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    Publication information:
  Thinking Recursively
  John Wiley and Sons, 1986
  ISBN: 978-0471816522

  Thinking Recursively with Java (20th anniversary edition)
  John Wiley and Sons, 2006
  ISBN: 978-0471701460

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 1. The Idea of Recursion [code]
 2. Mathematical Preliminaries
 3. Recursive Functions [code]
 4. The Procedural Approach [code]
 5. The Tower of Hanoi [code]
 6. Permutations [code]
 7. Sorting [code]
 8. Recursive Backtracking [code]
 9. Graphical Applications [code]
 10. Recursive Data [code]
 11. Implementation of Recursion [code]

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