Three Haptic Shape-Feedback Controllers for Virtual Reality

Mike Sinclair, Eyal Ofek, Christian Holz, Inrak Choi, Eric Whitmire, Evan Strasnick, Hrvoje Benko

IEEE VR, 2018.

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We present three new novel haptic controllers that render shape force feedback during interaction. 1) CLAW is a multi-purpose controller that renders tactile forces for common hand interactions, such as grasping, touching, and triggering grasped objects. 2) Haptic Revolver is a general-purpose handheld VR controller that renders touch contact with virtual surfaces, motion shear along a surface, textures, and shapes using interchangeable wheels. 3) Haptic Links haptic render shape feedback between two controllers using variable-stiffness locking mechanisms to provide force feedback for grasping and interacting with two-handed objects such as wind instruments, steering wheels, handle bars, or bow and arrow.