All the assignment starter bundles for CS106A can be found here. Each download should include everything you need to start working on the assignment.

The assignments come in zipped format which can be opened on both the Mac (using StuffIt Expander) and the PC (using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or XP).

A Blank Project bundle is also available for your general use (e.g., coding practice problems).

Due Date Assignment Handout Starter Files Notes
Jan 13 Assignment #1 09-assignment-1.pdf
Jan 20 Karel Contest 10-karel-contest.pdf
Jan 22 Assignment #2 17-assignment-2.pdf
Jan 29 Problem Set #1 24-parameter-ps.pdf none
Feb 3 Assignment #3 25-assignment-3.pdf
Feb 10 Graphics Contest 26-graphics-contest.pdf
Feb 19 Assignment #4 39-assignment-4.pdf [applet]
Feb 24 Extra-Credit Problem Set 47-extra-credits-ps.pdf none
Mar 1 Assignment #5 50-assignment-5.pdf [javadoc]
[new FacePamphlet.jar]
Mar 12 Assignment #6 57-assignment-6.pdf [javadoc]
Mar 12 Adventure Contest 58-adventure-contest.pdf

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