Does the Clipper Mandate open a new can of worms?

One of the key provisions of the new policy is the creation of a worldwide Key Management Infrastructure "KMI" to allow worldwide sharing of escrowed keys by cooperating governments. This adds another layer of the potential for official abuse of power, i.e., by a foreign government not accountable to US citizen, in effect further eroding US sovereignty, and fueling the fears of white separatists etc. causing them to act further acts of violence which these laws seek to avert. For example, what if the German law enforcement wishes to gather information on a Nazi group operating fully within the confines of US law, entirely within the US? Or what if The Saudi government wishes to monitor the activities of some political dissidents?

The second issue which is an even more real threat is the creation of non- governmental bodies called Certificate Authorities. These bodies will be responsible for the control of the escrowed keys, to be released upon submission of the proper warrant. This supposes that a business entity, subject to even less public scrutiny than the government and thus at least as likely if not more likely to be susceptible to mischief and starching of the ethical boundaries.

No thank you very much, I'd rather stay in the frying pan!

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