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IBM Autonomic Computing Manifesto -- By Paul Horn, October 2001
This pdf file contains the 38-page "manifesto" that argues that the complexity of current computing systems has begun to outpace the capabilities of human administrators to cope with them. It proposes a solution in the form of Autonomic Computing, based on self-management.

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"Autonomic Computing" --By W. Wayt Gibbs, Scientific American 5/6/02

This article touches on solutions to the question raised by IBM's "manifesto" that are currently being researched by various universities and corporations, including IBM's Oceano experiment, Hewlett-Packard Lab's planetary computing project, and David Patterson of UC Berkeley's "Recovery-Oriented Computing" (ROC).

"Brave New OS" --By Gary H. Anthes, Computerworld, 2/11/02

This article describes the Farsite project at Microsoft Corporation that embodies fault tolerance, self-tuning, and robust security. It also includes short descriptions of the Odyssey project at Carnegie Mellon University and the IBM Blue Gene research project.

"Fault Tolerant Computer Systems"--By Boudewijin R. Haverkortm, 2002 Summer Intern, Department of CS, Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Germany

This packet contains an intro on fault-tolerance computing, and gives some definitions regarding the subject.

"Strategies for Fault Tolerant Computing" --By Microsoft Corporation, 2003

Microsoft white paper on fault-tolerant servers, specifically focusing on their Windows product. Good background reading for what fault tolerance is.

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“The Berkeley/Stanford Recovery-Oriented Computing (ROC) Project” --By UC Berkeley and Stanford University

This website provides an overview, recent news, contact information, and many publications regarding the Recovery-Oriented Computing project, which is headed mainly by UC Berkeley’s David Patterson and Stanford’s Armando Fox.
“Redundant Fault Tolerant Systems.” -- Stanford University

This site consists of lecture slides from George Candea’s CS444 course, entitled Principles of Dependable Computer Systems. It mainly focuses on Tandem’s Guardian operating system.
“Tandem Computers” -- Wikipedia

This site provides a general overview of the life of Tandem computers from 1970s to the present and their main product, called Nonstop, that is still in existence at Hewlett-Packard.
NonStop Computing -- Hewlett-Packard

Product page for HP's NonStop computing division.
IBM Oceano Project Page

Hewlett-Packard Planetary Computing Page

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