Pinpoint: A PCB Debugging Pipeline Using Interruptible Routing and Instrumentation

Evan Strasnick, Sean Follmer, Maneesh Agrawala

CHI, 2019.

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Difficulties in accessing, isolating, and iterating on the components and connections of a printed circuit board (PCB) create unique challenges in PCB debugging. Manual probing methods are slow and error prone, and even dedicated PCB testing equipment remains limited by its inability to modify the circuit during testing. We present Pinpoint, a tool that facilitates in-circuit PCB debugging through techniques such as programmatically probing signals, dynamically disconnecting components and subcircuits to test in isolation, and splicing in new elements to explore potential modifications. Pinpoint automatically instruments a PCB design and generates designs for a physical jig board that interfaces the user's PCB to our custom testing hardware and to software tools. We evaluate Pinpoint's ability to facilitate the debugging of various PCB issues by instrumenting and testing different classes of boards, as well as by characterizing its technical limitations and by soliciting feedback through a guided exploration with PCB designers.