In keeping with its long-standing committment to the youth of East Palo Alto and the surrounding communities, Plugged In has developed a new and exciting medium through which teenagers can gain experience working with high technology, as well as express their views concerning many of the issues they, and the millions of teenagers around the country, face in their everyday lives. This new medium is called Plug In!; it has received national acclaim for being one of the most innovative sites on which teens can openly express their opinions and concerns about society and life in general.

Plug In! is a theme-driven site created and run by 11 Plugged In teenagers from East Palo Alto and neighboring Palo Alto. Each week, users coming to this site find an entire week's worth of content centered on a specifically-chosen "theme-of-the-week." This theme is explored not only in interactive articles by the Plug In! cast, but also on teen-moderated chats, bulletin boards, a reading and references section, and also via links to related sites. In short, every aspect of the site is geared toward presenting different facets of our theme-of-the-week.

The 11 local area teenagers selected by Plugged In, ranging in age from 12 to 19, serve as moderators for the weekly discussion. They strive to facilitate in a manner that allows for fair and open communication between all the participants, while allowing as many voices to be heard as possible. As Julian Lacey puts it: "Plug In! is a site where all teens can express their opnions and bright their views to the eyes of the world without being interrupted by adults."

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