Policies and Procedures

Let us know if you find an issue that we have overlooked that you think would be of general interest to the class.

What do I need to do to formally enroll in the class?
  1. Register on Axess with the registrar (just sign up for section 1, the sections in the time schedule refer to something else).
  2. Use the web form to sign up for a section. Be sure to get in your preferences for a section time that is convenient for you.

What is the course policy on collaboration?

In general, assignments are to be done individually and should represent independent, original work. The handout on the Honor Code gives our formal statement on the Honor Code. See our collaboration page for more information on what we do and don't consider acceptable. The Stanford Honor Code is taken quite seriously in this course and all violations will be handled through Judicial Affairs. Please don't let this happen to you, take advantage of our considerable resources to help you get through the quarter independently and honorably.

What is the policy about auditing the class?

Auditors are welcome to attend lecture, pick up course materials, and do the programs, but work is not handed in or graded. Once sections are assigned, you may e-mail the section leader in charge of a section and ask his/her permission to attend. Note: Section leaders are only there for teaching purposes, so he/she will not be able to grade assignments from auditors.

What is the policy on late assignments?

Each of you has two "late days" to grant yourself a little extra time when needed, but further extensions are only appropriate for extenuating circumstances. Please read Handout #2 for details.