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This assignment plays the classic video arcade game of Breakout, in which the player bounces a ball against rows of bricks at the top of the screen to dislodge them one at a time. The name of the game arises from the fact that the ball will eventually break through the line of bricks and bounce off the top wall, clearing a large number of bricks before the ball returns to the paddle.

The most attractive feature of this assignment is that students are able to create an enjoyable and eminently playable game in the first few weeks of their first programming course. That sense of accomplishment in turn serves to increase their excitement about the material. It also provides students with an opportunity to practice placing graphical objects on a canvas, which prepares them for other assignments involving the acm.graphics package.

This assignment appears in the 2006 entries in the “Nifty Assignments” collection (http://nifty.stanford.edu/).