Hidden Army

In an era when "men wore the pants" these wartime produced documentaries were designed to recruit women and remind them that there was no limit to what they could do.

Actress Katherine Hepburn narrates a film written by Eleanor Roosevelt, which answers the question "What did our mothers do in the war?"

How many different ways were women involved in the war effort?

British women were not the only high-spirited women offering there services in the war effort.  Women constituted a large part of the American war struggle in Europe.  Women’s roles as pilots, spies, industrial workers, mariners, relief workers, nurses, and others became possible under the vision of Congresswoman Edith Nourse Rogers and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Congresswoman Rogers introduced a bill May 28th, 1941 to establish a Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps as a division of the United State’s Army.  The bill was refuted at first, but then on May 14th 1942 the bill to "Establish a Women's Army Auxiliary Corps" became law and Oveta Culp Hobby, wife of the former governor of Texas, was named director.


During this same time the first Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps contingent was serving at the Allied Forces Headquarters in Algiers, North Africa.

In January of 1944, they arrived in the Pacific and in July of 1944 they landed on the beach at Normandy. There were over one hundred thousand women in uniform at this point in time. Nurses were already serving in England and Egypt.