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Neural Networks
Welcome to the neural network web site, a web site created for Eric Roberts' Sophomore College 2000 class entitled "The Intellectual Excitement of Computer Science."

From the troubled early years of developing neural networks to the unbelievable advances in the field, neural networks have been a fascinating source of intellectual enjoyment for computer scientists around the world.

Join SoCo students Caroline Clabaugh, Dave Myszewski, and Jimmy Pang as we take you through the realm of neural networks. Be sure to check out our slides and animations for our hour-long presentation. Created with Macromedia Flash 4, the slides and animations offer a visual presentation of the complex material in neural networks.

Download: Self-contained program (Mac only) SWF file(requires Flash 4 plugin; movie is embedded in browser window)

Web site credits
Caroline created the images on the navbar and the neural networks header graphic as well as writing her own pages, including the sources page. Dave compiled the code into a consistent site format and wrote his own pages. Jimmy wrote a bunch of pages on technical issues using images from his part of the presentation as well as finding the errors in the site.