With the Factory, I'm working to help build companies including Arta, Artera, Aryn, Boam, Cartesia,Cynch, Flip, Galileo, Greenstone, Gimlet, Guardrails, Modular, Numbers Station, Opaque, Osdyne, Predibase, Rivos, Rox, SambaNova, Snorkel, Together, Voltron Data, Vori, and Zapia. I am fortunate to participate as an advisor or investor in some amazing companies including Actively, Adept, Agita Labs, Answer.ai AI21, Base Power, Bauplan, Billables, Coframe, Cognition, cr8tr, Curie, DataChat, DataSiv, Datometry, Evidently, Exotanium, Gantry, Long Lake Management, MeasureMe, Mem, Modal, Moonhub, NexusFlow, OtterTune, Prosimo, Ramp, Straiker Thistle, TypeFace, Virtue AI, Voyage AI, and others. Along with some great partnerships on companies above, I advise GV. I've been fortunate to participate in companies that have exited Lattice Data (now part of Apple), Inductiv (now part of Apple), Pixie Labs (now part of New Relic), and Sentropy (now part of Discord).