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We are all taking CS201-Computers, Ethics and Social Responsibility with Professor Eric Roberts in the Winter of '98 at Stanford University. This web project shows our united efforts to study the ethical issues involving domain names. Here's a little about the team members with links to each individual's home page.

Eric Joseph Albert:
A perpetually busy sophomore computer science major, Eric spends his time writing programs, doing Perl scripting for Rescomp, being president of the College Bowl Club, and plotting to take over the world.

Yu Ping Hu:
When he's not busy teaching, grading or helping students debug their code for CS106, Yu Ping tries to fit his own classwork around repaying his steadily increasing sleep debt, playing the occassional card game, and thinking about those Martian Soap Operas.

Nina Marie Kim:
Nina is a junior majoring in Symbolic Systems, focusing on Human Computer Interaction. She is also trying to figure out how to finish a minor in studio art. She enjoys traveling around the Bay Area on any weekends she has free (which are very few but valuable). She is also a Resident Computer Consultant for Cedro House in Wilbur Hall.

Brandon Watts Salmon:
Brandon Salmon is a Sophmore in Computer Science from Provo, Utah. Of the different schools he has attended (8 in the last 9 years) Stanford is definitely the best. When he is not programming, he is usually singing. He currently sings bass in the Stanford Chamber Chorale, and looks forward to touring England with them this summer. Following this year, he will serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Philip Nathan Shilane:
Philip was born on a warm spring morning in Des Moines, Iowa. Though barely a few days old, he learned to gurgle and burp without any outside assistance, surely a sign of his future greatness. He steadily progressed through the next nineteen years, which brings us to the present. Philip enjoys sitting on his sofa and staring at the wall as well as watching the world go by. Oh, when it is sunny, sometimes he takes a lawn chair outside and falls asleep while pretending to study. It's a great life, isn't it.

How to contact us:
We are all available via e-mail for comments/questions about this project. Please click to send e-mail:
Eric Albert, Yu Ping Hu, Nina Kim, Brandon Salmon, Philip Shilane