Please circle your responses:

1. Are you :    Male                             Female

2. Class:         Freshman                     Sophomore                     Junior                     Senior (or Senior +)

3. Would you consider yourself to be:                 Fuzzy                     Techie                         Both

4. About how many hours per day do you use the Internet? ___________
   How many of those hours are spent communicating (emailing, AIMing, ICQing, etc)? _____________

5. What do you use the Internet for? (circle all that apply)

    Research                    Chat                     News               Web surfing

    Shopping                     Email                   Porn                Phone Calls

    Games                        Sports                  Music              Movies/TV

    Lectures                     Notes                   Other (please specify) ________________


6. Are any of your classes available online?             Yes                     No

    If so, do you watch class lectures online?             Yes                     No

    If you do watch lectures online instead of going to class, why?

7. About how many hours per week do you:

   Talk on the phone _______

    Chat/Instant msg. _______

    Visit friends _______

8. On an average weeknight, how many hours of sleep do you get? ____________

9. In the following table, check the boxes that apply to the ways in which you prefer to communicate with the following people:





Instant message/ ICQ/ etc.

Close Stanford friends




Stanford acquaintances


Potential love interests


Significant others


Out-of-Stanford friends


Family members





10. I have friends I feel more comfortable emailing or IM-ing than calling or visiting.         True                     False

     Why or why not?


11. If you had to choose, would you say that the Internet makes you feel more: Isolated Connected to people

12. I use the Internet to procrastinate.                                                             True                 False


13. Using the Internet has taken time away from my studies/grades.            True                     False

14. Do you play games on the Internet?                                                           Yes                     No

      If so, do most of your friends play games on the Internet?                       Yes                     No


15. I spend most of my free time in my room:                                                  Yes                     No

16. What do you feel are the most positive ways the Internet has affected the way you communicate?

17. What do you feel are the most negative ways the Internet has affected the way you communicate?


18. What is the least frequently you can comfortably go without checking your email? ________________


19. How has the Internet affected your relationships with your friends?


20. How has the Internet affected your relationships with your family?


21. Do you know anyone who you would characterize as an Internet addict?                     Yes                     No

    If yes, why would you characterize them as such?


22. Has the Internet ever made you feel depressed or isolated?                                        Yes                     No


23. In your opinion, does the Internet have an isolating effect on people in general:        Yes                     No

     Why or why not?