British Women Storm World War II!!

The impact of BRITISH WOMEN on World War II

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Through the next few pages, we will introduce you to the impact of British women on the Second World War.  With accounts of different historical and critical aspects of the wartime era—from science to fashion to political movements and media representation, we hope to illustrate how British women played a dynamic and important role in one of the greatest conflicts of the Modern era.

Largely excluded from previous war efforts, British women found several new positions as leaders and volunteers in support of the Allied Resistance.  The demands of the war effort dramatically shifted static gender roles within the home, bringing more women out into the workplace than ever before and leading to other social transformations that impacted developments in technology, science, politics and even fashion.  With these changing roles, came new questions about the ability of women to carry out so-called “men’s work” and do much more than “Make Do and Mend,” as one popular wartime slogan alludes. 

Follow us along as we consider British Women Who Stormed WWII!