Listing of some science articles I wrote for The Stanford Daily...

Religion helps science: Alzheimer's study uses nuns

"In describing his research subjects, University of Kentucky Neurology Prof. Dr. David Snowdon said, "When I visit the convent it is like visiting grandma's house, except this house has a hundred or so grandmothers." This is not exactly the answer you would expect from a scientist, but Snowdon is no ordinary researcher and the Nun Study he heads is no ordinary research project. . . "
(This article was picked up by U-Wire)

Taking the guesswork out of drug design

"The tale of penicillin's accidental discovery is part of science folklore, a parable of how breakthroughs can occur when you least expect them. . ."

Athlete's DNA in merchandise

"The DNA of one Australian athlete is on all official Olympic merchandise being sold. Far from being cause for a recall, the DNA's presence is intentional and designed to serve a difficult role: a mark of authenticity. . ."

Decoding the human genome

"In the mid-1980s, scientists started considering the possibility of mapping the human genome. In June 2000, the deed was proclaimed done. . ."