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Our group's project proposal.

Try out these java applets to experiment with some of the ideas you have learned about.

If you want to get involved in the Game of Life, you could try this cool electronics kit made by some MIT students and Make Magazine.

Massive is a piece of software created for the Lord of the Rings movies, directed by Peter Jackson. It is basically swarm intelligence / boids being used in the digital effects of movies in place of thousands of extras:

Massive is the premier simulation and visualization solution system for generating and visualizing realistic crowd behaviors and autonomous agent driven animation for a variety of industries, including film, games, television, architecture, transportation, engineering, and robotics. Using Massive, an animator, engineer or robot developer designs characters with a set of actions and reactions to what is going on around them.

The reactions of the characters determine what they do and how they do it. Their reactions can even simulate emotive qualities such as bravery, weariness, or joy. The agent reactions can control key-framed or motion captured animation clips called actions.

Characters that perform on their own in this way are referred to as agents. Massive is a system for designing and running such agents. When scaled up into the hundreds - or hundreds of thousands - the interaction within the crowd that emerges from these individuals is highly realistic.

By building variation into an agent, the Massive artist can populate a scene with individuals who are unique in everything from physical appearance to how they respond.

- massivesoftware.com

Our sources page links to useful sites and books from which you can learn more about these subjects.