Lecture Slides and Code Examples

This is the repository for the lecture slides and code examples from class.

Slides for the lectures
Jan 4 Introduction [ppt]
Jan 6 Programming in Karel [ppt] [code]
Jan 8 Stepwise Refinement [ppt] [code]
Jan 11 Simple Java [ppt] [code]
Jan 13 Expressions [ppt] [code]
Jan 15 Control Statements [ppt]
Jan 20 Methods [ppt]
Jan 22 Random Numbers [ppt] [code]
Jan 25 Objects and Classes [ppt] [code]
Jan 27 Interactive Graphics [ppt]
Jan 29 Graphical Structures [ppt] [code]
Feb 1 Characters and Strings [ppt] [code]
Feb 3 String Processing [ppt] [code]
Feb 5 Objects and Memory [ppt] [code]
Feb 7 Midterm Review [ppt]
Feb 8 Debugging [ppt] [code]
Feb 10 Simple Arrays [ppt] [code]
Feb 12 Arrays and ArrayLists [ppt] [code]
Feb 17 Image Manipulation [ppt] [code]
Feb 19 Interactors [ppt] [code]
Feb 22 FacePamphlet [no slides]
Feb 24 Collections [ppt] [code]
Feb 26 Data-Driven Programs [ppt] [code]
Mar 1 Adventure [ppt]
Mar 3 Building Graphical User Interfaces [ppt] [code]
Mar 5 Searching and Sorting [ppt] [code]
Mar 14 Final Review [ppt] [code]

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