You’ve stumbled upon a complete guide to John H. Conway’s Game of Life. Everything from how to play to far-reaching mathematical theories is explored on this website, including information about its parent category, cellular automata. So what is the Game of Life? It’s different than most other computer games, but believed to be the most-programmed computer game ever. So what makes it different than the normal game? Well, you don’t quite ‘play’ it for starts. You set it up, and then the rules take over and you watch it go. It is actually a ‘cellular automaton’ with applications that reach beyond java applets. The game was popularized by Martin Gardner’s ‘Mathematical Games’ column in the October 1970 publication of Scientific American.
This site was created by Carolyn Calcagni, David Chiu, and Kimen Field for the final project for “The Intellectual Excitement of Computer Science” sophomore college seminar at Stanford University. This class was taught by Computer Science professor Eric Roberts and University President John Hennessy.