Is the government trying to gain support for the Clipper by using "Wedge Tactics?"

While using the Export restrictions as both a carrot and a stick, the administration has been courting business in order to appease them, and thus effectively remove the only true legislative roadblock in their path. It is clear that the divide and conquer strategy has been adopted in an attempt to marginalize and distance the privacy and civil rights advocates in this debate. With the recent "get tough" mood of the general electorate, and the hammering mantra of "drug war", the administration is unlikely to encounter an insurmountable legislative hurdle once the business opposition has been squelched. Timing is however critical as passage of competing legislation may preempt the administrations policy Conrad Burns (R-MT)

This is yet another one of the highly unethical tactics used by the administrations to impose their believed policy needs over the will of the people; as a "government of the people for the people" (US Constitution), they are obligated to expose such far reaching policy matters to genuine public discourse and to allow the wishes of the people, not just law enforcement and business, to shape the final policy.

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