Computer literacy and the development of high-tech skills is a primary objective for nearly every child and adult today

Reshma Shah, owner of FutureKids, Mombassa

-- FutureKids is a a non profit organization dedicated to improving computer literacy among children --

In today's technological society, computer literacy is of paramount importance. However, the evolution towards computer dependency has left behind certain groups of people, specifically lower-income classes and racial minorities. There are several causes for this disparity, such as the expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining computing equipment, racial discrimination in education and in the workplace, and the lack of motivational role models for lower income and minority adolescents. This project begins with an examination of the history of computing and the importance of computer literacy in today's society. With statistical evidence we analyze the specific barriers which have stifled computer literacy among disadvantaged segments of the population. Using our experience at the non-profit organization Plugged In as one example, we then present the different strategies that community organizations use to give people the equipment and skills they need in order to survive in this increasingly high tech world.