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Speech Processing/Voice Recognition
Telephone instructions
Users of AT&T wireless may have recently found themselves talking to a machine rather than a real person when calling for technical support. Instead of pushing buttons on a touchtone phone, callers can simply say their problems into the receiver. The technology is not advanced enough so that callers can talk about their entire problem to the computer, but they can say simple one-word answers to direct the troubleshooting flow. This technology is suddenly becoming more common.

IBM ViaVoice
Speaking is a lot more natural than writing or tapping on a small screen with a plastic stick. IBM’s ViaVoice technology and Microsoft’s Mobile-based PPC Voice Command technology are two examples of using voice activation and commands to make speech-recognition a prominent and successful campaign.

SRI Spoken Language Systems
SRI’s Gemini project, a natural language parsing and interpretation system, can be applied to different fields, including the airline industry. ATIS can understand a sentence like “Get me the cheapest flight from Chicago to Phoenix,” which is much more useful than going through an entire line of questions from the computer, specifying each of the parameters for arrival, departure, and prices separately.