Technology is at the heart of the modern day. The success of many countries around the world can be attributed to their respective technological advancements. With such advancements, a country is able to reduce various types of costs (such as production and environmental), make the lives of its citizens easier, and improve its relationships with other countries with technological collaborations.

The rapid spread of technology has also led to a gap between Latin American countries and other more developed countries. Since the boom of technology, Latin America has been progressing at a much slower rate than other regions of the world. However, in recent years some Latin American countries have been experiencing technological growth, indicating that perhaps Latin America will catch up sooner than later.

This website will focus on the technological growths in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. Furthermore, there will be discussion of educational causes, cultural impacts, and policies regarding technology in each country.

Authors: Alvin Heng, Justin Heermann, Chamal Samaranayake, & Lilly Sath