Repercussions of Digital Technology on Artistic Media

Anne Bracy, James Czaja, Matt Ginzton, Dominic Persechini, Krishna Yeshwant



    This web site will examine the issues that digital replication and distribution raise for a variety of art forms, namely: Painting, Music, Movies, Books, Sculpture, and Motion (Dance). We believe that a mutli-media study will give rise to many concerns and ethical questions concerning ownership and distribution. We are concerned with the interaction between the original artform and its reproduction, as well as the effect of digital reproduction on both the artist and the consumer.

  1. Introduction
  2. Artistic Experience:

  3. Experience I: Originals

    Experience II: Reproductions

  4. Art Ownership:

  5. Ownership I: Degrees

    Ownership II: Accountability

    (Note: while the above Matrix views are expedient for jumping to specific topics and reading in the order you choose, if you would prefer to read start-to-finish, you may find these aggregations of the rows (organized by art form) or columns (cross sections comparing each art form on the same points) convenient.

  6. Discussion
  7. Summary
  8. Sources
  9. Credits

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