Liability Law and Software Development

Liability law with respect to computer software has important implications: potential lawsuits act as both a detterent to software development as well as an incentive for the creation of reliable software. While other areas of tort law have been present for generations, tort law with respect to computer software is a new area of law. It is important for computer scientists to play a role in the policy-making process of this field as new laws and precedents are developed.

Our project attempts to address the fundamental issues in the area of software liability, as well as provide a comprehensive research resource for others interested in pursuing these issues. Among the issues we attempt to address:

The goal of our web site is to provide a comprehensive research center for issues of software liability law. Our web site will cover existing laws, precedents, and doctrines. Furthermore, our web site will contain normative assessments of the existing body of law as well as policy proposals for the future of software liability. In our normative inquiry, we will look comparatively at other areas of liability law, as well as address the fundamental differences between software failures and other liable actions. Furthermore, we will address these issues from an ethical standpoint as well.
Ravi Belani, Charles Donovan, Howard Loo, & Jessen Yu