Hongyang Zhang

Hongyang Zhang photo 

PhD Student,
Department of Computer Science,
Stanford University,
Email: hongyang@cs.stanford.edu

I am a fifth-year PhD student at Stanford, where I am fortunate to be advised by Ashish Goel. Currently I'm focusing on Machine Learning and Optimization, including non-convex optimization, convex relaxations, tensor decomposition, understanding generalization. I am affiliated with the Theory group and the Social Algorithms group.

My resume

Working Papers


Algorithmic Game Theory

Work I did in undergrad.

  • Incentives for Strategic Behavior in Fisher Market Games, with Ning Chen, Xiaotie Deng, Bo Tang
    AAAI 2016

  • Computing the Nucleolus of Matching, Cover and Clique Games, with Ning Chen and Pinyan Lu
    AAAI 2012

  • Incentive Ratios of Fisher Markets, with Ning Chen, Xiaotie Deng, Jie Zhang
    ICALP 2012

  • On Strategy-proof Allocation without Payments or Priors, with Li Han, Chunzhi Su, Linpeng Tang
    WINE 2011