NFC: Near Field Communication

The Future of NFC

There are few changes we can expect within the next year. Though Samsung did release an NFC-enabled mobile device, much of the NFC technology currently depends on NFC tags that can be attached to mobile devices. Within the next year we should expect to see many NFC-enabled devices deployed.

NFC will expand to new markets, including the textile market.

On April 22, 2011 an Austrian R&D company, Seibersdorf, released details of embedding an NFC tag within their fabric, so that information could be saved with the clothing item, such as a link to the manufacturer’s website or discount coupons.

The trend in contactless mobile phone payments will grow. Even big names like Visa have thrown themselves into the market. Expect NFC payments to increase in prominence.

NFC technology should grow rapidly in importance and permeate many parts of our everyday lives within the next few years, including social interactions, commerce, and identification.