This package includes several classes that are common to the ACM package suite. Novice users of the package will, in general, not need to use most of these classes. The following list provides a brief description of each of the acm.util classes, starting with the classes that are most likely to be of use:

This class extends the Random class from java.util and offers a few useful simplifications for working with pseudorandom values.

This class includes several static methods that support the use of images and sounds.

This class represents a sound that can be played through the computer.

This class represents a QuickTime movie that can be played on the screen.

This class is used to signal errors anywhere in the ACM Java Library collection. The primary advantage of ErrorException is that it is defined as a RuntimeException subclass and therefore does not need to be caught or declared in a throws clause.

This class allows a dialog to signal clients that it has been cancelled.

This class allows a dialog to signal clients that it has been cancelled.

This class contains several methods that support platform-specific code.

This class is equivalent to javax.swing.Timer and exists only to avoid the ambiguity that arises because there is also a Timer class in java.util.

This class provides a simple implementation of the abstract FileFilter class in javax.swing.filechooser.

This class implements a simple tool for parsing key/value pairs from a string. Its primary use is for parsing the options used in the TableLayout class in the acm.gui package.

This class provides a collection of static utility methods that are used elsewhere in the ACM packages.