'd wear them at work and take pictures of coworkers admiring my glasses [link]
(Jimmy Tomczak)
Founder at TOMBOLO. Design · Inspire · Connect. I #liveadventure.1041Adventure more. There's always more to explore. #ifihadglass @projectglass #liveadventure via @paperfeet [link]
(John Fitzpatrick)
Brooklyn, NY
Developer working for an advertising agency in New York City and living in Brooklyn. Specializing in internet and app development.1039If I had Google Glass, I would visit local businesses hurt by Sandy and try to help. #ifihadglass #kbs+glass [link]
if you don't like Ariana, either you're dumb, dumb, or dumb. k. {ask for a follow}1039@projectglass #ifihadglass i would share my point of view to the world and it will allow me to never forget memories c: [link]
(Dwight Churchill)
all things internet, rather be in the water, bullish on the future. 603 export. opinions here are my own.1037#ifihadglass I wouldn't take them off. My life would instantly be a nyc tech reality show. Unscripted of course. [link]
(Daniel Domínguez)
Engineers for better or worse always want to change things1037#ifihadglass I would set up a new startup based on object recognition [link]
(leah messina)
Mostly NM. Occasionally NY.
CEO of Sinuate Media, the Organic Marketing Company; Owner of BookDivas.com1037#ifihadglass I'd show the beauty of southern New Mexico, the hustle of running a business & the craziness of raising a 2 year old [link]
(Anthony Jones)
Irvine CA
I draw for a living. Concept Artist over at Sony Santa Monica. 1036#ifihadglass I would use it to have artistic reference up while out sketching with my friends. Such a rad idea. [link]
(Derek Teay)
Lead Developer for Team Venom Viper4G | Admin | Creator of viperMOD scripts and other mods1036#ifihadglass I could see the world through seamless integration of reality and technology. [link]
(stevie wong)
new york, ny
intl film journalist. blogger. music nerd. media fan. cinephile. interviewer. foodie. horror nerd. scifi nerd. romcom nerd. traveller. teenage girl at heart.1036I'd totally take it on the road while i'm at film fests, movie interviews and music gigs! #ifihadglass [link]
(Steve Armenti)
Boston, MA
Content Strategist at @Skyword. Into digital marketing, social media, SEO, content and other web stuff. I enjoy the great outdoors too. Views are my own.1035@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd take it to the BVI's on my honeymoon - sport fish (catch a huge marlin), learn to sail, fly a piston plane [link]
(Nicolas Mejia)
advertising creative @LeoBurnettChi @Lapizusa /////////////////////// creator of I will be able to focus on what really matters. @projectglass [link]
(C.J. Johnson)
LIberty Hill, TX
Hypnotist, Illusionist and producer of Game Shows To Go1033#ifihadglass I’d share with people what life looks like from my side of the stage. [link]
(Shane Gillespie)
1031If I had glass I would show you what a day in the life a programmer is like. #ifihadglass [link]
(Jeremy Franklin)
Salt Lake City
PhD candidate studying the sociology of higher education with a social justice emphasis at the University of Utah. Imported from Atlanta, Detroit, and Flint. 1031#ifihadglass I would use the hangout feature when collaborating with others. I would record lectures and look up info as I read and write. [link]
(David Allen)
Father, tattooer at Pioneer (Chicago) - tattooappt@gmail.com1030#ifihadglass I'd plan, create, collaborate, and document the process of tattooing w/my clients. Photos of progress and instant reference! [link]
(Jim Landi - Rudedog)
Central Florida
- Not so Rude -FPS PC gaming (CoD|MoH) news and info from around the world. Micrsoft 2009-2013 MVP Games for Windows would love to document the interaction of attendees to our local car events #ifihadglass [link]
Orlando, FL
Monstercat artist. I make all kinds of electronic music. Blip boop.1029#ifihadglass I'd livestream making music from my perspective. [link]
(Joseph Phillips)
New York City
Ballet Dancer1028ballet dancer with American Ballet Theatre, I use glasses to record rehearsals as I dance. change our dancing like never before #ifihadglass [link]
(Rob Schnapp)
Creative director @BrandishCreativ with a channel neutral, always curious approach to advertising and marketing. #SocialMedia enthusiast. Recovering TV junkie.1027#ifihadglass I'd explore, learn, share, hunt, gather, grow, glow, know, show, flow, expand, command, report, retort, relish, give, receive + [link]
(Patrick Tomas)
Buena Park, CA
I'm a geek. I love tech, good food, reading blogs, trying new things, exploring LA and OC, and of course - my friends and family. Also a future Pokemon Master.1027#ifihadglass I'd document and broadcast the journey of completing my "25 things to do before I turn 25" list. [link]
(John Bender)
Los Angeles, CA
oss enthusiast, father, and aspiring cool kid1026#ifihadglass I'd use it to take periodic snapshots of my screen, pipe that through ocr, and do some analytics on what I spend my time doing [link]
(Jeff Hahne)
Charlotte, N.C.
Music editor for Creative Loafing - Charlotte. #CharlotteMusic1025I would put together a video of musicians giving an on-stage view of their fans... #ifihadglass [link]
(Frankie Fredericks)
New York, NY
Frank Fredericks: founder of @worldfaithngo, @wemeancomms & @conarrecords, Co-Founder of @rfreedomusa. Entrepreneur, Interfaith Activist, Consultant, Musician. 1023I'd use it to do a public hangout while running the NYC marathon with donors to @WorldFaithNGO. #ifihadglass [link]
(Jessica Carrillo)
Periodista venezolana freelance. Freelance venezuelan journalist1022#ifihadglass I could walk without lost myself, because the glasses will tell me where to go. (I never know where is the north or east, etc) [link]
(Joe Wood)
Sacramento, CA
teacher; writer; learner; Kelly's husband; UC Davis grad; Area 3 Writing Project TC; Google Certified Teacher; NCS Instructional Tech Coordinator1022#ifihadglass I would share them with my students and let them invent the future. [link]
(Dave Riordan)
I connect dots, @nypl_labs1021I'd document and preserve digitally the last days of the famous stacks at the New York Public Library #ifihadglass [link]
(Brendan Owens)
San Antonio , Texas
Ummm Sup.1021#ifihadglass i would get to creative and run them ragged! [link]
(Josh the Impaler)
new jersey
Metalhead, musician, scholar,philosopher, grease monkey, alcoholic, liberal, and secretly a scenester #nofatchicks #COBHC #staymetal #p2 #topprog I block #RWNJ1020@projectglass #ifihadglass i would take it out with me snowboarding and to band practice, to shows and push boundaries with this tec [link]
1019#ifihadglass I'd document the life of a runner, giving insight to what makes our life unique. If only pickup was available in Mississippi. [link]
iPhone: 0.000000,0.000000
Ant-1 of the Ri$ky Bizne$$ Crew. Also a Wild n Krazy Kid. feel free to contact me for booking info.1017#ifihadglass i would travel to places with tough language barriers and beautiful landscapes, while sharing the experience all with you. [link]
(Steven E. Johnston)
I use data to develop impactful strategies. I also manage to stay hungry & foolish while in business school.1017#ifihadglass I'd wear Google Glass around campus and share the @Penn @Wharton #MBA experience with the world #MOOC [link]
(Matt Morgan)
Springfield NJ / NYC
Wired GeekDad contributor. PAX East [E]. Boardroomers web show co-host ( Formerly: games writer for MTV Geek ( I would use image recognition to provide tutorials and strategy tips for new board and card game players. [link]
(Travis Burns, Ed.D.)
Gloucester, Virginia
VA Middle School Principal. Co-founder and tweeterator of #VAchat with @philgriffins. #VAchat, Mon., 8pm EST. Go Page Eagles! Thoughts are mine.1016#ifihadglass I could supervise my students in the halls, review school records, respond to emails, & engage in PLNs all at the same time. [link]
(• Sean •)
J31015#IfiHadGlass people would see the world differently. Love it. Cherish it and want to explore the curiosity of it. And I'd just make videos!! [link]
(Jill Kramer)
Morgantown, WV
Head Volleyball Coach - WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY1014#ifihadglass I'd wear them while I coach! #WVUVolleyball #OnAMission [link]
(Joи киoтт)
Dallas/Oklahoma City
тнrιll ѕeaĸer. acтor. elecтronιc dance мυѕιc enтнυѕιaѕт. тeхan вorn & raιѕed.1011#IfIHadGlass it would revolutionize the way I enjoy music festivals; snapping candid photos & recording live sets with both hands free! [link]
(GangstaNerd )
Atlanta, Ga, U.S.A.
#AtlantaTechAlumni Computer Programmer #SPSU #SkyLifeMusic @Interscope Developmental Artist Google ME! I'd be Able to Show People why Google Defines What Creativity is & with 'Glass' i would be able to recreate an interest in TECH [link]
(airick leonard west)
Kansas City, Missouri
i believe in the scholars of the kansas city public schools1010As KCPS president, #ifihadglass I would visit every classroom asap. Our scholars deserve for people to see how remarkable & driven they are. [link]
(R. Todd Johnson)
Menlo Park
Jones Day Global Head, Renewable Energy and Sustainability Cleantech geek, passionate about blended value and for-benefit organizations.1010#ifihadglass I'd see more clearly to #changetheworld in #socent and #impinv so people and the planet could flourish. [link]
New York City, NY
Nothing gets a marketer closer to their consumer than Mobile. Nothing. 1009As of Mobile Marketing Assoc, I would wear google glasses every time I speak to advertisers on Mobile Marketing #ifihadglass. [link]
(Gina Samarotto)
New York & Connecticut
The Samarotto Design Group... stunning design for your living spaces, both indoors and out. Join the inspiring design conversation on Twitter!1009#ifihadglass my design concepts could be seen through another set of eyes and my travels could be shared! An amazing way to share! [link]
(Roberto Nickson)
Washington, DC
Love technology, design, film, fútbol, the NBA and music. Family is always first.1009#ifihadglass I would conceptualize and design the next generation of human/technology experiences. The potential of Glass is thrilling. [link]
(Brian Abrams)
Brooklyn, NY
All RTs are triple fact-checked and run through legal dept. brnabrms@gmail.com1008#ifihadglass record cat videos with Coldplay in the background. [link]
(Kalen Allen)
Kansas City
EverY time I step on stage I will leave you with a memory. Underestimation fuels my determination #Inspired2Inspire #BeyHive #BeTheSun1007It would be so easier for me to get places with a gps and me being a singer I could put the lyrics on my glasses!!!! #ifIhadglass [link]
(Kristopher Perovic)
Clifton, NJ
I used to want to change the world. Now I just want to leave the room with a little dignity.1006#ifihadglass I'd record my EE courses to study from afterwards, live stream concerts/fun with my friends & family, and rave about it nonstop [link]
(Nadeem Mazen)
Boston, MA
CEO, co-founder, trustee of, IAP instructor at MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship Center, MIT Varsity Squash Coach1005My @nimblebot team makes interactive online films, we're excited to explore new frontiers in filmmaking with google glass #ifihadglass [link]
(Jerry Hatchett)
Houston, Texas, USA
Author. Geek. Movie nut. Ole Miss football fanatic. Stuff like that.1005#ifihadglass I would definitely incorporate them into my digital forensic thriller in progress! [link]
(Tiffani Robinson™)
The Moment
Project Manager @MegaCareOrg, #WorldTraveler , Hopeful Romantic, Junkie of the Arts, #SocialEntrepreneur , Athlete, #PoliticalRebel & Lover of #JesusChrist1005"Google Glass Application" Vimeo #ifihadglass [link]
(DC yeah that's me)
Syracuse, NY
Was a radio personality for the past decade now onto new things! I own an internet webhosting and design firm, am a techie, and still more fun than a pop tart!!1004I would live more in the moment and be less worried about photo memories because glass has that covered. #ifihadglass [link]
(Nick Foster)
Youtuber, Streamer, Server owner, and Website project manager. 1004#ifihadglass i would record lectures to review them later. [link]
Philadelphia, PA
1004#ifihadglass I would show you each step of the creative process from arrangement to YouTube upload! So excited for this technology! [link]
(Shreyans Parekh)
LA, OC, Inland Empire
Co-Founder | @KoyalWholesale | World's Largest Wedding & Event Supplies Company | e-Commerce, Digital Media, Yoga Enthusiast1003The thrill of overseas buying trips would be taken up a notch... #ifihadglass [link]
woburn, ma
official twitter for DJ PWN_3. feel free to hit up my sound cloud! just trying to make my way in the world as a dj999#ifihadglass I'd use it to work out a gesture program that would allow me to DJ using AR decks. Like a 2nd screen to enhance the genres [link]
(Isabelle Ringnes)
Manhattan, New York
Økonom fra BI, skuespiller fra NYU, journalist og hyper-sosial. Tar master i Media Management. Liker: løping, kleine situasjoner og sære folk. MED PÅ ALT.999#ifihadglass id turn strange to stylish. #representing #norway #design. #google #glasses [link]
(Jeffrey Taekman, MD)
Durham, NC
Duke doc, sim evangelist, eLearning mensch, & wannabe musician-revolutionizing healthcare quality, productivity, and learning through technology (views my own)998#ifihadglass I would explore its role in the continuum of healthcare education and practice. [link]
(Ben Doernberg)
New York City
Social media journalist cited by NYT, WSJ, The Atlantic, Wired. 997#ifihadglass I would beta test every app I could find and spread the love. Bet they're sick at raves too #handitover [link]
(Nabilah Irshad)
Chicago, IL
lawya lawya pants on fiyah997#IfIHadGlass, you'd be able to see the world through my eyes.. literally. [link]
(David Maizenberg)
Life Science - Startups - Laws & Regs - Patents & Stuff 996#ifihadglass I would use the heads-up/subject-overlay attributes to make better apps for healthcare professionals, researchers and students [link]
(Lisa Hoang)
NYC + Brooklyn
Arts administrator who is now immersed in all things digital media, tech, and healthy eating. 995Now I really want Google Glass: #ifihadglass I would wear it while learning how to be an urban beekeeper [link]
(Mick Douglas)
I like information security. How about you? 995I'd port some of the layar views I've made and also make a surreal art game #ifihadglass [link]
(Luis Levy)
Santa Monica, CA
Author and co-founder at Novy PR. Email me at Subscribe to the Novy newsletter at I'd never get lost again. Or let my brain handle important tasks like REMEMBERING THINGS [link]
(Judson Clark)
21. UGA. Agribusiness. Athens. Albany. Go Dawgs. Go Vols. And remember shake that healthy butt.994#ifihadglass it would have been a lot easier to capture this gem. [link]
(Bethany Khan)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Progressive. Foodie. Photographer. I manage the digital media & online comms for @Culinary226, largest local of @UNITEHERE (an @AFLCIO affiliate) in Nevada.994#ifihadglass I would eat and document all of the great food in #LasVegas. #Vegas [link]
(KnewSkool D Train)
In the studio
Fear nobody...but GOD almighty! #ΩΨΦ MSU...Download Soul Train The Exhibition -- #KNEWSKOOL994I would let y'all get on stage with me virtually #IfIHadGlass [link]
Co-Founder @Babelverse. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @LeWeb, @TheNextWeb, @TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500Startups, @StartUpChile, @StartupWeekend993#ifihadglass I would integrate audio language recognition and hands-free access to the @babelverse universal translator [link]
(Brook Love)
Directioner ; Belieber. Vampire diaries OBSESSED, follow me i follow back ;) unfollow, so do i :P993#ifihadglass i would use them to talk to the family i have in different states, and get more done, without using an iphone xD [link]
Newark, New Jersey
Owner and Operator of #WastedTalentMediaGroup, #bgoldnyc #LetzGetHigh #LGH Freelance Photographer/Videographer, Blogger, Music & Movie Critic, Product Tester993Google Glass this is SO MY SPEED! I wish I had a pair of these to go out rollerblading in NYC everyday. #ifihadglass [link]
(Stephen Espinosa)
Murrieta, CA
i run appstack. i love the white sox. i met hulk hogan. 991I would make an amazing live sports viewing app #ifihadglass [link]
(El Random Hero)
Los Angelestitlan
Sans-papiers - Social Media for Social Justice 990#ifihadglass I would share my experiences as an #undocumented #immigrant, so others can see beyond the politics & at the human rights issues [link]
(James zeit)
#SachemForLife #NYR990#IfIHadGlass i would document my entire summer. Every party, concert, vacation and adventure would be video taped easily. Please! [link]
(Mitchell Holder)
New York City
Australian born, globally raised. Busy challenging how people, brands, & technology intersect @VaynerMedia.989I want Google Glass because I haven't found enough ways to capture my child's life. #ifihadglass [link]
(Amrita Bhinder)
Tax Lawyer. Very active bullshit detector. Monday hater. And yes, prefer to see the world through the lens of my NikonD7000. 'Never Give In'988#ifihadglass I would tell a story to all through my pictures. [link]
(Steven Loi)
Bay Area, CA
product, mobilizing banking & payments, social & consumer apps & lead gen, startup guy, philanthropy, stocks. sometimes foolish, always hungry, always hustle.988#ifihadglass i would travel & soak in the culture/destination knowledge, use iPhone less, and photograph more. [link]
Location Independent
Lifestyle and Business Design Strategist who helps individuals and biz owners find their MoJo and #haveAwonderful. Media/Booking: I'd help even more folks discover their dating #MoJo & how to #haveAwonderful via real time flirting and networking techniques. [link]
(Matt McLean)
Birmingham, AL
Day Laborer, Father, Husband, Uncle, Gamer, Writer for @MagicCityPost &, Sports Fan (@Braves & @UA_Athletics), Perfectionist at idle talk.987So I can show the world what life inside Matt's planet would be. #ifihadglass [link]
(Sm1tty Sm1t)
Winterport, ME
| Host of @Xbox360SoloCast | Writer for @CNCollegeNews | Director of stuff @FrontBurnr | 2012's Motortrend Truck of the Year986#ifihadglass it would be easier for my wife and I to be more visual when traveling for our couples resolution blog at [link]
Metro Boston
You can call it the Automated Economy, Star Trek Economy, #TheGreatReset or Jetsonsconomy. It's coming and society needs to evolve. 985#Ifihadglass I'd highlight the people and places that are invisible to the average person. [link]
(Jennifer Boyd)
ÜT: 32.508322,-84.942043
FinTech enthusiast, developer, mother of gifted girls, beloved wife, tennis ball smacker, runner . Tweets are my own.985#ifihadglass I would connect it w the Google Shopper API so I could do some in-store price comparison without running into stuff. [link]
Durham, NC
Co-founder and CEO of Relevance, father, writer, guitar player, Durhamite.982#ifihadglass I'd probably make a weekly radio show on NPR. [link]
(Aaron Zollo)
Baldwinsville, NY
Founder of Zollotech, YouTube Partner, Tech Geek, Car Nut, Christian and general Guru981#ifihadglass I would use it to record my youtube tech reviews from my own perspective on zollotech. [link]
(Andrew Bartolotta)
I love #Memphis. Communications Coordinator at @LeadershipMphs for @GraduateMemphis and @NorthwestMSCC Digital Media Specialist. *tweets are my own thoughts.*981#Ifihadglass I would be more adventurous. [link]
(Annisa Putri)
981"@damnitstrue: #ifihadglass I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass " [link]
(Cristina Aguirre)
Chicago and NW indiana
Multimedia Journliast/Social Media Manager: Video Game/Comic/Tech nerd & not the comedian dude. 980#ifihadglass I would meet the strangers who sit next to me on the CTA #Chicago Bus like this one & have a convo [link]
(Steven Lehrburger)
New York, I love you but
building better instant messaging at I'd build info sharing tools for enriching IRL conversations. If I search for something, the friends with me should see result. [link]
(David Ritter)
I'm a music fan,New York Mets & Jets fan,Politics fan,University of Kentucky Wildcats fan and I'm on a crusade to fight Lyme Disease!All of that is true!979#ifihadglass It would just be great to transmit your world and to see another perspective of what is seen.I'd love to try them out! [link]
(Creative Suite)
San Francisco, CA
Creative Suite's tweets by Kelly McCathran: CTT+, ACE, ACI & Adobe Design Master. I also run CS Lovers: & own (like Rufus Deuchler) I'd show everyone the look my Pug is giving my pizza right now! [link]
Columbia, South Carolina, USA
STEMer| Biz Enthusiast| Politics, Economics, & Pop-Culture Junkie. Opinions expressed are my own. RTs are quality material being passed along. 978#ifihadglass I would work to find applications for its use in hospitals and other healthcare settings. [link]
(Erin Wilson)
San Francisco, CA
proud husband of @kaellalynn. head of talent engineering @brightroll. dont know what i dont know but willing to learn. @bowtie_mafia I'd make my puppy Simba a star! Our first sponsors would be @warbyparker & #vine [link]
(Jeffrey Lu)
Former entrepreneur, investor at Battery Ventures975I would develop / invest in the app ecosystem for Google glass #ifihadglass [link]
(Ernest W. Semerda)
Mountain View, California
I tell machines what to do. Aussie in Silicon Valley - Full Stack Engineer. Python - ObjC - My blog: #ifihadglass I'd hack it to respond to a heart bpm sensor so that every picture it took be from the heart! #90+bpm [link]
Holmdel, New Jersey
Tech Coach, GT Teacher, Former 5th Grade Teacher, DEN Star Educator, Love My Family And My Life would be able to share the magic I see while I teach tomorrow! #ifihadglass [link]
Brand Ambassador For @PlugDJ and Aspiring Youtuber If i had glass i would be able to share my unique experiences with family and friends around the world that i don't get to see [link]
(Brandon Hill)
Cincinnati, Ohio
#Socialmedia enthusiast, #gamer, #geek, #foodie. Check out my blog at970#ifihadglass I would explore the world around me. I would take the most crazy vacations known to man! Sounds AWESOME TO ME!! [link]
(Kevin Kinchen)
970#ifihadglass "I would find a way to integrate it into my geneology hobby and make ancestry an adventure in real life, not just information" [link]
(Andrew David Baron)
Social Media Strategist | Digital Marketing | SEO/SEM/SMM | Pedantic Pseudo Intellectual Poet | Dog Whisperer | Artist | Worst Joke Teller On Planet | & More969@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd make all my works of art into interactive performances that would be shared with all of my fans. #socialmedia [link]
(dana coester)
singularity geek with a fashion sense, mobile media, digital divide, armchair neuroscience, women of technology, chicken little969#ifihadglass we'd make it a centerpiece of our device lab, committing faculty/student research to experimenting in new journalism practice [link]
(Ashley Schoenknecht)
San Francisco
Visual designer. UI/UX. Web. Mobile. To the tune of some hip hop. Currently jamming @Lytro969#ifihadglass I would revisit the Philippines to collect stories of those helped by Worlds Apart One Heart and [link]
(Davia Temin)
New York
CEO/entrepreneur, reputation and crisis advisor, media/marketing strategist, speaker & media coach, public speaker, @Forbes & @HuffingtonPost columnist968#ifIhadglass I would forget the 18 pieces of metal in my leg that always hurt, and regain a sense of self-control, power and wonder. [link]
Los Angeles
President of Variate Labs. Co-Founder at FunBuilt. Designer of new dialogues between people, architecture and the digital world. 964#ifihadglass I'd design a real-time info overlay to enable me to do amazing things. #perfectgolfswing #cutmydogshair #walkingAR @variatelabs [link]
(E. Fly-ERRR Jay)
L.A. / Chicago / Kansas City
Max on All Rise W/ Ced the Ent, singer, songwriter, poet that loves Cream of Wheat...No Lumps! 1/2 of @acoustickats 963#ifihadglass @projectglass I think it would be awesome to turn the country w/ my name @acoustickats and shoot a music video w/ what I see! [link]
(Melinda Byerley)
iPhone: 37.612808,-122.384117
CMO At a Startup in SF; @Cornell MBA dubious about MBAs. Straight Shooter/Lovable Snark/Political Junkie963#ifihadglass Let's test the future of audience participation at a large corporate event! cc @polleverywhere [link]
Morehouse Man (C'08), AFI Directing Fellow (C'13), AAAI Certified, Music & Film Aficionado, Outlier. http://www.brokenheelsfilm.com963#ifihadglass I'd document my journey from film student to indie filmmaker, one set and one story at a time. [link]
#SocialMedia #PR #NonProfits #Music #Travel #Animals #Vegan #GATORS #JETS #Mets #Heat #StarTrek #Comics I'd go food shopping.Walk down aisles while glass made recos based on my preferences. #vegan No #GMOs #organic #cleaneating etc [link]
(Ahmd Niir)
my world
I'm just me. 963#ifihadglass I'd capture evey moment in my life [link]
(Jim Brownrigg)
Michigan, USA
What's better than good friends and a good bottle of wine?963#ifihadglass I'd work with the doctors I work with to see how we could use them to quickly & effectively display patient data real time. [link]
(Daniel Redman)
ÜT: 32.724515,-117.153155
Internet Marketing Pirate by trade. Lubber of paid ad theory & concepts. Consultant to many & part-time Entrepreneur. Arr, the future is now me hearties! 962#ifihadglass I would broadcast cultural experiences & narratives to contribute to a global knowledge share. [link]
Las Vegas
Hungarian girl, living the dream in America. Check out my work at my website. ;)961#ifihadglass I could bring you to a magician's warehouse and show you how I build and create a stage piece for my shows. [link]
(Jeff K.)
Former @SheffieldUni & @SFSU student. ISTJ. World traveller, dog lover, activist, democratic socialist, and a technology nerd!960Being visually impaired, #IfIhadGlass, I'd use it to augment my worldly travels. [link]
Union Square, Somerville, MA
Cinematographer. Editor. Creator. Explorer. Lover of all things.960#ifihadglass I would show that world it means to live everyday like its your last. [link]
(Tiki Suan)
Simplistically Complex: Surf Diva; from HI; music, traveling, and a FOODIE! “Living in the Moment!959#ifihadglass The glass is ½ full of possibilities with the power of technological panacea. See in out & through google's goggles! [link]
Environmental educator, photographer, writer, tech geek, outdoors girl, traveler.958#ifihadglass I would do more of this: Living my life to the fullest, documenting it, & sharing it along the way... [link]
(Lillie-Beth Brinkman)
Mom | Editor / Journalist / Writer | Okie | Inspired by creative people | Weekly columns on apps & etiquette | God is good; life is good; I am thankful.956#ifihadglass I want to explore how Glass will change our relationships, communities, everyday life and etiquette. [link]
(Carrie Bland)
Gamer, TK 11378, Whovian, anime watcher, Buffy fan, Taco lover, all around general geek girl, Community Manager for PMS Clan Halo Division. 956#ifihadglass I could be more productive in my life by being able to better multitask throughout the day. [link]
(David Marine)
Rockaway, NJ
Husband. Father. Media Guy. Gamer. Web Socializer. Mets Lifer. Sr. Director of Consumer Engagement for Coldwell Banker.955#ifihadglass i would use it for good, not evil...and restore balance to the force. [link]
(Mike Liebhold)
37.397, -122.349
Tech Futures and Ranch Hacks954#ifihadglass I'd figure out how to view and create zspace 3D [link]
(Irene (Reign) Liu)
St. Louis, Missouri USA
I am the Founder and CEO of @iReignMarketing. I tweet about healthy living, food, boxing and #socialmedia. Check out @iReignRecipes and @iReignBoxing for more!953#ifihadglass the hashtag #imalwaysright would have new meaning [link]
(Shay Pessah)
San Diego
{ Graphic & Web Dev/Designer } { Business Creator & Visualizer } {Cooking Fanatic & Music Junkie }949#ifihadglass I would be inclined to travel more and share with others the journey. #traveltheworld @Google [link]
ÜT: -31.404318,-64.18099
Digital Marketing Professional. Freelance Social Media & SEO consultant. Zen Cook. Lazy blogger. Always wanting to know... curiosity is my vice.949#ifihadglass I would record the experience of a seven day zen buddhist meditation retreat in the mountains of Córdoba, Argentina. [link]
(Dustin Willis Webber)
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Packet Stash, Inc. I would integrate it with Snorby Cloud ( - Would be cool to ask - “Security events for the last hour” [link]
( Mendy)
Fashion Institute of Technology - Advertising Communication | Graphic Designer949#ifihadglass my life would be shared and remembered just as I lived it. It's time we capture our lives because no two of us have the same. [link]
(Kueth Duany)
where my heart is...
trying to make a difference and honor my legacy948#ifihadglass I would sit at center court of the carrier dome and record 35k #cuse fans go nuts rush like it #orangenation [link]
(Christian Picciolini)
Chicago, IL
Community Partnerships Manager @Threadless. CEO @GoldmillGroup. Co-Founder @LifeAfterHate. Author @RVthebook.948#ifihadglass I'd teach the world to see life w/out limits. Dreaming is no different than doing. Just open your eyes. [link]
(Tyler B.)
San Francisco, CA
Tyler: ('old engl'); One who tiles roofs. Co-Founder of Clever.947#ifihadglass, I'd loan them to friends and family so I could experience a day through their eyes [link]
(Kirk Holmes)
Las Vegas, NV
Passion for #SEO, #Analytics, #BigData, #ROI, #VegasTech and all around #Google Fanboy!946#ifihadglass I would share more with my family, and look for new ways to connect with people who I share interests with. [link]
(Trevor Broad)
Designer Founder, @flyingflips - Crowd sourcing designs for flipflops. | Creative Entrepeneur | Web Designer | Photographer945#ifihadglass I would build a new world over our own, a digital layer of constructed reality, and share it openly for everyone to enter [link]
(Matthew Byrnes)
Miami, FL
Journalist | Designer | Programmer | Documentary Film Maker | Alpha Geek | Dog Lover | UM Alum943#ifihadglass I’d see the stars like never before with apps like @Google #SkyMap – Pics: [link]
(Stephen Gates)
new york ny
creative director / designer / blogger / gastronaut / modern art collector / urban vinyl toy hound942Here is a look at a few of the ideas of what I'd do #ifihadglass [link]
(cassy ♥ effie 蒋怡恩)
i breathe #eSports and biology | stream mod for @EGStephanoRC, @LorangerChris, & @TSMTheOddOne ^o^ | #LeagueofLegends Support on NA: Cassiel941@projectglass #ifihadglass i would use it to take footage and put together videos/montages of my school (#brownuniversity) :) [link]
(Justin Pone)
New Jersey / New York City
iOS application / web developer, social media specialist, gamer, surfer, music enthusiast. Contributor w/ #GoogleGlass #redeye NJ *RT's are not an endorsement 941@projectglass #ifihadglass i would record a film I've wanted to create for years entirely on Google Glass. [link]
(Pat Lehmann)
Bay Shore, Long Island, NY
NEW YORK ISLANDERS HOCKEY, SECTION 329 BOA . LIBERTY . LIFE941I would be able to look up highlights around the #NHL instantly #ifihadglass [link]
@penismellark is my other half. my life is well documented, don't follow me if you're easily offended. seriously.940#ifihadglass I would be able finally have the reality show that I've always wanted. [link]
Founder/President of Voice of Warriors. Wife of injured OIF OEF military veteran w/ Purple Heart.939#ifihadglass I'd record time with my parents. Mom is stage 4 cancer. I wanty kids to be able to go back and reflect. [link]
(Alexis Santos)
@engadget Contributing Editor, New College of Florida grad with a passion for technology, archaeology and anthropology. Building @GeekImprovement.938#ifihadglass I'd give places historical context with relevant info, photos and more. "Okay Glass, what was here 10 / 100 / 1,000 years ago?" [link]
(Robyn Volker)
New York, NY
serial entrepreneur and random thought generator.938This is a video about Dave. #ifihadglass, I would make sure it went to Dave. [link]
(Darshan Shankar)
Berkeley, California
@ycombinator alum –– CEO & Founder of @Flotype –– Previously @CardMunch (acq by @LinkedIn) –– UC Berkeley EECS937#ifihadglass I would send it to space in a weather balloon. Or build cool apps for Glass. Or document my life like the original Justin.TV [link]
(Jason Rehmus ☠)
Cedar Springs, Michigan, USA
I'm damn good with words.937#ifihadglass I'd record all the center line stripes on the roads between Chicago and Austin while rolling with @RVSX1. [link]
(Scott R. )
In Pizza we trust ▼ .. Manhattan College '15 .. Forever the Strangest kid937#ifihadglass I would record myself doing Broadway Bomb and other longboard events. [link]
(Michael Gabriel)
Los Angeles, California
Stand Up Comic, Cancer Survivor / Liver Transplant, Teaches the Ancient Art of Cat Yoga. Ventriloquist. Author of James Earl Ray, The Last Days of Inmate #65477936#ifihadglass I'd beat liver cancer & track antirejection meds. [link]
(Leda Karabela)
Palo Alto & Athens
Crazily curious, agnostic, change agent, connector, explorer, global soul, world traveler I' d paint the world #Google cool pink:-) [link]
(Tieg Zaharia)
Programgineer at @Kickstarter. Tea learner. Film watcher. 日本語 forgetter. Timelapse amateur. 936#ifihadglass I would record bike commutes to work in NYC to record dangerous drivers [link]
Billings, Montana
Sometimes I post things, other times I don't. Producer of The Big J Show (@bigjshow) on Hot 101.9 (@hot1019).933#ifihadglass I could document everything I do hands free.Between forgetting a camera or not being able to use it quick enough, I miss a ton! [link]
(Phil Ackley)
Fairbanks, AK
Homebrewer, Photographer, Poker Player, Popsicle932I'd share a day in the life of an Alaskan at 45 below zero with people who can't see russia from their backyard. #ifihadglass [link]
(Chris Hayes)
Denver, CO
Lead Engineer for Flixmaster ( Problem solver, fighter, lover, gamer, musician, linguaphile.931#ifihadglass I could up the rate I learn new languages by orders of magnitude. Japanese? Cake. Chinese? Got that. Russian? Give me a day. [link]
(Elvis Freshlÿ)
The Gym..
#MarzBeats #HEA #Wildlifer #SalmenBasketball .. On the road to riches. music is the art and i am the artist. #RAD 931#IfIHadGlass I'd record celebrations , send messages & ask random questions & translate languages I find interesting . [link]
(Colleen Proppé)
San Anselmo, CA
Professional Painter of Landscapes & Cycling Scenes. Communications Coordinator + Graphic Designer. Mother of twins. Will work for chocolate and iStuff.928I paint cycling scenes. #ifihadglass I'd capture the best images of cyclists I see in No. Cal that I can not take when riding my bike. [link]
(Blanca E. Duarte)
New York, NY
Passionate about education, universal access and helping to redesign the education experience. Practice what you preach. Love what you do. It's important.926#ifihadglass I'd say "Home, Glass," ALL the time. Also "Find the shortest distance bw 2 pts","Tweet Traffic report" & [link]
(Layne ƒarr)
Caddo Mills
Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering. -Teddy Roosevelt925#ifihadglass I could record guitar covers and lessons from a 1st point of view and it would be so easy for people to watch and learn [link]
(Joshua Schlag)
Work @integrate. @FiestaBowl Committee. Caffeine addict. Social media junkie. Early adopter. Gamer. Rider. Hiker. Wildcat. Cheesehead. Suns fan. @WWE mark.920#ifihadglass I'd pull up statistics on the fly while at live sporting events, without missing any action. Baseball will never be the same! [link]
(Ari Mir)
Los Angeles, CA
i'm the idea guy919#ifihadglass i would take mine golfing with me and review all my poor decisions later :) [link]
( The Man)
From L town Pa to O town Fla
genius.919#ifihadglass I would live stream my musical adventure with ease. [link]
(Samuel S. Lee)
Washington DC Metro
#OpenData explorer, World Bank. Bleed Rutgers Scarlet & Harvard Crimson. Into development, innovation, turning hopes and dreams into ways and means. Views=mine.915#ifihadglass we could walk miles in each other's shoes. [link]
(Alex de Soto)
Creative Director and Senior Strategist for Davis Advertising Inc. Tweets are personal and do not represent the views or opinions of my employer.912Better yet: Record local chefs cooking while they wear Glass, then share the results on YouTube. #ifihadglass [link]
(Steve Garguilo)
Zurich, Switzerland
Lover of chocolate milk. Social assassin aiming to delight. Instigator hurrying on to my next mistake.912#ifihadglass I'd develop health solutions like photo diagnosis and ophthalmoscope. Would also love others to see the world through my eyes. [link]
(Geoffrey Sorensen)
Long Island, NY
Hofstra '08 grad, media and political nerd, tech geek, suffering Mets fan, Brant Lake dreamer.910I would use it to share the beauty of Brant Lake and the rest of the Adirondacks with the world live and on YouTube. #ifihadglass [link]
(Paige Soucie)
CA - AZ - OH
In a Nutshell: I'm a Freelance Social Media Strategist & Entrepreneur, @ASU Grad, World Traveler, Health & Fitness Fanatic, Foodie & Blogger!909#ifihadglass I would go hang sliding in #PuntaCana with them and stream it live! :) [link]
(Alex Ford)
Pleasant Grove, Utah
909#ifihadglass my wife and I would be connected all the time. It would allow us to be that much closer, even when I'm away for work. [link]
(Chrissy Clary )
Director, Web Services Embry-Riddle Worldwide. Fav Quote: The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred. - Shaw 907I would share the experience with the children in my community, show them that the future is now #ifihadglass [link]
(Peter Sena)
Wherever the challenge exists
Entrepreneur-geek hybrid. Creative technologist. I make things happen. Founder of @digitalsurgeons. Co-founder of @shootlocal. See more on the link below907I'd film and spread acts of kindness with the world #ifihadglass [link]
lexington, ky
most of the twitter bios i've read are really dumb.906@annesaurus I mean, I'm globe trotting this year too. #ifihadglass I could document it without waiting for the perfect shot. [link]
(DJ Shakez [David T])
Shake it down! 905#ifihadglass i'd live-stream my DJ gigs to friends! [link]
As you wish... Misty Portland Blues Cover Photo by @MikeVogelCom 904#IfIHadGlass I'd teach my son to use it, to give us a better view of the World from his #POV #Autism [link]
(Matt Johnson)
College Station, TX
Cinematographer. #TeamJesus See my professional work @ 904#ifihadglass I would film a wedding wearing it and incorporate Glass footage into the wedding video. [link]
(Dave DeAndrea)
North Bend, OR
Aren't you the voice on those AutoNation and Regus ads? Yep. Aren't you the online voice of Axe Cop? Yep. Hey! Aren't you that Joey guy from N'SYNC? Nope.903I would see and record my children's performances WITH MY OWN EYES instead of viewing their big moments through a little screen #ifihadglass [link]
(Nathan Hurst)
New York, NY
Developer & founder at & I'd look in my refrigerator and know instantly what I could make (or I'd make an app to do it) [link]
(Alex Patriquin)
New York City
Marketing at Squarespace. Opinions and non sequiturs my own.902I'd go rock climbing in the Gunks. #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
(Casey Petersen)
ÜT: 33.224676,-92.664156
Director, Social Media Analytics for @CollectiveBias. Geek. Dad. Christian. Hopefully good at some of those things.902#ifihadglass I'd never miss a minute of my kids' lives.  With a 4 month old...every second can be special.  I travel… [link]
All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.901#ifihadglass I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass 🍻 [link]
(Andrew Satter)
Washington, DC
Sr. Video producer for Center for American Progress in DC. Recovering journalist. New Mexican (yes Homer, there's a new one). 901#ifihadglass I wld take u behnd-the-scnes at @amprog 2 shw how policy gets made by DCs best & brightst, like her [link]
(Eric Lewis)
San Francisco
Is this thing on? Oh- it is? Music fan & beer drinker. Product building son of a gun. Glorified house wife.900#ifihadglass I'd program amazing apps for it [link]
(Martin Grider)
Minneapolis, MN
Owner / iOS Game Developer at Game dev blog at I would use OpenCV to find grid patterns in what you are seeing. Then allow you to play Tetris on them, of course. [link]
(Scott Williams)
Sanford, North Carolina
U.S. Army Paratrooper, co-owner of the comic book website, the Fanboy Buzz and co-host on it's official comic book podcast.898#ifihadglass I would record my next jump from a military aircraft and of course my Platoon doing the Harlem Shake. [link]
Kevin is a Mutant Rights Activist, Grinder, Cowboy, Cyborg Folklorist, Writer, Comics Geek, and a Pretty Pretty Princess898#ifihadglass I'd use it to enhance the complex notation system I use to keep ahead of depression and anxiety. Also: Motorcycling. [link]
(Markus Lind)
Creative Director at Apt. Father of two boys and a dog. Creative behind VW Roulette, Hormone Check and more. Former Cannes and NY Festivals juror.897#ifihadglass I would create GhostRunner. An application that enables me to run against my own best time. Visually. [link]
(Darrell Bouldin)
Murfreesboro, TN USA
Activist, Political & Social Media Consultant. L(G)BT. #DNC2012 Delegate. Email Building the Beloved Community spoke of by Dr. King. 897#ifihadglass I would use it to record public political events and rallies live. Imagine politicians or even POTUS wearing it as they speak. [link]
(Elliot Turner)
Denver, CO
Founder / CEO of AlchemyAPI & Proud Father. Interests: NLProc, Text Mining, Big Data, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Semantic Web, Entrepreneurship.897#ifihadglass I would integrate my company's advanced NLP tech (AlchemyAPI) into conversational speech/AR applications [link]
(James Dabbagian)
Los Angeles, CA
Web developer, copywriter and sometime social media consultant. WordPress fanatic. Currently learning the role of a paralegal. 897#ifihadglass I would endeavor to find ways it could help Aspergers or ADHD, such as a body language recognition or an app for organizing. [link]
iPhone: 42.358046,-71.161880
Work at NPR Digital Services. Formerly Washington Post. Photos: E-mail: I'd take up ice sculpting, then I'd ice sculpt tiger heads. [link]
(Bob O'Brien)
Cleveland, OH
“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” @iSchoolSU Junior & @SyracuseU Social Media Strategist. 895#IfIHadGlass I'd show my friends and family what they're missing in the Carrier Dome! [link]
(Dave Phillips)
oceanside, california
894Google glass would become a realtime coach, it would broadcast and show how elite athletes prepare to play their sport. #ifihadglass [link]
Im a Different Individual,I Truly Can Not Be Defined So Find Out Yourself.. Follow me & I'll follow back #VSU15 #GaState15 #TeamPrettyBoys894#Ifihadglass it'd be a peak in to a student-athletes life who travels the world with his crazy siblings! [link]
(J Schwarting)
For consideration of current and exploratory executive positons please email me your CV or Resume: Email: 893#ifIhadglass, I would wish to be in cinematography-think of the angles!, [link]
(Adam Varga)
I'm into music, tech, hiking, and spicy food.893#IfIHadGlass I'd install the Real-time @BadLipReading app... and just sort of walk around and giggle to myself. [link]
(Jason Hoch)
SVP, Customer Strategy for Echo. Advisor for Tout. Eighteen years in the digital biz, previously at WWE, Discovery, HowStuffWorks. Badger Forever.893What would I do with Google Glass? A new version of my Zero-G trip, done today. #ifIhadglass [link]
(Meredith Scardino)
Writer: The Colbert Report. Watcher of TV and my neighbors, but they don't do anything good. Come on, stab each other already! Or do adventurous home yoga.892#ifihadglass i'd record my drawings as I made them, and put glass on various pets in the workplace. [link]
(Stuart Marlantes)
Seattle, WA
I work for @KayzoeMarketing and @thedaily of the @UW. Involved in technology, television, broadcast radio, music composition, and other media.892#ifihadglass, (and the money), I'd make films with it. There's something incredibly special about first-person films. I want to experiment! [link]
(the homie ZK)
Waukee / Iowa City
Parody account for Zach Knudtson. In no way related or affiliated with Zach Knudtson.891I would show the world what it's like to live life as a famous person stuck in a below-average person's body #ifihadglass [link]
(M. Harms)
San Francisco
a.k.a. The Tone Chaser - Recording/Mix&Mastering Engineer - @Hot_N_Heavy Recordings 891So excited. Hope I get chosen for this beta! With Brain Surgery etc I think this will make an amazing addition to helping me #ifihadglass [link]
(Terence Wiggins)
Norfolk, VA
I write comics, I bake cookies, I play videogames, I have a mohawk. 891#ifIhadglass I would use it to take pictures of people enjoying the stuff I've created. [link]
(Nick Tomaino)
ÜT: 39.372228,-74.47041
Associate at North Atlantic Capital889#ifihadglass I would go to as many professional sports events as possible (@projectglass) [link]
(Marta Rauch)
Silicon Valley
Mobile, gamification, augmented reality, cloud, UX, #NASASocial for Mars Curiosity Rover, #glassexplorers Project Glass 887What would you do if you had Google Glass? Apply to be a Glass Explorer: #ifIhadGlass [link]
Oh the stories I could tell you. Wanna hear one?887#ifihadglass I'd bring AZ 2 life explring abndnd mines&buildings,ridng highways,crsng waterways & trampling trails [link]
(Dr. E. Lee Spence)
diving underwater
I scuba dive & find shipwrecks treasure. My archaeological diving discoveries include Civil War blockade runners, Confederate sub Hunley, galleons & pirate ship887If I had Google's Glass, I could share my treasure hunting ventures with everyone. #IfIhadglass [link]
(Matt Skie)
Las Vegas
Father, Husband, #Epic #Consultant. Helping other achieve their goals in #healthcareit implementations and making a few friends along the way. #emr #hit887#ifihadglass I would make video of every state I have to visit for clients and it back for my child and family to witness and remember. [link]
(P. Chase Hendley)
Myrtle Beach, SC
Account Coordinator with @fuelsocial. *Tweets = my own*886#ifihadglass I would pretend I was Geordi Laforge and I would explore the Earth as the final frontier [link]
(Andrew Setters)
Cincinnati, Oh
#Emmy Award-winning #reporter @wlwt #News 5 #Cincinnati | Lover of #goodreads #NaNoWriMo and #writer Retweets/favorites don't equal endorsement or agreement.885#ifihadglass I would pioneer digital television reporting. [link]
DM[V] #757
Oatz. 23. Female. Nerd. I'm leading a JET Life, Badgers, Yankees, Packers, Bulls, NY Giants, NY Rangers lifestyle. How about you? #YOE #LaceUp #GOPACKGO #TMC881#ifihadglass I'd make some awesome concert vids in real time =) [link]
boston, ma
aspiring artist and continual explorer of that space beyond the form #meta #consciousness #inquiry #peace #collective #transformation879#ifihadglass I would paint dreams onto reality! @projectglass [link]
(Mike Ma)
I love, I write, I create, I invest, I ride, I read, I travel, I eat, and hungry for more.879#ifihadglass I would build all sorts of cool apps for it, and thus change the world! @projectglass [link]
(Mirabai Knight, CCP)
New York, NY
Certified CART Provider (realtime captioner for the Deaf and hard of hearing), ASL student, and novice Python programmer.878#ifihadglass I would use it to provide realtime captioning for a deaf dental student using my open source steno software. #dentalFLOSS [link]
(Thomas Loupe)
Orlando, FL
Profile of Thomas Loupe / First Sun. I am an electronic artist located in Orlando, FL.877#ifihadglass I'd start making applications that identify your friends or people you know in public places by using the HUD for social apps! [link]
(Michael Kennedy)
Jackson, MS / Tampa, FL
Y’all, I can’t lie-I'm startlingly amazing! Southerner-Charmer-Writer of wit-Teller of stories-Singer of songs-Worker of healthcare-Player of the arts. Be well!877Take pics, notes, sync to tablet, Tweet, conf call, Skype, be hands-free. What WOULDN'T I do #ifihadglass??? @projectglass [link]
(Adem T. Sengul)
Houston, TX
Marketing Programs Manager at @PROS_Inc, Demand Generation Strategist, Researcher, Soccer Fan, Former Pizza Delivery Guy.876I'd use the Glass to travel around the world, get realtime info on what I see, translation, directions and picture taking #ifihadglass [link]
Electronic music lover, traveling raver, street art connoisseor, blogger.874Imagine this at a festival #ifihadglass i want to take my pair to #movementdetroit @movementdetroit #demf #techno [link]
(Joyce Lee)
San Francisco, CA
Doctor, Researcher, ?Designer? transforming research and clinical care through #design, #dataviz, #mhealth. UMich Assoc Prof; on sabbatical at Stanford874#ifihadglass I could better understand how my patients' lives (family, friends, environment) intersect with their disease [link]
(Joao Correia ⚡)
Roseville, CA
Web Analytics Strategist @ Blast Analytics & Marketing - Love everything Search and Analytics. Surfer & Snowboarder873#ifihadglass I would create a virtual gate race track in the sky and skydive through it. Best time with less missed gates wins! [link]
Aperture Laboratories
If you're interested in gaming or any geek-culture, you've found the right place!872#ifihadglass I’d finally try this “rooftopping” craziness. Long exposures off of skyscrapers! [link]
(Blake Spurgin)
Wood Dale
Engineer at MRL Industries / Physicist, Co-Host of Exploring The Well and Sport Retort Podcasts, USC and LC Alumni872I am a manufacturing engineer. Google glass on a production floor would benefit greatly. I think about it daily, #ifihadglass #ifihadglass. [link]
(Juan Jose Ramirez U.)
I'm Juan Jose Ramirez. Entrepreneur, Technologist, Minded Individual. Check my site!871#ifihadglass I would use it augmented reality features to assist myself in learning code and portug... [link]
(Dmitry Gudkov)
Brooklyn, NY
Official photographer for Tough Mudder and the #BikeNYC project. 868#ifihadglass I would bring the world along as I document New York's bike scene, one portrait at a time. #bikenyc [link]
Milwaukee, WI ✈ New York Ci
@RoyaltyMilitia , Photographer, & Musical Genius. #GreekFire #NightWing #OutLaw #KingShit Free Download I could finally show my family & fans my craft through my prospective. So they can understand why I have so much love for music [link]
(Jeremy Britten)
Florence, Alabama
Lead web/social media guy for #UNA. A #Shoals & #FlorenceAL advocate. Themes include Family, Life, Art. My tweets don't reflect the views of UNA.865#ifihadglass I would stream the birth of my 4th child and record my other 3 children's reactions to meeting #greatbritten for the first time [link]
(Adrian Sanabria)
Knoxville, TN
Infosec professional, pentester, vintage gamer, and bassist. Seeds of Epiphany co-founder. Compulsive information & research junkie. I am 75 apocalypses old.864I'd create Batman's AR "Detective Mode" from the Arkham Asylum/City games. Or at least, bits of it :) #ifihadglass [link]
(Karja C Hansen)
Miami, FL
Make the future something we can build not something we will have to endure. I like dense cities & wide open wilderness. @ioby Miami Project Recruiting Manager863#ifihadglass I would create content depicting healthy contributive urbanism, why it works and why sprawl destroys happiness and value [link]
TF2 playur and all around PC gamer. I also make tf2/pc games videos. Check me out sometime! --- I would go to northern minnesota and record it all! There are adventures to be had and stories to tell, made easier with glass [link]
(Dave Gannon)
Denver, Colorado
Digital stuff. News Junkie. Apple Geek. Photographer. Gardener. Dad. Husband. Amateur Scentologist.861#ifihadglass It would be a live request (play by play) day-in-the-life of a social media dad, photographer, gardener, awful cook. [link]
(Marjorie Taylor)
St. Augustine Florida
Someone called me a Renascence woman? Designer and area Mgr for a Staging Company,NEW home sales at Landon Homes, community leader, and a pretty great Mimi. 861#ifihadglass I would be a super-cool real estate agent representing new homes in St Augustine! [link]
(Mike Cardosa)
New York
GSE. Aspiring entrepreneur focusing on leadership, technology, innovation, and information security.859#ifihadglass I would walk the streets of the NYC that my great grandparents, grandparents & parents did. [link]
(Sara Buschkamp )
I'm a M.O.T. (Maker of Things) in Chicago and a future-student @starterleague 859#ifihadglass I'd make my move to #Oahu and document what it's like to go from #Chicago hustler and bustler to Island stranger and surfer. [link]
Lafayette, Indiana
runner, triathlete, wannabe mechanic, enginerd, mobile developer, Toyota FJ Owner , Steve Perry fan858#ifihadglass collaborate across the world with my team extending our white board discussions->hangouts, Capture memories & augment reality [link]
(Gil Ortega)
Scottsdale, AZ
Orthopaedic Trauma and Recon Surgeon, Site Director, PHX Orthopaedic Residency, Scottsdale Osborn Trauma, AZ; Entrepreneur; Mark 11:24858#ifihadglass Enhance my ability to teach and focus triage of my trauma patients while operating. See my publication. [link]
(sundeep madra)
Palo Alto, CA
Co-Founder of @xtremelabs and @extremevp 857#ifihadglass I would show the world's best companies how buying in stores and driving in cars will change [link]
(Dan Manges)
Chicago, IL
developer at @braintree856#ifihadglass I would leave home more often to explore Chicago without knowing where I was going to go, or how I was going to get there. [link]
(Sam Nozik)
New York & Los Angeles
856First feature film shot entirely handsfree. #IfIHadGlass [link]
(David Lydon)
Portland, ME
Web marketing & interactive project management professional w/ over 12 years of experience.855@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use them 2 show teens and displaced adults the value of STEM edu and what the future can hold for them. [link]
(Zach Frailey)
New Bern, NC
Photographer, @IUPedu grad, husband, coffee drinker, dog lover. Pittsburgh born and raised, living in NC. Photog for the Kinston Free Press.855@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd put them on other people's faces, people who have never heard of them, and record their reactions. [link]
(Jerome Eugene Morrow)
Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? - C855#ifihadglass I would show all the beauty , the good and the potential I see in the world. [link]
(Jason Roth)
Jacksonville, FL.
Husband. Father. FL politico. Obama FL27 Deputy Field Director. Miami Heat Fan. FSU Alum. Just trying to do my part for America.855#IfIHadGlass I'd watch them run, jump, cry, laugh… then share that with the world to show what tomorrow looks like. [link]
(Kate Hogan)
New York City
Features Editor at (but these opinions are my own). Forever a Midwesterner at heart. 854#ifihadglass I'd be able to stream a speech I'm giving at my grandparents' alma mater for them, since they can't make the trip [link]
(C. Álvarez-Aranyos)
Boulder, Colorado
Just trying to squeeze all of the value out of every second I spend on this planet.854I'd use it to document my 3,000-mile charity rickshaw ride across India in April. #ifihadglass [link]
(Erik A. P. Baldwin)
Denver, CO, 80202
Creative Designer, Drupal Theming Master [like Yoda, but taller and not-green]. I practice #skeuomorphism in my designs; designs you _want_ to touch.854#ifihadglass I'd show my family how awesome it is to travel the world - show them what adventures unfold in front of my eyes. [link]
(Thibaut Marquis)
Brooklyn, NY
Certified Sommelier & National Sales Manager @DavidFamilyWine. French New Yorker passionate about Wine and Spirits, Marketing, Innovation, SlowFood.852#ifihadglass Id be able to share to my friends unique & precious lifetime moment: events, meetings, travels, concerts [link]
(Abbey Dethlefs)
Los Angeles, CA
Creative Strategist. Resident pop culture junkie at FRUKT. @Curiositycounts curator. VCU Brandcenter Alum. Gadget gal searching for the bottom of the internets.851#ifihadglass I'd use it as a hands-on example in wkshops to show young girls all the amazing things you can create through STEM @googleglass [link]
(Tadd Axon)
Teicneolaíocht Faisnéise Ailtire; Faisnéise Slándála, rothaíocht agus litríocht geek; athair. Tá tuairimí a thug siad mianach ina n-aonar.850#ifihadglass startup conversations would happen anywhere, and whiteboarded designs would be instantly captured [link]
(Tyson Junkers)
Mahwah, NJ
Freelance 3D Artist & Designer. Feel free to contact me.849#ifihadglass I would finally be able to translate on the go when I travel and take pictures of the way I see the world around me! [link]
(Jason Dziak)
Designer of digital experiences and analog rock. Ride Italian design and drive American muscle. Character built by the tragedy of Browns fandom and futurism.848#ifihadglass I’d look at a player’s jersey to see their current stats & view the game from different angles live, sitting in the stadium [link]
(TJ Devine)
XBL: iDEViNE----Enlisting in the USAF. Lover of all things #esports and sometimes I work for #MLG. I don't know why I have so many followers. 847#ifihadglass I would use it to look at pictures while I'm drawing and creating comics. This way it would definitely help my drawings! [link]
(Mike Repass)
San Francisco, CA
San Franciscan. Technologist. Surfer. #TeamPynchon. Product Lead at @premisecorp844#IfIHadGlass I'd build a geospatial literature index so I could just zone out and contextually re-read Gravity's Rainbow all day. #pynchon [link]
(Shirley Lacroix)
Dallas, TX
General Music teacher for more than 20 years. Ph.D. in Ed. Currently Product Marketing Manager at Pearson for music and art.843#ifihadglass I could share what it's like to be a busy professional woman instead of just famous people! [link]
(Eric Richardson)
Charlottesville, VA
Android Developer. I make apps. And I make them beautiful. Also, I like puppies. 842#ifihadglass  I would try and make (and likely fail) a gesture based charades interpreter. [link]
(Cheryl Hurley)
Memphis, TN
Social media management and marketing. Lifestyle blogger. Sell vintage clothing. Getting married! Memphis Grizzlies & Alabama football fan. Memphis, TN842#ifIhadglass it would make those beauty tutorials sooo much less disastrous. [link]
(Michael Nicolella)
seattle, wa
programmer @FunBits841#ifihadglass I could show my distant mother my life in Seattle, and share what it's really like to develop video games [link]
(Blair MacIntyre)
Atlanta, GA
Professor at Georgia Tech, Augmented Reality Researcher, co-Founder of Aura Interactive, proud Canadian, grumpy old man.840#ifihadglass I'd use it as a platform for our MR/AR research, and get our software platform working with it [link]
(Torey Byrne)
I'm an actress/filmmaker. I love soda. My car sometimes takes thirty minutes to go into gear. Yeti enthusiast.840@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd use it to make an indie film. This product could change the film industry. This is the start of something... [link]
Technologist, Author, Security Evangalist, Risk Manager, Entreprenuer, and Runner...840#ifihadglass I'd challenge the tech by sharing my global travels 150k miles/yr & my #ironman training .. plus would irk #TSA considerably [link]
(Jack Appleby)
Pasadena, CA
Contributing Staff, @AbsolutePunk. Social Media Strategist, @AyzenbergGroup. If it's music, basketball, or social, let's chat!840#IfIHadGlass I'd redefine the concert coverage experience in my pieces for @AbsolutePunk, offering reviews from the perspective of fans. [link]
(Julie Giusti)
Social media manager @YouBeauty. Wannabe digital anthropologist. Unabashed straight shooter. Lover of nail art. Blood type: coffee. #sxsw #lbiisalive837I would never, ever, ever take them off my face. #ifihadglass [link]
(Devin Scott Cremeans)
Saratoga, NY
Honored to serve as the Branding + Youth & Young Adults Director @NorthwayChurch. Passionate about seeing God move in the local church. A born fighter. Boxer836#ifihadglass I would capture & share boxing workouts in a new & creative way [link]
(Henry Duong)
Brooklyn, New York
Physician. Broker. Hacker. SCIENCE. Enjoying life and Surfing Sailing Skating Climbing any chance I get! :D 835I'd wear it 24/7 working/climbing/mountaineering and I'd develop hands-free token-based data access for medical information #ifihadglass [link]
(gabriel frasca)
nantucket/jamaica plain
cooker. not. good. at. defining. myself. in. one. word. sentences. mostly i run straight wharf restaurant, ventuno, & provisions. mostly my two kids run me.835#ifihadglass I'd create a living database of recipes in our kitchens, complete with videos. We could standardize and correct in real time. [link]
(Erick Hollar)
Las Vegas, NV ♫
Loveable Teddy bear, #VegasTech, & #Geek evangelist. Fledgling entrepreneur & #Hustler. Passionate #Founder & conductor of #Music @SoundFoundry832If @projectglass picks me, I could be more productive & wouldn't have to worry about stepping into traffic by mistake. #ifihadglass [link]
(Andrew Lee)
DC, SF, CO, and NYC
Likes people who move mankind fwd, politico and startup guy- FantasyCongress, JamLegend and Zynga. Now EIR @ SBA. What I say is only mildly interesting.832#ifihadglass I'd share it with my family so we can take candid photos of life in Burundi, DC, NYC, China, and Europe. [link]
(Leah Melby)
Fashion editor at It ain't my birthday, but I got my name on the cake.832#ifihadglass I'd make sure no one from work made a typo. Ever. CC @ELLEmagazine [link]
Virginia Beach
Writer/Director working on a Dogme 95 style film next, titled Buried Things 831Scouting film locations would go extra smooth #ifihadglass I wouldn't get as many questions from people walking by. [link]
(joel idelson)
Boston & NYC & LA
content creator. ad guy. svp @allengerritsen, big wig @pongr, former vp digitas & razorfish. toggler between right and left brain. hockey=love.830If I had Google Glass I would share my world with the world. Interviewing brand innovators,ice hockey at age 43, summer on Cape #ifihadglass [link]
(Rachelle McCray)
Savvy TV Host, Producer, Lifestyle-Ista. Former NFL cheerleader. Owner of @LUXEProduction_, Creator of @MinMinBears & I love Jesus! Matthew 5:16829#ifihadglass I would give 2my sis,a stroke survivor of #moyamoya syndrome,create an inspiring webseries 4 all survivors/families n the world [link]
(Janette Derucki)
Just a Midwestern girl passing her days in the South. Butler Bulldog. Northwestern Wildcat. Obsessive Reader. Queen of Sarcasm. 829#ifihadglass I’d see all that I could see - far and wide, high and low. [link]
(Ryan Walker)
Delray Beach, FL
Owner of Search Engine Marketing agency. Gazelle Interactive, We specialize in Adwords Management, SEO, Social Media and wordpress828#ifihadglass I would be able to play with my two kids without staring at my phone. I would be able to focus on them more. I beg for Glass [link]
(Steve Fowler)
Louisville, KY
Mobile Apps & UX Consultant for @Interapt. Musician. Tomfoolery Advocate. Grammar Policeman. 5th-grade Spelling Bee Champion. Oxygen Hoarder.827Lend pair to bands who agree to wear onstage when they perform at local venues. Live-stream the feed on those venues' websites. #IfIHadGlass [link]
(Ashley Kasarjian)
Phoenix, Arizona
I am a labor and employment attorney at Snell & Wilmer, and I publish the blog, Employment and the Law. This is not legal advice.827#ifihadglass there would be a lot of pictures of a one year old! @projectglass [link]
(Ronny DeRosa)
Technical Recruiter at Intuit. Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics. Trying to improve at golf. ronald_derosa@intuit.com826#ifihadglass I'd start a reality show on @YouTube about how Glass works in normal peoples lives. Not sky divers, or pilots...just life. [link]
(Mathew Brian)
Columbus, Ohio
Branding geek with big dreams and a passion for web products. Co-Founder of @huddlewoo, on the board of Providence Holdings and CEO of Mathews Columbus826#ifihadglass I would navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurialism with them. My rise, through my eyes. @projectglass @huddlewoo [link]
(Jarrett Morgan)
Salt Lake City, UT
I'm a 22 year old college student who posts LGBT news. Currently working as an intern at the Salt Lake County mayor's office.826#ifihadglass i would record the rocky mountains, google the world around me to help my future public service job and share my experiences [link]
(Gabriel Valdivia)
San Francisco Bay Area
Mobile UI/UX Designer @Automatic. Passionate about all things design, typography, mobile, and gaming. Animal Lover. Musician. Nerd.826#ifihadglass I would record a full feature film using only Google Glass. [link]
(Renee Weatherford)
Ventura, CA
Executive Organizing Consultant / Author ~ Living in a beautiful, organized environment creates harmony in your life.821#ifihadglass I would revolutionize the way I deliver my message in teaching, coaching organizing & on the job training! #renewyourspace [link]
(Sairam Chilappagari)
New York City
Programmer, Photographer, and a Starter. | I'd would change the way music is consumed everywhere #googleglass #iwantone [link]
(Trent Smith)
Norfolk, VA
A Wireless Communications graduate of ECPI who has an interest in tech toys and gadgets.820#ifihadglass I'd use it to capture media from 10 mile runs, blog unboxings, offsite videography jobs, backstage antics during opera shows. [link]
(Hank DeBardeleben)
Tech guru, Security wizard, Social Media Consultant, founder of I would use it much the way I use my Android phone or Nexus tablet to find information,etc. What a cool and innovative product! [link]
(Dave H)
musician, traveler, writer, amateur chef, tech guy. 817#ifihadglass I could play music without turning the page, or seamlessly read lyrics while playing guitar. [link]
(Melissa Patterson)
Atlanta, GA
Tablet product manager for a Fortune 500 financial services company. Pragmatic Marketing alum. MS Society Leadership Class 2013. Tweets are solely my opinions.816I would use it to keep us all honest--recording serious crimes and abuses of authority without fear of retaliation. #ifihadglass [link]
On the Edge of 17
Eclectic Twitterer. I like taking photos, knitting, rum, chocolate, cats & makeup. Not necessarily in that order. I curse a lot.815#ifihadglass it would take my photography to the next level and I would show the world what we could do! [link]
Highlands Ranch CO.
Single Dad, loves to travel, tech junkie, PC Consultant , social media nut. Adventure seeker and oozes awesomeness!814#ifihadglass the world... no the universe would be just an eyelash away @projectglass [link]
22. IUPUI. OVOXO813#ifihadglass I would get so much more footage of the sports events I go to!! [link]
(John Tanaka)
San Francisco, CA USA
Living two realities like Schrödinger's cat. Man of Science. Fan of Dr. Amy Mainzer. Marlovian. Screenwriter. Rather be surfing Pipeline...812No more lamenting of missed photo opportunities in the city I live & love, San Francisco. #ifihadglass @projectglass [link]
(Arturo Méndez)
I do advertising, branding and filmmaking.811I will create the first shortfilm shooted totally in Google Glass #ifihadglass [link]
(Jeffrey G.)
3d cyberspace
20. Computer Eng. Programmer/Developer. Googler at heart. #teamGoogle. #freeandopen web. Football pundit/writer/expert #MUFC Fan. #countryMusic. #fifa 811#ifihadglass, i'ld record all eng math and algorithm lectures. It'll be fun. [link]
New York, NY
TURRBOTAX®810@projectglass #ifihadglass I would use it everyday to map bike routes as I ride, take photos & send 2 twitter, & make vids while songwriting [link]
(Mom Whats For Dinner)
Cooking for my celiac daughter and my carb loving family. Tips, Tricks, Recipes and Reviews809#ifihadglass I would be able to easily show all my readers how to cook. With over 10,000 readers per day, that would really be something!!! [link]
(Steven Pollackov)
Lynbrook, New York
FDNY GIS Unit-Commanding Officer808#ifihadglass the @FDNYGIS Unit could test @projectglass methods of communication while conducting data collection 4 our Geospatial database. [link]
(Kyle Bumgardner)
Charlotte, NC
Digital Marketing Agency 807#ifihadglass I wouldn’t need paper. Capture, categorize, send, receive and archive information throughout the day. Keep it Simple. [link]
(John Zowine)
807#ifihadglass I have team ready to build product locator App [link]
(Freddie B. Marshall)
Winston-Salem, NC
Absolutely Apostolic..Positively Pentecostal...Kingdom!!807#ifihadglass I could show the world from my daily perspective as a servant-leader whose focus daily is the change of ppl's lives 4 the good. [link]
(Natasha Finkel)
NYC & Hamptons
804#ifihadglass I would have the perfect answer to every question posed to me! [link]
(Trevor Warren)
Portland, OR
Photographer in Portland, OR804I would use it to take videos of my baby girl for my wife while she's at work. #ifihadglass [link]
(John Feminella)
Charlottesville, VA, US
Initiator of shenanigans, occasional public speaker, and frequent partaker of geekery. Cofounder of @uphexco.804@ProjectGlass #ifihadglass I'd want to build augmented mapping overlays to find adventures at home and abroad. [link]
(Michelle Cadieux MBA)
SF, Mpls
Press, Engineer, Looking for a FT job in the area. Supporting, Lunar Space Elevator 803@GoogleGlass Ultimate handsfree voice recognition, search and calendar. Not losing phones, priceless. Yes I want 1, Google! #ifIhadglass [link]
Los Angeles, Calif.
Los Angeles Daily News reporter who loves food, music & reporting the days news. RTs are not endorsements. or (818) 713-3623800#ifihadglass I'd pckge stories w/ sharp fotos/videos; use search to enhance stories; overall improve how I do my job & interact w/ readers [link]
(Russ Nelson)
Potsdam, New York
Writing and advocating for open source. Building underwater robots for water quality monitoring at Clarkson University800#ifihadglass I would make visible all the old railroads I've mapped. Run steam trains down them every 20m, so you'd see them cross I-90. [link]
(Kyle Outlaw)
UX @Razorfish798I would create an app that uses facial recognition to reunite lost pets with their parents #ifihadglass [link]
(A.Jones III)
SouthSac, KillaCalifornia
#SouthSacIraq X #TeamTurnUP⇈ X #Pisces oh & im 6ft 4 ...798#ifihadglass I could navigate the world and record it at the same time [link]
(Seth Rosen)
New York, NY
meditating, nonprofiteering, fundraising, tech loving, marathon running attorney. But I can't whistle or juggle, so you're out of luck with that.798#ifihadglass I would use Glass to show the world that the fight against #HIV #AIDS isn't over by documenting @AIDSWalkNY on May19th! [link]
(Bill McBain)
New York, NY
Bill McBain: i♥nyc. work @razorfish . Biztech geek. diabetic. business, socialmedia, & news fanatic. fan of preppy pants, & craft beer. I’d propose to girlfriend of 3 yrs wearing them. It would let us relive that perfect moment forever. [link]
(Michael Archambault)
New York, USA
Chief Executive Officer/Project Manager at @NaraukSoftware. Guest Blogger for @Lenovo Blogs. Associate Editor at @Pocketables794@projectglass I could keep my smartphone in my pocket while still being able to share the world around me with my friends. #IfIHadGlass [link]
(Kyle Kowalski)
Kansas City
digital planning + strategy + social media @IntouchSol. brain tweeting @NeuroPunch. eco-fashion entrepreneur. love anything that makes me smarter. #todayisagift794#ifihadglass Id bring it back to @intouchsol to start brainstorming how we use it to make patient lives better #futureofhealthcaretechnology [link]
(Cesar Razuri)
East Village, NY
Associate Digital Project Director / Program Activation at @G2USA. I love the internet, I work for the internet. I'm a geek by day & night. (Tweets are mine)793#ifihadglass I'd explore more than I'd ever imagine, differently, in order to experience things in a way I never thought possible. [link]
(Lou Rain )
Greater Pittsburgh
*Burgh Verified* *CSC Insider* Proud Husband to @OCDRAIN, Father and Pittsburgher. Web dev & tech addict. Follow my journey through life. 792#ifihadglass I would show my learning of SCRUM and share more of my life as a @CSCpittsburgh insider. Promoting the powers of fatherhood [link]
S 34°42' 0'' / W 58°18' 0''
Serial entrepreneur, mobile and social expert and consultant on Mobile and Social business.792#ifihadglass i would build the next CAR + HUMAN interface. [link]
(Kurt Nelson)
Atlanta, GA
Highgroove Studios developer, GA Tech CS student, and former Disney cast member.792#ifihadglass I would use it to remember everyone on campus' name. [link]
(Anne Smith)
up in the air
Trust dreams, trust your heart, and trust your story. - Neil Gaiman790#ifihadglass @kingisaac would be soooo jealous. I'd share. A little. Maybe. [link]
(Rahiem Brooks)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2011 AAMBC Author/Book of the Year (LAUGH NOW), 2011 Most Creative Plot CEA's (Laugh Now), member Mystery Writer's of America, AALAS Nominated Author790#ifihadglass I would be able to maximize what I do for my indie publishing co. I travel a lot & I could work & walk, etc. Besides I'm cool. [link]
austin, texas
aesthete aeroplane maxed out social network brain789i'd use it to document network services how to's via pics and vids. for our customers, stay in comm during troubleshoots. #ifihadglass [link]
(Cheyenne kusterbeck)
St.pete fl
touché house guest 788#ifihadglass my friends and family could see our wedding day from my view [link]
(Higinio O. Maycotte)
Austin, TX
CEO @Umbel & Technology Ambassador788As an ambassador to the future, #ifihadglass I would evangelize the use of reality overlays for every day life. [link]
(Bhagwan Chowdhry)
Los Angeles
Professor of Finance at UCLA Anderson School, Co-founder, Financial Access at Birth (FAB)787#ifihadglass I'd take a picture of everyone I shake hands with or kiss & merge with their contact info from Google search @projectglass [link]
(Bill Day)
@RunKeeper @HealthGraphAPI Platform Evangelist & PM. Writer, runner, hacker, hunter.787#ifihadglass I'd open a new window on people's health and fitness with the @HealthGraphAPI [link]
(Belle Baldoza)
lego land
communications junkie at ogilvy. one curious cat with a short attention span. musings here are my own.787#ifihadglass i'd conduct virtual brainstorms all the time! [link]
(Shahzil (Shaz) Amin)
I'm a Geek and a Jock, rare combination. CEO of Blue Track Media (@bluetrackmedia), Opportunist, and future Philanthropist. Scientia Potentia Est787#ifihadglass I could actually cherish moments, like concerts, family reunions, etc without worrying if the camera is recording @projectglass [link]
(Barry Plott)
Quinton, VA, USA
Just me being me nothing more and nothing less ....786#ifihadglass I would love to have a pair of these... One day... One Day... Soon... [link]
(Tianze Wang)
Lincoln US
Living in the moment.786#ifihadglass I'd share my college experience in US with my family and explore how to integrate Google Glass with motion sensing technology. [link]
(Jon Blin)
Independence, Iowa
Dream-Do-Repeat786#ifihadglass I would help change how the world sees agriculture. While increasing our own efficiency in the process. #gamechanger [link]
(Adam Noffsinger)
Boulder. CO
Brand guy and tech freak. Working @venablesbell in SF. 785#ifihadglass I would be able to share my day-to-day life with my family back in CO - I miss them! @projectglass [link]
(Nathan Hangen)
Galt's Gulch
Entrepreneur, developer, and co-founder of Virtuous Giant/IgnitionDeck. I once wrote a book and played triathlete.785#ifihadglass I would build the version of that I'd always dreamed of [link]
(J-Create McCain)
X0) North Carolina ;0)
Founder & President Of ~ Four ~ | Entrepreneur (1st) | Investor (2nd) | Graphic Designer (3rd) | COMING SOON! God Bless You All. #Four783#ifihadglass I Could Google Talk With My Girlfriend While Carrying The Groceries In The House Using Not One But TWO Hands! ^_^ [link]
(Bryan Cubin)
Boston, MA
Cinematographer • Networker783POV of the east coast culture #ifihadglass [link]
(Ashley Deem)
{Pro-Business Conservative} Political Consultant & Campaign Manager. WVU Senior. Promoter of Truth. Opinions expressed are my own.782A rabbit just ran in front of my car and hopped in a very Alice in Wonderland manner. These things only happen to me #magic #ifihadglass [link]
(Kyle Drake)
Portland, OR
I build the foundation for new startups, from conception to implementation. Formerly Geoloqi, presently Net Brew Ventures.781#ifihadglass I would build an app capable of taking billboards, and replacing them with things you are trying to remember (or cat pictures). [link]
(Grant Carlile)
South Bend, IN
Design process junkie, #STEM supporter, & breakfast specialist. | Founding member of @Bloomtechorg & 3º of separation.780#ifihadglass I'd use it in my classroom to supplement my teaching, grading during class, & instruction. #thefuture! [link]
(Millie Tadewaldt)
San Francisco
CEO at @CakeStyleMe. Alum of UC Davis, HLS, BCG + a tiny town in Northern CA. Love dogs, the outdoors, skiing, fashion, tech, @thebenlevi.779#ifihadglass I'd document daily as we grow our startup @CakeStyleMe into a household name (&capture some other fun adventures along the way) [link]
(Nouran El-Sakka)
Leo -Enough Said-779#ifihadglass i am not a doctor, but it can be used in recording and live streaming of surgeries and critical procedures. [link]
(Bill Seybolt)
iPhone: 34.494095,-83.028641
Disciple. Devoted husband/father. Google Apps advocate. Host of Peachtree Presbyterian's kidmin large group.778#22glass #ifihadglass I could reply to all my deluge of email with a simple of the head. (All this typing is making me tired.) [link]
(Patrick Meyer )
25.781637, -80.168140
Business 3.0 Expert & keynote speaker...The CEO Futurist ...helping Fortune 500 Companies & emerging Mobile/Social start-ups Deliver The Future, NOW!778#ifihadglass I would do my global reporting on PatrickTV on #Innovation all shot on #Google #Glass inspire the world! [link]
(Joshua A.C. Newman)
Western Massachusetts
Game designer, graphic designer, lover of the world.778#IfIHadGlass I'd use it to see the plans of the thing I was building, as I was building it. [link]
(Ryan Dembroski)
Milwaukee, WI
Executive Producer at Aboutface Media, Photographer, Actor, and aspiring Aviator.777#ifihadglass I'd enter the #fiestamovement and do Google Hangouts with fans while I drove adventured around the country. [link]
Capital Region, NY
Art Director & #cmgr @atProctors & @CapitalRepNY | Communications Dir. for @AIGAUPSTNY | Adjunct Design Professor at @PrattMWP776#ifIhadglass i would show the behind-the-scenes world of our amazing organization working on bettering our region through the arts [link]
(Clam Tome)
Penn's Woods
Writer/editor. Funny?775#ifihadglass I could finally replace this Saran Wrap windshield. [link]
(Julie Oaks-Smith)
Transportation PR pro for Parsons Brinckerhoff tweeting about all things transportation. I love music, the mountains, golf & family. My tweets = my opinions.775#ifihadglass I'd summons my @Google car & #travel to places unknown. [link]
(кυят ѕнєявєят) Wisconsin
#Brony stuff. #ShowChoir #Locomotion #CrossCountry #Christian @PixelKitties 2/24/13 AND @AcousticBrony 2/9/13 AND @MANDOMOMMY 2/20/13 :D774#IfIHadGlass I would record myself going down snowboard slopes and trying rails/box grinds [link]
(Charlie Daniels)
Award winning graphic designer/illustrator. Design is my life! #CreateWonderDream #NB T-Pain followed - 09/09/2012774#ifihadglass I'd explore the world with my eyes & voice instead of being limited by what my hands can't do. [link]
(Justin Akin)
Brooklyn, New York
Internet Comedian idointernet.tumblr.com774I would stream a live first person view of my improv performance while getting feedback from an internet audience in my display #ifihadglass [link]
(Ben Fowlkes)
Husband / Daddy / Author / Artist / Clown / Diver / Blogger / Children's Pastor 773#ifihadglass I would be 1st professional clown that could access by voice balloon animal tutorials or magic tricks [link]
(NOT Matt Shaw)
Westborough, MA
Matt works in social media and writes about it on the interwebs. Which is kind of like kissing and telling. Kind of.773#ifihadglass, I could relive my wedding from the point of view of the people I love most. [link]
(Robyn Stegman)
Baltimore, MD
A geek for good @CampaignConsult with a passion for service, social entreprenuership, strengthening local economies, Baltimore and dinosaurs. 772What would @CampaignConsult do #ifIhadglass? Create new ways to share, learn & inspire: [link]
(Adam Katzenback)
New York
Executive Producer @CarrotCreative. Communicator. Road block remover. Never stop learning. No Excuses Just Solutions.772I would explore the ordinary, awful, awesome and everyday life #ifihadglass [link]
(Chris Holloway)
San Diego, California
F-5N adversary pilot, CEO and co-founder of FatPencil, Founder Institute graduate. Let's go fly!772@projectglass I’d connect my orientation/position sensor to make a HUD for pilots, skydivers, astronauts #ifihadglass [link]
(Jeff Hite)
Spokane, WA
Executive Producer, Interactive at KHQ-TV772#ifihadglass I'd use it to show a "day in the life" of people in my area. Get it into the classroom with teachers/students. Second screen? [link]
(Girlfriend Tweets)
Been together since 11.22.10. Fairly long distance. Tweetin' about what it's like being a girlfriend! I would be able to record all the amazing things that happen in my life and not miss any special moment. [link]
(Andrew Liptak)
Geek writer. 769#ifihadglass I would go skydiving for the first time. [link]
(Elijah Nicolas)
San Diego, CA
Airline Pilot w/ OCD for tech, news, stocks // former IT admin/consultant hosts & adellelijah.com768.@projectglass Cycling, Flying high Living life to the fullest My daughter Norah @NorahRenee #ifihadglass [link]
iPhone: 33.824829,-116.527222
GIS Project Manager/Certified Scrum Master - #iOS Dev - Blogger for - the man behind @nearBikes768#ifihadglass i could see the real reality [link]
(BengalKatLady )
Memphis,TN USA
I had cancer. Now I don't. I'd really like a hot chai right now. Are you calling me a slut? Oops, i just spilled my drank. 768#ifihadglass I would be a superhero [link]
(James Chiu)
Everybody dies... but not everybody lives. 767#ifihadglass I'd develop a HUD (like in first person shooters) so our soldiers could have detailed information about the battlefield. [link]
(Kit Pierce)
Interested in Doctor Who, steampunk, gaming, and literature767#ifihadglass I'd live blog my life Truman-style. Daily life includes vegan cooking, ping-pong, married lesbian, internet marketing, and more [link]
(Shane Milton)
Indianapolis, IN
I: love my amazing wife. write .NET code. hack Androids. deploy to Azure. founded architect the Smart Grid. My tweets are my opinions767#ifihadglass I would explore new ways to visualize big data for our customers (energy companies) to help discover anomalies (i.e. risk). [link]
(Dana Epp)
iPhone: 49.279724,-123.125153
Do or do not. There is no try. Microsoft Security MVP focused on security engineering.767#ifihadglass I'd build an @AuthAnvil SoftToken for it and make it a second factor for strong SSO to cloud-based services like Google. [link]
The Edge of Glory, CA
I love my kiddos, Star Wars, my Xbox, anything Superman, and saying NEVER. @La_Carm is my honeybee.766#IfIHadGlass I'd probably just keep taking pictures of my cats. [link]
(Anne Vickman)
Boston, MA
Social media monster for @CBC_Belmont: Follow us @NoCrapBeer. Also: Freelancer with an affinity for music, lifestyle, dinosaurs, and the irreverent. Write on.765#ifihadglass I would go on my first bike tour: 6-8 weeks through New Zealand, fully documented, hands-free. #letsdothis #nopainnogain [link]
(Mike Dory )
Jersey City, NJ
Executive Director of Technology at kbs+ | Spies & Assassins. I make things and drink coffee.765I totally want to make a heads-up guitar teaching display. #kbspglass #ifihadglass [link]
(Josh Gross)
Boise, ID
A frenetic enthusiast of all things communicable that infuses chutzpah into all he endeavors despite ardent detractors.765#IfIHadGlass: I would develop strategies to use it for innovative professional journalism. [link]
(Jon Austin)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Communications consultant for crisis/issue management, media relations and speechwriting. Sci-fi, gadgets, politics and stuff on the side.765#ifihadglass I'd be the 50-something Explorer who shows you how it will change the ways Boomers live, work and play. #realworldnotatrapeze [link]
(John McDaid)
Portsmouth, RI
sf writer and hyperlocal citizen journalist from Portsmouth, RI765Glass will enable dynamic hyperlocal citizen journalism, real-time research/fact checking, and next-gen community engagement #ifihadglass [link]
(Waila Skinner)
St. Louis Missouri
High Priestess of muppet vision*, intuitive life coach, Commander & Chief of finding stuff on google, oh and web designer. (Name is pronounced Why-eee-lah) :)764#ifihadglass I would watch ants on the sidewalk, whilst narrating in a British accent. Alan, Al, Alan, Alan, Alan [link]
(Devin LaPorte)
Well, I play lacrosse for GP Select AA and 313 Varsity, and I snowboard. I enjoy oxford shirts, fast cars, and money. ⚓ Comitted to NDNU for lacrosse764#IfIHadGlass I would wear it every day and incorporate it into everyday life so I could get a solid head start on the future. [link]
(Tilly McLain)
San Francisco
smart as paris, sober as lindsay and classy as britney763#ifihadglass I would use it to develop something life changing, like ordering burritos on the muni on my way home [link]
(Queen Claudia )
New York
763#ifihadglass I'd walk Eastern Europe without the language barrier. @ Wieliczka Salt Mine (Underground) [link]
(Michelle Childs)
UX Designer + Photographer763#ifihadglass @anntrak & I would take the world on an adventure. 7 countries in 7 days. okay glass, let's do this! [link]
(Jonathan Katzman)
San Francisco
Chief Product Officer at The Minerva Project763Use glass to change how how highered works. Record my bike rides to show my kids. Create new cooking shows on family cooking. #ifihadglass [link]
(Keith Howard)
Amarillo, Texas
I love God, my wife, my daughters, and living out the Gospel by serving those in Foster Care....762#ifihadglass I would create incredible #fostercare testimonial videos & trainings to share with the world and prospective parents! [link]
(Wouie Lickett)
I'm louie wickett and I'm going places.762#ifihadglass I would use it on a cross-country road trip with my best friends. I've done it twice, but the only thing missing is GoogleGlass [link]
(Steve Manzuik)
Computer security professional, hockey nut and Canadian.762#ifihadglass I'd be able to post way more videos of me knocking people over playing hockey [link]
Proud husband & father w/ @eelain212, Head of Social & Emerging Media, Contributor to @AdvertisingWeek, & Your Fan. Tweets are yours (or they'd be on napkins). 761#ifIhadglass I'd experiment with working exclusively using the glasses. And I'd use them to Google lots of stuff. [link]
(Selina Farmer)
Inside My Head
Whimsical Artwork & Illustrations by Selina Farmer a Native American Artist with a Celtic mix, Bereaved Parent, Lover of Music, Animals, Culture, Food & Craft 760#ifihadglass People could see artwork being created in real time from my perspective. A whole new outlook on the way artwork comes to life! [link]
(Dalit Diva)
Los Angeles
Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a transmedia artist who uses song and narrative to to tell the stories of marginalized communities in films/games/comics/and more. 759#ifihadglass I would share as a storyteller how story is the shortest distance btwn people. No borders just pixels. [link]
(josh parolin)
San Diego, CA
Web Director at @Invisible Children, Co-Founder at @lennddotcom and @thehapsat, Hacker, Entrepreneur, Vagabond759#ifihadglass I would watch my beautiful fiance walk down the aisle and celebrate my wedding while wearing it in October [link]
(D. Rogelio)
Paraíso; paradise
No me complico la vida, solo pienso en paraisos y cosas sencillas...lo complicado se lo dejo a los politicos.758#IfIHadGlass I would make my 21st birthday unforgettable by capturing & filming every moment to share with the world! Life through my eyes! [link]
(Brian Schwartz)
New Jersey
Affiliate Marketing Ecommerce Guy757Hey @projectglass #ifihadglass After pickup I'd record my 1 mile walk back to work & upload the experience to Google+ [link]
(Anders Bylund)
Odessa, FL
Motley Fool contributor since 2006, occasional Ars Technica writer. Technology + entertainment = wheelhouse756There must be a way to make music with Google Glass. If not, I'd have to invent it. #ifihadglass [link]
(Patrick )
Pro Gamer, FPS Fanatic, Youtube Commentator, Call of Duty Fiend. All Around Great Guy. GT: P x T x B756#ifihadglass I would be able to experience the world with no limits and share it with people all over the world [link]
(Sean Stickle)
Washington, DC
Nonprofit IT executive, fringe languages programmer, bibliomaniac, & Diet Coke fiend.755#ifihadglass I would have persistent context-sensitive help show me the relevant emacs chords to use in any particular editing situation. [link]
THE Makeup Artist to the Entertainment Industry, mom supreme, seeker of fine dark chocolate754#ifihadglass I would share my backstage life w/aspiring artists & encourage them to come to Hollywood! [link]
CEO/Director/Editor at @POINTNSHOOT_TV | Founder & CEO of @NONcentsTrading | Co-creator of @SmokeBreakLA | #EAT | I DIRECT MUSIC VIDEOS & SELL CLOTHES |754I want Google Glass for all the video shoots I do, for super exclusive behind the scenes "Through The Eyes Of A Director" #ifihadglass [link]
(Peter Angus Medlock)
Chicago, IL
Video and Media manager @Grainger. Digital revolutionary. Cinematographer. Creative. Tech nerd. Productivity Expert. Mobile Soldier. 753@projectglass Im a filmaker for @grainger. im #onset, #editing, and discussing #creative 24/7 in the US. #ifihadglass Id document everything [link]
(Diana de Avila)
Saratoga Springs, NY
W2NU, Ham Radio Enthusiast, EMT, Top Reviewer, US Army Retired (disabled), Married to my best friend CC, Geek, IT R&D person, musician, Red Sox fan752#ifihadglass I would review functionality using a human factors approach and report my findings. Reviewing is what I do! [link]
(Jess Boucher)
the 'Shire (NH, that is)
product manager. wife. runner. francophile. robot nerd. design junkie.752#ifihadglass I would use it to share emotion. I get joy out of volunteering for FIRST Robotics - Glass will show the world how fun it is! [link]
Artistically envious.752#IfIHadGlass It would become a part of my everyday life. I would use each feature to get info. quicker and share my experience with others! [link]
(Elicia Zank)
#Marketing Maven. Fashion Fanatic. Problem Solver. French Aficionado. #Digital Diva. Yogaholic. Dreamer. Foodie. Doodle Addict. TV Junkie. Social @MichaelKors.751In the spirit of Google's #ifihadglass campaign, I've been rocking goggle shades since 1993. #tbt… [link]
(Ed Roth of Stencil1)
751@projectglass #ifihadglass I would create engaging how to videos for a hands on nearly tactile experience with then Stencil1 stencils! [link]
(Justin Spicer)
Editor (@TMTCerberus, @SSGMusic) | Music Journalist (@KEXP, @adhocfm) | Label Curator (@FieldCon) | Marketing & SM (@wwwsepcom) | Crescent Fresh | Views my own751Music would have its visual epiphany; concert photography, reviews and artist information would transform the blogosphere #ifihadglass [link]
Richmond, Virginia
VA Politico. #TK4VA Alum. & @DLOVirginia member. Lover of #NASCAR, #Formula1, #FoodSpotting, #Tech #Anime, #Travel, #Japan, & #RVA RT or follow ≠ endorsement751#ifihadglass I would travel as far as I could and document every moment. [link]
(Kyle Verge)
Toronto, Canada
As a boutique B2B agency, MWM develops, executes, and manages strategic digital media and marketing initatives for small to mid-sized clients.748#ifihadglass? I'm a digital media consultant. I could pretty much run my entire business from my Glass. Now that's amazing. [link]
(Jasper A. Lim)
Marshmallow cupcake
Fuelled by fluffy, small animals and good nosh. Editor of Thoughts are my own. Jazp* me. ....if you dare.748#ifihadglass I’d be able to take instant pictures and videos of all my food adventures without the need of a phone. [link]
(Holly Hamilton)
Digital Producer at Saatchi & Saatchi X [nerd alert] Always trying to look at life from a different angle. :D748#ifihadglass I'd take it on a road trip to America's art museums. Let Google Glass identify the art, provide history & share with the world. [link]
(Anna Claire)
Athens, Ga
20. College. Live, laugh, love. 747@projectglass #IfIHadGlass I would have the world at my fingertips, or should I say my retina tips(: I would use it for everything! [link]
Washington, DC
Solutions Architect, Tech Nerd, #dctech Cheerleader and part of the #glassexplorers, Occasional Musician I would test it into the ground during DC city life as it isn't my first beta rodeo, and I genuinely want Google to succeed. [link]
(Clint Andrew Hall)
San Francisco, CA
UI Engineer at Facebook, SF transplant from Kansas City, MO. Community theatre stages are my 3rd home. My tweets, particularly crazy ones, are always my own.747#ifihadglass I would recruit theatre and music friends (like @vitranmusic) to wear it during performances. More: [link]
(Hudson Hott)
Official page for Hudson Hott Star 101.9 Morning Show747#ifihadglass I would wear it 24 hrs a day! From watching my son dance, to music shows, to live in my studio @star1019.. EVERYTHING. #ineed [link]
(Emad G.)
Los Angeles CA USA
Husband, Father, Software Geek, Leadership Dev Fanatic, CTO, Entrepreneur, Agile, Lean Startup, King of run-ons747#ifihadglass I'd wear it while racing my scooter and show you my day. -my 5 year old. [link]
(sean vosler)
cincinnati, ohio
Business Owner, Wordpress Designer, Web Developer | I'd start a trip around the world - documenting the whole trip through my eyes [link]
(Robby Green)
PC Gamer 1st console 2nd, 3rd & 4th.747#ifihadglass I could record hands free while I mountain bike and rock climb!!! Google glass [link]
Everywhere but nowhere
I'ma self taught graphic designer/photographer who is a junkie for creativity. Cooler than Zero..Below..I'm ART with no Easel... God is my trending topic....747#ifihadglass people could actually see how busy I really am. A day in the life of me is worth taking a look at. [link]
(Paul Baron)
Wilmington, NC
Entrepreneur, product/brand evangelism, emerging technologies, business & strategic partnership development, industry analyst and speaker.747#ifihadglass When shopping, look at an item and comparison shop it, pay for item using stored, secure account info. [link]
(Nicola Smith)
Atlanta, GA
Living in the future.746#ifihadglass I would build a measuring tool 2 allow u 2 accurately measure distances 4 construction, home improvement etc. [link]
(Skylar Hartman)
Orange County, CA
Designed @RonPaul, @nimble and now designer @sevenly746#ifihadglass I'd also explore the best view from Orange County. Nothing beats the OC skyline. [link]
iPhone: 37.393219,-121.948730
aspiring dad, engineer, teacher, student, speaker, rapper, writer, friend & athlete745#ifihadglass I'd send my parents in Chicago more videos of my 15 month old daughter. She's a handful so hands-free would be perfect :) [link]
(Andy Reierson)
Duluth, MN
Digital Mktg Ops guy for AdFarm and Flint Group - love to read about and discuss social media, mktg/comm, food and wine, econ dev, hockey and golf. 745#ifihadglass I'd travel around Lake Superior, capturing every step of the way. [link]
(Gregory Crafts)
North Hollywood, CA
Managing Director of @TheatreUnleashd. Playwright behind @FLT_Play & @SuperSidekickTM. Sometimes I act. Go Sox.745#ifIhadglass, I'd wear them paintballing & LARPing, using them to record FP perspective experience. I'd also wear them all around #HFF13. [link]
(Jill Plevinsky)
Cambridge, MA
24, researcher, crohn's e-patient, community builder, waitress, daughter, friend. #crohns #hcsm @bostonchildrens @c3nproject @improvecarenow @parkcambridge744#ifihadglass i'd show the world what it's like to be a millennial w. #crohns disease.. gladly share my life for others to feel less alone. [link]
(Andrew Famiglietti)
Dallas, Texas, United States
New Media Scholar, Digital Humanist, Intermittent Wikipedian744#IfIhadGlass I'd develop methods for embedding real-world research objects in rich databases of connections & metadata here at #UTDallas [link]
(Notty Bawang)
Tucson, AZ/ Bintulu, Malaysia
We are the Onionymous. We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect us 744#ifihadglass I would show the world the wondrous world of nature that is the Borneo rainforest. [link]
(Colin Macdonald)
Channel 4's Games Commissioner, and Speech Graphics' Chairman. Views are my own.743Google Glass may finally make augmented reality games good. Play Amidar/Painter varying your route to work :) #IfIHadGlass [link]
(Mike Park)
technology seeker, vascular surgeon, golfist, omnivorous autodidact743#ifihadglass I would use it to view CT scans and angiograms during operations. [link]
(Q Manning)
Austin, TX, USA
CEO of Rocksauce Studios. Director, writer, & filmmaker living in Austin, Tejas!743I would create amazing apps that will change the world. #ifihadglass [link]
Hip Hop Artist, Actor, Host, Comedian, & Entrepreneur from Seattle to LA. I'm everything you never expected and more...the King of randomness!743#ifihadglass I would show the world a first person view of all the hidden beautiful landscapes of West Africa! [link]
(Luke Kingma)
New York City
One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple... Copywriter @VaynerMedia741#IfIHadGlass, my weekly food & culture treks through Chinatown, NYC would be more accessible & interactive than ever. [link]
(Amy Grogan)
Chicago, IL
Journalist. TV Producer. 'The Office' Fanatic. Board rider. Bass head. Beer lover. Blackhawks. 741#ifihadglass I would change the way sports television is consumed and enhance the live sports experience for fans around the world! [link]
(Jen Waller)
Oxford, OH
Librarian, ex-project manager, ex-marketing manager, ex-chef, farmers market junkie, dog lover loving life as a librarian at Miami U in Oxford, OH.741MT @glennplatt: #ifihadglass my students and I would show that learning is everywhere. We'd help lead our university redefine higher ed [link]
(beau roulette)
Award Winning Photographer featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, available world wide. 740#ifihadglass i would use it so I could easily identify clothes, music, food, art, twitter,web links in real time from TV or web/print media. [link]
(Devon Stanton)
PR Manager for @MegaromGames, my work is fun and games. I also do a vlog check it out here stay awesome kid!738#ifihadglass I'd live my dream and travel through South Africa, and bring my experience to the world. @projectglass [link]
(Melanie Stone)
Chicago, IL
journalism major at U of I's @CollegeOfMedia // columnist at @TheDailyIllini // social media intern @TailourApparel // blogger at A Girl, A Heart738#ifihadglass I would give the world a little peek into my life at the University of IL #projectglass [link]
(Adam Export)
Chicago, IL
Bass player for @ArchiePowell & The Exports. Bartender for @EmporiumChicago. Urbanite of Wicker Park, Chicago. Don't dislike me, get like me.738@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd document/show people what it's really like to be a hard-working up-and-coming musician from all angles! [link]
(Nelson Dellis)
Miami, FL
2012 & 2011 USA Memory Champion, Mountaineer, and Activist climbing to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's Disease. Climbing Mt. Everest this spring.738#ifihadglass I'd take it up Mt. Everest to document my 2 month climb. Leaving April 1. My 2nd attempt @projectglass [link]
(Nick Pirollo)
Social Creator @whims_me | Traveler | Bodybuilding Team @BPI_Sports | Web Nerd @globalplaybook | Hashtag Enthusiast @TagItBest | nsp37@drexel.edu737#ifihadglass I would travel the country and catalog everything I could in my glass explorer pair, track workouts, friends and do business! [link]
(Mark McCullagh)
Tech reviews, news, unboxings and much more. & #ifihadglass I would make the best vlogs ever and record lifes precious moments! [link]
(Frederik Fleck)
San Francisco
Serial Entrepreneur, CrowdSourcing, Business Angel737#ifihadglass I share all the great pitches I hear from entrepreneurs [link]
(Beth Shea Palmer)
Portland, Oregon
736#ifihadglass I would just ... just ... enjoy the experiences. The how-it-feels video transported me. Can't wait to be there. [link]
(Darius Roberts @jdar)
Washington, DC, USA
Head lost in the Big Algorithms.736#ifihadglass I would tell native speakers (friends) words to use in conversation with me. I.E: optimize spaced-repetition flashcard programs [link]
(Danny Page)
Ruby on Rails, Python, and Data geek; DC sports fanatic; and Founding Father of PKP at HPU. Currently work at Transloc. When in doubt, treat tweets as sarcasm. 735#ifIhadglass I would create an app to have the "Yellow Line" at football games in real life. [link]
(James Keddington)
Bountiful, UT
James Keddington tweets about many things like religious and political views, marketing, food, snowboarding and sometimes talks in 3rd person.731#ifihadglass I would use it to help me as a #waterpolo coach in a lot of ways. Feedback, training, record stats, etc. @projectglass [link]
(Tony Robertson)
@TRobertson7 follows you
UWM Business Student. Nationwide Sales Representative. Business Director. Business Owner.731#ifihadglass I would show the world a my point of view of life and how beautiful it is. @projectglass [link]
(Ricardo Williams )
More than rich, more than famous, more than happy, I wanted to be great.731I would capture those corners of the world right in my backyard that are reminiscent of exotic lands. #ifihadglass [link]
(Youngjin Yoo)
Building a better future with technology / Professor / Writer / 727We will work w/ 15 urban high schoolers to envision future urban youth life. #ifihadglass [link]
(Stephen Johnson)
Spokane, WA
CEO @OliveTreeBible. Passionate about God, my Family, the Bible, and Technology.727#ifihadglass I would explore creating awesome AR experiences for printed reference books. Physical books would come alive. [link]
(Jherane Patmore)
Ithaca, New York
[Made in Jamaica] Part-time geek, full-time weirdo. 727#IfIHadGlass I'd be able to capture cool moments with my family and friends back home for when I feel sick. #InternationalStudentsProblems [link]
(Robert Cromer)
New York
Co-founder and CEO of Adcade725I would document the building of our startup @ADCADE #ifihadglass [link]
(Karl Moats)
725World traveler. NYC, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, to SeaWorldOrlando. Want to see the world today through lens of tomorrow #ifihadglass [link]
(Raymond Wong)
New York
Reviews editor @dvice. Geek who loves gadgets, photography and viddy games. Mmm. Lemons... All tweets are my own.724#ifihadglass I would be document NYC for my grandfather, aunts & uncles, who have never visited NYC because of health conditions & can't fly [link]
40% of my life has been dedicated to staring at Lara Croft's bum. Oh, and I release material every now and then under 'Antoinette + The Kings Men'.723#ifihadglass I'd really just be moving my slight addiction to videos of baby sloth's elsewhere... [link]
san francisco
I study consciousness, build machine learning systems, and start companies. My latest company: @TrueLens723I would build a food engine to recognize food ingredients and provide nutritional information, facts, and potential recipes #ifihadglass [link]
(Penny Kim)
Dallas, TX
Digital media strategist, photographer, mobile enthusiast. Eat, think and travel plenty.722#ifihadglass I would represent the people who wear prescription glasses daily, and find ways to wear and utilize Google Glass with them. [link]
(Greg Wiegand)
Indianapolis, IN
Editor in Chief at Pearson Education focusing on Business Technology, Operating Systems,Gadgets & App development. Hobbyist Photographer, Chef & App developer.722I'd take POV experiences like these 2 new heights #ifihadglass and share how use this exciting new tech w/ the world. [link]
(Zach Strong)
Photographer. Personal trainer. Bodybuilder. Student. 722#ifihadglass i would be sure to show everyone how the world can make a move forward. [link]
(Wess Cope)
Charlotte, NC
I suffer from Application Development Disorder (A.D.D.)722#ifihadglass I would have way more pictures of my 3 kids in action [link]
(Michael Comeau)
Brooklyn, NY
I am an Editor and Columnist for I also take a lot of pictures.722I will use Google Glass to showcase to the world my favorite New Yorkers. #ifihadglass [link]
(mykola bilokonsky)
Washington, DC
Noumenologist721We could see through each others' eyes. #ifihadglass [link]
(Linda Ruth)
Retired AP United States History Teacher and Curriculum Writer — Political Moderate who loves history, politics, books, travel, and dogs!721#ifihadglass I would be able to engage in my travels & take pictures. NYC is coming up. I WANT! You need a cool 63 year old retired teacher! [link]
(Collin Brace )
Nashville and the Mountains
President of Brakers Enterprises /// Vice President of Sun Records ~Cash, Elvis, Lewis~ /// love music, dreaming, and believing. 720#ifihadglass I would ask it backstage and show the world what it's like everyday living your dream through music. [link]
(natalie )
Fort Wayne, IN
If you're not an ass guy or a BBB, you can't follow me ✌ Jk. Kinda. 720#ifihadglass I'd be one happy girl. Those are amazing. [link]
(Lindsey Sirowy)
Ft. Worth, TX
Just a small town girl who once was chasing her dream & now lucky to live it! Rockin' the web as a #SocialMedia Strategist @IlfusionCreativ.719#IfIHadGlass I'd use it to see my dreams come to life. Then share it with others! [link]
(Jorge Martinez)
New York
Interactive designer; UI, UX. Amateur photographer. Founder of MobileShoot. New Yorker. Peruvian. R/GA alumni.719#ifihadglass I'd be a NYC tour guide for a day. I'd use Google Glass to search info and share moments with new friends. @projectglass [link]
(Afonso Salcedo)
San Francisco, CA
Owner, Filmmaker/Cinematographer at @sutrostudios. Former Pixar, DreamWorks and Framestore artist. Let's make films!718#ifihadglass i would go on the first glass xcountry roadtrip showing the BTS of filming a doc. on America, its people and its landscapes. [link]
(Alfred C. Ivery)
Alfred C. Ivery Christian / Gospel / Soul / Urban / Hip Hop /717Record my Concerts&Fans interactions!#ifihadglass [link]
New York
I'm a tireless, self motivated, EDM producing, DJing, and graphic designing professional from Central New York. I'd use it to make music! As a producer I think having the first track made using glass in an unique way would be awesome! [link]
(Matthew Huisman)
Washington, D.C.
Legal Business Reporter @Legal_Times / The National Law Journal, Inventor of the @SnackMeal™715Use it on my daily bicycle commuting adventures. The data would help promote bike awareness and improve infrastructure. #ifihadglass [link]
(Tim Anderson)
Baltimore, MD
18 year-old writer for & maintain my own blog at I also catch all those home runs at Camden Yards.715#ifihadglass I would take awesome videos catching home runs at Camden Yards [link]
(Pete Ippel ‽)
Los Angeles, California
I make #art and share. I take the question marks in my life and bend them into exclamation points. I am hypermodern, the human interrobang. I'd share with peers at the local Brain Injury Center @BIC_Ventura and find innovative ways to accommodate tough daily tasks. [link]
(Daniel Duquette)
Host/Producer for @NESNNation. Boston College grad. Once appeared on Friday Night Lights.712@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd never need a teleprompter again [link]
Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture. 712#ifihadglass I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass 🍻 [link]
(Jaime Macias)
Los Angeles, CA
Entrpreneur building automated photography systems and integrated mobile applications from the temperate yet shaky plains of Los Angeles, CA711#ifihadglass I wouldn’t take it off for 1 year. The future is all of the worlds information in front of my eyes at all times.  pt. 2 [link]
(James Haunt)
Los Angeles
Professional risk taker, Artist, Designer and Conceptualist. ...Waterwalker.709#ifihadglass the world would see the eyes that look back at me. @theroxy #streetart #murals …#stylegangster [link]
(Lisa Ikeda Bain)
Sales Rep at @titleoneid; #Parkinson's Advocate; ID State Director for @PANTweets; #NASATweetUp Alumnus STS-134 Endeavour; Garden Goddess; Weekend Chef.708#ifihadglass I could share what life as a working caregiver is REALLY like. [link]
(Chithra Jeyaram)
Adjunct Faculty @SMPAGWU | Physical Therapist | Makes films that break barriers, build bridges, change attitudes & take risks - @menwecherish @foreignpuzzle 708#ifihadglass, It will be a key tool in my project @menwecherish: create/share positive SouthAsian Male Role Models to reduce gender violence [link]
Plano, TX
I'm a Photographer, a Sysadmin, a lover of Bacon and... something else.. I also fail socially. Hello internet! I am nuts. All views are my own708#ifihadglass I would share my perspective on the USA after moving from the UK [link]
fantacland, sparkletown
KTTH FOREVER love, family, music, sports707@google imma fan gurl and would love the glasses #IfIhadglass then i could video my dog and birds playing with me [link]
(Jay Coogan)
President of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. You can also find me at I'd share it with the amazing students @MCAD and give them the chance to explore its possibilities. [link]
(Lina Maria Mayorga S)
New York - Colombia
† Fashion Blogger, Future Fashion Designer, Makeup artist, Art, Eclectic,#Latina - (BbyFaB*) #fashion #moda705#ifihadglass ,I would show a fashion photo journal in #nyc and specially in my University #Parsons #Blogger @projectglass [link]
(Charles the Yang)
Bay Area
Some dude. Does computery stuff @ Twitter. Likes to eat.704#ifihadglass I'd always have a heads-up display indicating which side is right and which is left. No more shame from writing on my palms! [link]
(Jon Batarse)
Orange County
My passions are God, my wife, music, strategic communications through marketing and design, branding, the Internet and Social Media.702#ifihadglass I would watch (capture) my child growing in a whole new way. [link]
(Louis Jasso)
I'm just a boy with a dream ♪700record my whole music career as a preforming artist #ifihadglass. [link]
(Coty Smith)
As crazy as I am passionate. I think I would finally be able to change the face of location-based social networking/media. [link]
(Clint Laskowski)
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Husband, Father, Information Security Professional, Web Developer and Technology Entrepreneur - Interested in Robotics, AI, Astronomy, Math, Running and Ruby.698#ifihadglass I'd integrate it with Google Maps and Google Earth for Skydiving, maps while flying, and sight-seeing from tall buildings! [link]
(Andrew Verboncouer)
Green Bay, WI
A Twenty-Something Creative, Free-Agent RB, Web/UI Designer @WeAreVERBS, Social Strategist @Tweetsicles, Creator of @AnchorCases.698#ifihadglass I would showcase the journey through training, combines, training camp, and my first #NFL game. @projectglass [link]
697Following around ROTC students. Learning about the Army first hand. Being a mom. #ifihadglass [link]
(Phil Fremont-Smith)
Boston, MA
co founder/ceo Luckiest husband & father in world, news junky, obsessed with Product Dev, Shhh..pretty sure the Roomba is listening....697@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd create an online marketplace of experiential cultural Xchange. Browse millions of moments thru other's eyes. [link]
(Timothy Ondrey)
Poughkeepsie NY
@Marist Information Technology Staff / Campus Chapter Advisor @MaristHabitat / Class of 2009 BS & 2014 MSIS / All things Sailing, Cars, Food and Technology697#ifihadglass I would create a Marine Navigation application for both the casual cruiser and racing sailor #WindSpeed #BuoyLocations [link]
(Alex Biro)
Los Angeles/Toronto
Major label dropout/kid with no direction. Writer for @hustleGRL, instrumentalist in the @boomboomfactory, solo artist, greek tragedy. 696#ifihadglass I would capture the beauty of suburbia, bring to life the streets of the cities I sleep in and create with the world. [link]
(Jessica Foote)
San Diego, CA
San Diego Native, Mom, Wife, Marketing Pro, & MBA whose passion is providing the finest real estate service in America's Finest City! CA DRE:0186194696@projectglass #ifihadglass I would do virtual tours for my global buyers who want to invest in San Diego #realestate remotely. [link]
(Danny Peck)
Asheville, NC
Developer ( and Producer ('d be great fun to document all of my favorite outdoor adventures. I'd probably want to hike to (and from!) NYC to get mine! #ifihadglass [link]
(Becky Taylor)
Gamer | Cat Lady | Internet Addict | Techie | Neuralgia/Fibro | Feminist | Marketing and PR Consultant | Tweets here are my own. 692So, #ifihadglass I probably be so much more efficient at my job, be able to vlog more, and show the world my awesome adventures <3 [link]
(Gregory Taylor)
ÜT: 30.424124,-97.89746
Student. Entrepreneur. Advocate. Mentor. Social media strategist with an addiction to sports and technology. @TABinc10 #HowardU #AKPsi #PRSSA691#ifihadglass I would go fly to Spain and participate in the running of the bulls at the San Fermin Festiva in Pamplona. [link]
(Brandon Moon ™)
Dominant Male. Point Park Golf. modern day Rasputin. Health Nut. Money Talks. snowboarder. #412 #AlphaCherryPi #SoundHippy #KroniicClothing ︻╦╤─689#ifihadglass every inch of powder from the top of the mountain to the bottom would be on video ❄🎥🏂 [link]
(Jason Morrison)
San Francisco
itinerant, developer, educator, communicator.689Continue working on AR for wetlab benchtop science at #ifihadglass [link]
(Jimmie Linville)
madison, wi
my name is jimmie linville. i play in a band called daniel and the lion. i say things at the internet here 687#ifihadglass I'd wear it on stage, and on our next album art. [link]
(pms mrsmoose-- Nikki)
Youngstown, Ohio
Writer,Gamer, and Mother. YA and MG book reviewer for Hoosier in love with a buckeye always and forever @aixelsydo2h.686#ifihadglass i would do all my novel research on it and then mention it in my novel. [link]
Austin, Texas
Nonprofiteer. Event planner. Blogger. Musician. South Austinite. Chelsea. Hugs. Views are my own and all that. I would explore the practical application of Google Glass in my work as a nonprofiteer and event planner. #ifihadglass [link]
(Vanessa Smith)
All work and no play will make you a manager.685#ifihadglass I would show the world what it is like to be a barrel racer. I would show the world the passion in rodeo. [link]
(Simeon Spearman )
Atlanta, GA
Futurist. Senior Innovation Strategist @engauge. Emerging Fellow, Association of Professional Futurists.684Customer service application that utilizes live video from callers to walk them through solutions #ifihadglass [link]
oakland ca
#peace and love y'all peace and #love! #biracial biproduct of a #hippie and a #fundamentalist #organic , #opensource , #om684#ifihadglass I would open the world to people who feel the pain of the #digitaldivide ,the folks who love technology but feel left behind. [link]
(Jack Walsh)
San Francisco
Music Producer - Hip Hop, Electronic and everything in between. Focused on bridging the gaps of genres. 684#ifihadglass @projectglass I would play golf at half moon bay, then hit up the aquarium in Monterey and then bike across the golden gate! [link]
San Francisco
Cofounder Switchcam (beta). Cofounder GoodBarry (acquired by Adobe). Student of Chinese. Voracious reader, music lover, six string student, DJ pretender.683#ifihadglass I would integrate with @switchcam so folks could make multi-angle first person videos like this: [link]
(Vicky Heinlein)
Creative Director, Digital @SourceMediaCo | A New Yorker who loves photography, travel, cooking, karaoke, Lego & everything design/tech-related.682#ifihadglass I would use it to explore the world from a new angle and to reinvent my known experiences with this new layer of technology! [link]
(Christian Brucculeri)
ÜT: 40.722104,-73.988649
Investing and operations @ K2 Medialabs. Startups, Media, Tech, Finance, New York City.681#ifihadglass I would record my run of the #nycmarathon [link]
(Nicole Poull)
Boulder, CO, USA
#NP If you wanted it some other way, you would have wanted it the way you have it now #future 681#ifihadglass I would surf waves, invite friends, know swell conditions, take photos and record it!!!! @googleglass @projectglass [link]
(Stephen Pace)
Houston, TX
Principal Consultant in the field of data warehousing, master data management, and BI; tech geek, lapsed programmer, avid traveler, EV enthusiast680@projectglass Create software to display business metadata on reports and identify anomalies with deployment standards #ifihadglass [link]
(R Blank)
Umpqua National Forest, OR
Entrepreneur, Technologist, Writer & Off-Grid Enthusiast679#ifIHadGlass I would measure the SAR in real-world usage, to see how much it increases odds of brain cancer. [link]
Optimist. Woman. Human. Sampler of stuff. Foodie. Coupon Clipper. Lover of Sarcasm and Sleep. Geek. I like to try things, and blog about what I like. 678#ifihadglass I'd document a yr in the life of a new working mom -balancing career with mommyhood. 2 share with my son [link]
Still foolish. 677#IfIHadGlass it would be easier to record these math tutorials. [link]
Los Angeles, CA
Blogger, social media guru, traveler, international man of leisure. 676#ifihadglass I would teach classes from countries I travel using hangouts. I would video my travels. I would connect with others. You like? [link]
(Joe Manno)
Marketer, Social Media, Entrepreneur, Problem Solver. Enjoying Life, Cooking, Running, CrossFit, Siberian Huskies and Pittsburgh Sports.675#ifihadglass I'd work smarter not harder and boost productivity to an unseen level. Can't complain about the look either! [link]
Interactive Journo @FOX40's morning show | JOIN | CONTACT 916 454-4548 & | PAST @CNN LA @LaTimes @ColumbiaJourn675#IfIHadGlass - I'd wear em on G+ hangouts during live TV field segments. Want viewers to experience Sac from my POV: [link]
(Virginia Poltrack)
Johnstown, PA
Designer, artist, dachshund-loving, Star Wars watching, tattooed, code-writing blonde girl. All sketches are for sale!675#ifihadglass I would show the world how I draw things everyday. [link]
(Syque Caesar)
Ann Arbor, Mi.
2012 Olympic Gymnast, Student-Athlete at the University of Michigan, and Technology Enthusiast. #MGymDynasty #GoBlue! 675#IfIhadGlass I could stay up-to-date on everything Internet hands free! @projectglass [link]
arter + designist. 674#ifihadglass i'd lend it to my friends to view the world from their eyes, and vice versa. @projectglass [link]
Topeka, Kansas
• From a small town in KS • I am attending Washburn University & Majoring In Marketing • I like Photography • GO YANKEES/ROYALS 673@projectglass #ifihadglass I would be able to go to @MLB games & not have to take my eye off the game to get score updates from other teams. [link]
(Paige Bailey)
Houston, TX
Geophysicist. Passionate about public transportation, sustainable energy, scientific computation, STEM education reform, adventures. Bring me coffee.673#IfIHadGlass, I would produce first-person undergraduate labs for Chem & Physics, then add them as open-source accompaniments to online ed [link]
(Woman In The Middle)
Rescue, CA
Loving life and keeping a sense of humor as a woman in the middle of family, work, home, and church.672Google! Pick me! #ifihadglass I would tweet while doing farm chores!! [link]
(Victoria Szabo)
Durham NC
digital humanities, new media, databases, maps, games, virtual worlds, viz, literature, etc. at duke u - © mine mine mine unless disavowed, deleted, or stoopid668#ifihadglass I'd share the presence of the historical past to travelers as they explore digital cities in real life [link]
(Jessica Hagy)
New York, New York
writer. blogger. social media @BigFuel. sequins advocate. 667#ifihadglass I could have captured this view. [link]
Houston, TX
Communications Director, Texas Longhorn, (whole) foodie, dog person, sometimes runner, and peanut butter addict. English is my second language.666#ifihadglass I would share the glasses with my husband who always manages to take the most amazing photographs. More vacations, here we come [link]
Atlanta, Georgia
Bahamas-born published environmental scientist and Dove Award winning artist. Doctoral student, lead singer of @truesdaleband, life coach, husband and father.666#ifihadglass I would evaluate its use as a real-time multimedia environmental education and data collection tool. [link]
(Raquel Fletcher)
Regina, SK
Reporter/Anchor and hand model at Global Regina. Avid blogger (is that still a thing?). One day world traveller. Tweets are my own.665My whole perspective on news media would change #ifihadglass [link]
(Eric Hansen)
writer @space150. matchbook collector. runner. cheesehead. enthusiasm enthusiast.665#ifihadglass I'd re-imagine the conventional travel show by producing a @projectglass-guided globetrotting web series. [link]
(Zach Z)
Bay Area, California
Official twitter of Zach Zampetti, Game Designer at Zynga. Talking about Hockey, Tech and Games. Anything I say is my opinion. 665#ifihadglass I would make a completely new type of gaming experience. [link]
(Matt Ranta)
Highlands Ranch, CO
Sr.Marketing Manager @ Cricket Communications, father, triathlete, soccer fan & player, dog lover, husband, guitar player (used to be in a metal band), & more.664#ifihadglass I'd run my 1st ever half ironman n them, using them as a head's up display & video recorder @1sthalfironman #halfironmancozumel [link]
(Christopher Cleary)
Planet Earth
Live Fast, Play Hard, Have No Fear & Always Keep your eyes on the Prize!! #JacobLee #BOCE663#ifihadglass you could walk in my #shoes and see what I see for one month [link]
(Kiley Dorton)
Atlanta, GA
Father, husband, entrepreneur, singer, optimist, equal rights supporter, southern born & raised. i'd be able to show my daughter what it's like to see her grow up the way *i* see her grow up. [link]
663#ifihadglass I would fit it on rescue dog and train it to receive visual/audio commands for non standard situations when action is needed [link]
(Brandon M-Anderson)
cambridge, MA
cartography, multimodal trip planning, and computational urban planning at the MIT Media Lab.663#ifihadglass Use real-time vehicle location API to see through buildings to see your bus, or see through the ground to see your train. [link]
(Aaron Phillips)
winchester, kentucky
16, Junior at GRC, Baseball is the sport ⚾, Cincinnati Reds663#ifihadglass I would make the best of it and put it through hard use to find out flaws and glitches that it has [link]
(Shivangi Misra)
Boston. New Delhi.
662#ifihadglass I'd be able to assemble stuff without having to flip through a manual! [link]
(Mara Photo)
columbus, ohio
Photographer in Columbus, OH. Portraiture is my true love. I might be your barista.661#ifihadglass i would start a 'take a day's video and pass it on' program. presidents, teachers, activists, homeless, and you [link]
(Jason Samuels)
Minneapolis, MN
IT director for a nonprofit. Geek at heart. And in practice, too, actually. Tweets are my personal opinions.661#ifIhadglass I would document how @ncfr conference attendees strengthen families. Would also keep an eye on how the event WiFi holds up. [link]
(Arshad G. Chowdhury)
Brooklyn, NY
Founder of Power 20, the intense, full-body, 20-minute exercise app for iPhone and iPads. @power20app660#ifihadglass I'd track food intake and workouts to show changes in my health. [link]
Southern California
Web Site Marketing Specialist/SEO/Web Designer/Artist660If I had glass, I would show people everything about the amazing world of Search Conferences and SEO. #ifihadglass [link]
(Melissa DaBadass)
I am me659#ifihadglass I would use them to help people who are legally blind to help get around, and the disabled who cannot use their hands @google [link]
(Richard Keene)
Founder: @Sandswept Studios - Lead engineer: @TheDeadLinger659Well, #ifihadglass I'd show streetlight timing of the next stop light so I can adjust speed to hit the light just as it goes green. [link]
(Alex Guthrie)
Marietta, GA
~ Singer/songwriter / / Soul / / Blues / / Acoustic / / Folk ~ 657#ifihadglass I could finally google song lyrics while playing a show if I forget what to one would even have to know...muahaha!!! [link]
(Gabriel Gomez Rojo)
Berkeley, California
Emprendedor español en Silicon Valley. Intentaré contar lo que voy aprendiendo sobre tecnología, innovación y venture capital. I had broadcast the birth of Mateo for our family in Spain, so they could have lived the moment with us! [link]
(Jenna Fox)
New York, NY
The OFFICIAL JENNA FOX, director, actress, author, writer, model, producer recording artist, founder: bird-E project, INSPIRATU, A femme de plusieurs chapeaux656#ifihadglass if I had Google glass, I would continue to take media I work in and tech leading edge and add the integration to another level [link]
(alexis ziritt)
Tampa FL
It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. 656#ifihadglass for making comics! [link]
One audacious individual. I read the dictonary. Sailor ; US Navy. Guns. iPhone. Boyfriend ; @captainfern656#ifihadglass I would be able to show the world the daily life of a United States Navy Sailor. [link]
(Marcia Wade Talbert)
Multimedia Content Producer, Tech, Black Enterprise Magazine, Also follow me @newsgyrl655#ifIhadglass i'd live stream my upcoming trips to #WPS2013 #SXSWedu and #SXSWi [link]
(Travis Turney)
Data Science ATL: I'd use Google Glass for software acceptance testing so engineers could follow the cursor tracking my eyes instead of scrolling [link]
(Kristin Bassett)
Boston, MA
Marketing Content Specialist @AppNeta, Editorial Director of @BeautyXpose, proud @Bualumni and Big Sister for @BBBSMB. 654#ifihadglass I'd capture more moments from the @BBBSMB events my little & I attend together. I always forget & she’s growing up so fast! [link]
(Benny Blanco)
scratching the surface.
Every child is born an artist, the problem is to remain one once they grow up. -Pablo Picasso652#ifihadglass I would turn my life into the Truman show except way more exciting and entertaining. [link]
(Haley June )
In the world, yet not of it.
Just a girl who loves Jesus. Instagram: Haleyjune2012 #Pentecostalforlife #TeamJesus #Pentecostal #Skirtgirl #longhairdontcare #TeamJesusFreak kik: haleyjune00651#ifihadglass I'd make the world a better place. [link]
(Dee Speed)
Take your pleasure seriously. Designer at Google. Mom. Analog girl.651#ifihadglass I'd include audio output for the vision impaired for maps nav integration. I love what my company is doing! #accessibility [link]
(Eunic Ortiz)
New York, NY
Digital Public Affairs @Fleishman | VP @StonewallDemsNY | Digital Political Strategist | Former digital spox @ChrisCQuinn | UF and NYU alum | Love photography651#IfIhadglass, I would figure out a way for my eye dr to put prescription lens on the device. #googleglass [link]
(Alessandro Gagliardi)
San Francisco, CA
I am a Neuroscience Professor turned Data Scientist. I'm the Analytics Engineer at @Path. I make meaning out of chaos.650#ifihadglass I would share my motorcycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles down Pacific Coast Highway with the world. [link]
Hollyweird, CA
Sr. Platform Manager at #theAudience | #socialmedia nerd649#ifihadglass I would document the unseen. The truth. The underground. The beauty. The filth. The mayhem. Los Angeles. @projectglass [link]
51.5550212°, -0.10849°
Arsenal, (nonexistent) Kids, (nonexistent) Wife. In that order!648@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd integrate it into my home. Tie into my home automation system and have remote functions react on visual cues. [link]
(Samantha Helmick)
Christian, Librarian, Iowan, Conservative, Digital Navigator, Full-Time Spectator, and User of the Oxford Comma.648#ifihadglass Life would always be more than half full. #Google [link]
(faruk capan)
Digital pharma, social media, mhealth, marketing, mobile, search, innovator647#ifihadglass I would track my fitness at a whole another level. [link]
(Dakota Lasky)
Commentator, Podcast Host, Writer | FGC_Smash_eSports | | #dakcity646I'd bring a whole new perspective to major video game tournaments and events that I attend #ifihadglass [link]
(Laura Jean Moore)
San Diego, CA US
Technology and Media Literacy Teacher at The Gillispie School646#ifihadglass-dissolve school walls, making worlds living within us and beyond, a two-way street for students/teachers [link]
(David Trahan)
New York, NY
Having my cake and tweeting it too. Digital & brand guy by day -- super hero by night.646#ifihadglass I'd make recording home movies a 'thing' again. Not just recordings of 'cool' things but rather recordings of regular life. [link]
(Lauren L)
Lauren. 23. USF graduate in PR!! Twitter birthday March 12, 2009645#ifihadglass I would document all of my concerts, travel, and jobs. What an amazing experience that would be. @projectglass [link]
(Teresa Potocka)
futurist & founder of potocki communications; foresight forces us to unlearn what we think we know about the future. #ifihadglass I would predict what happens next... [link]
Nunya, BZ, NAS
Native Diegan. Former NYer. Beer Snob. Photography. Spelling errors make for FUNTIMEZ. #KnicksTape #Mets #BoltFam #DoWork643#ifihadglass all those times I've said, "I wish had a video camera in my eye" would come true. NEED THIS. [link]
(Jamie Chung)
Coral Springs, FL
Virginia Tech Hokie. Web Developer. Aspiring Entrepreneur. I am the man behind what makes websites work. Definitely want to own a private jet someday. #nbd643#ifihadglass I would love to teach everyone how easy it is to use a computer. #IDEATION #INDIVIDUALIZATION #WOO #BELIEF #POSITIVITY [link]
(Megan Hill)
Brooklyn, NY
Hello Super 8 is my company name, making lovely super 8 films and keeping the medium alive is my game.641#ifihadglass I would share, translate and navigate the love story of me and my new French boyfriend. :) [link]
(Babi Acha)
~* Bolivian. Economist. Business major. *~ Top Rated and Featured Seller on Fiverr :)641#ifihadglass I can't even begin to imagine what I could do... Very exciting idea!!! [link]
nevada us
Xbox live is ma life man i gadda get a job lol640#ifihadglass I would Document the opening of my brothers new Restaurant/ use the search engine to my advantage. never get lost again. [link]
Reidsville, NC
| Sekia | #SWAT |640#ifihadglass I would take photos of the sunset and the sunrise. And the noon day sky. [link]
(Heather Lucas)
Washington D.C.
Foreign affairs enthusiast, political/legislative analyst, international nomad, lover of all things pop culture and punk rock music. Travel the world with me.640@projectglass I would take glass on a tour of Africa only to get lost in it, exploring it through using #glass #ifihadglass [link]
(flip phillips)
grover's corners
dad, vision scientist, ex pixar, professor, napper, kicker of elves, procrastinator, organism, command.635#ifihadglass I would use in our sports perception-and-action research, like fencing, soccer, looking at deception! [link]
(Leslie Schecht)
New York City
 Distinguished Educator; lifelong learner; mac lover; Director of Technology - NYCDOE D75.635#ifihadglass work with students with vision issues could be a life changer for these kids [link]
(alberta soranzo)
L.A.|Milano|a place near you
IA, UX and everything in between. hockey player, surfer, snowboarder. mama. INTJ. my life has subtitles, but I don't always know in what language.634#ifihadglass I would keep doing what I do and show you what it looks like from here. [link]
(Molly Daly)
Atlanta, GA
Cosplayer. Cat Lover. Journalism/PR/Marketing Student. Toy Collector. Social Media Nerd. General Nerd. Vintage Addict. All opinions are my own. よろしくね633#ifIhadglass I would become a super hero and fight crime. [link]
(Adrian Pomilio)
iPhone: 35.856388,-78.642883
I'm just a human being I also: am a Dad, Husband, host of BFGShow on Enjoy sports, music and tech (front-end and UX). 632@projectglass #ifihadglass I would improve rail safety through contextual data in visual inspections of rail equip and track saving lives. [link]
(Dave Carroll)
associate professor, director, mfa design and technology, parsons the new school for design. I run @mfadt632#ifihadglass I'd use my research funds to buy Google Glass and have my students and faculty @mfadt write insanely great software for it. [link]
( )
Houston, Tx
Biking w/@theroyalbadness to NY from TX for charity! #TourDeBadness, #ifihadglass I'd use it to document my cross-country bicycling journey from Texas to New York! [link]
(Koren @ City Gal NYC)
NYC and beyond!
Editor @ City Gal: insider knowledge of #NYC + #travel & #lifestyle Like us on FB! xx629#ifihadglass I'd share my unique perspective of the world on so people can learn and be inspired by other cultures! [link]
(Rachel Ventura)
Joliet, IL
I showcase quality scrapbooking supplies while teaching how to make beautiful page layouts & handmade cards. I am an Independent Consultant w Close To My Heart629Experiencing the world through the eyes of a child is like innocence. How about 4 yr old identical twins #ifihadglass [link]
(T. Riley Garrett)
Boone, NC
Student at Appalachian State University, OnLive gamer, USA ARMY National Guard PV2628#ifihadglass i would use it to show the world my art [link]
(whitney biber)
atlanta, GA
Hoosier at heart, but having a love affair with Atlanta. Running&yoga addict. Will try any workout once. Always hold em, never fold em.627#ifihadglass i could love on my family whos scattered all over the country more easily,which is basically the next best thing to teleporting [link]
(Preston Lewis)
San Francisco CA
Co-founder of Bonfire Communications and passionate brand, engagement and communications thoughtleader. i would figure out how to solve for congestion and public safety on the busiest roadways in the world [link]
(anjie moin)
Boca Raton, FL
seasoned online marketer trying to improve web, email and social media strategies to maximize ROI...opinions are my own & not those of my company.625#ifihadglass i would drive using the virtual directions and take pics along the way #GoogleRocks #innovation #earlyAdopter [link]
(Katie Smith)
new york city
Digital Director @ACLU; interested in #civilliberties, #tech, #startups, #socent, #video, #oceans, #mountains, #birds, #bees (views are clearly my own) 624#ifihadglass oh #Google, must the future look like this... [link]
(Penney Pittman)
Lancaster VA
Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Friend, in that order chronologically622#ifihadglass I would turn my introverted walk with my head down life into an extroverted interactive world. No glass ceiling I would soar! [link]
This place is intentionally left blank. 621Would provide several demo talks to friends and community of this cutting edge product~ #ifihadglass [link]
(Chels :))
Sunnyville, USA
160 Characters just isnt let me Tweet about it.....620#ifIhadglass I could show my family and friend what I see on all my adventures :-) [link]
(Jim Foley)
St. Luke's School
Director of the Center for Leadership at St. Luke's School. Sharing on leadership, education, and tech. #slsecon tags my senior elective Econ class.618“@jgabsalot: #ifihadglass I'd share much of the budget process to faculty for transparency and better understanding!” #getfoleyglass [link]
(sarah t)
miami and tufts university
@tuftsuniversity '14, CD and leadership, @tischscholars, blogger for @inthecac and @camelbackmusic, heliophilic. views are my own, RTs are not endorsements.617#ifihadglass i'd begin in brazil, where i'm studying abroad, and travel to end in new zealand to record how humans interact across cultures [link]
Berkeley, CA
Asian of #eSports marketing for @IGNProLeague, and @ROOT4ROOT. Christian. Taekwondo. tomboy. coffee lover. noctournal. eSports. piktures. 'nuff said.614hmm #ifihadglass i would use it to showcase the experience of being at a live #eSports event, or of being a #competitive #gamer [link]
(Cathy Caldeira)
Boston and Chapel Hill
I don't want to set the world on fire. I just want to start a flame in your heart. 612Google Finally Shows Off Google Glass UI, Announces #ifihadglass Purchase Campaign via @techcrunch [link]
(Lisa Bari)
SF Bay Area
User Growth @PracticeFusion, tea drinker, Northern California native.612I'd never take my phone out of my pocket again - and be one step closer to Minority Report #ifihadglass [link]
(Lauren Herda)
Baltimore, Maryland
Designer at Bolster Labs. My tweets are my own, because no one else will take credit for such crap. I tend to Dribbble ( I would take the world on a tour of all the incredible places in Baltimore. [link]
(old fart ( ゚Д゚)ノ)
Knows all the words to A$$ by Nicki Minaj + Can't Hold Us ft. Ray Dalton by Macklemore 611#ifihadglass I'd probably tinker with the translating between Spanish/English + French/English to see how accurate it is and take notes. [link]
(Dallas Jaussi)
Los Angeles
A little acting. A little soccer. A lot of FIFA13 (SAG-AFTRA)607#ifihadglass I would use it while coaching soccer! I'm an actor, so I'd take it on set too! LA living, wanna come!? [link]
(Bentley Hensel)
Good ole' Southern boy making his way in the political world @MittRomney @PRyan Alum - Check out my blog about my upcoming Mt. Everest expedition.607#ifihadglass I would be able to take much better point of view photographs during my outdoor activities [link]
(Monique C. Borromeo)
WritEr/DIRECTOR of The GldnChld Project. Join us on a ride of movement, emotions and lyfe...Also an / ACTRESS / DREAMER / ENTREPRENEUR604#ifihadglass WE'd be able 2 shift the ART world thru the medium of live capture/share where YOU can fully experience DANCE thru OUR eyes. [link]
(Elizabeth Griffin)
New York City
Photographer/Editor for @hearstcorp digital: @esquiremag @elleusa @delishcom @redbookmag @goodhousemag Manhattan bred, Brooklyn convert. I'd use it as a reminder that every instant of this life, no matter how seemingly silly or small, is infinite in beauty. [link]
(Alexandra Roy)
Grand Rapids
Web Beautician/#SocialMedia @therightplaceGR; Life = cars, classic rock, new experiences & optimism. I need a sarcasm font for 90% of my tweets. Views are mine601#ifihadglass I would grow the economy by showing site selectors & out of area businesses what it's like to work/play/live in West #Michigan! [link]
(Mary Ann Van Osdell)
Legislative assistant to La. Sen. Barrow Peacock, Forum News columnist, author of Hands Pointed UP, rabid LSU fan601#ifihadglass I would document the experience for you on Facebook, Twitter and my blog as a journalist. You'd see LSU games & the La. Senate. [link]
(michele washington)
New York City
design strategist + writer of everyday things, culture of food, dandy street fashion, design, craft + technology. I tweet great ideas @desigNYCnow600#ifihadglass simultaneously seek out architectural ruins and opulent objects [link]
(Stephanie Tautkus)
Camera toting, tree hugging dirt worshiper. If you cut me I bleed Black and Gold! *Burgh Verified*596The beauty of the wild Backcountry would be available to those who can't hike 20 or more miles! #IfIHadGlass #Backpack #Hike #nature [link]
Planet Earth!
Love: SM & Ideas & Yummy Food & Nature || Travel freak || Curious || Artist in my own Right || Want to Save the Planet & Tigers || Work is my world & I louve it596#ifihadglass I would dedicate my first visual book to it! [link]
(Melea McCreary)
New York, NY
Future iron chef. Grammy Award-winning shower singer. Ardent bibliophile. Master of the eyebrow wiggle. I also make television for @todayshow.595#ifihadglass I'd share my travels around the world with people around the world. From big cities to remote villages. #buildbridges [link]
Hyattsville, MD
Feminist. Progressive Political Activist. Comic Artist. I draw 2 webcomics: Kindling ( and La Macchina Bellica ( i could stream my comicking process & share techniques in an online classroom from a first person POV. [link]
(Edite C. Torres✿)
Washington, DC - U.S.A.
☼Vivacious tropical islander by default; w/ a pinch of bluntness,as needed, in 4 idioms. Accountant, in love w/ family, life, & the world's mysteries☼ Democrat588#ifihadglass I would ask questions, for directions, take pictures, record videos, share w/ distant family & send messages to friends. [link]
(Sara Elizabeth)
Denver, CO
Social Media Magician, pop-culture enthusiast, lover of all things 90's. @SocialSpell is mine.587#ifihadglass I would document myself doing all the things I'm terrified of -- navigating, roller coasters, skiing, sky diving, etc! [link]
(Erin Wilson)
new york, ny
just trying to be a better me everyday....586I'd show what its like to audition for Broadway! #ifihadglass [link]
(Sophia Chou)
New York City & Brooklyn
@loudlycom founder, @weareassembly partner, style blogger. Some call me Dr. Chou.584#ifihadglass would DIYs really be by yourself? or go vintage shopping with me and catch NY streetstyle along the way? [link]
(Dawn Wolff)
@TTURawlsCollege Web Developer, Ambassador, and #RawlsMIS student. @TTUAITP President, @SeventeenMag F15, former #Apple employee and future @USAA Developer.584#ifihadglass I would show the world why girls belong in the IT industry. [link]
(Nancy Ruzow)
the NYC suburb of Westport, CT
graphic design diva who loves color, type, and tennis, 583What's it like to use Glass? @joshuatopolsky of @verge goes behind the scenes w/ @projectglass #ifihadglass [link]
(Lauren Zarzour)
locavore omnivore, and senior digital strategist at @vertmob... whatever that means583#ifihadglass I would be able to share my recipes and cooking with the world! [link]
(∆ℵℕ∆ ┼ ཞøㄨ™)
married to Chris Cerulli| Rastafarian| Instagram: annarox44| generally not giving a fluck| LZHS Soccer.582@projectglass #IfIHadGlass i'd go hiking around Europe in the mountains & go to all these peaceful places! [link]
(Alicia Brayboy)
Digital Marketer. Corporate Branding Nut. Designer. Social Media Advocate. Travel, HGTV, Film/Theatre Addict. AKA. @Lattice_Engines. 580#ifihadglass I would crowdsource an EPIC bucket list then complete each one for the next 30 days. BOOM. [link]
(Rana el Kaliouby)
Boston, Cairo
Emotion meets Social! CTO@Affectiva; Research Scientist@MIT Media Lab; Inventor of facial and emotion technology to improve lives (autism, mobile, video) 580#ifihadglass I would use @affectiva facial coding technology to read/share the #emotion or #sentiment of a place (e.g., classroom, party) [link]
(Christa Bohan)
Hairspirations include: Emma Stone, Adele, and Shaun White. 579#ifihadglass I would promise not to record/take pictures of my poop, no matter what. [link]
Baltimore Maryland
VP of Emerging Media at IMRE. Been working in new media since 1994. My family still doesn't know what I do for a living.577#ifihadglass I would figure out new ways to engage audiences and share content. [link]
(Katy Alonzo)
Brooklyn #based by way of Texas. Strategist at Anomaly. 577#ifihadglass I'd have to learn how to edit to create little yolo films @projectglass [link]
(Valerie Good)
Live For AT
† ♡575#ifihadglass I'd be able to recapture my life. [link]
(Irene Cov)
Conservative, Christian, MAMFT,Teacher,wife(38yr) grandmother of 5, Spinner & Knitter I BLOCK people selling stuff. 574@projectglass #ifihadglass I'm 60 but feel 40. I'm training a service dog to keep me mobile,would love to help develop for other seniors. [link]
(Kristen Tucker)
San Francisco, CA
I believe in the power of tex-mex and sand volleyball.570#ifihadglass I'd build an app to identify fashion on the street and find a place to purchase it. #iloveyourdress #wheredidyougetit [link]
(KC Saling)
New York
Systems engineer, chef, adventurer, photographer, and wife. I occasionally call myself a writer, but that's a work in progress.570#ifihadglass I'd be recording the stories/history behind my recipe creations and searching for other chefs to share theirs @projectglass [link]
(Thee Ubermensche)
Washington, DC
Long live the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete when no one else ever cared.569@projectglass #ifIhadglass I would document my (first) international experience in Egypt and my journey toward integrating Egyptian (cont) [link]
(Jan Sysmans)
Silicon Valley, CA
VP of Marketing at Moxtra569#ifihadglass I would finally be able to let everybody see the world through my eyes. And I can assure you, it’s a great vantage point :-) [link]
(Tam Ayers)
Blacksburg, VA, USA
Virginia Tech Student studying Computer Science in College of Engineering. Mac and Android Addict566#ifihadglass I would video stream via Google Hangout my college graduation to distant extended family and friends that couldn't be there. [link]
Tool Academy, MN
Like shitty tap water: fairly transparent & marginally hazardous.566#ifihadglass I could Relive the forgotten nights, Revisit the faded memories and Rediscover all the Reasons that life is Really beautiful. [link]
(Kathleen S. Fliss)
Medway, MA
Medical Exam of Me, All about consumer personal health. #HealthIT, #consumer/patient and #medicalhistory. Mom, veteran, runner, dreamer564#ifihadglass I would link it with my Apple wristband and give them to my doctor so she could SEE a true picture of my health history [link]
(Jessica Choai)
my names jessica and i loooveeeee timefliesssss ⌚✈. ✌563#ifihadglass I would use it when I travel through the South Pacific in July and when I go to Europe on August [link]
(Jean Pluvinage)
Diretor da FoxTablet, editora de publicações impressas e digitais.560If I had Glass, I would make groups with common goals, plan meetings and recognise each group member with Google Glass. #ifihadglass [link]
brooklyn, ny
caring // creating // connecting559#ifihadglass I would go to mecca on the hajj pilgrimage and make a film to share w/ the world what being an American Muslim means to me. [link]
Charlotte, NC
Preacher of the Gospel, mother, self taught chef FOR HIRE, political junkie, unpublished author, frustrated hiphop artist and LTs BFF.556#ifihadglass i would use it to document meetings with my mother's doctors, to verify treatment options and reassure her [link]
(Tori Wester)
Twenty-something GOP activist, blogger, and Jeopardy Enthusiast.555#beatthat "@michaelcaldwell: #ifihadglass I would document a first person experience as a State Rep speaking on the floor of the GA House" [link]
Arlington, VA
Love Star wars, Video games, photography, and Ruby :)553I would be able to use my GPS or read texts without taking my eyes off the road. #ifihadglass [link]
Boulder, CO / Port Angeles, WA
Trail Guide - detailed GPS-based trail information for Hikers, Bikers, Horseback and more551#ifihadglass ProTrails would create a live feed from the Field to the Classroom to educate kids about nature in real-time! @projectglass [link]
(Tyler Kotrba)
On Tour With Nicki Minaj
@Jordansblog followed 8/27/12 @CodySimpson Followed 11/10/12 @BrinxBillions followed @NICKIMINAJ is my everything #TeamMinaj #TeamDrizzy #BeyHive550#ifihadglass I would wear them to @NICKIMINAJ's concert so I could have that #Moment4Life [link]
(Jervis Cottonbelly)
Greetings! I'm Jervis Cottonbelly. I specialize in hand-holding, heart-melting & professional wrestling! #WorldsSweetestMan550#ifihadglass I would use it during my Professional Wrestling Matches to analyze my performance & improve it! Technology is wondrous. [link]
(Tom's Ophelia)
Emerald City of OZ
Hiddlestoner, Moonwalker & Skywalker. also: Disney & Twilight Zone addict. Simply known as the female Sheldon Cooper546#ifihadglass i could show my friends in what way I see the world. [link]
(Jen Breuss)
Playa Del Rey, CA
Digital Designer, Viewbicle Day Dreamer and Fair Weather Cyclist.545Artificial retinas, a 3D-printing pen and #ifihadglass in our look at the web this week [link]
(donna greene)
Creative Graphic Designer - My Tools of the Trade are Photoshop, Illustrator, Infini-3D, and Flash. Also, I am a Foodie at Heart. Love Top Chef!!!544#ifihadglass I would take them on vacation with me leave home my camera take in the sights and sounds enjoy and explore the product [link]
Plain, straightforward person; An English Major, free form writer. Art is my thing, fashion is my will.543#ifihadglass : I can record every single move of my newly born nephew. Just that, the glass couldn't reach this place >.< . [link]
(Kristina Webb)
I can't turn off the copy editor. Also a page designer and occasional books reporter. #snarkalec542#ifihadglass The real world would be as the Internet: filled with corgis and kitties. [link]
(Nancy Xiao)
seattle/ann arbor/kansas city
soon-to-be @WolffOlins. past: @KauffmanFDN, @duosec. student, traveler, nba fanatic, startup weekend junkie, and curious troublemaker. part-time dog owner.541#ifihadglass I might finally be able to catch up with my kangaroo-border collie mix of a puppy. [link]
(Sara Katz-Scher)
Los Angeles
Writer, Northwestern University Alumna539I'd explore the theme parks of California! #ifIhadglass [link]
(D. Renée Wilson)
Central FL and Sav, GA
Professional human being / artist, creating unique & inspiring art. I live, artwork, & play! free hands; From moments of inspiration through its creation, journey of an artwork through my eyes. #ifihadglass [link]
(Kimberly F. Thompson)
Mill Valley, CA
Kimberly is a SF based Health Coach. A recovering perfectionist, she is on a mission of acceptance and regularly engages in the pursuit of happiness.533#ifihadglass I would be honored to be a Glass Explorer and to be selected would change my life in ways I can't imagine. [link]
I'm from Ohio, yo ;)
Yoga loving, #sweatpink ambassador, tea drinking educator who likes to experience everything Akron! Working on being a family of 3 w/ #operationadoption. 531#ifihadglass I would be able to take introduce my students to a new world of technology! [link]
(Sophia Wetherell)
New York
Director of Corporate Development, M&C Saatchi New York: British girl living the Big Apple dream. Views are my own.530#ifihadglass I would use it to record & share my experiences of being a newcomer to New York with my friends & family back home in the UK [link]
(Robin Nielsen)
Minneapolis, MN
PPC specialist. Urban Farmer. Hippie with a day job. 528#ifihadglass I'd capture my experience as part of the first settlement on mars and share it with the world! [link]
(Arapahoe Library)
Centennial, Colorado
Amanda, Marcie, and Melissa tweet about books, programs, and library events.528#ifihadglass Arapahoe Libraries will SHARE Glass with our 200,000+. You see, we already know a bit about glasses: [link]
(Renée Gaillard)
Bronx, NY; Boston, MA
enjoying: family. friends. boston u. @heratbu. compsci. design|graphics|animation. disney. culture. entertainment. tech. smiling. awkward moments. being me :)528#ifihadglass I would finally get to take the pictures I've always wanted to with my glasses. It's a whole new/other world, why not share it? [link]
(Mila Gates)
Denver, CO
Community Manager for @integergroup. 2012 Top 500 #cmgr list: Slightly obsessed with #DowntonAbbey and coffee. Tweets = mine.528#ifihadglass I would show the world how beautiful #Colorado is [link]
(Sarah J Ritch)
Chicago Composer, Noisy Improviser, Music Educator, and Tech Geek527@projectglass I'd run live international performances of improvised music #ifihadglass [link]
(Addy Meira)
The official twitter of the instructional technologist, graphic designer, volleyball player/coach, Brazilian, and Gato lover. Sic'em Bears!526#ifIhadglass I would use it as a reading tool to my augmented reality filled dissertation that is being translated into a digital art form. [link]
(allie kosters)
jacksonville, fl
Colorist, Master Hair Stylist, Fashion Lover, Navy Veteran, geek, sometimes blogger, music lover, friend, and mom. grew up in atlanta, ga. 525#ifihadglass I would share my hair and makeup with the world to make it prettier. That's what I do... [link]
(Isabella Marques)
Privet Drive
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. 524#ifihadglass I wouldn't need to hold my big camera and I wouldn't pay languages courses anymore ! Amazing, I need one ! [link]
Lost in, Wonderland
It's Adventure time. #Teamfollowback 521#ifihadglass record my everyday life so i never forget [link]
(Meghan Mahowald)
South Bay, CA
Only one in the world i depend on is me521stage-flashing lights-my band-rock n roll-sweaty fans-adrenaline. share this w/ me: a musicians world #ifihadglass [link]
(Michelle Czarnecki)
I'm a committed Messianic Jew trying to live solely for G-d! I also follow my followers back and hope you will be blessed here! :) God Bless! 1 Corinthians 1:3.521#ifIhadglass I would have a lot of fun with it . For instance, I might see more clearly and use it for texting, photography, and school. [link]
And remember, no matter where you go, there you are...519@mdcunha #ifIhadglass I'd wear it during #archery and ask #Google to help me aim #GoogleGlass ;) [link]
San Francisco, CA
Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; (I am large—I contain multitudes.) –Walt Whitman518You’d see even more food I cook & eat! #ifihadglass [link]
(Sara Alloy)
NYC Area
+SizeModel. UX Designer. Writer. Thinking with both sides of my brain daily!'d check out all of America's best roadside tourist "attractions" with Google Glass #kbsglass #ifihadglass [link]
(Stephanie Perea)
Los Angeles, CA
I like to bundle bundle.515#ifihadglass I'd be able to spend more time with my family in Taiwan while living in Los Angeles. [link]
(Tiffany Carroll)
Orlando, Florida
Just trying to turn my signature into an autograph. Patriots. Cupcakes. Nail Polish. Advertising. Life.515#ifihadglass I would reconnect with old friends [link]
(Side Show Bob)
Eating all your food! YUM
BMI Songwriter. Enchantress to the Dreamer. Blessed are the compassionate. Live full, die empty!514#ifihadglass I'd use every penny I have traveling the world and giving the blind a view! [link]
(Baylee Greenberg)
Business Development @dosomething. I flip pennies heads up. Lover of Lewis' Alice , the IPA, and the Big House. Will work for swedish fish.514#ifihadglass I'd create a livestreamed rental system in NYC so we can spend a day in someone else's shoes (NYPD, homeless teen, etc.) [link]
(Monique Dolbin)
Washington DC
Sales Mgr for @WarcAmericas. I love #photography #travel #SM & #marketing. I believe in the power of positive thinking and I try to live by the golden rule.513#ifihadglass I would be willing to give up my iPhone and be $1,500 poorer. #WorthEveryPenny [link]
(Trish Whetzel)
Stanford, CA
Outreach Coordinator at Stanford University for the National Center for Biomedical Ontology @bioontology513I travel the world and with Google Glass I would see more and share more than ever before #ifihadglass [link]
510#ifihadglass I would show people my world [link]
(Liz Medwid)
Visual artist using pastel, acrylic, gouache and oil paint to illustrate animals, landscapes, weather phenomenon. I would use them for artistic inspiration, reference, tutorials, collaboration, to share! #art #painting #drawing #creating [link]
Los Angeles
I love bikes and the culture that surrounds it. I care about government. I work in TV. 506#IfIHadGlass, I could produce a movie while riding my bicycle alongside the ocean. #BikeLA #DreamsComingTrue [link]
(Angie Terrell)
Atlanta, GA
User experience designer for emerging technology @Engauge. Writer for Beatport News. DJ. Music producer. Buddhist. Instagram: a_la_amelia506#ifihadglass I would walk around famous cemeteries like Oakland Cemetary & learn more about the lives of people buried there. #Atlanta [link]
(Emily Verbeke)
Allen Park, MI
Passionate School Psychologist, musician, self proclaimed nerd (nicknamed excelerator) and unending advocate for children. 503#ifihadglass as a school psychologist I'd help students tell their stories & learn from the world while developing digital citizenship. [link]
(Sandy Guzman)
San Diego, CA
Love, health & happiness are all you need!502#ifihadglass I would be able to record a lot of amazing summer concerts in San Diego, brilliant sunsets, crazy animals & funny people. [link]
(Ebony Monreaux)
High Heels, High Standards. #TFB #Sagittarius500#IfiHadGlass I would show everyone a wonderful day in the life of me, Stephanieleigh :) [link]
(Samantha Cronin)
499@SJEarthquakes you guys should probably check this out, being a Silicon Valley team & all #ifihadglass [link]
web & mobile dev who codes for good. head of metadata at @guardianproject.498#ifihadglass i would immediately make InformaCam compatible with it! ( (gimme!) [link]
(Amy Simons)
New Joisey
Daily vlogger on YouTube. Green-eyed Jersey girl. They call me ice cream 'cause I bring the flava.498#ifihadglass I would show everyone what it's like to go to concerts and sporting events from my point of view. [link]
(Megan Nuttall)
Curious crafter & copywriter @kbsp_agency. 496#ifihadglass I'd remake The Terminator using glass, and me. Hasta la vista baby! #kbsglass [link]
(Karen Kallet)
Marketing, Brand & Social Media. Likes sharing cool things that matter.496#ifihadglass it would transform my vision of the world. Enrich, envision and blaze a trail doing cool things that matter. [link]
(Adriana Murillo)
Economista -496#ifihadglass Google Glass VIDEO [link]
Atlanta, GA
Assoc.Social Media Director @22Squared & Active Member @BuckheadChurch Views & opinions expressed here are my own & don't represent the views of my employer495#22glass #ifihadglass I would only talk to people with high @Klout scores #22sq #22labs #googleglasses [link]
San Francisco, CA
Based in San Francisco, Jana Rich co-leads the global Media, Entertainment and Convergence Practice.494Inspired by Sergey Brin today about how to integrate computing and connections. I would "stand tall" and take the leap. #ifihadglass #ted [link]
(Edlyn Yuen)
New York, NY
VC at StarVest Partners. Wellesley alum. You are what you love. 494#ifihadglass Impromptu wedding pictures will be revolutionized [link]
(Ashley Watts)
Small town girl with big city dreams✨ #RollTide follow me on instagram: ashleywattts 493#IfIHadGlass the world would be such a better place. Things would be simpler. @projectglass [link]
(Leslie Burns)
Seattle, WA
Babson College grad and Digital Marketing Manager who loves football, my dog, pop culture, education, and a little bit of everything else.493#ifihadglass Tailgating before an @seahawks game, road tripin to Canada for a tour of Stanley Park & a boat trip around Lake Washington #PNW [link]
(Kathleen Noce)
493@projectglass #ifihadglass I would document the completion of my bucket list for my children and grandchildren to enjoy. [link]
(Jamie Williams)
Just a man running the race trying to make my way home.491@projectglass #ifihadglass I would show the world what's its really like in countries like Haiti or Honduras through missions trips. [link]
(Amrita Mahale)
San Francisco, CA
491#ifihadglass I would fill my world with wonder, ask more questions than when I was 5 knowing answers are a blink away [link]
(Tiffany Brown)
San Francisco
Professional Entrepreneur. Online Marketer. Dog & Cat Lover. I tweet about business, technology, motivation & inspiration. Let's make it happen.490#ifihadGlass I'd google everyone I come in contact with and form mastermind teams for any and everything. [link]
(Lauren Schneider)
Social Media Coordinator @Ingenex. Candy addict. Dog obsessed. PR and advertising grad from #CentralMich.488@projectglass #ifihadglass I could FINALLY ditch my lame iPhone. [link]
(Kelly Swindell)
Greensboro, NC
modern dancer, theater geek, writer & account manager at Feisty PR, mother, rockaholic, pride of the South, re-learning to cook, ivy slayer, RSA, short485To attempt i create movement and share it from a less introverted point of view, it would bring performance to an open space #ifihadglass [link]
San Francisco
No stress cause im not here to impress. 484@Ifihadglass I would make a documentary of my life capturing each second and then turning it to a movie. #simple #genuine #ifihadglass [link]
(Thomas H Hallin)
Here To Help - experienced value creator & innovative solutions provider for meetings, your organization and your target audience!484#ifihadglass I'd share ocean adventures sail racing & surf-ski kayaking, let friends, family and colleagues experience new sights and sounds [link]
(Madeline Wahl)
@UCF grad. @Ad2Orlando Social Media Chair. #NASAsocial Alum. YA writer. Reader. Green tea drinker. #Whedonite I'd make magic a reality by exploring multiple theme parks with a new perspective. #Orlando #Universal #Disney #SeaWorld [link]
(Maura Chace)
Atlanta, GA
Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose.479#ifihadglass I’d give it to my innovations lab of software devs to write applications for it. [link]
(Christina Smith)
Roy, Utah
Cherophobic #NYG #Utes #UtahJazz478#ifihadglass I would capture every moment of my life. [link]
(Robbie Hassett)
ÜT: 40.744266,-73.517902
I'm Robbie. I'm 27 and work as a freelance photographer. I specialize in photographic artists and artist work but am currently diversifying my portfolio. 477#ifihadglass I would record my travels across the country recording my photography work and traveling with my music. [link]
(Megan Brennan)
I draw stuff. mostly comics. see also: I'm gonna be real with you, I'd pretty much just make cat videos [link]
(Maya Ziv)
San Diego
I write for @skydmagazine. I lift heavy things. I play ultimate. I know all about engineering biology. Want life science or PR? My other handle is @BiotechMaya474#ifIhadGlass I'd commit to a summer road trip before law school and chronicle the whole thing! Also - play lots of #ultimate [link]
(President Joel)
Yeshiva University President, YU, RIETS. Jewish, Education, Torah, Torah Umadda, Judaism, Nowhere But Here474#ifihadglass I'd document on G+ the exp of a Univ Pres at the seminal moment in every student’s life, commencement [link]
Meet Case - he has #HunterSyndrome / #MPSII. Tweeting about rare disease, clinical trials, research, therapies, iPad apps, IEPs, tech472I would show the world what it's like to care for a child with a #raredisease in a #clinicaltrial #ifihadglass [link]
(Gabryelle Giddens)
I attend Michigan State University, Majoring in Engineering. Im all about loving God, Fam, & Friends. I love to laugh, & Im striving to become a success ☺❤470#ifihadglass I would utilize it in all my classes and everyday life!! [link]
(Kelsey Walden)
Florence Alabama
Loving My Moose and working my ass off in school, gotta love pre-med!468#IfIHadGlass I would be one step closer to realizing my dream...becoming a fully functioning cyborg with a natural human consciousness :D [link]
(Jodie Miller)
Minneapolis, MN
I am a marketing professional, MBA Student, and Ad2 Public Service ninja. I'm also a rock climber, traveler & music lover. #ifihadglass I'd make a documentary of life through my eyes. [link]
Upstate NY
Lady, private pilot, Buddhist. :)467#ifihadglass I'd want to see how it could benefit pilots. [link]
(Lauren Martiello)
hoboken, no jokin'
sometimes I leave a heads-up penny on the ground so someone else can pick it up & all day long have good luck. creative @mboothpr & branding @SVAMPSB466#ifihadglass I would do everything on my bucket list. [link]
Form follows function. And if you just function properly, things will form themselves.466#ifihadglass I'd wear it to my soccer practices to to help coach myself [link]
(Daniel Cotlar)
CMO, Online Marketing / Analytics / Customer Experience / Proud father466#ifihadglass I'd give it to a quadriplegic friend (longest surviving on ventilator!),completely change his ability to communicate,learn,QOL. [link]
West Bend, WI
Photographer, Designer, Webmaster, Disabled Veteran, College Graduate, Geek. Loves NASCAR, Harley's, the Vikings. Needs to get out more!465#ifihadglass I would show the world through sight what a deaf person #hears #DoYouHearWhatISee [link]
(Meghan Corbin)
Erie, PA
Marketing, communication, social media, and public relations professional and professor. Oh, and I offer corporate training, too!464Engage students in discovering its potential in a higher education classroom #ifIhadglass [link]
(Natalie Be'er)
New York
A displaced Texan; student of art & technology; NYU-ITP Alum; lover of the internet, animals, & food. Spends free time working on 463I would record all the dogs I meet on the streets of New York. #ifihadglass [link]
(noreen daypuyat)
461#ifihadglass i wouldn't be holding that gopro cam on a monopod [link]
A Woman Who Runs With Wolves RadioShowHost | Aspiring DJ | Poet | 460#ifihadglass I would document the many lives of the underground music scene & stream their performances for everyone to see their talent. [link]
Father, husband, part-time motivational speaker, & full-time Web & iOS Designer. Founder of @TurnMatic, designer of @VoteSpot & soon-to-be #GlassExplorer!460Hey @projectglass check out my #ifihadglass application and see how Google Glass was made for me! #LookMomNoHands [link]
Reporter KAWC Colorado River Public Media458@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd use it to figure out a way it could help people with Alzheimer's or other memory problems. [link]
not norwalk
19. Virgo. Wallflower. hiiiiii IG: Deantownn457#ifihadglass i would capture every moment in life that I could! [link]
(Connie Smallwood)
Avid technologist @CAinc, innovator, cat lover, baker, tourist, feng shui newbie, green enthusiast455#ifihadglass I would capture random acts of kindness, good service and helpful people. [link]
(Kai Hasson)
Co-Founder and Creative Director @PortalA. Go 49ers. 455@projectglass #ifihadglass I'd motorcycle the world and make a Youtube show. [link]
(Laura Meyer)
Wedding and Lifestyle Portrait Photography in the Chicago Metro Area. View my work at www.laurameyerphotography.com454google glass would enable our photo biz to create fusion art w/ still & moving pics- a whole new perspective of photojournalism #ifihadglass [link]
(Ashley Twist)
fashion. food. fitness. fun. 454#ifihadglass I would be able shop smarter by building outfits on-the-go with a library of all my past purchases. [link]
Houston, TX
There is a difference between living and merely existing.452#ifihadglass I'd share life's joys with the world. [link]
New York City
I eat (no meat), sleep, work...swim, bike and run in the greatest city in the world. Racing triathlons (all distances from sprint to 2x IRONMAN) since 2001.452#ifihadglass I would inspire the world to be healthy, I'd bring onlookers along for a long workout and give away my nutritional secrets [link]
Alix | 18 | Ecuadorian | NJ | 450#ifihadglass life would be much easier the device seems so useful i would be honored to try it & i'm glad google is bringing us the future [link]
(Ain't Nothing Sweet.)
crème de la crème NJ
I'm Maurielle. 20. Aquarius. If You Dont Know Me, Maybe You Should. Rare, Insatiable, Colorful & Indulgent. And though she be but little, she is fierce -ws450#ifihadglass I'd let it make me a better person, capturing the right moments the right times. [link]
(Ashley Meyer)
Free spirit. Vocalist. Tattoos. Piercings. Feathers. Loving life. 446#ifihadglass I would talk to as many people as I could to collect their stories to help others through life [link]
(Lisa Junkin)
mischievous museum professional.444#ifihadglass I'd explore our museum's archives to share hidden treasures with people who couldn't otherwise see them. [link]
(JJ Outlaw)
Sweet home Chicagoland
Wife, doggy & kitty mom, basketball fan, food blogger, freelance writer, college consultant, goober. I brake for chocolate and Rachel Maddow.441#ifihadglass I would use it to document the efforts to revitalize Gary, IN. There are a lot of great people working hard to restore the city [link]
(Amy Jett)
The Big Easy - New Orleans, LA
photog and ginga ninja living in the magical city of New Orleans. this is my personal account. follow @amyjettphoto for pics and photog business stuff!440As a professional photographer, #ifihadglass I would use this new and exciting tool to continue to visually share the world around me. [link]
Tulsa, Houston
I watch way too many movies, listen to my music too loud, laugh at crude jokes and think way too much... 440#ifIhadglass I would show how life in Oklahoma is crazy fun, and how it is not all about cowboys and horses. [link]
i'm in the HOUSE!
i got 99 donuts cause a bitch ate one. #thatshitTRAY 439#ifihadglass i would finally be able to sit right on my seat, instead of being on the edge of it. too excited!! [link]
(Laura Darby)
Next to Carmen Sandiego
New Yorker. Gamer. Primatologist. Sometimes nice. Always friendly. Never compromising.439#IfIhadGLASS I would never go to the wrong Starbucks in an airport and end up having to run through the terminal to catch my flight [link]
(Samantha Moore)
ca - nyc. digital marketing for @indegoot. lurking enthusiast. home cooking prodigy.439#ifihadglass I would share the inspiration I find in every minute I spend exploring my home: NYC! Lots of food, music, and general oddities. [link]
(Michael Mancuso)
iPhone: 40.829037,-73.927643
Creative Director in NYC.439#ifihadglass I'll track progress, performance and stay connected in the 2013 ING New York City Marathon - under 3:30! [link]
(Maria Camila Alzate)
It's about love, compassion, kindness and faith. It has nothing to do with luck, you get what you give so give good.438#ifihadglass all my adventures would be known to the world, as well as those still awaiting to be fulfilled [link]
(Taryn Rose)
Beverly Hills
I'm an orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer and serial entrepreneur. I have three wonderful children and I'm passionate about living life to the fullest!438#ifihadglass Could show my kids a day in life of a mom-preneur (reality of class and glass not crass) [link]
Chicago, IL
A cumberbunny in a bottomless herd ;) So proud of our Benny! My fanarts: Take it on my first piloting experience in May! @projectglass [link]
hEArT of TeXAs
✌PEACE & LOVE Y'ALL❤436@projectglass #ifihadglass I could show y'all the incredible sunset I see every evening. #GodIsGreat #pleasepickme😳 [link]
“The art of good business is being a good middleman, putting people together. It's all about honor and respect...” 435#ifihadglass Id create Front Row an app that streams a concert/event from the POV shot as if you were in the front row of the show. [link]
(Bridget Merenda)
Where the Wild Things Are
blonde hair blowin in the summer wind, a blue-eyed girl playing in the sand434#ifihadglass I would see the world for those who can't. [link]
(Amanda L.K.A.)
D.C./San Antonio
Building communities & sharing stories | Proud @smithcollege alum | feminist | health policy communications/mktg | civil rights advocate | Tweets 100% me434#ifihadglass Women could capture verbal harassment & catcalls from guys who ride (& who work for) @wmata #wmata cc: @unsuckdcmetro [link]
(A Thug Named Mom)
New York, NY
Epically delicious. Sophisticated swag. OG by design. Tomboy in stilettos & boyshorts. Guardian angel to few. Superhero to one; My son. :) 433#ifihadglass I would create a whole new social experience that could not be duplicated. [link]
(Cortney Gogarty)
Seattle, WA
Midwest Gal gone Pacific Northwest. @HasOffers. Ongoing Beats. Great Company. Trails to Run On. Excessive Shopping. Plenty of Travel. Love. 432#GoogleGlass - Cray. Completely. #ifihadglass I would never miss a memory again. "Take Photo" on Repeat. [link]
(Debbie W)
Baltimore, MD
Digital Program Manager of all things SEM, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, Website Optimization, Integration Marketing, Red Sox fan, & Mom.431#ifihadglass I'd capture every "first" moment of my child's first year. [link]
(Cara ThugLife)
Midwest Fool
female emcee, @StayLiveMethod is the crew, #EleMint is the game.430#ifihadglass I would use it to take/share pictures/videos with business & mutual contacts for event planning/enjoying locally & nationally. [link]
(Rae Stewart)
Love family -horses - CONSERVATIVE politics - sports - travel - news junkie = live full time in an RV - travel travel travel and yet you are always home!429@projectglass #ifihadglass 73 yrs young.... Time to be best explorer for project glass! Tech savvy senior, w/help of geek son [link]
(Leslie Olivos)
iTweet. Actions express priority.428#ifihadglass I would make the field Google Glass movie [link]
(Meeeeeeee (´._.`) )
TeddyBear's♥ (~‾▿‾)~
[Love, Wild, Young, Freak and Free♚][I'm just an ordinary girl with a big dream inside my heart♥][Grafity, Basketballer & Photographer wanna be♚][Nicoo's♚]428"@damnitstrue: #ifihadglass I'd be able to capture the photographs my eyes see every second. #googleglass 🍻" [link]
(Eve Walter)
Bellevue, WA
Sometimes I write things. All opinions are my own here on my personal account. Video games are my passion in life. Editor at ArenaNet.427@projectglass #ifIhadglass I'd catalog Seattle & my local area, making historical images & info about buildings connected & searchable. [link]
(Allison Glass)
Austin, TX
Tech, travel, food, and Texas. Also PR & Social for @mapmyfitness. 427#ifihadglass I could capture & share moments like this w/o a bag of equipment. Also know how close is too close! [link]
(Tracy Louisa Steel)
Milton Keynes
Living One Vibrational Energy. Oneness, peace, truth, freedom and green living for ALL. Veganist, Empath and web/social media marketer.426#ifihadglass I would show the world how love can make a difference. Live one vibrational energy <3 [link]
(Ashley Mooney )
Twenty-something, Co-Founder @Thumbtrotter. Black Swan Seeker. Tech Lover. Social Media Enthusiast - not a 'Guru' 426#ifihadglass I'd feel more inspired to capture life moments, resulting in much more creative tweets than this. #projectglass #googleglass [link]
(Kelly Cates)
Dallas, Texas
High School English Teacher, Writer, Blogger, Traveling Speaker & Friend of Jesus425#ifihadglass I would change the way people see each other. [link]
(Ran Enrico Magen)
San Francisco, CA
Nerd, geek, overly enthusiastic, but generally an ok person. @maayan7s says I'm an idiot but what does she know? She married me. Backend Engineer @ Twitter.423#ifihadglass I'd write an app that records a minute buffer of video that will save to Google Drive on command. Document amazing things. [link]
(Megan Corbet)
Jetsetter, @SUPRSSA President, @ChipotleTweets Student Brand Manager, studying @NewhousePR and marketing @SyracuseU421Could Google Glasses be my personal assistant? Like #Siri with less of an attitude #ifihadglass [link]
(Autumn Kessler)
Cloud 69 (;
| Future Vet Tech (: | #TeamiPhone | #TeamMoneyFlow $$$ | #TeamHawaiian | #TeamThickk | #TeamCollege | #TeamINDEPENDENT ; IG : HawaiianLovee92 421#ifihadglass I wouldn't have to Say "Oh man, I wish you were there to see it." [link]
(Jessica Reynoso)
Amarillo, Texas
Traveling in a Tardis is my dream. But instead I own a clunker ._. So I shall Keep Calm & Chive On! 421#ifihadglass I would create a documentary on how amazing life is. It would be my life but isn't all life amazing? [link]
animal for live!!!!420#ifihadglass I would go live in nature for 1 week and document how life would be like living off all the natural resources. [link]
(emily larsen)
Ye Ole Ship
Stay hungry; Stay foolish419@projectglass #ifihadglass i wouldnt need to make fun of my dumbphone anymore, glass would come with me while i follow my dreeeams! #college [link]
(Daniela Luzi Tudor)
Los Angeles, CA
419#ifihadglass I would record and share every music concert and show experience from LA to Ibiza to London to Thailand, all genres! [link]
(Kristy Woolbright)
ÜT: 33.744361,-84.362846
@UGAGrady grad. Social media manager for @22squared in Atlanta. Aspiring foodie.417#22glass #IfiHadGlass I would Google menu items BEFORE I order them #schwarma #22labs #22sq [link]
(suzie austin)
denver, co
start-up svp, writer, photographer, media junky416#ifihadglass I would provide amazing videos & photos of Colorado . I would not, however, jump from a balloon. [link]
(Sамаnтна )
Student @academy_of_art // // Portfolio #GirlGamer #PschFAN #Fitness 412#IfIHadGlass id capture every moment with a picture. Send them to my website, tell my friends about them, fulfil my creativity as an artist! [link]
To the hood & back, MI
You think you know, but you have no idea #TEAMPRETTYLADIES #TeamCancer ♋412#IfIHadGlass I would capture the historical beauty in the world. From mother nature to manmade, this world is filled with beauty [link]
(Ashley .)
Breathing...410😑 “@RAW_Talent93: That Google Glass thing looks crazyyyyy!!! i wonder how it would be for a college student to have one. #IfiHadGlass” [link]
(Chloe Glarner)
@Sol_Inspiration & @iammpls #Producer who dabbles in #Strategy, #Globalization & driven individuals. 409#ifihadglass I'd have superpowers. [link]
(Kristine aka K9 )
Retired Derby girl with Bath City Roller Girls-Mt Clemens, Michigan, soccer player, soccer coach, part time bowler, kickball queen, gun lover407#ifihadglass I would be able to do so much. I would do so many more exciting things. It would change my life. [link]
Peace and love to the homies ✌407#IfIHadGlass i would travel the world with it! [link]
(Erin Gavle)
Travel often, dream always.406#ifihadglass i'd spend more time in the moment and less time finding, documenting, and uploading the moment. cheers to the future! [link]
(ToriAnn Bellino)
Catholic. Sports journalist. Wine and coffee connoisseur. Co-Owner VBI football. 406#IfIHadGlass traveling, writing, filming, managing, recruiting would all be done with a blink of my eye. #football [link]
(Victoria Johnson)
West Tennessee
All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost. #UTK16 #WPS406#ifihadglass I would record my entire life. #mindblown #inlove [link]
(sumer gregg)
iPhone: 0.000000,0.000000
SEO, Social Media Strategy, Golf, Anything outdoors, social or otherwise engaging,,. Sumer in the city406I wouldn't have to say "click" everytime I wanted a mental picture. I'd just get the real thing #IfIHadGlass [link]
Hayward, CA
Focus: Helping to building cooperative, tolerant, and compassionate communities. We are stronger together than alone. All tweets are my own opinion.406#ifihadglass I might better manage the diverse threads of my life. Concurrent monitoring & execution of work, home, community activities [link]
(Alexa Smith)
San Francisco bay area
Love cutting-edge art, wearable technology, interactive public art. Video channel on YouTube (artfuture). Collect children's books about space travel.405#ifihadglass I would do new ad network with real time data on what's available to buy in local stores [link]
(Stephanie Dünx)
New Jersey
Veganism, feminism, all the isms404#ifihadglass I'd film my interactions w/ the animals. A glimpse into deep, soulful eyes could inspire more respect for our fellow creatures. [link]
(Taylor Lee Jones)
Chattanooga, TN
Principal Partner @ Whiteboard, a creative agency empowering visionaries to lead meaningful brands. I make useful internet things.404#ifihadglass I would tell the first-person story of how is eradicating poverty by building an entire city in Cambodia [link]
(Sharon Cichelli)
Austin, TX
.NET developer at Headspring, open-source contributor, author of my tritanomaly wouldn't stop me from reading resistor values. #arduino [link]
(Alicia Reeves)
Louisville, Kentucky
@Interapt's in-house Creative Genius & Art Freak. I'd rather be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. 401#ifihadglass I'd become a better creative & handle clients & projects more efficiently. @projectglass helps ... [link]
(Golli Hashemian)
UX strategist/designer, improviser, international volunteer and traveler. Life-long learner turned mentor/advisor.401#ifihadglass & mad skills, I'd put an outside cam on it to support gestures w/ a "secret handshake" in addition to voice control [link]
(Ann-Marie Harbour)
Interactive Producer400#ifihadglass @michellechilds & I would take the world on an adventure. 7 countries. 7 days. Around the world. [link]
(Sarah Knop)
Houston, Texas
I'n not bipolar, I'm a Gemini. Or maybe I'm both.. 399#ifihadglass everyone would see my making #famousbound [link]
(Sarah Faye Kauffman)
New York, NY
social media marketing manager @kbsp_agency • bay area native • tech, yoga, music + (above all) food398Make A Documentary from the POV of the Disabled #kbsglass #ifihadglass [link]
Los Angeles
Why do we get 160 characters to describe ourselves but only 140 to Tweet our thoughts? I'm not that complex: Woman. Los Angeles. Doing my thing.397I'd put a big smile on my mom's face - she's paralyzed from ALS. No more struggles to play her fave tunes or stay in touch! #ifihadglass [link]
(Jade Q Wang)
San Francisco, CA
Musician, poet, martial artist, scientist. And hacker houses. Not a religion, just a technique. I make things happen.396#ifihadglass I'd make/play an immersive geolocal game like ingress, except with glass. [link]
(Jamie Nelson)
San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Web guy, podcast producer, marketer, Internet celebrant.395I could figure every dog's breed I meet every morning on my morning walk. Same for all the shore birds I see. #ifihadglass [link]
(Angie Rodriguez)
-City Of Angels-
To live and die in LA would be an awfully big adventure! Instagram: AngieGuadalupe27 Omerta.393#ifihadglass I'd show the world what it's like to live in LA through my eyes. Family. Friends. Dodgers. My Life.💙⚾✌ [link]
San Francisco
Designerd, illustrator, & pretend developer. Building @SociallistMe. @CarnegieMellon BXA & MHCI alum. INFP. Hair once matched a Rothko painting. I ❤ SV.393Vision is an illustrator's greatest asset. #ifihadglass I'd show you how I capture the world with my pen: [link]
(Rachel Foster)
Louisville, KY
web / graphic designer, pixel enthusiast, plant-eater, wanderluster. - travelblog: i would capture culture & adventure! (photos from a previous exploration: [link]
(Genevieve Gallagher)
NETS*T Certified librarian, baker,